The Drug War and Marijuana Legalization

Patrick Kennedy

The Drug War and Marijuana Legalization

I was watching a video on CNN when Van Jones mentioned to Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the argument about allowing it (marijuana) to remain illegal, whereby there is a disproportionate number of blacks going to prison as a result of prohibition.  The statistics are staggering, whereby  for every 100,000 people arrested about 716 blacks go to prison, while only 192 whites got to prison, yet as far as usage is concerned about 14% of black use and about 12% of white use.  Usage by race is about the same.

Crossfire Race and the Drug War

  I really did not understand how Rep. Kennedy position is for the good of the black community as he claimed, while we have such a disparity of incarceration because of these laws and its enforcement.  His argument was that the black community will be targeted by marketers disproportionately, in the same manner as alcohol, meaning there will be more marijuana dispensaries in black community if legalized. The reason I do not understand his argument, is because of the already disproportionate illegal dispensaries in the black community when it comes to all drug trafficking. The black community is a drug incubator.   Where I live every other person sells weed so it seems and just about as many sell crack and other drugs. So by legalizing marijuana it would actually reduce crime in the community and protect the users from getting bad drugs. I know from experience that not all marijuana dealers sell you pure marijuana. I had an incident about couple of years ago, whereby I was almost killed from an overdose of something when I thought I was smoking marijuana. I felt like I was about to have heart failure, well smoking weed.   So if Rep. Patrick Kennedy and his supporters really wants to protect black people, they should look at the whole picture.  We have more street drugs than white communities, in fact many white people come to our neighborhoods to purchase their drugs at street level. So to argue we will be disproportionately targeted by marketers is very naive of him, because the drug epidemic already plagues our (the black) community relentlessly.   Will legalizing marijuana create more users? Of course! But is this really a bad thing?  Many people who use alcohol today would probably reduce their alcohol intake to use marijuana which is a safer drug to use. And this is not to say marijuana is completely safe.  This would probably reduce a lot of violence associated with alcohol consumption.  Because alcohol makes people violent whereby marijuana usually doesn’t.  The reason for these changes in usage would be because many responsible adults do not smoke marijuana only because it is illegal and not because they think it is unsafe or a bad drug. They simply abstain from using marijuana, to be allowed to work at a job, stay out of jail  and support themselves and their family.   As for marketing this drug in black communities, he should also take into consideration that many black communities are poor and have little tax revenue, which is the reason for this.  Communities with money tend to keep these types of businesses out of their communities.  But the upside is the local taxes being collected would increase in poor communities and therefore more of the money would stay in our communities, instead of going to Mexico to the Cartels. This money could be used for community development activities, instead of costing tax payers more money to build more jails and prisons, to place us in.   So I do not agree with Rep. Kennedy and I think he should rethink his position, if his real reasoning and rationalization is for the betterment of black people, because his position actually hurts black people around the board. Legalizing marijuana will help the black community, because drugs are already here disproportionately, but uncontrolled in our communities and legalization would allow us to have some government regulation over the black drug trade that is destroying our youth and therefore our future, because they are our future and they are getting criminal records disproportionately on a daily basis and little of the money stays in our community, but instead supports drug kingpins around the world.   Frank Paul Jones


The Truth about War on Terror and the Heroin Epidemic


The Truth about War on Terror and the Heroin Epidemic

I believe our government is competent and sees well into the future, when taking hostile actions, such as going to war.  But we live in a so-called democracy and often people have different views when making a decision.  So often one administration has to fix the problems created by their predecessors  And America has some real problems ahead that must be address as soon as possible.  The Heroin epidemic is a real threat now.


I was deeply involved in covert operations with the government and mafia, for a long time.  There is a new television show called “Burned Notice,” you should watch it, because things like that really happen.  The government will use you and spit you out in a short notice.  Sure the show is fictionalized for entertainment purposes, but the fact is that sometimes covert operatives  are used and disposed of in ways designed to protect the government’s interests.  As for me, they made me out to be delusional nutcase and therefore not creditable in American society and therefore not to believed.  People simply do not believe what I say anymore to include close friends, because of my Janet Jackson escapade.  It was by design and I went along with it, with both feet in.  No matter what I tell you my cover will not be blown.


