The Code from the Godfather 3 Broken

Gambino and Sinatra

The Code from the Godfather 3 Broken


Throughout the Godfather there were parallels in the characters, meaning something about the characters in the movies had something to do with a real life person.  For example in the Godfather you had Moe Greene, who was similar to Bugsy Siegel in building up Las Vegas and in Godfather II some may have thought Hyman Roth was Meyer Lansky, who was heavily invested in Cuba and had a hotel called the Hotel Habana Riviera, which was 21 stories tall.


The main character of the Godfather trilogy was Michael Corleone, who many believe had parallels with Carlo Gambino.  He did business with Frank Sinatra or in the movies Johnny Fontane, he died of natural causes  and ran the most powerful crime family in New York City during his rein in power.


The Godfather 3 was released in 1990, many years after the Godfather (1972) and the Godfather 2 (1974) and there may have been a reason for this that didn’t meet the eye. There was a new character introduced in this movie named Vincent Mancini, he was the Son of Sonny Corleone and he was born out of wedlock and was called a bastard.


Vincent wasn’t raised by the Corleone Family and he did not know them as a child and he became the Dom after Michael Corleone or after Carlo Gambino so to speak. But in one of his last scenes, when talking to Mary Corleone about breaking up with her, because they were first cousins, he told her, “I have to go away and you will not see me again.” The movie never elaborates on were he had to go or what Michael Corleone meant by once you take this job, there is no turning back, whereby he already made his bones and there is no turning back from murder anyway. Just what did he get himself into?


In the Godfather 3 you had a character called Joey Zasa, who was in magazines and was famous and was well known for his silk suits, he had parallels with the Teflon Don John  J. Gotti, who killed Big Paul Castellano but not the whole Commission, but still it was unprecedented to kill a Godfather and for this he took a fall and went to prison for the remainder of his life. They say he died in prison, but I think he escaped through the back door and later had a fake funeral.


In the movies Vincent Corleone killed Joey Zasa, for being disloyal to the Corleone Family in an attempt to even kill Michael Corleone, who was on the Commission also, but he escaped the assassination attempt.


When I saw this movie, it was with my sister Egeria at the movies.  I was confused at the time, but she told me something, she told me Vincent was me and I asked her does he die and she said no, she said just watch. I watched but my attention span isn’t what it is today and recently I saw what she was trying to tell me, which is what I just explaip;

In real life, I didn’t kill John J. Gotti, I probably saved his life, because I put him in jail it was planned, only because he asked me to do it, because he said he was disloyal. Then I told the Secret Service while visiting President George H. W. Bush at the White House that “John Gotti said he has to go to prison for 10 years, because kids have to know crime doesn’t pay.” He got convicted in 1991 and allegedly died in 2002.


The movie depicted him as my enemy, but in real life I believed he was my true partner and Big Paul Castellano was my enemy. But I had to go away for a long time and only the future holds the truth. And I still believe I made the right choices. But you never know until the end game.




Puerto Ricans Invade Central Florida as Blacks go to Prison

Puerto Ricans Invade Central Florida as Blacks go to Prison


There is an estimated 4.4 million Puerto Ricans on the face of the earth.  About 2.7 million of them live in the mainland.  In 2009 there was about 2 million Puerto Ricans in New York City. Today about 700,000 Puerto Ricans live in Florida.  Of the 700,000 Puerto Ricans about 350,000 live in Central Florida and about 206,000 live in Orlando.  The average age of them is between 25 and 44 years of age.


The Poverty level of Puerto Ricans is at about 30% with about 31% finishing high school.  While there are about 7.1 million people living in Public Housing in the United States, of that 7.1 million over 2 million are Puerto Ricans when you count the home land.  Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico do not pay Federal taxes, yet they have more Project units in Puerto Rico than any state in the Union.

Here in Avon Park, Puerto Ricans almost totally occupy the Housing Projects.  Meanwhile there is a waiting list to move into the Lakeside Community due to the hurricane the occupants of the projects are migrants.


What does this mean to the state of Florida especially Central Florida?  Everybody knows Puerto Ricans are laid-back.  They seem to always find a way to use the system to their advantage.  Though the education level of this community of people is low and I have to say it is a conspiracy by the United States government that created this deadbeat community.  They are survivors. 


Puerto Rico is a strategic place on the map as far as the National Security of the United States. On their homeland location is the world’s biggest telescope.  The occupation of Puerto Rico is very necessary for our nation’s security.  So the United States Government by design created these idle people by handing them welfare, public housing and food stamps.  I am not talking about a few but just about all of them get government checks.


See while the government systemically gives Puerto Rican welfare, food stamps and public housing, they give the black community prison time, homelessness and nervous breakdowns.  It is not fair, but it is a conspiracy.  The Puerto Rican people are never going to be enterprising as long as they are pacified with government checks and public housing.


