Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop

Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop


There are some many things under wraps and so many great things in the works.  As you may have figured out by now, I go by many names, 6 to be accurate; and my seventh name is yet to be revealed.  I am Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano aka Frank Paul Gotti aka Frank Paul Gambino aka Capstone Zulu aka Jesus Paul Solomon.  I wonder what my 7th name will be.


It is not about multiple personalities, although I have been accused of that.  It is about paying due respect to people who were influences in my life and the role I played at that moment and time in my life.  It is not about disrespect to anyone but in fact it is about due respect and a way of expressing gratitude to important people in my growth.


Where am I going with this?  I hear Rick Ross named his new Album “Teflon Don.”  And I hear Victoria’s son Carmine has a problem with it.  Well I want to tell you Rick Ross you is no John Gotti!  However what I do suggest is that Carmine step up and be the Don of New Pop, sort of like the Frank Sinatra of the new millennium.  


It is all in fun and entertainment, however real connections exist in the real world.  They say John J. Gotti was a ruthless killer, when in reality he was a very charitable and good man.  Do they call the president of the U.S. a murderer in the tabloids for sending troops to war?  Enemies must be destroyed in all walks of life.  The Mafia is to big business what the CIA is to the government.  And until that is duly recognized the economy will never recover.


All to say, Rick if this was genuinely due respect to the Gotti family, here you have a 24 year old young man entering into a new stage in the business.  He is a friend to the Gambino Family and the grandson of Don Gotti.  If you want to be a friend to the Gambino Family and was showing due respect use your fame and influence in the Hip Hop game to give Carmine Gotti every opportunity to reach people in the name of the Gambino Family.  That said!


Finally, I think John A. Gotti should extend Gambino Records.  I used the name in my BETA project; however John I think we should incorporate the label with a major label as a subsidiary.  The music industry owes this to the Gambino Family.  It is time to restructure the family. 


Therefore to the Gotti Family I hand over Gambino Records and to my nephews I hand over Gambino Productions.  Now it is up to Carmine Gotti to reach out and connect himself to these networks.  Victoria should contact Egeria and give Gambino Records and Productions new meaning.  There is some tight stuff out there!  As for Rick Ross you owe us one.  W.W.J.D. but share the wealth! 


Who is Frank Paul Gambino the Truth? A WordPresss Exclusive

The New World Order

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Who is Frank Paul Gambino the Truth?

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When I was a little boy, I was already equipped with a gift that is said to be spiritual as is said about most things people have not an answer to.  The empirical data about me and my adventures in life probably proved I have a mental gift, but are they one and the same?

Just Listen to Capstone Zulu

Carlo Gambino is he my biological father?  Or is Frank Clark Jones my biological father?  People say I look like Frank and not like Carlo so is this a look alike contest?  Then again is the biology actually relevant?  The answer is honestly I think I am Frank’s biological son; however the Gambino Family cannot deny me.  My actual name is nor Frank Paul Gambino or what is on my birth certificate Frank Paul Jones, I was named Paul Castellano and with that secret revealed I go on.

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I was used by the Mafia and the Government for most of my life and the more they used me the more dependent they became of me.  I am some type of ingenious when put under hypnosis by what they call a Key.  As a result of unscrupulous intentions I was diagnosed as mentally ill.  As many authority figures pay me very close attention, the average person was hoodwinked into the crazy act, not played by me but by the government.  They told the world I am crazy and continue to do so in a sly manner.


You hear stories about me trying to kill Michael Jackson and stalking Janet Jackson, all bullshit.  These are examples of CIA conspiracy tactics.  The court documents prove I never stalked anyone, but I will never be able to play it down.  As for Michael like the rest to include the Government and the Gambino Family, so I said things out of frustration and anger and may have damn well meant it.  John J. Gotti SR, Michael Jackson and the top of the government chain of command were on my hit list for awhile.  Though I had it in my heart for their doom, I knew my hands were tied and I was powerless to carryout any of those threats, but they had to know how I felt. This was by design, they know if I wanted them dead they would be.  John Gotti and Michael Jackson probably are playing golf together, lucky them and the boring shit.


