Los Angeles Crying Broke & Got Paid Twice Over

Smokey at MemorialLos Angeles Crying Broke & Got Paid Twice Over


Los Angeles pressures Michael Jackson fans to cover the costs for services by the City for Michael Jackson’s memorial.  AEG Live covered the tab for the memorial service, but there were other costs involved such as security was major.  I think the City of Los Angeles should be compensated but is barking down the wrong tree.  I did not hear about this during the Lakers parade, but now they want to be compensated by people who just experienced a major loss of a champion instead of gaining one.  Sound ass backwards to me.


Let us look at the numbers; they say it was an estimated 700,000 people were there, how many people rented hotels for the event?  They say there were over 1 Billion with a capital B that watch this event world wide, tell me how many dollars Michael made the television industry and is still making the television industry as he is the headline news as the drama continues.  I mean Michael got me back to watching television, I might be hooked again.  I know this; there are people who have not watched television for awhile who now click the remote control again in suspense for good programs.


Then we have to look at the size of Michael Jackson’s estate, that I think is being under-appraised, because Michael sold more record than any artist in history so what is the obsession with the Beatles Catalog it is all about Michael Jackson now.  I mean how much money in taxes has the Jackson Family paid to Los Angeles over the years, how may people have they employed over the years.  How many tax dollars reached the hands of the United States due to Michael Jackson?

 Michael's Children

Finally I ask the Mayor how much money will reach the hands of Los Angeles and California as a result of his estate changing hands.  Considering the impact Michael Jackson had on the world yesterday and in his lifetime and what impact he will have after death to include a possible Museum in Los Angeles.  I would stop crying about the tab to the fans and ask the Federal Government to kick in and try negotiating with the Jackson Family once these fake ass trustees are locked up for fraud about how Michael can continue to cause you more problems with people traffic that equates to money spent into the economy of Los Angeles.  You were paid twice over already.