Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?


I did a lot of writing over the last few years. A lot of what I wrote was put on Internet, under several aliases as well as in my officially documented and recorded name Frank Paul Jones.


When I had the revelation that I was Paul Castellano due to hypnosis sessions back in July of 1989 with John J. Gotti as well as other made men and associates of the Gambino Family out of New York City who participated and witnessed these activities that transpired and I woke up in the month of May 1990, I was mesmerized by the seemingly good news, because it gave my life new meaning and gave me a purpose and an agenda.  My first response was to contact the government and for several years I did this, I wrote the White House via fax regularly as I reported to them what I knew on so many subjects, which I felt was my duty to this country.  This begun under the President George H. W. Bush Administration and continued for many years until even this day.


Back then I became so fascinated and excited by the attention I got in secret  that I could not keep this good news to myself and felt compelled to share it with the world and not just friends, family and the government. And I did so with some successes, because I shared my blogs with over one million readers since about 2009.


My findings were somewhat surprising to some degree though they shouldn’t have been, because my family seemed to think I was delusional without question and many friends seemed to also think I was delusional, other than those who were there and yet though the government seemed to know what was going on with me, but decided it was best for the security of our nation to deny me and this gave me a profound understanding of a popular scripture in the bible.


Mark: 6:4 Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor.”


The reason I can say this is not to convince you that I am Jesus Christ, but because many of my readers who knew nothing about me, seemed to accept my writings as somewhat the truth because they did not judge the messenger but only read the message and I know the government knows the truth about my journey throughout life and my works for (them) government, but my own people (my close friends and family) seemed to think I am crazy and they were the people who I tried to save (wakeup) first from what is to come due to the covert activities that took place in my lifetime. And to this effect there is a comparison with how many people did not receive our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and labeled him insane also.


My journey to spread the word about the truth on subjects such as AIDS (a biological weapon) and the Economic War (WWIII) was for over 20 years, which everything basically falls under today, because even AIDS like the drug epidemic are merely weapons being used in this economic war to create the One World Government, for the New World Order who have been in existence here since the inception of this Great Nation, whereby a few controls the masses.  They (The Government) and I agreed to a set of rules, the agreement was that I could say anything I want to say as long as I do not act on what I say.  I went as far as to threaten then President of the United States George H. W. Bush (the illuminati himself), because I knew I could get away with it but knew I could  not act on it and didn’t want to, yet still people close to me, did not see the significance of my actions as to my authority, they only saw an obsessed fool over Janet Jackson in action.  Whereby throughout my journey Janet symbolized the Jews and my love for the Jews, who are the African Americans, if you truly understand scripture and its symbolism or at least my teachings.


Today I now realize that people are never going to believe me until the people in power tell them who I am and work I have done. Only when they have been overcome will my people see the light, because of their slave mentality.  For this reason there is no longer any reason for me to starve for the sake of blind fools. Because nobody supports me or my causes and because of  my works I have been blackballed from society and the government, whereby I could not even get a decent job for about 25 years, this is the price I paid for the stunt I pulled at the White House in May of 1991.


Now I have a chance to at least be compensated from the government but not directly for my works.  The VA will have to make a determination that I was insane, when I was discharged from the Army in 1987, for them to compensate me. This will give the government the authority to not only deny me, but it will be documented as facts that it was evaluated and agreed upon by judges that what I have been sharing with the world is a mere figment of my imagination and that there is not truth or at least no consistency of facts being shared by me.  This is plausible denial for the government!  And I have to agree to these findings to be compensated in order to have a decent quality of life in my last years here on earth.  And I sincerely believe that Frank Paul Jones suffered long enough. Because though Paul Castellano  resides in the body of Frank Paul Jones, he is not Jones and Jones should not forever carry the burdens of Castellano’s work and continue to suffer in his name, especially when nobody believes to him anyway.


So the question as to “What Would Jesus Do” (WWJD) comes into play, while I guess he would die for a bunch of blind fools called sinners, but I am not he, so living and dying in absolute poverty and not being able to make bills each month while driving a lemon for a car about to collapse any day, only because Jones could not have a career in the workforce and therefore a retirement check would be continued folly in my part.  Because if people did not listen to me for over 50 years, my continued life of poverty will not change a thing.  And I realize that once this happens, I will be a documented insane man who should not to be taken seriously. So be it!



