Is Nicki Minaj really getting paid?

Is Nicki Minaj really getting paid?


The birth name of Nicki Minaj is Onika Tanja Maraj. She was born in Trinidad but raise since 5 years old in Jamaica-Queens New York.  She is signed with Young Money and will be distributed by Universal Motown.


However what I noticed is she is one of the most played artists on the radio, yet neither her birth name nor pseudonymous name shows up in queries with BMI, ASCAP or SESAC.  Sure you can have management handle these affairs, but still it should be in your name.


When you look up songs she performed it never give her credits as a writer or co-writer, so I had to ask myself is Nicki Minaj really getting paid or is she just another voice on everybody’s tracks but her own?


I mean everybody knows that the real money these days is in royalties.  Out of the Lil Wayne crew you often see his name on all kinds of records and even Drake shows up on a regular, but Nicki Minaj name is nowhere to be seen.


I hope I am wrong but Nicki Minaj is a probably just a voice at the studio to put on tracks.  You hear her all day on the radio yet she does not get a dime from the airplay.  She goes to the radio stations to get the songs played by whatever means and even has to pay people to perform her songs on stage.  This is a sad day in music.


We will not make the same mistake with NaQuila, aka Stackz 2020 and Female Gotti, who is registered with ASCAP and also co-writes most of her material.  NaQuila is no Nicki, neither in persona or business etiquette.   She is also signed with Universal Music Group under Involved Records. 


Nicki Minaj is the common example of an artist being pimped for a new dress, makeup and a car and maybe a temporary dwelling place contingent to continued cooperation.


I guess Lil Wayne tells her we will take care of you, so you have nothing to worry about.  But in reality she should be taking care of herself.  This is a shame but who is the blame?


NaQuila on the Rise watch out Nicki Minaj

NaQuila on the Rise watch out Nicki Minaj

 The Song “FindCure-CureAIDS” on MP-3

Her name is NaQuila L. Hardy aka Stackz2020 & Female Gotti.  A former member of the Young Money posse, who found a new home in Universal Music Group with a new Record Label name Involved Records, who is a subsidiary of the major label.


Her first single is about to be released in August 2010, the name of the song is “People Crying (Colors).” The song received the personal blessing of Ice T, who used a similar hook year ago in the soundtrack song from the movie “Colors.”  The song is Gambino Production writing by NaQuila L. Hardy and Frank Paul Jones.


NaQuila and Frank are currently engaged in major negotiations with one of the largest nonprofit organizations in New York City known as SUS acronym for the Services for the Underserved.  This organization has major influence in the nonprofit sector and does great work helping people with developmental disabilities, Mental Health problems and people living with AIDS to name a few of their services.  There is a possibility that SUS may receive a donation that is a song anticipated  to be the International Anthem for AIDS Research, which is also a Gambino Production performed by NaQuila and co-written by Frank Paul Jones & NaQuila L. Hardy.


Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions is a personal friend of some of the high level executives at SUS, to include the CEO Donna Colonna and Senior vice President Priscilla Fuller who was his supervisor when employed at the Central Office of SUS in Manhattan, New York.  And the Chief Development Officer David L. Hertz made Frank make a promise before leaving SUS for undisclosed reasons.  He said, “Frank promise me someday you will make a donation to SUS.”  Well Frank called David and said “I am broke, but I can give you a hot song by new hot artist.”  And now it is all agreeing to terms. 


Meanwhile, NaQuila is being played at the local clubs in South Central Florida to include the hottest club in Highlands County called the MiXx; where NaQuila has powerful and influential friends.   NaQuila L. Hardy is turning heads as “she is to be taken seriously as an artist and is no Nicki Minaj” says the CEO of Involved Records Devon Gaithner.  NaQuila has gained the personal attention, respect and blessing of the Gotti Family in the use of the name Female Gotti, unlike Rick Ross who is perpetrating a fraud. 


So watch out Nicki Minaj there is a new high speed train traveling out of a small town called Avon Park, Florida that is about to reach out and touch the world.  Why?  Because the turn of time has come for her to shine!  

Music Industry so big it is small in Mindset

Music Industry so big it is small in Mindset


When I was a youngster there was a band on at least every block.  I had a band and so did my friend across the street.  I played the bass guitar and other bass guitarist would practice with me as we taught each other different songs.  Then came the DJ era and we used some of the equipment like the bass speakers for booming sounds and started mixing music at the park.  It was all fun in the Bridge aka the Queensbridge Projects, in Long Island City, New York.  Times have sure changed; today the new trend is everyone is a Producer.  Home Studios are reasonably priced now and can produce professional sounds.