I was asked by a psychiatrist, Why does the government have to pay me and why doesn’t the mafia pay me?  If I had a lot of money, people would believe anything I say  because of that.  But if I get a crazy check, my cover would not be blown.  They did not want me to have creditability for covert reasons.  The rules of the game is I can say whatever I want to say, as long as I do not act on it.  But I am growing tired of these rules!  But I have a high code and level of discipline, this is probably why I was chosen to carry the burden of knowing the truth, not to mention my abilities.


Back in September 2001 when the WorldTradeCenter was attacked, I was having an insomnia episode, probably for a covert reason.  I stayed up for three months.  I knew what happened on the day and was reporting to the White House via fax daily out of Brooklyn New York. When the attack happened, President George W Bush, ran into a problem, his airspace was compromised.  Everywhere Air Force One flew, he was being tracked.  He would jump for bunker to bunker and everywhere he went he was being followed.


He had a conversation and like I was put under hypnosis, so was he as a child by his father.  He really believed in the God of his understanding and based on these confused beliefs, he made many decisions while in the White House.  His father George H. W. Bush, controlled the White House for almost 20 years (Reagan, his and his son’s Administrations) and he was the person who ordered me to develop what is now known as the AIDS virus in the winter of 1976-77 while in Germany, out of CIA headquarters.  And it was his father who started these wars in the Middle East that we are still  in today.


They contacted President George W. Bush in airspace and told him “I am the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac.”  He being arrogant as a president and already brainwashed by his father, did not see through it. But did realized whoever it was had more power then he had.  It was his father who was behind this and John J. Gotti plotted this with my assistance, they knew he would fall for this.  Had he not gone along with it, he would have been killed and the vice president Dick Cheney would have done it, but it would have foiled the Halliburton deal which was pure corruption in government, bringing in tens of billions of dollars from these wars.  He was instructed to start these wars.  He was then safe.  I went along with it because I knew he would, I did not want him killed by any means.


However, I solved the problem with this war in November 2011.  When flight 587 went down, I instructed the White House to  put up a blockade on the Dominican   Republic.  When this happened the movements in the middle east became sporadic and uncontrolled.  They were being controlled out of that Island.  We could have ended the war in November 2011, but Michael Bloomberg and Al Sharpton broke the blockade in a private jet and freed the culprit who I believed was Rene Elizondo, who was supposed to be Janet Jackson’s live-in boyfriend, who was actually a drug kingpin and perhaps more, I was ordered not to kill him, when I went to California. Instead Tupac Shakur and Biggy Smalls got whacked as a result of that visit.  It was made to seem like a one for one East Coast – West Coast revelry.  Why is happened is another story.


Osama Bin Laden was a covert operative and was depicted as the number one enemy of the FBI who was in-charge of anti terrorism operations, overstepping the CIA, in the war against terror.  President George W. Bush did what he had to do to survive, because his father was a very powerful man with agenda to run the world and rape the United   States tax payers in the process.


Now we have all of these broken men returning from the middle east.  But America did not enter these wars with a legitimate exit plan.  And the people who profited from it are not in the White House anymore.  Sure they may return, but the fact of the matter is President Obama inherited a lot of problems and because of this his legacy is in question.  He inherited a bad economy and a war that was motivated out of greed and fear.  Those who caused it were greedy and those who carried out the mission were afraid for their lives.


Those Arabs did not just hijack those jets it was a conspiracy and it was an nuclear attempt on  New York City, but we were a step ahead of the game and sold them duds, knowing their true intent.  This is why the fire continued to burn for over 6 months, it was a nuclear candle on fire and spraying large amounts of water on it de-radiated the area, it could not put the fire out.


Now all of this money was made and the real problems are just beginning.  Now we are about to really be attacked from foreign and domestic terrorist.  We will have too many returning troops who will be veterans of foreign wars and that were told lies by the government. They are coming back to nothing, no jobs, poor healthcare, due to an overwhelmed system, a shortage on veterans benefits.  And they are addicted now to opiates disproportionately and the real drugs are about to hit the streets soon (raw heroin), making the crack epidemic of the 1980’s seem like small potatoes.  Because the people who will traffic these drugs  will be government trained killers with a grudge against the government for ruining their lives for weapons contracts and not the defense of our nation and not street thugs unorganized.  And the government cannot just simply continue to print money to get out of our economic woes, because countries like China are on to it, as they are devaluing our currency daily.  These are serious problems that has to be address by the Obama Administration and unpopular decisions must be made.


