The Code from the Godfather 3 Broken

Gambino and Sinatra

The Code from the Godfather 3 Broken


Throughout the Godfather there were parallels in the characters, meaning something about the characters in the movies had something to do with a real life person.  For example in the Godfather you had Moe Greene, who was similar to Bugsy Siegel in building up Las Vegas and in Godfather II some may have thought Hyman Roth was Meyer Lansky, who was heavily invested in Cuba and had a hotel called the Hotel Habana Riviera, which was 21 stories tall.


The main character of the Godfather trilogy was Michael Corleone, who many believe had parallels with Carlo Gambino.  He did business with Frank Sinatra or in the movies Johnny Fontane, he died of natural causes  and ran the most powerful crime family in New York City during his rein in power.


The Godfather 3 was released in 1990, many years after the Godfather (1972) and the Godfather 2 (1974) and there may have been a reason for this that didn’t meet the eye. There was a new character introduced in this movie named Vincent Mancini, he was the Son of Sonny Corleone and he was born out of wedlock and was called a bastard.


Vincent wasn’t raised by the Corleone Family and he did not know them as a child and he became the Dom after Michael Corleone or after Carlo Gambino so to speak. But in one of his last scenes, when talking to Mary Corleone about breaking up with her, because they were first cousins, he told her, “I have to go away and you will not see me again.” The movie never elaborates on were he had to go or what Michael Corleone meant by once you take this job, there is no turning back, whereby he already made his bones and there is no turning back from murder anyway. Just what did he get himself into?


In the Godfather 3 you had a character called Joey Zasa, who was in magazines and was famous and was well known for his silk suits, he had parallels with the Teflon Don John  J. Gotti, who killed Big Paul Castellano but not the whole Commission, but still it was unprecedented to kill a Godfather and for this he took a fall and went to prison for the remainder of his life. They say he died in prison, but I think he escaped through the back door and later had a fake funeral.


In the movies Vincent Corleone killed Joey Zasa, for being disloyal to the Corleone Family in an attempt to even kill Michael Corleone, who was on the Commission also, but he escaped the assassination attempt.


When I saw this movie, it was with my sister Egeria at the movies.  I was confused at the time, but she told me something, she told me Vincent was me and I asked her does he die and she said no, she said just watch. I watched but my attention span isn’t what it is today and recently I saw what she was trying to tell me, which is what I just explaip;

In real life, I didn’t kill John J. Gotti, I probably saved his life, because I put him in jail it was planned, only because he asked me to do it, because he said he was disloyal. Then I told the Secret Service while visiting President George H. W. Bush at the White House that “John Gotti said he has to go to prison for 10 years, because kids have to know crime doesn’t pay.” He got convicted in 1991 and allegedly died in 2002.


The movie depicted him as my enemy, but in real life I believed he was my true partner and Big Paul Castellano was my enemy. But I had to go away for a long time and only the future holds the truth. And I still believe I made the right choices. But you never know until the end game.



Mankind is Enslaved by Technology


Mankind is Enslaved by Technology

What are the set of laws for the strategic assembly of information?  What is the purpose of  intelligence gathering? And how is the information actually used?  These are questions that many Americans do not even consider to ask. Yet our survival may well depend on the answers to these questions. Because something very detrimental is going on at the highest levels of government and capitalist enterprising or big corporate America.  And as Americans while we are being diverted by the Obamacare debacle, we are not focusing on the real issue that we should be concentrating on, which is the  National Security Agency (The NSA) Conspiracy.


Eric Snowden opened up a serious can of worms and believe me the government is in damage control mode now and will do whatever necessary to cover-up what they are still doing. Because the problem isn’t just what they did unethically or against officially authorized protocol, but their lawful protocols period are corrupt.  Many Americans were unaware of the magnitude of government and corporate intrusion within American society and now it is coming out into the open and the government does not want America to pay attention to the facts.  So they may well have produced an Obamacare debacle, to divert out attention for what is very insightful about government activity and control.


