FindCure-CureAIDS the Anthem

FindCure-CureAIDSFindCure-CureAIDS the Anthem


With a new marketing technique NaQuila of Red Lingerie Entertainment and Frank Paul Gambino Productions are planning to put out something never heard before.  In a 100 songs deal the sounds are being marketed in a smooth transition.


FindCure-CureAIDS is a giveaway donated song to promote AIDS research which in the song describe the fatalities due to this dreadful disease, which has killed and infected millions around the world.


It is a little premature as to the scheme of things but the marketing strategy is really 2020.  So stay tuned and put on the Gambino Umbrella Seatbelt and enjoys the ride because it is a journey and things only get better.


NaQuila Likes Monster Red

NaQuila Likes Monster Red


With Energy drinks on the surge as many youths use it as an aphrodisiac (Intensifies sexual desires) and as we know in the music industry sex sells.  There is a big campaign between Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks to start a huge rivalry in a limit partnership. 


Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks are siding up with many Pop artists in a huge campaign to make Red Bull and Monster in the energy drinks market what Coke and Pepsi is in the soft drinks market.  .


We are hoping to get sponsorship from Monster, because it is our choice of energy drinks.  Monster is basically the same thing as Red Bull meaning it works the same, however Monster give you double the bang for your buck.  They are both equally quality drinks and the goal is to make consumers choose between the two as they corner the market with hop Hip Hop Commercials on stations like MTV, BET, VH1 and Nationwide Radio Airplay  that caters to the consumer group targeted by this campaign.

Gambino’s New Rules to the Music Game

Gambino’s New Rules to the Music Game


I will be located in Florida working at my home studio making music with NaQuila, we have a 100 songs deal.  With the music industry in a slump due to the economy “Economic Crisis,” many great artists are not getting their share of the industries market.  I mean let us face it CD sales are down and people do not buy album like they used to over the internet.  You now have cafeteria fans that pick and choose song by song on internet downloads.


So it seems that the old way of doing business is quickly fading in relevance.  Major record labels have yet to address to slump.  The idea that the economy will grow again in a major way has to be based on business tactics.


Basically the point is that historically artist went to the studio with the intentions of creating a album of about 17 to 20 songs.  Then they hope the project that often has little continuity sells as a project when in reality they are just pieced together material.  Rarely a storyline is involved in these new projects. 


I think the sound of 2010-20 will be an evolving and constantly changing.  I think that the new market will be radio airplay rather than trying to always sell millions of copies of CD’s.  Artist have to demand to be paid instead of being used as promos when they make music videos, I mean commercials sponsor stations like MTV.


I think the key is not to go to the studio and just create an album, but to address the demands as the happen.  We live in a world of unpredictability’s and very few major artists are addressing the current and important issues facing the world and America.


So it seems that the wisest move today is to address contemporary issues and test new sounds to promote a new industry for a new music industry future.  I think the industry can recover if it addresses the real issues facing the industry and the economy today.  I think major artist and labels should really address the demands of consumers and make music on demand.  Meaning we should address more political issues and make more singles the match the consumers on demand for downloads.   The future of music is about who has the best set of hot singles

Be my Joneses

The G UmbrellaBe my Joneses


It was said that it is not so much important as to what goes into your mouth but what comes out of it, which is a maker of your character.  A very good word historically used as a negative connotation is Joneses meaning basically neighbor.  It is a saying to “keep up with the Joneses.”  Suggesting that you be in competition with your next door neighbor, sort of like they by a fence and you buy a more expensive fence, they buy a car and you buy a better car.


But in actuality the term Joneses is a friendly and non competitive term.  I call on the Hip Hop community to replace the terms “Nigger” and “bitch” with “Joneses.”  I call on them to say in there songs “be my Joneses.”  Because like Rev. AL Sharpton said, you are what you say you are.


Let us bring back a community to raise a child mentality and be truly neighbors and not allow ourselves to just simply be victims on the system.  A change in mentality is in our grasp, we can determine our destiny, by changing how we speak and therefore changing how we think.


It is like the new Mafia is a non profit organization for the betterment of our communities and not a self destructives movement of surviving by any means, because we are packed in the projects like sardines.  We have to address our circumstances and the situations we are facing such as the expansion of prisons, wars around the world and the AIDS pandemic; single parenthood, illiteracy and the symbolically castrated Blackman?


As simple as it may seem, a major step in the right direction as a new greeting of camaraderie (Friendship) is to stop calling your brothers or sisters Niggers and bitches and say “that is my Joneses.”  I call on major Hip Hop community to introduce this concept into their culture.  Personally I really like some Hip Hop and Rap music, but I am embarrassed by it; I think the term Joneses will sell more records and allow the music to reach more homes.  At least consider it. And most importantly it would create a safer community and brotherly and sisterly love among our youth.