Have you ever checked out  Some people have as many as 35,000 fans, most of who are bands and artist themselves.  There seem to be as many artists as there are buyers these days.  I predicted a couple of years ago that this would happen.  The people making money in the industry are the people that supply the real demand and that are not the final production of music.  Meaning the money is in selling music production software and hardware and not CD’s.


The money is being made by people like Steinberg, Propellerheads, Pro Tools, Sony and Apple and so on.  People like ReverbNation and Tune-core and the like are making a killing.  Meanwhile the world is coming to an end.  I had to add that.


Times have certainly changed; I remember movements like the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam (Black Muslim Movement) and even the 5 percenters.  We were politically involved and cared about our neighborhoods and the world.  Then we had things like summer jobs and social programs and at worst a war in Vietnam.  Today the whole damn world is at crisis and the youth is not engaged what so ever.  I wonder if they even watch the news anymore.


What does all this have to do with music?  Music is supposed to be a means of communications.  The Urban sound should represent the reality of the urban areas, we should have more to say than Niggers this and Bitches that and how much dope money a fool has, but it is not the case.  When people like Jay Z and Lil Wayne gets paid millions to speak and people like Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton has to literally beg at a civil rights events to pay for security, something is wrong.  Why is this?  Is the younger generation is plain stupid?  Our leaders of the community are out of touch?  I do not have the answer to this!  I just know we are sleeping as we are being slaughtered literally.  Maybe Jimmy Jam should produce our activists and leaders? 


I just know the world is coming to an end.  The prison population is crazy for blacks. Yet we have this outlet called music whereby few are making any substantial money anyway, yet we are selling our souls replicating people with big contracts.  The people with huge contracts have to sell lollipop music because they are owned by big corporate businesses, however people on and ReverbNation can promote real issues, because they are not making anything anyway, so at least they can help remedy the problems we are faced with and that is the argument of the day.  Stop talking loud and saying nothing, while your neighbor is dying and you are starving in the industry you are not welcomed to be a part of.


Why kiss the ass that shits in your face?

Can Oprah be trusted?

Everybody has demonsCan Oprah be trusted?


In April 2009 NaQuila appealed to Oprah in confidence about things that were very personal.  In November 2009 NaQuila and I got into a relationship that soon became very public as we decided to go after the bright lights and glimmer known as Hollywood.


So after the or should I say recently certain clicks developed that seemed to be an alliance forged based on information that may have been of interest to third parties.  As Oprah started hanging out with Tyler Perry who is very close to Janet Jackson; it is old news that I had a thing for Janet over the years and finally let go. OK enough of the building up to the point.


We all know Tyler Perry is most likely gay, but to each is his/her own.  I am not hating on either Janet or Tyler, but I also have my ambitions, such as the release of my CD done recently as an introduction to the CD we will release by NaQuila.  We have a screenplay to get into production and Tyler is in position to help or hurt that progress as well as Janet and Oprah. Nobody is trying to create friction in Hollywood, but we are not roaches to be exterminated either.


The letter sent to Oprah was very confidential and from the heart concerning traumatic events that NaQuila had to endure.  Please read this article!


Lil Wayne Sexual Predator


Not long after this article strange things begun to happen.  Personally I think Tyler is an excellent movie director, Oprah is the Queen of media and Janet may well have been the Queen of Pop, but NaQuila deserves her turn to shine.  As in the Movie screenplay “Everybody has Demons” the slogan “Nobody’s perfect,” applies to us all.  But life goes on and absolution of our transgressors is about spiritual growth.  As in life sometimes we have to let go and let God.


Personally I think we should not get too personal.  Whatever was in that letter should be held secret and if the beans were spilled already then like an occult it should remain in that circle.  It should remain private until NaQuila and only NaQuila wishes for it to be released.  And Oprah must remember she is responsible to a higher authority as we all are.



The Nation of Islam Lil Wayne’s only way out

The Nation of Islam Lil Wayne’s only way out


The Nation of Islam well known for the reformation of man, especially those who need reforming the most, being black, convicted and oppressed.  My father knew Malcolm X, when he went by the name Detroit Red in Harlem, during his days of pimping whores.  From what I heard the true story about him would have to be more graphic than the movie I saw starring Denzel Washington.  Still it was a great movie.