To think for a moment that the government could not design a working website for Obamacare is preposterous. Was this a manufactured misfortune?  Probably?  And like everything these days President Obama plausible denial clause is the basis of him not knowing anything damaging to his Administration.  He seems to not know anything about what is going on in this country. And this is totalitarianism at its best.


Let us take a glance at government technology.  The government has the best technology in the world, which is far beyond commercial technology. They have supercomputers designed and constructed, which are made out of solid diamonds as semiconductors and high grade gold as conductors (diamond and gold computers), which means enormously high speeds and conductivity without overheating, which operates well beyond our 3 GHz with 128 MB of RAM computers and severs. Ask yourselves what cannot be done with such a machines with the proper software?  So be aware of the governments capabilities in designing supercomputers. What the government has in secret locations is not what we see at the local Social Security Office of the Veterans Affairs.  These downed computers are diversions from reality. Understand they can do whatever they please. And the Obamacare website is all a front for a more important agenda and our Congressman and Congresswoman know this or are incompetent. It is part of a cover-up campaign. It is not about Obamacare!


We are being informed as to how intrusive the government has become within the communications protocol. But what we are being told is just the tip of an iceberg.  We know because they admitted it (that) they listen in on everyone’s phones calls. But they also listen in or eavesdrop on everyone’s internet and computer usages without even going on the internet, because the microchips in these computers allow for these governmental intrusive measures.  The government doesn’t only watch your Facebook pages and You-tube or Goggle and Yahoo, but they know your every move when on a computer or near one, all the way down to you quarries on the world wed web or personal letters on Microsoft Word.


While we think the computer allows us to find more information faster, which is the benefit of computers, we forget that while we can move around the world wed web, so can everyone else, so is it really an independent advantage?  What is really our edge?  But what we really seem to ignore, is that the more we learn or know due to computer technology, the government learns even more about us and our ways of thinking.  And through artificial or virtual intelligence using supercomputers, the government knows more about mankind then ever before.  What the government managed to do through technology is put everyone in one place, by wiring the world via the Internet, wired and wireless communications, satellites and computers. The all seeing eye has become reality.


Now the really bad news!  What people fail to realize is that this is the work of the Anti-Christ. Why? Because he knows his days are limited and he wants to take as many people down with him as he can. I know!  Your heard this before!  Boring?  But did you really know that the government was as corrupt as it is?  Did you know that the government actually knows as much as it does?  And for those who argue against the Anti-Christ hypothesis, ask yourselves, if the government has this level of knowledge in the world affairs, than why so much corruption still exist everywhere?  Is not information king?


If the government knows about everyone’s conversations, whereabouts, ideas and thoughts, why is there so much drugs on the streets and why is there so much violence everywhere?  And why all the economic problems with people without jobs, while depending on food stamps to eat?  It is because this is what they want!  Understand that 2% of the world’s population owns half of the world’s wealth.  And modern technology made this possible.  And through modern technology they are able to control the masses and what is sad is we are playing right into it. How?  By design we have become addicted and dependent on modern day technology to function in everyday life.  We seem to think we need our cell phones and computers, but just 30 years ago, this was something only seen in James Bond 007 movies or Star Trak.


And what people need to realize is that none of this was by chance based on the government improvising, but it was planned from the beginning. They knew before they introduced  these technologies what they was going to do with it. They knew it would place the world’s wealth in the hands of a few and would allow for the government to control the masses by putting all of the world in one place, which is cyberspace. And they knew they would develop virtual (artificial) intelligence  to control the world actions.  Today the world actions are according to predetermined decisions by who has become known as the Illuminati. A handful of people in a society to rule over the world.  The world is wired to the supercomputers that have evolved from intelligence gathering into a mechanism of control over the masses.  So today we are absorbed by being for or against Obamacare? Why because the supercomputer said so! While politician create the platform for internal arguing and bickering.