Kanye West Steals the Moment of MJJ, Janet & Taylor Swift

MJJ and JDJJKanye West Steals the Moment of MJJ, Janet & Taylor Swift


The show was billed for the opening act tribute to Michael Jackson.  Madonna gave a beautiful speech as she explained her relationship with Michael and the few dates they had.  And then there were videos of Michael Jackson on a huge screen and great performance by Janet as the VMA were pack with many wonderful moments. Was this Janet’s first live performance on Syndicated Television since the Super Bowl of 2004?  I mean this was a major event that went all but forgotten.


Why?  Because a 32 year old Drama Knight terrorizes a young 20 year old woman, just because he felt someone else should have won the Grammy.  I mean this is supposed to be entertainment and Hollywood at its best among the most famous and we had to watch this senseless act on constant rewind.  It is like all the money invested in the VMA went down the drain and all the media remembers was Kanye acting a fool.


Is this because these are the expectations of the media when it comes to a black man?  I mean the underlying message is black people even after success cannot behave themselves at social events.  Rewinding Kanye constantly is an insult to the black community as we speak about him but little about Beyonce sharing the moment with Taylor or what it was billed as a tribute to Michael Jackson and Janet’s courage to perform. 


This was a black man at his worst and white media at its best, depicting black people as uncivilized animals.  Let us get over it; we should not acknowledge this as a good thing of excitement, but for what it was an act of very poor judgment and he should be seriously reprimanded and not pumped up to do this again.  It was verbal assault.  He frightened the hell out of that poor girl, in an unforgettable moment of embarrassment.


I think it was calculated, a publicity stunt by Kanye and very disrespectful not only to Taylor but to Michael Jackson and the Tribute, which is going unnoticed.

Kanye West Sold to the New Expectation

Kanye and Taylor SwiftKanye West Sold to the New Expectation


What Michael Jackson did with Thriller was an anomaly and it made Thriller the hit it was as Michael makes MVV what it is today.  However there will be no other Thriller album, unless something strange happens in the current music industry.


I like Kanye enjoys Beyonce performances she is a excellent performer and singer, but the problem with the VMA is that it has become an expectation, it is like every year the same people wins all the awards.


I think there should be rule to the amount of awards a person wins unwritten of course, but there are enough awards to go around, and furthermore Beyonce got hers and Taylor Swift fans are also happy and the bottom line is it will sell more records across the industry.


We seem to have turned the VMA into a NBA playoff, instead of what it is a long musical promotional that supports the industry, gives fans a chance to see their favorite artists and find out what new acts and music is out there.  It is an event of festivities to be enjoyed and not to take too seriously. 


You do not know how many times I got upset because Janet came in second or third place in the Grammy’s during the days of Whitney and the rest, but it was all in fun as Janet was just happy to be nominated.  What Kanye did was bad for business and he should be fined for his misbehavior because it should not be tolerated and can cost Taylor record sales.  And the bottom line is record sales.  Beyonce is doing just fine give others a chance.

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The VMA Live from Radio City Music Hall NYC

Janet and Michael JacksonThe VMA Live from Radio City Music Hall NYC


Tonight is billed to be a very exciting night @ Radio City New York, where many celebrities will gather as a tribute will take place in honor of Michael Jackson.  Many famous and established choreographers were brought in to make this tribute a special one.  And Janet gets to be one of the performers in honor of her brother, whom has put in overtime in rehearsals to make h this as good a performance as possible.


The show starts at 9 pm on the East Coast.  I do not know all of the songs they are going to perform and if I did I would not spill the beans, that would be like watching a movie and telling you the ending before you see it, which I think is wrong, but I will say it is an act as a tribute to Michael Joseph Jackson, that in itself should tell you something.


The VMA is officially on MTV but fans promise to stream it on YouTube.  So for those who for whatever reason do not have MTV or cable services but are Internet Glue-Tube there will be the YouTube options, so if you want to share this memorable moment?


There is word that there is a making of the Michael Jackson Tribute in production.  I think this is a must see.

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Janet Jackson to perform the MTV VMA 2009

MJJ and JDJJJanet Jackson to perform the MTV VMA 2009


This year’s VMA will be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City at 9 pm, and Janet Jackson will help open the show with a tribute to her brother Michael Jackson who passed away 25 June 2009.  I am not clear as to what will be her role in the opening act but it sounds star studded.


People complained that BET was a rush job, but word is that Janet is working overtime to assure this act is as perfect as possible, however I know she has to be nervous.  The festivities is supposed to start on Thursday, so for those who hangout in the City make sure the batteries are charged in the digital cameras, because there will be a lot of spotting of Celebrities in the Big Apple this week.


Janet is working on a new album, a new book and filmed a movie all to be released in 2010, but this one is for Michael  It should be an emotional evening and hopefully other members of the family will show support in what is promised to be a star studded audience.  Wouldn’t it be a great day to also see Whitney, Alicia, hell even Mariah as well, I do not hate just because she is.  Obsessed?


Good Luck Janet and I hope you do well, but most importantly I hope you can be strong but if not it is still all good.  You’re loved and that is something I know!

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