The irony behind this development is that because of this and how it will come to be, I am more convinced than ever that I am Paul Castellano.  I realize that the works of my last 20 years plus of sharing my life’s history with the world, was never expected to be accepted by those close to me.  And until those close to me accept my words as truth those from a distant will not be changed by it. They may believe me somewhat but not conceive the truth in their daily lives or act on my words.   And therefore it will be just information without the power change anything.  Nothing but rhetoric in the winds.


Was it a waste of time? I hope not, because the truth is everlasting even if it is overwritten, the facts remain, because the development of the future is determined by the facts of the past, even if the facts have been overwritten by fabrications.  Those who are in the sphere of controlling the world are in their positions of power or will be the power over the world because they know the facts from fiction.  So even if my service was not recognized by the those who I setout to wakeup first, still it was a calling for many.  I know that the rulers of tomorrow will have known what I said to be true and believable and will manifest it in their ruler ship. And I know that my history was already written and is available to the world on the Internet, even if I die tomorrow. And it is not my duty to continue to repeat myself over and over, at the price of poverty, hunger and despair.  I have to move on to another stage in my life. But because I did not die at their hands (The African Americans or Jews in symbolism), so they may survive also, even if it is in darkness.  For this reason it was said.


Mathew: 22-14: “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”


As I said what I had to say, now I must do what I must do. It is my plan to do community work with the remaining healthy years of my life I have on this planet. Only if it is God’s will, will the work I do make any real impact on lifting poverty for others. Because I have an idea of what is to come, perhaps I will be prepared for it and be able to help others prepare as well.  I realize I must design a new strategy and a new approachto my services to mankind and perhaps even change my way of life that I may become more believable.

James   2: 17: In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.




Maybe America’s Default will be a Test for God’s Flock

 Paul in Avon Park, FL

Maybe America‘s Default will be a Test for God‘s Flock


A veteran made a comment on CNN iReporter about my article “The Government Stalemate Calls for a Congressional Investigation.”  She said she depends on the government as an old disabled veteran basically for everything and if her check does not come on the 1st of the month, it might be all over for her.  If I understood her correctly, she might even consider taking her own life in an attempt to help other veterans to make the government take notice to what they are doing to disabled veterans and people alike.


My response was, “Many of us depend on the government today and for many reasons, from the lack of jobs to disabilities to old age or just being simply poor. In fact many countries depend on America, for economic stability and national security among other things. But we as Americans and especially the veterans sector must be resilient and tough it out. If they default on the our debts, we all will be faced with tough economic times according to economists.  But remember it all belongs to God anyway. We cannot give up our lives over material things. It all belongs to God.”  So if we have to give it all back, so be it.


This brought to my attention the reality and state of America and Americans.  Many of us are now fragile and is looking for an excuse to end our lives, due to our constant struggles to survive in these tough economic times. If it is not one thing it is another. And many Americans are simply tired. The great depression stock market crash of 1929, which caused the largest financial crisis of the 20th century, led to many once wealthy men to committing suicide. I  heard stories of how once rich people jumped out off of tall buildings.  And from what economists are saying, that might be a drop in the bucket, if America defaults on her debts.  And the problems could quickly escalate globally.


I was taught by my uncle that the first law of nature is self preservation.  It is against the nature of humankind, to not have the will to live. Things can take this away innate principle from someone. Often terminal illnesses will do this to a man.  Some of us simply get tired of the pain and suffering of a slow death due to illness and give up on life and as a result die sooner than  we would have, had we held on longer.  But there are other forms of suffering other than the physical pain.  Many of us suffer mental anguish.  But often the cause of the  mental anguish type of suffering is that it is due to unrealistic expectations, idealism or being misunderstood.  We simply expect something that is not delivered and as a result we have a nervous breakdown.  The occurrence of a nervous breakdown is real.  Even if the cause of it is not, to people looking in from the outside.


Read this carefully:  Often the culprit of our mental illness is Godlessness or our strong faith in God. Now this is not to say that people who have mental problems are Godless or divinely righteous either, but that often the problem perpetuates, because we do not put God’s word first in our lives or believe that God has a mission for us nobody else understands. And I am talking from experience, because I had a nervous breakdown according to man and still have problems until this day, due to what doctors describe as unrealistic expectations and idealistic beliefs; because of what preoccupied my mind and my seemingly innate desires that I now believe were placed there for reason unknown to me, I am still unable to determine what is my true reality according to my doctors in psychiatry. As I believe one thing, they say documented proof lead them to believe another. However, I remember what I remember.  The truth is for God to decide!