Finally, the natural transition or master plan is for the One World Government to be established, which will be ruled by a handful of people.  We see it already, whereby our so-called world leaders are merely flunkies for the fitly rich. And when a government isn’t ruled by them, they are destroyed for not being a democracy. Yet they are controlled and all of their decisions are made based on a handful of lobbyist.  Is that a democracy or dictatorship?  While we call America a democracy it really isn’t. Because how can the people be in control of government, when the people are being controlled by the exact government they are supposed to be in control of?


I can go on and on, but the wise person will not be focused on Obamacare too hard, but will pay attention to the NSA conspiracy. Because it is one thing to be a slave and know it and another to think you are free when you are actually a slave.  We the people are merely slaves, but to who? That is the question!  Are we slaves to the 2% who runs the world or the technology they use to control us with?


The Apostle Paul


Barrack Hussein Obama II and the One World Government

Pres. Obama

Barrack Hussein Obama II and the One World Government

The White House is merely a stepping stone for President Obama.  He and the people behind them have a much bigger agenda.  And anyone who says anything to the contrary are either fools or liars.  For example Rush Limbaugh talks on his radio show and calls President Obama incompetent as a ground to attack him and get him out of office.  Either Rush Limbaugh is a fool or a liar and I think he is a lair, only trying to appease his audience to maintain his lifestyle.  Meaning he is a mere sellout, to those he gather in hatred.


Ted Cruz had his 15 minutes of fame, which will probably be extended another year or two, this charade he put on before the American people, promising his trailer trash constituency he could repeal Obamacare, actually added money to his coffer.  His performance paid him well and made him famous.  And considering the guy graduated from Harvard Law School, I do not believe he is a dummy.  But is playing on the ignorant people in America, who congregate in hatred. And now they talk about him running for President.  But he was born in Calgary, Canada.  I do not think he has the qualifications, unless Canada becomes the 51st State of the Union.  They disputed President Obama who came out of the 50th State, Hawaii.  So Ted Cruz can make noise but that is all, he will never be a real threat in holding the office of President.


So when you have people like Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh and even the speaker of the House John Boehner, playing into President Obama’s hands, what does this tell you?  They are all intelligent men I assume and all I have is a couple of Associate Degrees and can see that this is merely a stepping stone for Barrack Hussein Obama II, who has a  much greater agenda?  What does this tell you?  With the understanding that they are merely human beings, we can assume though they may have knowledge, they also have character defects. And an early lesson I learned from my father who was a high school dropout was that anger (hatred) is like a drunk and it will cause a person to lose their judgment.  People full of hatred and anger cannot think properly.


So you mean to tell me they (the republicans and white trailer trash) hate President Obama so much, as to self destruct before him.  President Obama said there was no winners, but he knows he won. Because he is doing everything he setout to do and his enemies are fighting among themselves, only because they are blind by hatred. They went as far as to rise a confederate flag at  the White House gates.  You might say, well President Obama didn’t get his economic agenda approved.  But understand he knows what is about to come to past, be knows there will be a One World Government or One World Economy and it is just a matter of time before it happens. The Third World War will be a war of economics.


Understand President Obama and the people behind him, have plans on being a part of that on the world stage, which is the evolution of the New World Order, which already exist, for America is the New World and this is historical facts.  So why would he waste his time with an economic agenda now?  This is in his future plans.  He wants to be among the top 10 people of the world, when all of this comes down.  Obama plans to make Clinton seem like a pawn on the Chessboard of world affairs. And these foolish republicans and I use the word foolish in that they are blind by hatred are playing right into his hands.  And he is laughing at them right now!  But this is no joking matter.  Because what is happening now is a prelude of what is to come.  And sooner than later believe that these government checks will stop coming (cease) as nations will stop buying America’s debts. Because our currency is getting too weak or they will say pay me back in gold and America cannot do this. Then inflation will go off the roof!