From my research in the case of Lil Wayne the guy is a fall-guy and not a wise-way.  Things like them travelling by bus everywhere, not only that but they had three identical buses in order to leave scenes.  Then look at the way he went down and you have to wonder what was the motives and the intent for the ability to deceive those who wanted to follow them.


I think Lil Wayne life is in jeopardy as I write this article, because people behind this kid know people are aware of the scheme and plot and might think Lil Wayne might just talk.  But he did the crime took the contract which is RICO Act written all over it.  My concern is the kid was taken through the ringer and he is still a young black man in need of guidance for a way out and I think that is Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.


If someone like Minister Farrakhan does not take an interest in Lil Wayne, he will probably spend the most of his life in and out of jail or die young as a result of getting whacked.  He is nothing but the fall-guy of a drug operation laundering money in entertainment.  I wonder if he loaned or sold his soul to the devil.  But for certain he and Birdman are satanic and it is written on their faces and heads.


Brother Minister Farrakhan trust me this is bigger than the eyes can see at this point and will probably blow up soon in the face of the world.  I honesty believe Lil Wayne is in trouble with drug dealers and not so much the law.  The real question is can he do his time and walk a free man and the answer is I do not think so, unless the Nation of Islam steps in.


As the Nation of Islam can offer him spiritual growth, protection in and out of prison and basically a new start in life and Lil Wayne could be the help the Minister sought in Reverend Jesse Jackson.  Someone on the front line of the drug war, and a young money fall-guy lost soul that has influence over the masses of young children. Putting out stuff as to why it is alright to be a lesbian, sexually active children and simply wrong for the price of monetary gain.  He is in the position to save lives if he chooses to do the right thing and turn away from his wicked ways and accept the God in his life.  And my position is he has no choice because as is he is the scum of the earth, but so was I says Paul.


Oh, is Lil Wayne really a junior as in the second or was father named Reginald Carter (“Rabbit”, stepfather)?

Opportunities Entertaining the Military

Opportunities Entertaining the Military


Everybody thinks that the only thing the military has to offer is work on the front line of war.  But little does a lot of people realize all the opportunities the military offers such as product sponsorship as well as your product on their shelves, I mean AAFES is a multi-billion dollar corporation.  Check out the hyperlink below.


Who is AAFES they are big money a must read:


Another opportunity wants to mention is the opportunity to tour the world and different levels of celebrity status and popularity.  Check out the hyperlink below and the short summery as well.


Who is the USO a must read for musical artist:

USO Tour Information at a Glance

Q: I am an entertainer who wishes to participate in USO shows. How do I apply?


A: We take pride in our ability to deliver some of America’s most popular and well-known celebrities around the world to the troops. USO tours can vary from a one-off to a complete tour with multiple destinations. The USO can also work with artists who may have available dates within their existing tours. USO celebrity status is not necessarily defined by experience of level of professionalism, but rather as a performer that has name recognition with the military members and families for who, they perform or visit. We also qualify celebrity status based on coverage in entertainment trade magazines like Billboard and Variety and as those seen on MTV, BET, CMT, etc. If you feel that you or the artist you represent meets these criteria, we look forward to discussing the possibility of a USO tour. Please send your press kit via e-mail to the Entertainment/Recruiting Assistant or materials can be mailed to:

Attn: Entertainment/Recruiting Assistant
USO Headquarters
2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1200
Arlington, VA 22201

Non-Celebrity Entertainment

The USO realizes that there are many experienced professional entertainers seeking an audience with the troops that may not yet qualify for “celebrity” status. We encourage you to contact Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE). AFE is the single point of contact in the Department of Defense, for professional non-celebrity entertainment supporting our service members overseas. You can find more information about AFE on their Web site, or contact their offices at 1-800-458-0868.

Good luck and thank you for supporting our men and women in uniform.

NaQuila L. Hardy Arrested Today

NaQuila L. Hardy Arrested Today


Frank Paul Gambino wants’ Capstone Zulu contract with NaQuila


Today NaQuila L. Hardy was arrested in Avon Park, FL.  All that can be said at this point is there was a dispute over songs released on Capstone Zulu’s new release to reach digital stores in about 3 weeks.  However you can buy direct on a few selected few songs at a great discount at;


We all knew mixing business with personal concerns was bad chemistry.  I think NaQuila’s album is great and deserves a chance to be properly promoted.  Will we work together in the future is to be determined by the industry.  I do not know if it is fear or insanity but the important things took the back door for what seemed to be a manipulation without good reason or merit.  It was a hostel takeover attempt.