They say John Gotti is dead now and also Michael Jackson met his demise and President Bush senior and junior is doing well today.  I have nothing but love for them all.  Because when I took on this mission I knew what I was going up against and what was to come to past, nothing but heartaches and struggles, as my life was for the most part preordained.


The question was who is Frank Paul Gambino?  The Truth! 

I think it is time to raise Capstone Zulu. 

I can be anyone I choose to be I have that authority.

Give me Credit where it is due & save the blame game

PaulGive me Credit where it is due & save the blame game


I do not know what you are talking about, however some what good news is that my Uncle Eston Roberts is finally waking up after surgery on Friday; I guess the operation took a lot out of him.  Maybe if he comes to New York City we might find him a kidney


There is a lot going on but I do not see how I am responsible, I mean nobody ask me for permission to be sanctioned, I mean you have a lot of renegades out there today.  Nobody comes to me for a blessing before their actions anymore, so in reality are they frauds?  Yes I made a request for the services of Denzel, Janet, Alicia, Beyonce, Vanessa, Ice T, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine, my nephew Anthony, Martin, Bobby and John Junior and a few more people but that movie is all good


I mean people make a mockery out of what is a code of loyalty and are imitators instead of innovators.  I mean you have this crew out of Atlanta trying to make a name for themselves in Las Vegas calling themselves Ocean 7, but they are not sanctioned, Frank Sinatra was sanctioned by the Don as is Michael Jackson, but I do not approve of Jermaine Dupri as the new act out of Las Vegas, talking about fun is jumping into the pool in a $6,000 tuxedo, now I am all for Michael Jackson opening a Thriller Casino in Las Vegas and working behind the scenes on my movie, “Everybody has Demons.”  It can be done for $15 to $20 Million but I want to market it at $30 Million for promotional purposes.


People may not know but my father Don Carlo Gambino was known for wearing $200 suits, he was not a very flashy guy, what John Gotti did was attracted the media attention and took the heat off of people such as me, took a fall and walked out the back door.  All to say all the stupidity and negativity do not try to blame me for it, give me credit where it is due.  The seeds I am planting are beautiful and the seeds I planted were successful, it was when people stop including me in their lives that shit went haywire.  Do Rhythm Nation 1814 and Thriller ring a bell?  These are examples of endorsed works.  And I am personally disappointed that something could not be worked out with AllGood Entertainment for the one night show in Texas.  Patrick and Michael are disappointments and they need to sit down like business men who are both authorized and resolve their differences.


The Message of the Day


Uranus in your birth sign is liable to be rather disruptive today but nothing will happen that you cannot handle. A friend who is having it rough at the moment may need a shoulder to cry on. Yours is always available.

Janet Rocks Las Vegas Friday

Janet Rocks Las Vegas Friday


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Janet Jackson will Rock the Mandalay Bay Events Center on, September 19th 2008 to get your exciting night started for all the big rollers in the City of resorts, gaming and entertainment.  There will be no cameras allowed at this show other than those allowed by the Mandalay Bay Events Center.


This will be Janet’s Rock Wit Chu Tour first stop as a Casino and there is not a better way to get the gaming started than with a hot show by a hot act.


Las Vegas is the most populated City in the state of Nevada and the center of power in Clark County.  Las Vegas in known internationally as a major resort city for its gaming industry, shopping and entertainment; it is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and the City has many casinos in town.


With a population in the city at about 550,000 and the metropolitan area have over 2,000,000 residents.  Must I also mention over 30,000,000 people visited Las Vegas Last year with over 100,000 weddings!  Simply put Las Vegas is the bomb.


The Mandalay Bay Events Center is an indoor arena on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada and is part of the Mandalay Bay Resort.  It seats 12,000 people.  The ticket will go fast, do miss out “you got to get your tickets quickly.”


Frank Paul Gambino

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