I say President Obama and add the people behind him to this statement, because we all know he is a black man.  And because he is black many assume he is for black people and the blind republicans perpetuate  this assumption.  But President Barrack Hussein Obama II, is a politician and do not get this twisted.  And like most politicians, he is for himself.  This shutdown is proof that they are for self.  They are for their own political power and control over the masses and are not about the service of the America people.  And because there were no winners among the common American, don’t get it twisted, there were winners and losers among the politicians. And the two who are standing tallest in the aftermath of this government shutdown and showdown are Ted Cruz and Barrack Hussein Obama II.  And the real winner is President Obama.  Because President Obama has a higher calling than his presidency (the world stage) and cannot be reelected and therefore accomplished his short term goals.  As for Ted Cruz he can never be the President of the United States, but can be the leader of the Tea Party, while making noise and getting paid in the process. But the Tea Party is an enemy of the republican party and therefore must be destroyed from within.


The Apostle Paul


The Secret is Why the World Must be Saved

Attacks World Trade Center

The Secret is Why the World Must be Saved

Mt 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.
Mt 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.
Jn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Jn 1:2 He was with God in the beginning.

A man asked me, if you was the Son of Man and was told the secret about the world and was sent to save it, would people believe you? I said no. He was talking about the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ and so was I, but from a different prospective and understanding of the truth. What he was actually saying through a question was that people did not believe Jesus Christ during the biblical era and what I was saying is that they still don’t in the biblical era.

To truly understand what I am about to reveal to you, it is necessary that you understand that the creation theory is not about apples and oranges, but about the scheme of the ruling class (The Illuminati) as they are called today, to control the masses through scriptural manipulation.

Please read the New World Order Defined by the Creation Theory, before continuing with this letter if you have not already, with the understanding that God is a just God, but his adversary Satan is also very powerful ruler on earth today.

I am here to tell you that in the Bible is the truth. However, we are now in the 21st century and still it is in the discovery stage among those who are being manipulated most be it. Sure the truth is known among made men, the truth is known among those who pledged to an allegiance to use it against the weak, blind and ignorant to control them. But the truth is not being exposed to the populace. And when it is exposed, like I am doing right now, they fear it and call he who exposes it the anti-Christ, a man who is against God.

They do not believe me, just as they did not believe Jesus Christ in the past according to scripture. Why? Because it goes against the grain of what they were trained to believe all of their natural lives. Because they do not understand the true significance of being born again, from the temporal world to spiritual enlightenment. They think they catch the holy spirit and do a song and dance and as a result will go to heaven. They are not responsive to the truth, even as it smacks them in the face. Yet the adversaries of Christ will see this and know it is true, but will not see the revealer as a threat, because they know the world is filled with lost souls, who cannot comprehend the truth.

This is the secret behind the Bible, which I intentionally often omit the word Holy, because the Bible is not truly sacred. Who was King James? Who gave him the authority over what is the truth in scripture? What books to include and which to omit! So do you all believe in God or King James?

The secret behind the Bible, Jesus Christ warned the World, by telling you all that many would come in his name and many will be deceived, yet people do not understand how the Bible was used to deceive many. Sure the truth is in the Bible, but the ruling class mixed lies within it to confuse fools into a belief code that would not allow them to become productive under the ruling classes watch. The reason why the truth is in the Bible is because it must be known by he who rules over the masses for generations after generations, to continue to rule over them. But the truth is hidden from those who are being ruled by it. Their understanding of it is a fairly tale, a book of righteous mysteries and miracles and not what it truly is, a codified document of the ruling class. If it was so liberating why did they hand it down to the slaves in the transatlantic slave trade? Why? Because they knew they would spend generations after generations trying to figure it out and become lost souls!

What many people fail to understand is that Jesus Christ must save the world from Satan and Satan most powerful weapon is deception. And if you understand the term many, we are talking about a considerable number, we are talking about the masses, we are talking about those who have been deceived by deception and the greatest tool known to mankind to create a following to deceive is the Bible. But I say it is alright to believe in the Bible only if you truly understand it. But most people believe in the Bible verbatim, yet it is a codified document that will confuse those who are not truly spiritual and think they possess a historical document.