But today, I have a better grip on myself.  I am  not going to do anything extraordinary to prove my point anymore. However this was not always the case.  There was a time when I was willing to die in the process of proving what I believed to be true and that was ungodly. Which means my self preservation was out of whack. And for this reason I have empathy and understand what could happen to many Americans as a result of America defaulting on her debts.


Many people have expectations and have become accustomed to a certain quality of life here in America.  And many people are not grounded in the Word of God. Sure most people say they believe in God, but truly believe in the Government.  They do not believe that God will provide for them, but that it is the government’s job to provide for them. And if the government lets them down, they will give up on life, because the government is truly their god or should I say materialistic things that the government provides to them is their god ( I write in a small {g} intentionally).  Because this is not the true God they believe in.


So this letter is meant for those who are truly a part of the flock of God.  We who are truly God’s children, know in our hearts that God will provide for us, one way or another. Sure if the government defaults there will be anarchy. Hell Wal-Mart will probably have to shout down, because people will steal everything in their path, shop lifting will go off of the roof and be worst than it is now.  People with small businesses will be in harms way, especially in poor communities. It will be terrible, but we mustn’t give up on God, because in the midst of all this chaos God will provide for us, even if it only one meal a day without water and lights, he will provide for us.  We will and must survive.  Do not give up in the worst case scenario.  Keep the faith!


Frank Paul Jones


The Gay Rights Evolution and the Economy

Black Youth

The Gay Rights Evolution and the Economy

I was taught at a young age that the most consistent thing is change.  I call gay rights an evolution, because it is a part of the advancement of humankind.  Gay rights is happening and will soon fully integrate into American society, regardless to if  you are for it or against it, it is coming to mainstream America in a big way.


When I was a child homosexual men were called faggots in the black neighborhood, which is a derogatory word, for homosexual males.  When I was a child growing up in the 60’s and 70s, the term nigger was forbidden in the black neighborhood, which is also a derogatory word used to describe black people.  So naturally I learned these terms and used them or did not use them according to the adaptation of my cultural environment.  I was raised in a black ghetto in a project complex called the Queensbridge Houses, in Queens, New York, which was the biggest project complex in the whole country. It was a tough neighborhood to live in, high in crime and drugs was all over the place and back then the Italian Mafia had a strong foothold on that territory.


It was especially hard on homosexuals, who were considered less than humans to many, certainly lower than a nigger, which was something nobody wanted to be.  They would be brutally beaten in the streets and call faggots, if only because of their sexual preferences and no little boy wanted to be associated with being like them.  So even if a boy was like them, they would attempt to hide it from the public, in fear of being ridiculed or worst, like even being killed without the concern of the community.  We called them closet cases!


But is seemed like everyone had one in their family.  And if they were a member of a family who had a reputation, they got a pass, but was still considered to be a joke. And even their family members, did not understand the psyche or mindset of their homosexual family members or what they were being put through in their daily lives.  So they were loved but from a distance, which really isn’t love after all.   People were ashamed of there homosexuality, because of our culture in the black ghetto and in America.


I was listening to the news and heard about a pasta firm called Barilla being boycotted for anti-homosexual remarks. And I can understand both sides.  People from the old days are often set in their ways. I do not think he meant any harm, he just made a stance but articulated himself improperly, by making a statement that was unnecessary.  If he did not want homosexual couples in his commercials, all he had to do is not make them with them in itr.  But to say what he would never do, was a senseless error in his part and now he will probably be force to do it anyway to get back some sales.


This is because of the culture we now live in.  Though homosexuals are a minority, they have a strong voice, which is being recognized by media and politics.  This wasn’t so when I was a child, but they took on their fight to another level and built the proper infrastructure to gain due recognition.  And to battle them back into sub servitude so to speak, would be foolish. They fought a good fight and they won, so we need to move on and address other more important issues.  Let them be themselves!  Who do they really bother?