These are the problems America face in the immediate future and I am talking about this beginning within the next year, hell it already started.  These are not futuristic predictions

But current events.  It is happening before your eyes but you just was conditioned not to see it.  Shows like Graceland is being televised, showing you federal special agents (The FBI) shooting dope and telling you how good it felt.  They are grooming American society for the next heroin epidemic.  The drugs are already being stockpiled for shipment, hell they are probably already stateside awaiting its release to the general population.


Meanwhile the prisons are already overcrowded all over the country like California to include our federal correctional facilities. This is why they have to legalize marijuana, to make room for the real criminals of the state.  But money spent is already spent and the government is about spent out, because of discrimination against people of color.  The American government ruined too many innocent peoples lives out of greed and the truth is about to surface in the minds of the American people.  Because the truth of the matter is that Americans are stupid people when it comes the plights of others, but now it will be the plight of the American people at stake and we may well wakeup too late.


America is well on its way to becoming a land of lawlessness, if we are not careful.  Legalized prostitution, gambling and drugs may well become the law of the land, because there is not enough room in the prisons, personnel to incarcerate people cost money, hell the Department of Justice spends 1/3 of its dollars (budget) on prisons already fighting the war on marijuana.  So what can America do, if heroin hits the streets and masses become addicted to this highly addictive drug?  And still the cure to AIDS has not been released.  Why?  Because America will not be able to afford healthcare for all of these newly contracted AIDS victims, if intravenous drug use multiplies in American society and heroin will make a wood demon (intravenous drug addict) out of someone who fears needles.  It is that addictive!  Nobody is safe from heroin!


What is the solution/?  I am! And this is why I can wait so patiently, because they have to comeback to me sooner or later.  And later is sooner than many think!


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano




Dated: January 2011


Marijuana is properly categorized under Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), 21 U.S.C. § 801, et seq. The clear weight of the currently available evidence supports this classification, including evidence that smoked marijuana has a high potential for abuse, has no

accepted medicinal value in treatment in the United States, and evidence that there is a general lack of accepted safety for its use even under medical supervision.


The campaign to legitimize what is called “medical” marijuana is based on two propositions: first, that science views marijuana as medicine; and second, that the DEA targets sick and dying people using the drug. Neither proposition is true. Specifically, smoked marijuana has not withstood the rigors of science–it is not medicine, and it is not safe. Moreover, the DEA targets criminals engaged in the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana, not the sick and dying. This is true even in the 15 states that have approved the use of “medical” marijuana.1


On October 19, 2009 Attorney General Eric Holder announced formal guidelines for federal prosecutors in states that have enacted laws authorizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The guidelines, as set forth in a memorandum from Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden, makes clear that the focus of federal resources should not be on individuals whose actions are in compliance with existing state laws, and underscores that the Department will continue to prosecute people whose claims of compliance with state and local law conceal operations inconsistent with the terms, conditions, or purposes of the law. He also reiterated that the Department of Justice is committed to the enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act in all states and that this guidance does not “legalize” marijuana or provide for legal defense to a violation of federal law.2


While some people have interpreted these guidelines to mean that the federal government has relaxed its policy on “medical” marijuana, this in fact is not the case. Investigations and prosecutions of violations of state and federal law will continue. These are the guidelines DEA has and will continue to follow.


The Drug Enforcement Administration Website (The DEA)


The DEA Policy on Marijuana


The DEA Drug Abuse Chart


The DEA has been very successful, with the war on drugs.  Over 1/2 of the people in the federal correctional system are in on drug charges.  1 out of 6 inmates are there for marijuana charges, which is about 1/3 of the federal prison population.  What will be their role when Attorney General Eric Holder ends this war as we know it?  Over 1/3 of the Department of Justice budget goes towards  incarcerating people in the federal correctional system.  And the DEA claims that marijuana is properly categorized as a schedule one substance under the controlled substance act.


I understand and accept that they are a law enforcement group and their job is to enforce the law as it is written, to the best of their ability.  I do not believe that their positions are not based on facts or research, but is based on old politics from the Ronald Reagan Administration, that are discriminatory ideals that is about to change under the Obama Administration.


The FBI main focus is on anti-terrorism and it has been that way since 9/11. And I feel with new drug reform legislation, the DEA can become more effective as a law enforcement group and I will tell you why.