When I opened this letter, I told you when it comes to the Bible, mankind in terms of the populous or ordinary people are still in the discovery stage of the Bible. Among these people there is no consensus as to what is the truth is according to the Bible. One preacher says one thing and another preacher tells a totally different story. And they leave it to faith as they call it, concerning things they do not understand. Yet they do not put their faith in Christ , but put their faith in the Bible, which they admittedly do not understand.

In law the discovery stage is just the beginning to a case. In the discovery stage both sides are simply given the arguments from their adversaries. The discovery stage is before the case is argued in court and a decision is made. Yet in the discovery stage of mankind in pursuit of the absolute truth of God, the masses have already made their decisions as to what is the truth. Their decisions are based on the discovery and not the presentation of the facts being put before them. They have made the ultimate decision about God, with only a discovery in their possession.

This is the disadvantage of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What Satan had generations after generations to implant into the psyche of the populous of mankind to rule over them and control them, he has to correct in one lifetime. As the Bible teaches God’s promise is only 70 years. Jesus Christ has just 70 years to undo what took centuries to implant into the world. And as Jesus said, he came to fulfill the prophesy and not change it, so that you would believe he is the one and all the things told to you in the Bible is now happening before your eyes.

I warn you all, we are living in the last days. Satan rein is coming to an end and he wants to take as many down with him as he can. His creation to deceive the masses has been revealed. And the Bible tells you that not many will make it to the kingdom of God, because there are too many lost souls in this world, who are blind by Satan’s deceptions. But I am here to tell you that you do not have to be among the lost anymore. I will close with, Eph: 5:14 This is why it is said: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

My Failure No Option for America or the African American People

Paul in limo

My Failure No Option for America or the African American People

I believe in reality (In Christ is Reality) and in being real and I realize there is a possibility I can fail.  There are no guarantees in warfare.  It is possible that my enemy might prove me wrong, in that either I am not a God or God is not the most powerful entity of the universe as known to mankind. Understand that Satan too thinks he is the most powerful being on earth and is undisputable in his creation of the laws of the status quo, which is the controlling factor of mankind today.


The creation theory as taught be me, exposes Satan or the Illuminati for who he is.  And how he deceived the world into the submission of his will.   When I came into this world it was already established and corrupt for about 2,000 years, putting me at a huge disadvantage.  And I realize that many Gods have failed before me.  Some may say even that the Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible failed in his death for mankind and his coming back is all fallacy.  People today have less faith than when I was a child, because the challenges in life have escalated.  It is harder to do right and believe in righteousness today in these times of evil.


It is harder today to have faith in something not fully understood by man than it was in the 1960’s and even before than.  Because we are living in the last days and Satan is raising havoc like never before, only because he knows his time is up and he wants to destroy as many people as he can and take them down with him.  Satan’s rein and his empire is at the verge of destruction, his 2,000 plus years is up.


America is a special place.  I teach that America is the promise land and not that desolate place on the map so-called Israel.  America is the land of milk and honey, rich in all sorts of natural resources, from oil to food. It is America that must be conquered.  But Satan’s mission is the fall of America.  That is why there are so many things going on in this great nation today to cause it to stumble and be destroyed.  And my promise to America and the world is that I will not let these fools give this country away.  And trust me they are trying very hard to give America away and destroy it, through corruption and racial discriminatory evils. They are trying to rape America of its wealth as they did Africa and I cannot allow this to happen. For this reason I say, “my failure is no option for America or the African American people.”  Because if I fail than comes the fall of America.  Which is what they want you to believe is the prophesy of the bible, but it is not.


I am here to tell you that the Bible is a written code and it talks about places and events in code.  It is not a history book listing events and places in simplistic terms, but it is a codified master plan to control and oppress the masses, so that the plotters can rule over the world.  And the master planners, wrote this codified manuscript  into it rules and laws that govern all the lands of the world.  Why do you think the so-called Jews are so hated around the globe?  Because they are God’s chosen people?  Of course not!  They are hated by those who know the truth or are being oppressed, because they know they have a master plan in effect that rules over and oppresses people worldwide.  They are hated because the people who realized their plot were not able to overcome their dastardly plans and plots.  Because you cannot destroy Satan’s ruler ship through hatred  as the third Reich supposedly attempted to do, only to strengthen them.