I was against gay rights and I had the right to make that choice, because they had no rights for their sexual preferences.  My decision had everything to do with how I was raised and things that happened to me in  life as well as where and when I was raised.  I did not know any different, but to think the way I thought.  But now I even question myself as to am I an interloper when it comes to homosexual affairs?  Who am I to decide on another’s sexual behaviors, when engaging in sex between two consenting adults? And I feel the more people resist this evolution, the more we have to deal with it on a public forum. As with Mr. Barilla, he made a big issue out of his personal decision by making it public. So now comes the issue of gay advertisement on all products sold in the United   States. So if Mr. Barilla was homophobic as they say, he may have hurt himself, but help the gay rights movement in a big way, because now all companies are at question on this issue.


All to say they won and let them have their equal rights, just like President Obama won, so let us have Obamacare.  Because our country has much bigger fish to fry.  I was watching Chelsea Clinton on CNN yesterday.  And she and other CEO’s from other companies, came up with a wonderful idea. Let’s create not 100,000 jobs but 1,000,000 jobs in America.  And I could not agree more when she said that one of our biggest problems America faces is unemployed young Americans.  The homosexual population had the stage and they won and now it is time to move on to an agenda for all Americans. Let us focus on the economy!


Frank Paul Jones


Hilary Rodman Clinton Presidential Age Issue


Hilary Rodman Clinton Presidential Age Issue

When she ran against President Obama for the democratic nomination, I thought she had it, but it seemed she was too overconfident and somehow Senator Obama pulled it off.  Some people think the establishment just simply wasn’t ready for a woman President and went as far as to choose a black man over a white woman. I do not know.


However, I do know that President Ronald Reagan was the oldest man to be elected into the White House.  He was considered a great president, however I do not agree with that assessment whatsoever.  If fact, I do not believe he even ran the White House, with his Alzheimer disease. I believe he was simply a good actor with Hollywood experience, who was popular and was being controlled by a CIA, through an agent named George H.W. Bush, who was the CIA director during 1976-77, to become Vice-President  4 years later. Think about it!  As they tried to give this country away!


My concern with Hilary Rodman Clinton, isn’t her lack of experience, character or good will, in fact I think she would have made a wonderful president had she won the democratic nominations in the 2008 primaries, in the proper environment.  And I like the Clinton’s, President Bill Clinton wrote me twice and I still have his letters in my fire safe, to that I am grateful.  But she will be almost 70 years old, come the 2016 presidential race.  And like President Ronald Reagan she will be too old, to enter into the White House.  And Vice President Biden is already over 70 years old. So if she runs against him in 2016, when it comes to a ticket with youth, we will have no good alternatives.  I think this will and may become the weakness of the democratic party’s ticket in 2016.


And if we again elect a Democratic Senate and Republican House, I do not know if she will be able to endure the things they put President Obama through.  I think the key to President Obama’s resilience was his youth.  And I think he aged a lot over these last few years and it is not over.  How would an old lady handle this obstinate Congress?  The thing about President Ronald Reagan was that he had Congressional cooperation, these fools in the Congress today have their own agendas, having nothing to do with the good of the country or the American peole.  I think these fools will bring an old lady to tears, not once or twice, but over and over, because the things going on in America today had a young man crying, so what will it do to an old lady, with a caring heart?


I just think that Hilary Rodman Clinton, should really think it over, before she runs for president. Because she will probably win out of popularity. Our elections today are mere popularity contest, supported by big money for advertisement and promotion.  But she has to ask as herself, if she truly loves this country and the American people who she will be elected to serve. She must ask herself is she really up for the job of President of the United   States, under this current and hostile environment?  Because I think these fools will literally attempt to give her a heart attack.  She will be as old as Ronald Reagan, but will not have any of the cooperation he received in the White House, which was taken over by the CIA for almost 20 years under the Bush’s rein.


Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

I Do Not Think the Congress is Bulletproof

The Congress

I Do Not Think the Congress is Bulletproof

There are 535 members in the Congress, with 100 in the Senate and 435 in the House, but there are about 317 million Americans.  Yet these 535 have us all at their mercy. To them we are just numbers, so it seems and they really don’t care about us. Now they are threatening to shut down the U.S. Government, if President Obama does not repeal Obamacare.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act called Obamacare is good for America.


Personally it does not really effect me directly, one way or the other. Because I am a Army Veteran and get my healthcare through the Veterans Healthcare System, but there are many Americans who simply couldn’t afford healthcare and now they will.  While we are the riches nation in the world our Congress wants to refuse healthcare for all Americans.  I think it is bad enough that certain States are able to opt out of Obamacare, that is not fair in my opinion.  And what kills me is their opposition to Obamacare is its cost, yet they found it to be alright to spend $10 trillion on Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  And now their only argument with Syria is President Obama’s plan does not go far enough.  They want an all our war over in Syria, they want regime change. At a cost of?


