Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop

Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop


There are some many things under wraps and so many great things in the works.  As you may have figured out by now, I go by many names, 6 to be accurate; and my seventh name is yet to be revealed.  I am Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano aka Frank Paul Gotti aka Frank Paul Gambino aka Capstone Zulu aka Jesus Paul Solomon.  I wonder what my 7th name will be.


It is not about multiple personalities, although I have been accused of that.  It is about paying due respect to people who were influences in my life and the role I played at that moment and time in my life.  It is not about disrespect to anyone but in fact it is about due respect and a way of expressing gratitude to important people in my growth.


Where am I going with this?  I hear Rick Ross named his new Album “Teflon Don.”  And I hear Victoria’s son Carmine has a problem with it.  Well I want to tell you Rick Ross you is no John Gotti!  However what I do suggest is that Carmine step up and be the Don of New Pop, sort of like the Frank Sinatra of the new millennium.  


It is all in fun and entertainment, however real connections exist in the real world.  They say John J. Gotti was a ruthless killer, when in reality he was a very charitable and good man.  Do they call the president of the U.S. a murderer in the tabloids for sending troops to war?  Enemies must be destroyed in all walks of life.  The Mafia is to big business what the CIA is to the government.  And until that is duly recognized the economy will never recover.


All to say, Rick if this was genuinely due respect to the Gotti family, here you have a 24 year old young man entering into a new stage in the business.  He is a friend to the Gambino Family and the grandson of Don Gotti.  If you want to be a friend to the Gambino Family and was showing due respect use your fame and influence in the Hip Hop game to give Carmine Gotti every opportunity to reach people in the name of the Gambino Family.  That said!


Finally, I think John A. Gotti should extend Gambino Records.  I used the name in my BETA project; however John I think we should incorporate the label with a major label as a subsidiary.  The music industry owes this to the Gambino Family.  It is time to restructure the family. 


Therefore to the Gotti Family I hand over Gambino Records and to my nephews I hand over Gambino Productions.  Now it is up to Carmine Gotti to reach out and connect himself to these networks.  Victoria should contact Egeria and give Gambino Records and Productions new meaning.  There is some tight stuff out there!  As for Rick Ross you owe us one.  W.W.J.D. but share the wealth! 


NaQuila Prepares for Album Release

NaQuila Prepares for Album Release


Paul proposed a deal & NaQuila requested a continuance. 


NaQuila a resilient woman with so much on the plate regains focus.  There are so many details that have to be worked out.  I think the mistake a lot of producer’s and artist’s relationships make is to allow personal feelings to get in the way of business.  That is why Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson could not create a new hit.  I will not make the same mistake with NaQuila


It is my opinion that NaQuila, whom is the “Q” of 2020, has an opportunity to explode into the stratosphere if she does not abandon ship.   On court documents NaQuila musical genre was referred to as Pop/Political a new genre recognized by Homeland Security as a new way to reach and influence young minds. 


Not all politically popular music is USA friendly or God friendly, NaQuila is both.  With the mention of truth as the foundation to song structure the album sends out a strong message.  The Capstone Zulu BETA Project has been very informative, as it is moving up the charts prior to its actual release.


NaQuila on the other hand is a performer by song, dance and acting.  There are several options out there for her highly anticipated release in the political arena.  There is a possible world tour through the USO, doing GI night clubs and local venues.  There are so many opportunities open to her as she has gained celebrity status before her actual release through controversial blogs in a strong network.


Everything is in place as NaQuila is getting active again, losing weight, under pressure to act and being prepared for the long and lonely road called working in the music industry.  There will be lonely nights in the hotel, constant traveling and late nights under tight security.  Because the stuff she is singing about is going to raise eyebrows.  


Frank Paul Gambino Productions

The Name Capstone Zulu & the Mission

The Name Capstone Zulu & the Mission


I was asked by a person who appeared to be poor, tired and weary.  His question was “what I can do for you, I ask because I have nothing?” 


