Can Janet ignite from the shadows of Michael’s eclipse?

Janet Jackson Number OnesCan Janet ignite from the shadows of Michael’s eclipse?


Is this an oxymoron or what?   Did Michael disappear or reappear.  What was supposed to be Janet’s turn, has become an ongoing saga of the King of Pop even after death?  It is unbelievable, Michael’s movie grossed over $100 Million worldwide with little promo and he still has over 200 unreleased songs and modern technology to assist the engineers.


However meanwhile, Janet Number Ones will be released on November 17th which includes 33 songs.  She had an unbelievable career so far, but she will always be Michael’s little sister, which is something to be proud about.


Also she has been doing the benevolent circuit helping raise money for the poor in need of clean water and the sick with AIDS. This has been done unnoticed by main stream media, but is wonderful acts of charity.


Most of the hype has been focused on her work in the studio, with her new to be released on the Number Ones CD “Make Me,” it’s hot.  She has been working with different producers, the latest being Rodney Jerkins.  There will be a music video to be added to the release of “Make Me,” said to be directed by Robert Hales who worked with Justin Timberlake to name a few, not to be as a reminder of the Super Bowl SNAFU.


But it looks like Janet is bouncing back nicely, with her new studio CD on its way and the creation phase and also a book to be released in 2010.  Janet is shining it is just hard to see it right now, because Michael is like ball of fire out in the stratosphere and Janet and nobody’s successes can be measured against this “Energy Blast.”  Janet is volatile and Michael an anomaly and both Jackson’s.   And there is no competition. 


The New Music Middle Class

Michael Jackson and Janet JacksonThe New Music Middle Class


There is not many more Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson’s created.  The days of the big budget transactions to mega hits are becoming too risky at best.  Sure there are a few big stars out there but are they as big as they seem or were they ever really big.  I mean is fame money or an expense.  Is success being surrounded by body guards at $250G a hit, being chauffeured in limousines and spending $500,000 on video to be seen at your cost, as music videos are still considered promos?


Radio shows are being simulcast; it’s like really few local DJ’s anymore, so where is all the money going?  It seems like a hand full of people are getting paid large at high tax brackets or not being paid at any tax bracket.  But a strange thing is taking place in the music industry, evolving is a new middle class artist.  Very few people are selling a million CD’s anymore,  people are taking lessons from people like Tyler Perry and going back to building fan basis the old fashion way city to city and town to town.  People are recording on privately owned studios and self promoting their material.


To make a long story short, people are realizing that it is not worth having a multi-million dollar contract to clear $100G per year or even be in the red, when they can freelance and make $500G and have a life.  As we know so well there is a disparity between what a star makes and what they pocket after video recoup, producers costs, studio costs, taxes, security and all the stuff that comes with the package called a star.



Michael Jackson Sampled in James Brown’s Tradition

Frank Paul Gambino Michael Jackson Sampled in James Brown’s Tradition


What’s next on the Pop, Hip Hop & R&B Charts?  Will Michael Jackson become the next most sampled artist since James Brown?  With ReCycle by Propellerhead, it is in grasp range for the average producer to insolate Michael vocals into their tracks and under current copyright laws it might be legal, to sample a tiny bit like “He-He.”  So prepare yourself and do not be surprised, if this becomes a tradition in the name of memorializing a Pop Icon.


However my prediction is this will be the beginning phase as more technological gifted Producer/engineer insiders with access to masters start to apply new technology like time stretching and effects to Michael’s vocals to the degree of undetectable comparisons of the original tracks creating totally new material only regulated by their imagination and talents.  Stay Tuned!


As for me, it looks like I will be moving to Florida, doing what I have been doing but better.  A seed has been planted where many of my family members reside, I just have to harvest it.  I wanted to start a new religion, but we have more conventional plans for the property, I am to manage.  I received my uncle’s blessings!

Michael Jackson – Sony we want something new

Michael Jackson This Is ItMichael Jackson – Sony we want something new


You would figure with the tour named “This is It,” the new song would have been specially made for the tour and brand new.  That was not the case of this latest Michael Jackson release, not only was it vintage Michael but it was old.


When people have to be asked did they like a Michael Jackson song more than once, you know it is not up to par.  People were trying to respect the dead as the song was a dud.  I know Michael has some better stuff on the shelf, maybe they are trying to save the best for last.