It is my position and this is a speculation based on research and personal experience.  America is about to be hit with a major influx of heroin out of Afghanistan.  America’s presence in Afghanistan  since 2001, has not decreased the production of the poppy plant.  In fact more heroin is being produced now than before.


Afghanistan is a very poor country, over 40% of the population makes under $1.25 a day and about 70% of the population is illiterate. And half of the GDP is from heroin production.  So we know their intent, once American troops leaves this country.  And the plot thickens.


Many of our troops leaving Afghanistan are addicted to opiates, the VA health system is overwhelmed with newly addicted opiate users.  I think there is a correlation between the newly opiate addicts and the veterans committing suicide.   22 veterans are committing suicide everyday and many veterans are being diagnosed with PTSD.  While the VA in many cases cannot complete a veterans claim for assistance within a year.  The VA is backed up and overwhelmed, because there was no exit plan for America and I think the war just begun for many Americans in our backyards.


If you was the enemy what would you do, with the current situation.  Many veterans will be unemployed, unemployable, sick mentally and physically and disparate.  The next major act of terrorism will be the spread of Afghan heroin.   And a lot of innocent people are going to be hurt.  While our streets will be flooded with disparate well trained killers, trained by the United States military in need of money and a fix.


For this reason, I believe Attorney General Eric Holder has to scale back and change the role of our law enforcement groups, to battle against the new and real threat, which is afghan heroin, with an intent to destroy America in an act of terror unlike any before.


If you ask the drug dealers, heroin has not hit the streets yet in it raw form.  Sure there are opiates out there like oxycontin, but dope is not available at the moment, but this is about to change once America leave Afghan. And the DEA will become more important than ever, as the FBI will again have to infiltrate the drug trade as a priority in the fight against terror. And to do this many of the marijuana offenders will have to be set free from prison, to incarcerate real threats of America.  The war on drugs as we know it must end, so that a new chapter can begin.  Drug reform laws are a necessity and should be welcomed without partisanship.


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC

The Federal Laws and Positions on Marijuana is a Hypocrisy

marijuana farm

The Federal Laws and Positions on Marijuana is a Hypocrisy

During the months between June thru September 2001, I had an episode of insomnia, I stayed up for about three months consecutively, with at most on any given day 1 hour sleep from about 8 AM to 9AM.  I remember the approximate dates because I was under the care of Dr. Hardy at the time of 9/11.  I remember seeing the second jet hit the World Trade Towers, it was around that time that I was put to sleep using 800 mg of Seroguel.


Dr. Hardy put me to sleep with 800 MG of Seroguel. It worked well however the side effects caused my diabetes to worsen. My onset of diabetes was a result of a drug called Olanzapine given me prior to Seroquel, which is in my VA medical records.  Now I take Geodon and it does the same thing, it is a matter of time before my glucose goes up uncontrollably. They are slowly but surely killing me.


I am diagnosed as being bipolar and schizophrenic, with grandiose delusions and they know I have a sleeping problem that they associate with these diagnoses.  I am not going to go into why I have this diagnosis, but I am going to explain my dilemma.  I am being treated for delusions, while I agree to take the medications only to get sleep.  I am in it for sleep which is the bottom line, because the patterns of my thoughts are still unchanged after over 20 years. They cannot change my memories and they know this, because I remember what I remember and I still believe I was put under hypnosis and given truth serum in the process, but perhaps (maybe) it was all in foul play.  I do not know, but I still remember things that are said to be untrue by my treating physicians.  For this reason I am unhappy with my treatment at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center. 


My doctor took away my controlled substance that assisted me with sleep as a result of drug abuse (marijuana).  But they too had side effects also and were highly addictive.   I went to rehabilitation because of this and have been clean since February 2013.  But rehab on a federal installation did not take my marijuana addiction seriously, they released me a week early, because my only problem was weed.  But it is a schedule 1 substance according to the DEA, I find this to be a hypocrisy.    Because while cocaine addicts and opiate addicts, not only stayed for the whole 4 weeks but are often encouraged to stay an additional 4 months, yet these are schedule 2 substances.  So the federal laws and positions are not consistent with the psychiatric treatments offered by the federal government.