They say Adolf Hitler was a half Jew himself. And all he did was killed a bunch innocent so-called Jews who were sacrificial lambs, to establish a Jewish state known as Israel today.  Now as a result of Hitler’s rein they are more powerful than ever.  As many of them left Europe to come to the promise land America, while they have a military presence in the middle east to control the oil, which is relevant to the world’s economy. Understand Jews are not the only people who died during WWII, over 60 to 80 million people died as a result of WWII which was over 2.5 % of the world’s population and of that about 6 million Jews were said to be killed.  But all you hear about concerning WWII is the Jewish holocaust, because as false rulers they are not supposed to die.   But we are not taught about the 100 million who died in the transatlantic slave trade right here in America and the 1,000,000,000, that is 1 billion people who got killed due to colonialism. Which is genocide, which is a holocaust?  Please tell me?


Understand that colonialism is what the creation theory is all about and the so-called Jews leadership wrote these oppressive codes into law for mankind to follow.  Colonialism is the way of the New World Order and the head of the New World Order are the Jews and the Reich, they are partners in crime.  Their headquarters is in Bavaria and Israel is nothing but another place to slaughter so-called Jews.   These are the facts that is in disguise.  Satan tempted Jesus on the Bavarian mountains, I know because I was there.  The Jewish people are the European house niggers and the Jewish leadership who had many innocent Jews killed during WWII to develop a state called Israel to control the middle east are at the head of the Illuminati and have them hated worldwide today.   It is not the Jewish people who are the enemy, but it is their leadership whom they passively follow in the name of God, yet Israel is atheist, they do not even believe in their own theology that they use to rule the masses of the world.


But we are taught to believe that God is going to come down and save them from the evil world, no, God has to save you all from them. And through this all, America must survive, because America if you understand the Bible is the promise land of the African American, because we have nowhere left to go.  Here we must be treated fairly and here we must grow and develop as a strong nation of people.  So-called Israel could be destroyed as collateral damages, but the real target is Bavaria.  “My Failure is no an option for America or the African America people.”  America must survive through all of this.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


American Racism Against the Black Race and People of Color

 Paul in limo

American Racism Against the Black Race and People of Color

American racism is about status and preferences and that is the bottom line.  Racism is as old as the Bible’s old testament.  The so-called Jews, who allegedly introduced the universally accepted belief code of God today of being one God over the whole Universe, was based on racism.  They were and still are God’s favorite people, so we are taught.  We are taught that God has favoritism.  Therefore to be Godlike, we too can practice favoritism.  But when we practice this we are considered racist.  And the mockery of this is God’s favorite people are a disobedient people, so again, this tells us that it is alright to be disobedient against God, because even if we are disobedient to God’s Word, it will not change his preference.  Because God’s favoritism is written in stone.

So based on the So-called Holy Bible racism is not against the teachings and Word of God.  But it is against the law of Mankind in America, who claims on their money, “In God We Trust.”  And understand that so-called Jewish theology are secret written codes within the laws discretion.  How can this be?  Because either you for are for or against God and what has become accepted teachings of God comes from the Bible, which was delivered by the so-called Jews.    Some people believe that the so-called Jews are the synagogue of Satan and the true Jews are the black race of people, who are being punished on earth today, because of our disobedience against the Word of God. But regardless, this means that God practiced racism and stereotyping, because he punished a whole race a people because of the disobedience of a wicked leadership.

However, if the black race are God’s chosen people, it puts everything into it proper perspective.  Because the black race is catching hell on earth, all but a selected few to misguide the masses, like Hollywood stars, corrupt politicians and liars in the pulpit.  Meanwhile the So-Called Jews are some of the riches, powerful and most educated people on the face of the earth and are not being punished by God, but is being blessed in the name of Satan or God, depending on how you look at it.  Because to some what is good is bad and what is bad is good.