Let us get real, with the new technology and all the vocals Michael left behind, they can make Michael Jackson say just about anything at any tempo, sure it would take time to process, but that is what engineers and producers are for.  In fact theoretically with Propellerhead products Reason/Reason Duo and ReCycle this is possible, whereby ReCycle can snatch one word at a time out of a song independently of any other instrumentation and Record has a high tech time stretch feature to change the vocals tempos.  Hell they have the masters!


I would really like to see a high tech production of Michael Jackson using modern technological instrumentation, Michael said it or sung it already.  Sony just has to do it!

Real Education Reform!

MJJ - Mr. Magic - But no childhoodReal Education Reform!


We tell our children we are in a dire situation and if you quit school you quit on your country.  We tell them they must work hard to be successful.  I am sorry but that message should be meant for the parents and not the children. We live in a society of obese children, whereby fun is being on a computer.  We test our children out of school instead of encouraging them to spend that extra two or three years in high school, like if there is a rush to force them into adulthood and because of the rush job we are a nation of late blossomless incarcerated people.  


We tell them to compete against the world, yet we pit them against each other.  That is the problem I have with these non military experienced political leaders, you do not understand real teamwork.  We should be teaching our children to love first and through love of their neighbor as a team they can excel. 


We live in a society whereby everyone wants to be the chief, even without leadership qualities, because the Indians are not compensated properly, so it is all or nothing in America, whereby executive to employee salaries are too disproportionate.  And we call this success?  Is keeping our brother man down so we can share the pie with the devil truly success?


Let me tell you about something learned in the military, it is called teamwork.  I also learned this in the little league baseball and basketball teams.  Do these fat kids even have gym class anymore?  We say more school and less summer, I remember when the summer meant sports or work both which were good ethnics.


But we have kids now with nothing to do but join gangs during summer vacation and dance on the subways and sell candy and we talk about improvements.  I know of a man who worked hard all his life, had not a childhood and was rich as can be and he died at 50 years old.  His name was Michael Jackson.  You want to reform education?  Implement the Michael Jackson Act that guarantees every American child a childhood and not hard labor in the disguise of education.

Kanye West Steals the Moment of MJJ, Janet & Taylor Swift

MJJ and JDJJKanye West Steals the Moment of MJJ, Janet & Taylor Swift


The show was billed for the opening act tribute to Michael Jackson.  Madonna gave a beautiful speech as she explained her relationship with Michael and the few dates they had.  And then there were videos of Michael Jackson on a huge screen and great performance by Janet as the VMA were pack with many wonderful moments. Was this Janet’s first live performance on Syndicated Television since the Super Bowl of 2004?  I mean this was a major event that went all but forgotten.


Why?  Because a 32 year old Drama Knight terrorizes a young 20 year old woman, just because he felt someone else should have won the Grammy.  I mean this is supposed to be entertainment and Hollywood at its best among the most famous and we had to watch this senseless act on constant rewind.  It is like all the money invested in the VMA went down the drain and all the media remembers was Kanye acting a fool.


Is this because these are the expectations of the media when it comes to a black man?  I mean the underlying message is black people even after success cannot behave themselves at social events.  Rewinding Kanye constantly is an insult to the black community as we speak about him but little about Beyonce sharing the moment with Taylor or what it was billed as a tribute to Michael Jackson and Janet’s courage to perform. 


This was a black man at his worst and white media at its best, depicting black people as uncivilized animals.  Let us get over it; we should not acknowledge this as a good thing of excitement, but for what it was an act of very poor judgment and he should be seriously reprimanded and not pumped up to do this again.  It was verbal assault.  He frightened the hell out of that poor girl, in an unforgettable moment of embarrassment.


I think it was calculated, a publicity stunt by Kanye and very disrespectful not only to Taylor but to Michael Jackson and the Tribute, which is going unnoticed.

The VMA Live from Radio City Music Hall NYC

Janet and Michael JacksonThe VMA Live from Radio City Music Hall NYC


Tonight is billed to be a very exciting night @ Radio City New York, where many celebrities will gather as a tribute will take place in honor of Michael Jackson.  Many famous and established choreographers were brought in to make this tribute a special one.  And Janet gets to be one of the performers in honor of her brother, whom has put in overtime in rehearsals to make h this as good a performance as possible.


The show starts at 9 pm on the East Coast.  I do not know all of the songs they are going to perform and if I did I would not spill the beans, that would be like watching a movie and telling you the ending before you see it, which I think is wrong, but I will say it is an act as a tribute to Michael Joseph Jackson, that in itself should tell you something.


The VMA is officially on MTV but fans promise to stream it on YouTube.  So for those who for whatever reason do not have MTV or cable services but are Internet Glue-Tube there will be the YouTube options, so if you want to share this memorable moment?