We are in a tough economy and many Americans depend on the Federal Government, due to the huge jobless rates.  Over 101 million Americans depend on food stamps to feed their families.  Over 62 million people get some sort of subsidy from Social Security.  There are about 1.5 million people in the armed forces and this doesn’t count all of their dependents.  Then there is our law enforcement groups, such as the FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, CIA and so forth.  Hell even the Secret Service operates under the Federal umbrella.  I feel for them to make such a threat is an act of treason.


I guess, I must ask, can a Congressman commit an act of treason?  We know the price for treason is death by a firing squad or it use to be. Who knows many they now use lethal injections, being we are a humane society today.  This is not a joke and I am very serious about what I am saying.  To who does the Congress stand accountable?  And I am certain there are other ways of dealing with traders than simply voting them out.


Hell a young man who knew no better joins the Army and they destroy his life before it starts for a simple act of disobedience.  Most certainly elected official stands to a higher standard than that a little kid trying to escape oppression by joining the military.   We even hear about Presidents being impeached, before their term of service is up, should not Congressman be held accountable for their actions.  Hell we have RICO for the Mafia, I mean mobsters cannot conspire against the government.  Does that mean the Congress or the American people?  Who can they not conspire against.  So how can the Congress conspire against the American people and talk about shutdowns?


Is the Congress actually above the law?  Can they vote anyway they please about the livelihood of over a hundred of million of Americans? How can this be in a democracy?  Because from the look of things the Congress is not accountable for their actions, they can simply do as they please or choose to do nothing at all and all we can do is wait to the next elections?


All this mayhem going on in America.  People killing kids at schools, at the movies and now at Navy Yards, all to make a point.  “I am unhappy with America.”  But it seems like the Congress are untouchables. They are the culprits to all this chaos, but nobody seems to make them accountable for what they are doing to America as a whole.  But they are only 535 strong.  Their faces are all over the internet and their names are printed in large letters for everyone to see.  But because they are our law makers, they are honored, revered and overlooked by the disgruntled, who give up on life.


I say let them shutdown the government.  Force 101 million people to make a choice on starving or fighting back. Force another 62 million into homelessness, stop the check of the fighting men and women in uniform.  And stop law enforcement and all the other government agencies.  And what will you have, “Anarchy.”  And nobody will be safe, especially the Congress of the United States of America


And sooner or later someone who is tired of all this worrying about their fate into the next day, sooner or later someone who is tired of the poor living conditions that are not even stable and secure as it is being taken from them from an uncaring Congressman.  Someday someone will wise up and vent their anger in a direction where it will produce a change in heart by those who are causing us all this hell.  And the target will not be a little kid going to school or a person  going to work just to make ends meet or to a movie for some relaxation, but at the people who care less about them and is causing all this mayhem.

“I Do Not Think the Congress is Bulletproof.”


They just have respect they don’t deserve.  Which is an illusion among Americans that can wear off.  The Congress is not above the law and they have a responsibility to the American people. And to not carryout their responsibility out is an act of treason.  And a treasonous should be dealt with accordingly.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


13 Dead at Navy Yard Shooting Another American SNAFU

Aaron Alexis

13 Dead at Navy Yard Shooting Another American SNAFU

They identified the shooter at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard as Aaron Alexis, out of Fort Worth, Texas. He is said to be a Veteran of the United States Navy, who worked for a military contractor. At this time they say they do not understand why he did this, however at least 13 people were killed and three hospitalized, while two of them had to undergo extensive surgery.  And with the shooter dead, they will probably have to ask themselves for the answers.


They called this a hard target on a secured facility, unlike Sandy Hook Elementary School, which was a soft target. But how can a complex be secured when the enemy is from within?  Time and time again America is becoming victims of traders of our great nation.  I think we have to go deep into understanding the psyche of our nation today to be able to defend ourselves from a growing number of disgruntled Americans. We have to ask why did Edward Snowden the NSA contractor employee who leaked information on our spy machine did what he did.  America needs answers fast.


I believe and this is not a new thought, that America is in trouble. You have to wonder have “the chickens come home to roost,” a phrase made popular by Malcolm X.  Because the trends that is taking place now are much bigger than an assassination attempt on one president, who is merely a figurehead of the institution these guys are trying to destroy and take down altogether.