We live in a world whereby many people are poor, tired and weary.  I fit in the category to many respects in General I am also poor, but refuse to be tired and weary.  The spirits of tired and weary has no place in my temple.  The outside conditions can be manipulated by others as we are all interdependent in the Universe.


The Capstone Zulu, first of all let me mention a piece of scripture. 


Ps 118:22 The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone;

Ps 118:23 the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Ps 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.


No man you all talked about Michael Jackson being the King of Pop, based on popularity and record sales.  But this is really it.  This is the deciding factor for the entire world to witness and physically and emotionally experience the power of God.


Capstone Zulu AKA Frank Paul Gambino Productions is Paul Castellano in the flesh, meaning the spirit of God like in no other man or woman is with him.


1Th 5:2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. 

1Th 5:3 While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

1Th 5:4 But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. 

1Th 5:5 You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness.


Capstone Zulu is a license stage name representing the highest achievement ever in the history of man.  Through music, writing blogs, screenplays that we hope will be produced soon, which includes music videos, documentaries and so on we will attempt to reach the world, not as a solo famous ICON but as the New World Leaders. Unlike Michael who was struck down in a disappearing act, this will never be struck down because the foundation is in the truth of the Lord. 


It is not about getting rich and living large now, be aware this is a hostel takeover by the people for the people, because Satan and the New World Order time is up.  The Hell the world is in must come to a halt say the Lord.  We will be the trend setters for the rest to follow.  Oh and the money will become useless, so why hold on to it, when tomorrow it will be counterfeit. 

NaQuila Says Son will be the next MJJ

NaQuila Says Son will be the next MJJ


Tayten Solomon Hardy-Clunis AKA Solomon Gambino will be the biggest male meaning the biggest entertainer in history says NaQuila L. Hardy AKA Stackz2020 and Female Gotti-Gambino.


NaQuila says huge Monster video is in the works as venues are being lined up.  Frank Paul Gambino Productions under the control of Frank Paul Gambino is making Waves in Highlands County.  To be honest I think there is a lot of hope here, but little substance behind the rhetoric.  As preachers speak down to the masses and NaQuila’s project will awaken the sleep.


Eph 5:14 for it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said: “Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”


I like to take my credits where they are due, I mean I AM is the mastermind of the world and a fool to many, but these ideas being brought into the video and its complexities are amazing and are many of NaQuila’s creations. 


We are fortunate to have so many vacancies but our goal is to fill the void and bring life back to this small town and then to the world.  You can hear the song that will be officially released at the correct moment.  Also, we have properties that can be used to film a quality video right her in Highlands County.


I am working on songs to help get Solomon get on the map, sort of like a 3 song deal to get him some experience and exposure.  Also, I think at his age knowing the technology behind the scenes could make a big difference as he would be the Don of the Juveniles.  Lol!  Michael Jackson? 


Stay Tuned!

Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park

Hollywood Demons Brings Demolition to Avon Park


In the Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area of Highlands County, Florida, property owners are getting inline to idea of bringing Hollywood to its small City.  In a few recent years Avon Park a City in Highlands County has been trying to clean up these parts of the streets to bring legitimate business back to the area. 


Even the clergy in Avon Park are all for the production of “Everybody Has Demons” (which is a crime drama) because even though it falls under a crime drama, its underlying messages is that we all have character defects and when kept as a deep dark secret it can cause us to do some very unethical and even illegal things.  To sum it all up that is what “Everybody has Demons,” is all about.


One of the main scenes take place if filmed on sight would bring the camera crew to Delaney Avenue a famous area in this Red Line District.  Worshipful Master Eston Roberts who recently pass away to the Celestial Lodge in Heaven has always supported investment in the black communities of Highlands County and Delaney Avenue is being left behind without investment capital.


Anyway there is this really explosive scene in “Everybody Has Demons,” do not want to give it away but this 1:45 hr flick is full of action and thought provoking dialogue.  It deals with issues of Hypnotic Provoked activities, which can drastically influence the mind “a Mafia and Government Secret.”   In this much focused screenplay full of action and thoughts you will address for years to come, because it is designed that way.