There is word that there is a making of the Michael Jackson Tribute in production.  I think this is a must see.

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Janet Jackson to perform the MTV VMA 2009

MJJ and JDJJJanet Jackson to perform the MTV VMA 2009


This year’s VMA will be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City at 9 pm, and Janet Jackson will help open the show with a tribute to her brother Michael Jackson who passed away 25 June 2009.  I am not clear as to what will be her role in the opening act but it sounds star studded.


People complained that BET was a rush job, but word is that Janet is working overtime to assure this act is as perfect as possible, however I know she has to be nervous.  The festivities is supposed to start on Thursday, so for those who hangout in the City make sure the batteries are charged in the digital cameras, because there will be a lot of spotting of Celebrities in the Big Apple this week.


Janet is working on a new album, a new book and filmed a movie all to be released in 2010, but this one is for Michael  It should be an emotional evening and hopefully other members of the family will show support in what is promised to be a star studded audience.  Wouldn’t it be a great day to also see Whitney, Alicia, hell even Mariah as well, I do not hate just because she is.  Obsessed?


Good Luck Janet and I hope you do well, but most importantly I hope you can be strong but if not it is still all good.  You’re loved and that is something I know!

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Mr. Magic Tribute to MJJ

MJJ - Mr. MagicMr. Magic


Written by: Frank Paul Jones © 2009 AKA Gambino Productions


He an image on the TV screen, the sound on the radio

Headlines on the tabloid, the man put a damn good show

Did he save the industry or was it just his time to go

Don’t be so selfish, 40 years he gave us all


Mr. Magic, Zapped before your eyes

Mr. Magic, wipe those teary eyes

Mr. said leaves me alone

And stop messing with me, stop messing with me


Elizabeth name him King of Pop, he live up to the name

He said I’m bad I’m bad I’m bad and now the whole world talking bout him

No sense in being a hater, be a congratulator

Was it a disappearing act, will we meet again later?


Mr. Magic, Zapped before your eyes

Mr. Magic, wipe those teary eyes

Mr. said leaves me alone

And stop messing with me, stop messing with me


Can you break the code of the riddle, in sprit he is still with you?

Made a mountain of debts, was it his retirement

Still he left behind plenty, was always giving unselfishly

He gave 4 fifths of his life, what a heavy price


Mr. Magic, Zapped before your eyes

Mr. Magic, wipe those teary eyes

Mr. said leaves me alone

And stop messing with me, stop messing with me


Now the industry will change, it has to be rearranged

Don’t be surprised if you see my brother on Broadway laser beams

With 200 more songs, that are unreleased

Brother Michael J. Jackson, can now rest in peace


Mr. Magic, Zapped before your eyes

Mr. Magic, wipe those teary eyes

Mr. said leaves me alone

And stop messing with me, stop messing with me


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Janet Jackson Still Rocks

Janet and Michael JacksonJanet Jackson Still Rocks


The loss of Michael Jackson was a tragic ending and unexpected.  Still it is not clear what happened to the man and to the best of my knowledge no arrests have been made yet.  I am still baffled but I am sure Janet knows more than I do on the subject.  But the breakup with Jermaine Dupri come on get real I mean this has to be great news to her.  I mean all he did was damage her career and image.  However change is hard on everyone and if you get use to someone and lose that the emptiness has to be filled.


Janet has responded as dignified and diligently as anyone possibly can, I mean she has taken control over her career unlike any period in her career in the past (Black Doll).  I mean what more can you ask of someone, she filmed a movie and is working on an album with the old successful and proven team of Jam and Lewis and is in the process of writing a book.  2010 seems to be a very busy year to come for Janet Jackson.


Meanwhile I hear all this poor Janet talk and Jermaine Dupri prowess.  But Jermaine is focused on the now while Janet is building a new future.  With Jermaine it is the same old thing to find someone to exploit on Living the Life, turning his life into an ongoing drama, while Janet is doing things of substance and she will shine after 2009.


Finally there is word that Janet got a hold to some copyrighted material by Michael Jackson and Jam and Lewis is producing a duet with Janet and Michael for the upcoming album.  Then there is the Pleasure Principle clothing line, which has been underexposed.  There are the new songwriters being considered and Alicia Keys possibilities as songwriter, the sound designers, the new technologies and the possibilities of bonus SACD tracks.  I just cannot understand how Janet became the sleeper, but we have to wakeup at some point why not now?  Janet still Rocks!