What security measures can be imposed to defend against your trusted servants gone astray?  The NSA was obviously recording everyday Americans in their everyday lives, as security measures. But they neglected to watch the one who was inside of their facility, who was a trusted servant turned trader. Now this young man turned against his own master and he is now dead and cannot be put under observation to be understood.  Meanwhile Edward Snowden another trader is in the hands of the Russians, who may now know more about the American psyche than America.


It is my humble opinion that America is misappropriating our resources.  We misused our military for personal gain and profits in the arms industry dealings and not the defense of the American people, we misused law enforcement to persecute the American people in a false war against drugs and we misused our spy machine as a weapon of personal intrusion. Then we say, “we do not know why things like this happened?”  These things are happening because of America’s misappropriations.  Its like a kid with an arsenal of tools with no idea as to what to do with them, America stands dumbfounded.  We have the tools, but we do not have adequate personnel to use them.  And this time, we cannot use our foreign labor force to solve this internal problem. “I don’t know,” America says!


We even have money to spent on schools in Afghanistan and all over the world for that matter, we built this world around us that is attempting a hostile takeover against us.   Now America has all of these tools built by foreign labor and often with foreign technological innovations, but they cannot defend our nation against itself, because this is our job, the job of the trusted servants, who do not know how to operate the equipment.   America is incompetent and we are incompetent because of the decisions of our law makers to not take care of home first.


The problems America faces is do to ignorance.  Our nation as a whole is ignorant and incompetent, because our schools are failing and the nation is full of illiteracy.  Our best just do not cut the cake.  Because disloyal people like Edward Snowden is the best we can do.  Disloyal people like Aaron Alexis is the best we can do.  America is a  nation of dishonored citizens and disloyal servants.  And things will only get worst until America does right by the American people.  The 3dr World War is being fought through economics and America holds a incompetent hand.


Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

Idealistic Expectations May Add to Veterans Suicide Rate


Idealistic Expectations May Add to Veterans Suicide Rate

I am a blogger, because I enjoy writing and sharing my views.  I have been at it for a few years now about 5 years altogether. Cumulatively I got about 1,000,000 reads altogether or an average of about 200,000 per year, which is not bad at all.  It started out as basically stories about Janet Jackson, her siblings and my associations with them and I wrote about other entertainers to include Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys to name a few.  I also used to talk a lot about my life in the military (covert operations) and my Mafia connections with John J. Gotti and a lot of it was my search for answers as to what happened to me in 1989 (the integration), when I learned the truth about my identity and adventures that brought me to where I am at today.

However, recently I got a little more into issues concerning others and not necessarily myself.  I felt I told my story and it is now history assessable on the world wide web, by simply goggling Frank Paul Gambino or Frank Paul Jones, which I made synonymous on Google.  My reads went down as I stopped talking about celebrities as much and started dealing with everyday people.  Though I still have a following, they are mostly my hardcore readers, it is nothing like it was in the past.  And for now I am cool with that. Which brings me to the subject I am writing about today, which is the returning veterans suicide rate.

Statistics state that about 22 veterans are committing suicide on the average each day.  That is over 8,000 young people every year losing their lives by self inflicted wounds. As I write articles against us going to war again in the middle east in Syria this time, I found myself offending a person in uniform over there in Afghanistan. I was called things outside of my name in personal letters received on my CNN iReporter profile inbox, from this person in uniform.  I was called a “coward” and an “ignorant f**k,” for my anti wars stances.  I was disturb by this, because it brought about a realization.  These kids think they are doing something good and deserve to be rewarded for their service to country.

I agree that veterans deserve to be rewarded for service to country, every veteran deserves their VA benefits to include a job when they come home, educational benefits to continue their education, medical benefits for life, life insurance until they can get their own insurance policies, a home loan and so forth.  But they want to come home to a parade, they want to be able to solute the President of the United States of America and they want to feel appreciated for their work overseas. And this is something the American people do not see them fit to be given to them.   Many of our young veterans feel dishonored by the America people, they feel alienated and left out, it is a lonely feeling, I know about as a result of my own adventures in life.  Not being able to talk about things to disinterested people, who simply do not understand. I found my relief in blogging.