Now as a team we can make good music, but I am sure she can fly without me and I think I can also work with other people.  It seem to be time to call in the lawyers and draw up some paperwork or just travel in separate directions altogether.


Legal documents have to be drawn for this relationship to continue on the music front.  My focus is music and non profit endeavors first.  The Hollywood relationship prototype does not faze me; I am real about who and what I am.


I have nothing to say bad about this woman other than I wonder about her intent.  She still has my blessing, but will not be forced to accept it.  Some people think I am more of a problem than of help.  That decision is hers!

Will Lil Wayne Face Federal Charges?

Will Lil Wayne Face Federal Charges?

Lil Wayne is currently in jail on drug and weapons charges in Rikers Island New York City.  They postponed the case with the Federal law enforcement agency the DEA in a case in Arizona.  Lil Wayne may be faced with possession of a narcotic drug for sale, possession of drugs at felony level weapons charges and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The sentencing guidelines are complex and may well be determined after the case is negotiated between the prosecutor and defence lawyers.  With Lil Wayne being held on $150G bond or $1.5 Million dollars bill, you have to think this case is very serious, being he is not a flight risk being lockup and all.

Lil Wayne was busted at a border checkpoint about 78 miles east of Yuma, with cocaine, Ecstasy and a handgun on his tour bus.  Word is out the FBI is looking into the Lil Wayne case for the possibility of some type of conspiracy making this a RICO Statute case against the whole entourage all the way up to Birdman.

There is speculation flowing that this was a major drug operation and actually the music business was a front to launder money. And many people think Lil Wayne was a fall guy in the mix of things from the beginning.

Everyone thought TI would do major time but it is obvious he cooperated with authorities.  Everyone knows the big picture is larger than little drugs for personal use.  Depending on the prosecutor Lil Wayne can easily face a minimum of 10 years being a second time loser for the same folly.

There is word that P. Diddy is doing business with Nicki Manaj as a co-manager and Drake seems to have aspirations to take the number one spot in the entourage, so Lil Wayne’s timely freedom is imperative to the sustaining of his career unless he sides towards doing the business of music and he is said to be an intelligent man, but maybe a little street dumb.

They are not talking about the level of the sentencing guidelines at the time; however, the bust consisted of:

Border patrol agents stopped the bus at about 11:30 p.m. on a Tuesday after a dog alerted them to possible drugs on board, Bratcher said.

The bus, with 12 people on board, had been traveling east from California.

A further inspection found 105 grams (3.7 ounces) of marijuana, 29 grams (1 ounce) of cocaine, 41 grams (1.45 ounces) of ecstasy and more than $22,000, agents said.

Also recovered was a .40 caliber pistol registered to Carter in Florida and authorities were checking to determine whether he broke any gun laws, said Ramona Sanchez, a Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman in Phoenix.


Therefore the Base Offense levels are:

Very low for the Marijuana charges which is the least of his worries, however the more serious charges are the cocaine charges and ecstasy and gun charges.  But all combined and an unwanted criminal history category being a two time loser could mean 5 to 10 years federal sentencing requiring him to do 85% of the time.  Also there are other allegations against Lil Wayne and there is not a guarantee he will be getting out of jail anytime soon

Lil Wayne a sexual predator?

Lil Wayne a sexual predator?


Lil Wayne who is in jail now in Rikers Island, in New York City, may be loved by the masses and be very famous, but he has a serious history.


Let me tell you a story about this dude and his behaviors with a young lady.  There was a young lady named NaQuila L. Hardy, who was a huge fan of his.  She went to many of his shows and gained the attention of Lil Wayne.  She was a very good looking young lady, with a dream of being a star someday and had a huge crush on this star called Lil Wayne.


There were mutual conversations with several contacts of Lil Wayne’s clique. He contacted her and used her in the bed, and it was consensual.   This was the springboard of a two year relationship.  As we all know Birdman and Lil Wayne are tight, perhaps a little too tight so I hear and a picture tells a thousand words.  As you can see Lil Wayne and Birdman kissing in white in what seems to be a same sex occult marriage.


They used this young lady to write songs and used her sexually as they went as far as to try and pass her around and attempted to gang rape her.   She prevented the gang rape by running out of the hotel room to Lil Wayne’s manager crying.  Only for him to go after the same thing as the entourage did the next day.