Racism in America goes back to into the beginnings of scripture and before the transatlantic slave trade, but these were (the slave trade) the new beginnings of the New World Order, America.  This goes back the 16th century.  Even before then Africa was infiltrated for its wealth.  So based on the inheritance God given the black race are the most wealthy people on the face of the earth, had God had his way, but the wealth was stolen by the Europeans (which was Satan’s way), who now are the wealthiest. So if any people are being punished on earth it is the black race and not the so-called Jews, who appear to me to be  Europeans.

Black people may not be a superior race of people, but we were place on a superior piece of real estate on earth and because of this we are hated out of jealousy, envy and the  greed of outsiders.  Now the same pattern is taking place in the middle east, Arabs are victims of hatred from around the world and in America, because of the relevance of their oil in the world’s economy.

So what is the root of racism?  I believe the root to racism is the love of money.  And the love of money is about power and control of the masses around the world.  Money is a symbol of power and therefore money itself is actually meaningless.  If black people gained too much money in the white controlled world and society, they will determine power by another means of currency and/or exchange. And the truth of the matter about racism is that it is not about God’s favorite people as much it is about Satan’s chosen people.  Satan created racism for the chosen few.  And because of Satan’s racist mentality, God will choose to help those who are victimized on earth due to racism, because a true God is about justice for all people.  And it just so happens to be that black people are the greatest victims on earth, because we come from the wealthiest part of the world and are the most deprived from our natural wealth of the world.

So-called Holy Scripture has been tampered with, by the Europeans leadership as a means of control over the masses.  So-called Holy Scripture was devised to create the current outcome, which are black’s in oppression.  What people fail to understand, which is in the Bible, which is that first there was darkness and then there became enlightenment.  Satan ruled earth first and the so-called Holy Scripture which we call God’s Word, is actually a code for Satan to rule through racism, because racism is embedded into the Bible from its beginnings and the significance of Jesus Christ as he is called in the Bible, is about overcoming this racist world of ruler ship, but we are taught that he too is a so-called Jew and will come out of Israel, which is the promise land.  Because the goal is to keep black people confused, oppressed or simply dead to enlightenment, to continue to be victims of racism.  Until black people discover our true significance, we will continue to be doormats for white people to trample on.

For the Full Understanding this is a must read:

The Apostle Paul

The Almost Completed Capstone Zulu Family Web Sites

The Almost Completed Capstone Zulu Family Web Sites

 World Affairs

The hyperlinks below will redirect you to our official sites, where you can hear our music and have a thought provoking extravaganza. 


Capstone Zulu Official Website


NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti Official Web Site


Signed Capstone Zulu

NaQuila Buzz out of Capstone Zulu Camp

NaQuila Buzz out of Capstone Zulu Camp

The Song – FindCure-CureAIDS 

NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti, officially requested the blessings of the Gotti family, in the use of the infamous name.  John J. Gotti was a powerful influence in my life and not all is good.  However, not all is bad with a wider measure.


Stackz Gotti introduces to the game, something very hard to find in this market, controlled by the Gay Mob.  Female Gotti exposes the Illuminati with very controversial lyrics.  The beats are funky to the ole school degree.  However the message is not the beat but what is being said, through smooth vocals by NaQuila.


At this moment we are preparing the Web sites, both for Capstone Zulu and Stackz Gotti.  We are hoping on a calculated risk that distribution for the project will be generous.  We plan to distribute via internet MP-3 downloads and by CD, to be found in an exclusive store, distribution is on the table.


What is the Stackz Gotti relevance?  The lyrics are very controversial and provocative.  It is the scratching of the surface then you are like with hop pepper juice, and you find yourself burning and out of control.


With songs such as;


Not on my computer, just living life, People Crying (Colors), the Consumer, Played, the album “I am me,” is an up-tempo cool out series of entertaining and thought provoking tones.  It is worth the listen.  “Dig!”


NaQuila “I love you!”


Capstone Zulu

Blacks Democratic Loyalty is out of Fear

Blacks Democratic Loyalty is out of Fear


African Americans like me are often raised to be loyal to the Democratic Party.  We were told as children to be democratic.  We are often affiliated with this political party for no other reason but we were told to do so.  Yet we are supposed to be a more sophisticated generation of African Americans.