Avon Park is calling on the Hollywood big shots to invest in them in Quid pro quo arrangement..  Red Sumner of Paramount Pictures is being called, but we all know many are called but chosen are few.  Paramount Pictures is our choice and may we be there’s also.

Screenplay into Movie & New Recording Studio

Denzel WashingtonScreenplay into Movie & New Recording Studio


I have been getting excellent reviews about the screenplay “Everybody Has Demons.”  I have been told such words as awesome and thumb’s up.  My sister Egeria is going to take over from here as far as seeking financers she has a good network.  Any changes or additions to the screenplay have to be approved by me.  I still think Denzel Washington is the best Director in the world and any actor or actress under him will be at their best, because I believe he will bring the best out of them.  Janet and Alicia are written in stone for their parts I wrote it for them and Beyonce and Anthony I really want to give Anthony a break and Beyonce though it was written with her in mind, I think she may still have to be sold to the idea, also John Gotti Junior is in and I plan for him to play his father in the Apostle and honestly the best person to play me in the Apostle would be Will Smith.  First let us get “Everybody has Demons,” off the ground.


We planned to put up another home studio soon, it will be for recording vocals to musical tracks, then maybe later I will consider making it into a full production studio.  It will however have limited music creation capability but my focus is on doing vocal tracks on this one.  Hopefully we will have this done next month.  I want to work with my nephew’s crew the Underground Movement as well as other talented people of my choosing



Message of the Day

You have a talent for communication and if you use it wisely over the coming 12 months it will take you far. Remember though that it’s not enough just to say something — what you say must be felt in the heart.

Others may be worried about their jobs and their incomes but you have faith in the essential goodness of the universe. Never forget that it’s your mind that creates your world. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes — always.

Screenplay Casting & Family Business

MJJScreenplay Casting & Family Business


My nephew said something to me that resonated; he said never do business with family and friends, but I happen to disagree.  His rational was if they get upset they will halt your project if they can out of emotions.  I found that I was doing exactly that, for personal reasons, I decided to stop feeding the Janet’s crew with music, song and ideas, instead I have to see it through and see where the chips fall at the end.  I have to separate family relations and business.


Not to say I am not working on my own project, but I know my material is very controversial and provocative, and that is the intentions and I am not sure if Janet can get away with singing some on my lyrics, but almost always the music is very good or better that that, I can turn a beat and if you listen to music today the vocals are cool but the lyrics are senseless and the music sucks, so we will see, where this goes.


I put out screenplays to be looked over and have not received any responses, this is how I want it done in any case, and without given the screen away I will say this.


The screenplay Casting Wish List:


Executive Producer Michael Jackson & Denzel Washington

Director: Denzel Washington – A $20 to $30 Million + Budget plus a percentage of the take to the performers if successful.  My casting selections are for consistency of the screenplay, there is rhyme to the reasons.


Sister Peace – Janet Jackson

Aisha – Alicia Keys

Sharon – Beyonce

Maria – a Dark Puerto Rican or half Puerto Rican Actress from New York City

Momma – Vanessa Williams


Dirty Old Man – Martin Lawrence – This will make it funny and easy for Beyonce


Rayvon – Anthony Williams

Jake – Actor for Down South chosen by Denzel

Marlon – West Indian Actor

Rev. Dr. Love – Dr. Bob Lee of WBLS

Shotgun – Tito Jackson

Big Ray – Jackie Jackson


Secret Agent – John A. Gotti Jr.

Special Agent – Ice T

Asst. Director Secret Service – Jermaine Jackson


All other extras and Cameos by local residents of Avon Park



Message of the Day


Something you did for a friend or relative or work colleague a few months ago will be repaid in full over the next few days. Your critics may say you don’t deserve what you gain but that’s jealousy talking. Ignore them.



Printed the First Version of Screenplay

JanetPrinted the First Version of Screenplay

After I get some feedback, I will work on the copyrighted version of “Everyone has Demons, “it is currently registered with the Writers Guild.” 