After all of this not being enough for her she was still convinced to move out to Dallas, TX by Lil Wayne’s brother because of pure selfishness of Marley being lonely.  This now took her from Lil Wayne’s sex toy status to homeless on the streets of Texas surviving even without any food and staying with strangers at times.


She resorted to stripping at local night clubs in Dallas, Dallas South Side and Arlington areas as a means of survival and ended up in situations that could’ve resulted in her demise.  She survived this all and finally made it back home close to family.  Until this day Lil Wayne showed no remorse?


Now you can say whatever you want to say about the Janet Jackson era, as it was put out there, however I tried to make a wrong I did forgivable, because the relationship was one sided and very unhealthy.  And as I was poor they all lived large, so believe this there will not be 20 more years of so-called obsessions over her!  I do not hate Janet Jackson for her and her family’s actions against me, to make my life a living hell! But it doesn’t give any justification like NaQuila I was used also in a much bigger way!


I was used by the Government and the Jackson Family played a role in it to control me to do there dirt and help them gain all the success in life that are a great enjoyment to the both of them, because of my feelings for Janet Jackson and my believed debt to her “what is it that I really owed her?” NOTHING! This was all a game she and John Gotti Sr. played on me.  And sadly but true I feel I was hoodwinked by the Gambino Crime Family.  After all I did I have little to show for it, but the meek will inherit the Earth, so it is said.


Why am I writing this article?  Yes I and NaQuila am an item and there are three children involved.  And because of her association with me she will not be blackballed by the industry due to jealousy. 


We put together a fine project with a powerful message and plan to promote it hard very soon.  We put together an anthem for AIDS research that gained the attention of the government and a lot of other great material.  She and I paid our dues, and I being a little stronger can be resilient, but she has been through enough and the hater games must end! 


People like Steve Harvey who knows about what took place briefly with Lil Wayne and in Texas think everything is funny needs to find some new material.  People like Lil Wayne who has unpaid debts needs to repent and try to make them right, because he can also be gang raped where he is and as for Janet Jackson there is no past, present or future conversation or plans for her, I decided to move on from these Internet Fantasy Dreams and games, NaQuila is not in a competition other than for the race to sell records.  She is my choice!


That Said!


 So do not play games with her livelihood, as I said there are children involved.


Please do not force my hand, what was done was done and the consequences to come depend on the corrective actions taken by people who are trying to make her life a living hell. 


Enough is enough!


The South-Eastern Protection Syndicate- Block Party

The South-Eastern Protection Syndicate


Robinson Entrepreneurship & HUSHMOUTH CITY‘S FINEST PRESENTS- A JAZZY GIRL BLOCK PARTY: HOSTED BY TEON, 1 WEDA, & T-BLACK.  Along with Red Lingerie Entertainment and Gambino Productions in alliance with the establishment of the United Protection Syndicate of the Western World plans major events on 30 May 2010.


This event will take place at the infamous nightclub called The Mixx in Sebring, Florida.  The event will take place (@) 5:00 PM until the mission is completed.


 Robinson hopes to represent the Highlands County area in a major. There were said rumors that Robinson would like to take this family event on a nationwide tour to every city that is in a reachable need for good clean family fun with the proper sponsorship. Also, the National Community Network & Coalition of Highlands, INC plans to help support these events in every way possible by looking for other organizations that are willing to volunteer to foster these events. 




There will be major female runway designers looking to market and search for models with skills and modeling talents.  So Jazzy Girls come out and be ready to walk down the cat walk.  There will be food venders and retailers as Highlands County is called to come together. 


This event should be a day for the entire family to come out and relax worry free for the day of fun-filled entertainment that Robinson Entrepreneurship has put together.  In remembrance of those who died that we can have a democracy, even as it is unfair.  Guest speakers are now being solicited of both local and national recognition.


Not to be mere consumers we will join together for more than remembrance to not be doomed by our repetitive actions, we will pursue something different.   On this day together we gather to unify the black entrepreneurs and other disenfranchised enterprising professionals 


The purpose is to gather the black family in a protected and safe environment to create a Network here in Highlands County, Florida that reaches beyond the walls of America, but all the nations of the world and the world of entertainment here and abroad. 


Be there or be blind and left out.


Get Connected:


For more information about this event please contact Robinson Entrepreneurship


Phone Number (863) 201-3826