Just as we are often democratic we are also Christians for the same reason, because we were told by our parents this is our religious faith.  But when our parents tell us to not do the many bad things we have grown to love in darkness, when tend to decide for ourselves on those issues.  Must I individualize the many ills of society as a result of our ignorance?  


I believe in my humble opinion that many of the things we should listen to we do not and many things we abide by that are our choice to decide on as adults we should investigate into and make wise decisions based on the times we live in.  Religion I will not dwell on in the letter, but the other taboo politics I have to touch on.


Yes I believe there is power in numbers and the Democratic Party historically stood for the uncommon man who is out numbered when he stands alone.  But should we passively support the democrats out of fear of the evil republicans or should we go back to making politicians earn our votes?  To be honest is this love hate relationship or a fear of being hated relationship?  Black people do not love democrats, we know this is the good cop bad cop act being played on us.  We just realize we have no where else to turn, so we settle for the less of the two evils.


We know the Democratic Party takes us for granted, being they tally our votes before they even run for office.  They fight for every vote but the black vote and for this reason do not really discuss issues that are for black people unless it is an inclusive gesture, meaning it will help black people, but this one is for the homosexuals or that one is for the Hispanic vote.  Black people have taken a back seat in American politics.


So what is the solution problem solver?  You tell me!  I joined the Republican Party out of symbolism and to make a political point.  Democrats will earn my vote.  This is not a suggestion but a fact.

The Southern Black Churches Still Dance to a White Jesus

The Southern Black Churches Still Dance to a White Jesus


The black church of the South, still dances to the bogymen; as they fear this imaginary monster they identify as God.  I visited a couple of churches and found the same scenario, in that they worship a white Jesus, until this day.   I looked around me and could not find a white face in the congregation, yet on the big scene more noticeable than the preacher man stood an image of a white Jesus in the background while scriptures from the KJV of the bible was displayed before the congregation to read.


I was astonished as the preacher man in his 70’s put on a song and dance show, speaking in codes to his fellowship.  As he danced and performed during his sermon, I could not help but to notice the image of a white Jesus.  So I asked a woman did she notice this also and she replied, “What did you expect?”  Then I realized it was not an abnormality, but is customary in the South to worship the white Jesus image.


This made me reflect on an earlier conversation with black men in the South.  They consider it an act of blasphemy to as much as question the authority of the Bible.  And they believe Jesus is white and they are inferior to the white man.  These people are conscience of their dark skin pigmentation which is a form of self hatred.  Often they think light is right.  When in reality often their dark pigmentation is a result of the hot climate they must endure.  So to them even a Northern black man is better than a Southern black man, simply because of his lighter pigmentation.  So I guess I will lose a few points as I dig in down here on my mission.


Let me tell you about the backwards Southern Negro, not all just the backwards ones.  One fool told me before he speaks against God, now we understand his god is a white god image, he would smoke crack.  Another fool said, I am not saved but I do not play with god.  Referring to questioning the authority of the bible, he said the bible is god.


I have never experienced such a backwards community in all of my adult life.  I said to a cousin I need to start dealing with church members because these people outside of the church are backwards.  Then I visit churches to find out they worship a white Jesus.  What makes this a devastating blow is that the people on the outside are as afraid of the white image Jesus as they worship the nonsense.


The issue is not about whether or not Jesus is or was Black, White or other.  Because those who know the truth are conscious of this and search for the truth as the truth evolves.  Because a fact today can be old news tomorrow; the traveler is on a constant search for knowledge.


All to say it is obvious, the South is still a segregated community.  Whereby you have the slave masters and slaves literally and mentally and the white Jesus symbol represents the man.  The man is the judicial system or legal system.  The pass is that if they believe in the white Jesus image and preach about a white god, they get a do not go to jail free pass.  And those black Negros with independent minds that think outside the box must be controlled and identified.  I have been identified and they have been exposed!