It was written with Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and Beyonce in mind and I want to add John A. Gotti Junior to the cast.  Also I want him to lead in the Apostle, which is copyrighted, in the role of Joseph Goddio (John Gotti); I do not know if Michael Jackson is the right person to play me.  I will use fictional names, because Janet claims she does not know me now.  I admit I have not seen her for about 20 years, but the same applies to certain old and friends to my heart, but I stayed in touch with her over the years.

Someone posing as Jermaine Dupri or him himself, wants me to know he has manhood, so I share it the world.  Good for you Jermaine.


Question was: Is Jermaine Dupri Gay?


Submitted on 2009/05/27 at 3:26am


This could be a quiet day by your standards and that’s good because you clearly have a lot to think about. The more you reflect upon your creative ambitions now the easier it will be to realize them in a few weeks time when the Sun moves in your favor.

Promoting Views through the Arts of Music and Film

paul-and-janet5Promoting Views through the Arts of Music and Film


Right now the focus is on intellectual property accumulation, I want to stockpile my work and encourage Janet Jackson of Black Doll, Raymond Jones of Durty Ground ENT., Dahoud Smith’s Underground Movement  and myself Frank Paul Jones AKA Gambino of Gambino Productions to stockpile intellectual property, establish and trademark these institutions.  My goal is to serve Janet first and put her back on the map and use her as a springboard to get the other production and Record Companies off the ground.  I think between the four by the end of the summer we can get her the material she needs to go into to record studio with excellent material with confidence and complete support.


My new motto is to sing for social change instead of money, and the money will follow.  With all the changes taken place in this world I feel we have to be the pioneers of the Changing World in its maturity stage as the old ways will pass away.  My Nephew Raymond has a crew that can and have proven themselves talented and Dahoud is an excellent writer and organizer and can put into my access a crew of men that will be able help me, I realize I will have to move around the City use the Internet and phone to coordinate my efforts.


I will need for Janet, Alicia and Beyonce if they choose to take the mission to find me a director they can work with in the type of movie I wrote, personally I like Denzel Washington his movies can touch you and integrate tasteful violence and intellectual debate and that is what that movie may well be intended to do, it is touching, has controversial ideas and it has violence at a reasonable level and the movie is not a joke, so Tyler Perry who is great might not be the best choice, because he is mostly a director of comedies.


I think the best way to reach people is through the arts; however I think many churches have also become mere entertainment.  Man they have to produce, “Everybody has Demons,” it has so much to offer and I think it deserve a strong budget out of Paramount Pictures, it is registered with the Writers Guild its number is #1349299 Title: Everybody Has Demons filename: Everybody Has Demons.MMSW I want this one picked up!


Some of your views and opinions may seem rather extreme but it might surprise you to learn how many other people share your general dissatisfaction with the state of the world. Seek out those people this year. Together you can make yourself heard.


You will need some time and space to yourself today and the only way you will get it is if you are bold enough to take it. The world around you is just too noisy and chaotic for your tastes, so go some place where you can be at peace with your thoughts.

Janet is in good terms with Beyonce

janet-in-dallas-2Janet is in good terms with Beyonce


Janet is in good terms with Beyonce and thinks she is a great performer.  Contrary to all the rumors about Beyonce disrespecting the Jackson Family, she said she thinks Beyonce is a great performer and would love to work with her in a movie.  Currently in the works is film called “Everybody has Demons.”  No it is not a horror film or about any type of religion, but is a drama about a family that is going through it, as they are very dysfunctional there is an underlying cause to each of their dysfunctions.


The screenplay being written three main characters happen to be written to fit perfectly with Janet Jackson as the youngest of three siblings and the aunt of two first cousins about the same age who could very well be played by Alicia Keys and Beyonce.


Janet would be the protagonist, though it is told through the eye of Alicia’s character, however people would probably say Beyonce stole the show, because she would act in the screenplay’s the most dramatic role.


A film is about to be release with Beyonce in a starring role called “Obsessed,” which is being heavily promoted in New York City.  It will be showing in movie theaters on 24 April 2009.