So what is about to happen in Florida?  They are going to take up all the benefits such as public assistance money, public housing and food stamps and there is not going to be any left for African Americans Community.  They are going to take over the government because they are a powerful voting block (700,000 strong).  Change the laws to free-for-all, cause transgressions and mayhem and run the Negroes out of town. 


But this time they plan to work the low paying jobs, while they occupy subsidized housing complexes.  Therefore on a part time job they will be able to survive on food stamps and cheep rent.  But the Negroes will not be able to stay here, because all that will be available is low paying jobs here in Highlands County. So we will have to resort to crime and end up in prison worst than ever in the state of Florida.  So once again the black community gets the short end of the stick.

Queensbridge was scattered – Now be Gathered

Queensbridge was scattered – Now be Gathered


Technology is amazing.  I find myself in the 50’s plateau and with it I find myself recognizing there is no generation to look up to as the overseers of my community anymore.  The fact of the matter is that is my turn to rise to the occasion of community reasonability.  Like the old cliché states “it takes a village to raise a child.’  It has become an overwhelming reality.  Because I realize I was not prepared for these tasks put before me.  For I was asleep and mentally dead!


Then my uncle left me with a promise prior to his death, I made a promise to him that my duty to man was to help the community.  He left me with the tools to carry this out.  But I found myself among people who wanted me to fail.  The mindsets of these people are to put strangers before family.  I call this the crab theory, whereby rather than help you grow they pull you down with them.  In the boiling pot called hell, they try to keep you in.


Hopelessness dwells over the black community in these last days and this I understand.  But the hopelessness is a result of my generation not making the upraising we were preordained to do.  My generation is so unique, I am talking about the 50’s or so group.  We have inherited great power; we are sort of the last of the Mohegan’s.  The true Zulu Nation International and the most feared generation of American history.  As we are incarcerated and oppressed and killed, our first black President is from this generation. 


People like Rev. Jesse Jackson and Minister Louis Farrakhan set the stage for the war of wars is about to begin.  The systematic oppression of the black man must come to an end.  And it is our duty to mankind to see it through.


The greed of man set the stage for the great offensive.  The power of the Internet is before us, with networks like Facebook and Myspace and the many means to communicate Nationwide from remote locations at little cost other than the investment of a computer.


The call on my generation to step up to the plate I now deliver.  Almost everything can be done electronically, from organizing movements to non profit incorporations, to establishing home sharing to addressing community issues.  We must step up to the plate and we must organize and unify and we know how effective this can be because we saw the 60’s and 70’s when the generation before their time where scattered. 


In closing I deliver this powerful scripture.


Jer 31:10 “Hear the word of the LORD, O nations; proclaim it in distant coastlands: ‘He who scattered Israel will gather them and will watch over his flock like a shepherd.’


“God came from the Bridge”


He who has ear will hear what I just said!


Capstone Zulu

The New World Order

Capstone Zulu


The Apostle on Digital Download


A Gambino Production

The United Protection Syndicate

The United Protection Syndicate


Concert Venues in the US Hyperlink


The protection syndicate has to have no boundaries in the United States.  We have to network territorial alliances, using the code of street justice.


Up front there will be security teams that will have gun permits, hopefully with law enforcement and/or military experience.  We have to cover the venues nationwide and the surrounding areas.  Due to these times of war a good psychological evaluation must take place, with these wars and all.


We need to send Gambino representatives to the West Coast to setup a similar system of operation as that of the East Coast.  We call on the Crips and Bloods to work in harmony, with the FOI and Gambino employees.  We also need our street connections associated with tour promoters such as Live Nation, ALL-Good Entertainment and so on.


The idea is that artists are crossing state lines with illegal guns and drugs are ridiculous and has to be rectified.  All supplies necessary for the proper function of artist should be supplied at each site to include alcohol and marijuana where legal.  We do not supply illegal substances.


The general picture is as so; we will escort and service the traveling entourages.   This will protect them from stupid court cases and dangerous haters.  I guess each tour entourage should have a go-for team that is connected nationwide to all necessary supplies to include unionized personnel.  All this has to be coordinated and all logistics must be resolved.

Gambino Reaches out to Lil Wayne

Gambino Reaches out to Lil Wayne


Frank Paul Gambino sends a letter of support to Lil Wayne who is in Rikers Island and writes President Obama in support of Lil Wayne.  Gambino feels Lil Wayne has been misrepresented in the courts and was railroaded by the system.


Lil Wayne was convicted for gun possession and other charges in New York City and has another case opened in the state Arizona.  Lil Wayne is being tried in two courts basically for the same behavior and business arrangement.


Why the guns were automatically considered Lil Wayne’s because the bus was in his name is beyond me.  He is victim of terrible management, because for the protection of that multi-million entourage there should have been at least two licensed protection specialist, preferably with military and/or law enforcement experience.