I admit, I needed documented clean time and I only stopped because it is illegal and I could not afford street drugs on my fixed income without becoming a criminal.  I had a court case opened and  I was not receiving services I needed by Vocational Rehabilitation all because marijuana is such a bad drug. I had a choice of not eating and paying my bills to sleep or take the prescribe meds with side effects and be able to eat and pay my bills. And as a direct result of my quitting, my court case was dismissed.  But still if it is the worst drug on the streets, I should have been treated by the federal facility as so and I was not.  Marijuana addiction is not taken seriously by the FEDS at  medical centers, it is only taken seriously by the courts and that is a travesty of justice and medical hypocrisy.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Changes Mind & Supports Medical marijuana

 dr. sanjay gupta

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Changes Mind & Supports Medical marijuana

The famous CNN medical correspondent, talks about medical marijuana and how it is unjustly considered a schedule 1 substance by the DEA, meaning it is one of the most dangerous drugs out there.  They are claiming it is more dangerous than drugs like  heroin, alcohol and tobacco, but we all know better.  Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been doing research on the matter and adamantly believes and proved they are wrong and that marijuana is being giving a bad character unfairly.  He now supports medical marijuana after doing research on the matter.


I think many people are on the wrong side of history concerning marijuana.  And like our organization the NCNCHINC who was against supporting the campaign to legalize marijuana for medical uses in the state of Florida, after reconsidering it had a change of heart, I think people who are against the new legislation to legalize it for medical purposes, should at least do some research on the matter.  Because medical marijuana  is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia.  Because it serves good purposes medically and is proven safe, but is simply taboo because of lies by the government to incarcerate people. 1.1 million people are in federal prison on marijuana convictions and most of them are non violent offenders and many used it medically.  Check out this 3 1/2 minute video and this interesting article for more information by a professional on the subject.  Even opponents of legalized  marijuana cannot justify its medical uses.


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC

The NCNCHINC President Supports Medical Marijuana in the State of Florida

Medical Marijuana

The NCNCHINC President Supports Medical Marijuana in the State of Florida

There is a push in the State of Florida, to make marijuana legal for medical use.  The Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, gave final approval to begin signature gatherings, on a proposed marijuana legalization constitutional amendment in the State of Florida.  700,000 signatures by registered voters are needed, to place this proposal on the 2014 ballot and to pass it requires 60% of the voters to approve this measure.  We have until 1 February 2014, to complete this petition.

John Morgan a famous personal injury lawyer is bankrolling United for Care, in a campaign estimated to cost about $3 Million, at this time they have over $200,000, but they still need much money and plenty of help by volunteers.

Volunteers may join in the fight, to end prohibition in Florida by  signing up on their website and  the petition for registers voter is also online.

I have been a long time proponent for the legalization of marijuana.  I argued for this for many years and for many good reasons.  In 2011, I wrote a strong argument for passing of Federal Law in HR 2306 aka The Frank Paul Bill., which is still in the Congress.  The Florida law would fall short of this, but it would be a huge step in the right direction, for equal justice under the law. Because the bottom line is that it will help many people with illnesses that it is proven to help with and would be a beginning of overturning prohibition in Florida all together.  Too many people are going to prison (over 1.1 million) because of these oppressive laws.

Within the Hip Hop community, we must create a movement and drive to register new voters as soon as possible.  Many of our youth without felony convictions are still absent and unable to vote.  We must not only attempt to gain signatures from already registered voters, but we must register new voters, to win at the ballot box in November 2014.

I think this is a wonderful thing, because it gives many young adults who are disenfranchised by their own doings an opportunity to get up and register to vote, because this is a Hip Hop issue as well.  This can be a new beginning in Florida politics, which is a conservative State.  This may empower the vote to advocate changes in other relevant issues such as newly passed health care reform act, that Florida seems to have opted out of, when it comes to extending Medicaid , to over 25% of the Florida population, who is without health coverage.  Whereby the Federal government will be footing 100% of the cost initially and Florida tax payers will pay into it regardless, if Florida chooses to opted out of providing care to the ones who cannot afford it.  So pay attention and get ready to get active and register to vote, sign the petition by 1 February 2014 and cast your ballot in November 2014 and make a change.

Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the Board

National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC

Contacts California Weed Connections

Contacts California Weed Connections

 The Song “The Consumer” By: Stackz Gotti

On Tuesday 2 November 2010, elections day in California they vote on Proposition 19.  Whatever the case for political analysts they will legalize Marijuana and help change and save the world on President Obama’s term in office.


I need to know how much the staff sells for; it should be plentiful all over the country.  You figure Crips and Bloods will transport all over the Nation to help save the California economy.    Florida just legalized same sex adoptions and is becoming more liberal.  With a new influx of Puerto Ricans educated at the age of about 24 to 45 at a number of 700,000 and counting, elections will have a New York City influence.  Weed will be legal in Florida in less than 2 years by special elections.


I want to go into the marijuana business and have a Federal Felony conviction.  My concern is we who fought to legalize weed by selling it even when it was illegal, not me but you know, will be excluded from the legal marijuana trade.


Crips and Bloods will profit on the short run by trafficking weed nationwide out of LA.  This will be ignored in California law enforcement making it possible to conceal it before getting on the road with weed.  For example people in fruit and other trucking related industries will move large packages of weed out of California by nature of the legalized drug itself.


My concern is that Pall Mall and Newport’s will conquer the longevity of the trade unless we grow our own weed in marijuana plantations legally.  People like Ice T and Snoop Dogg must purchase land to plant weed in the future, or do it now legally or the law is oppressive to the black man’s long term adjustment to the legalization.


That said tell me about the marijuana industry.



Capstone Zulu Introduces Stackz Gotti

The Song: The DUI TryCapstone Zulu Introduces Stackz Gotti


This is me just tripping.   Heard from my nephew Dahoud they got him on lockdown.  He can handle it.


We are trying to build a new studio at the Blue Temple.   We are looking for donations, like Jermaine what is up with the old booth?


I am trying to set this up for Dahoud.  I need to get paid and relax and let the new jacks do a little something.  However first I must get paid.


The DUI Try!  Just tripping!


The main course meal we are about to release NaQuila aka Stackz Gotti.  We have a production deal not written in stone, however it will be.  Both parties are being offered a moderate deal creation a Gambino Production Explosion.


Gambino says we have big plan for NaQuila and the whole musical game.

A NCNCHINC Editorial: Legalized Marijuana in California influence on Other States


A NCNCHINC Editorial: Legalized Marijuana in California influence on Other States


If Marijuana is legalized in California how will it influence laws in the state of Florida?  If a person is not on any form of travel restrictions, he would have the right to travel to California to purchase marijuana legally and consume it.  Certain agencies would have to lift there ban of services to people for positive urine traces of marijuana.  Because as a Florida citizen I have the right to travel to California without a passport and enjoy the legal activities of that state and therefore it must be presumed that I legally travelled to the state to consume these legal drugs.


If California legalizes marijuana can a state or city government of another state deprive their employees the rights of a US citizen to smoke marijuana in California? This will be a major question of law that may have to be answered by the Supreme Court.  For example, supposed I am a Correctional Officer in the state of Florida and off duty I purchase marijuana from the local pot dealer and smoke it.  Then 20 days later I take a urinalysis and am found positive for THC?  Can they fire me?  I would think not, because it is legal to smoke in California and who’s to say I did not visit California to smoke weed.  This is a requirement of the law, because a person has to be assumed innocent until proven guilty.  And a person who is not on travel restrictions should not be required to produce travel records and who’s to say I did not travel by car, if I just came off for 10 days vacation?


Therefore legalization of Marijuana in the state of California makes it legal to have dirty urine nationwide to all government agencies and employees, but not legal to possess.  If a person is not caught red handed it has to be acknowledged they did not commit a crime.


I think if it is legalized in California, states like Florida will have not choice but to legalize it also.  Because everybody will smoke it if they choose to anyway, knowing there will be no legal ramifications unless caught in the possession of the cannabis.  


Legalizes Marijuana Under California but not Federal Law.

Permits Local Governments to Regulate and Tax Commercial Production, Distribution, and Sale of Marijuana.

Initiative Statute.

Official summary:

Allows people 21 years old or older to possess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use. Permits local governments to regulate and tax commercial production and sale of marijuana to people 21 years old or older. Prohibits people from possessing marijuana on school grounds, using it in public, smoking it while minors are present, or providing it to anyone under 21 years old. Maintains current prohibitions against driving while impaired.

Summary of estimated fiscal impact:

Savings of up to several tens of millions of dollars annually to state and local governments on the costs of incarcerating and supervising certain marijuana offenders. Unknown but potentially major tax, fee, and benefit assessment revenues to state and local government related to the production and sale of marijuana products.[3]