In any case they acted street but not street smart and got caught up in the system.  I think he should be in Federal Court even if he pleads to the fact that the crimes did not originate in the states accusing him of the crimes.  This is a case of Federal Weapons violations being they crossed state lines.  He should have done one sentence in one prison for what took place.  Also NaQuila sends her regards to an old friend Lil Wayne and plans to go up to the Big Apple to visit him this summer, as she and Gambino attempt to promote the current music studio project in the City.


To be honest the whole thing is senseless, it cost $25G per year to maintain an inmate in an American prison on average and New York City has to be above the average.  Lil Wayne should be doing community service to bounce back the economy and the failing music industry.  In any case they cannot just railroad this young man.  Birdman should be ashamed of himself!

The Gambino’s Extortion CD & V-Concert

The Gambino’s Extortion CD & V-Concert


There is a war going on in the music industry, because a lot of dirty selfish people are falling from stardom.  They say the people you pass going up the ladder you will pass going down. 


The extortion CD is a marketing strategy that is aggressive with the motto sales by force “lol.”  The PTS Crew and Durty Ground Entertainment along with Gambino Productions are doing a grass root sales campaign that is a compilation of original music, song and rap.


Meanwhile Frank Paul Gambino Productions is doing a work of art in designing the concerts of these days with Lil Wayne, P. Diddy and Jay Z in a 2011 Virtual Concert.    The Rockafella, Big Boy and Cash Money musical extravaganza is being marketed is the most power show ever, so powerful that no alcohol but energy drinks will be sold at the movie  theaters which Live Nation in conjunction with AAFES (Army, Air Force Exchange Service) is lining up thousands on venues.


Lil Wayne said he is in and P. Diddy said “let’s do it,” we are waiting on Jay Z.  Gambino Productions protégé NaQuila L. Hardy will open the show and do the AIDS International Anthem and she wants another song so that is a done deal.



The Vision of Power

The Vision of Power


Some of us learn slow and other never learn.  I spent my life proving a point, which is love don’t love nobody.  The only think a black woman understands is control and I mean physical restrictions.  The old saying about first the money and then the power and then you can enjoy the rest to include sex, is real.


Sure you can alter the process and enjoy sex first but you will end up with nothing but a bunch of child support payments.   Women liberation screwed a lot of things up, women think they run the world, because they have college degrees, while the black man is incarcerated, but in reality they are simply defenseless and at the mercy of the men of the community.


Until the black woman can learn to step aside and let the black man lead the black family will be highly dysfunctional.   Look at the black community where there is very little unity among the people, they rob, kill and assault each other over trivial shit, because the black man today is disparate.

Lil Wayne a Setup, Fool or Thug in GM

Lil Wayne a Setup, Fool or Thug in GM


Rikers Island is a dangerous place, like LA County Jail, it is heavily populated with people who are struggling in life.  Basically too often people do time in these types of facilities because they simply cannot bail out or are too poor for good legal representation.


Lil Wayne is said to be prepared to stay in General Population at Rikers Island, because he does not want to be treated special.  A senseless decision by Universal Records and the Cash Money entourage, because this is an act of neglect and will seriously put Lil Wayne in harms way  and for sure to get extorted, let us face it he is not at club feds, but is in a hell hole and an out of state resident.


I mean how did he end up taking this fall in the first place, a headliner superstar rapper should have many fall guys in his entourage, how did they determine it was his gun in the first place?  Then why was not there a licensed bodyguard on the bus to take passion of the weapon?


Personally the whole case is slap in the face for someone of his stature.  Then to leave him in general population at Rikers Island because he did not request differently on his own behalf show no signs of professionalism or concern by the Rikers Island authorities.  If he gets harmed or worst killed at Rikers due to these crazy ass decisions starting with a confessed guilty plea, you have to wonder is his management trying to have him whacked.


Personally I think he should be under some form of protective custody, hell they should send him to MCC-Detention Center (The Feds), but they are parts of two different courts.  However regardless if something unfortunate happens to this young man, due to this negligence his family should have a civil rights case against the City of New York and Mayor Bloomberg a bushiness man should be aware of this and step up and correct this SNAFU before disaster. 


Gambino the Final Chapter

Gambino the Final Chapter


It will either be or not be a successful run.  We are in the final stages of the opening phase to put the show on the map.  I admit there are a few uncertainties professionally and personally, all we hope to over achieve. 


I mean really, this was a work of art and the final phases where supposed to work out more seamlessly.  I mean I found a posse of talent but the personalities can go out of the stratosphere.  I mean real people have real situations and life cannot be avoided.


As for me, I am wearing several hats that require certain business etiquette.  And when you accomplishment oriented and you have to deal with several personalities at different capacities as kindness is considered weakness, what is man to do?   


So we walk the rest of the way to hell or paradise.