This young troop told me about the good they have done over in Afghanistan, the schools they built and clinics they built and went as far as to say, I have faith in the people of Afghan.  That they will make their battle over there worth their while.  I responded by telling him/her, I have faith in the Lord.  However, what I realized is that they have forgotten all too quickly what they left behind before going overseas to fight another war.  Our failing schools, our prison populations, our murder rates and gun violence on the streets of urban America, our drug epidemic, our AIDS population, in fact I do not even believe they were aware of this when they joined the military or they would have enlisted for these battles we face at home, if they were truly patriotic that is.

But the fact of the matter is that most of our youth joined the military because they were seduced by unscrupulous recruiters, something even till this day Hollywood makes fun of, but it is real and no joking matter.  I know because I was seduced and was told I would become a man at 17 years old.  My youth was in fact stolen from me, coupled with mental problems.  It isn’t until the military brainwashes them into this false perception of patriotism, that they discover they want a parade in return for their service to country and for American for roll out the red carpet but they will simply settle for due recognition, which they do not even get.

I my humble opinion, I believe the problem many of our returning soldiers experience is in their expectations.  They expect something when they return, but get nothing, not even the time of day. Why?  Because America feels we were bamboozled into both Iraq and Afghan and is tired of our the living conditions at home. And these kids as young as they are, have become tired souls and is ready to retire, when in reality by their returning home, the real war has just begun.

I think it is the psyche or the mindset of these kids that is being distorted by government and by the military, that they have idealistic and unrealistic expectations and are choosing death before dishonor by the American people.  Forgetting that they too are Americans and this war we are just beginning to fight at home is also the fight as well. Their duty is to defend us and the constitution of the United States of America, in and out of uniform.  That was their pledge to an allegiance into the armed forces.  And until they realize this fight at home is theirs as well and we all are being dishonored by our law makers the Congress of the United States of America, misguided veterans will continue to fall.  We all know they saw hell overseas and this is our argument, that they were forced into hell for no good reason. To all of our veterans I say, the war is at home in our backward and it is being fought with economics.  To be a true warrior is to stand up and fight, we need you at home, so do not give up on  us but join us.

Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC

Charities Help’s Save God’s Flock By Attraction

Paul in limo

Charities Help’s Save God’s Flock By Attraction


“Building a better community.”

We always hear about missionaries talking about going out to save the world and we also hear about preachers saving their congregation, but nothing is further from the truth.  No man can save another man’s soul.  Only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has such authority.  See disciples, missionaries, evangelist, preachers, charities and whatever name a person of God comes in, can only attract someone to the Lord.  It is the duty of the God fearing to attract others to God, by doing God’s work.  And God’s work is the serve and glorify the Lord.


When people serve God in righteousness, they shine and they become a guiding light to the true enlightener who is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whom all power is vested in.  All a person can do is shine and glorify the Lord, this is the duty of a man of God, it is to glorify the Lord and be a helper to others.  It is not our duty to save anyone, because through our faith in the Lord we may be saved.  I say again “may be saved,” because there is no sure ticket to the home of our heavenly Father, but through faith.  You may be saved if you truly have faith in the Lord and in the name of faith you will glorify the Lord and do community work as much as you humanly possibly can. Because in this body we do have limitations and that is why we must be born again in Christ, to elevate above the temporal world.


I tell you the truth, no man can con his way into the kingdom of God.  Sure you can do your song and dance routine in front of a congregation, claiming you are praising the Lord, but your actions speaks louder than your words.  Any man who claims he is saved and do not love his neighbor is a liar and a liar is the Son of Satan.  Any man who claims he is a Jew and is not truly a Jew is a part the synagogue of Satan.  For a liar is the Son of Satan.


Believe this, many people will say by faith they are saved and use this as a excuse not to do God’s work and do not glorify God in their everyday living, by not loving their neighbors and not loving the true and living Lord, but how can this be?  How can you have trust in someone as the most powerful entity in existence and do not glorify and serve him? How can you be of God and fear the evil one (Satan)?  Anyone who is truly one in God, will attempt to be Godlike as in Son’s of God.  One must ask in their everyday decisions, what would Jesus do (WWJD)?  Sure, we all have limitations, but we are within the boundaries of loving our neighbors are we not?


You know what bothers me sometimes, it bothers me how so many truly God fearing people are taken advantage of, they pay their tithes to there congregational leader, but none of their money goes to God.  Understand that God is love and love is charity.  A man can only love another man through his charitable acts of human kindness, because all talk and no action comes cheap and the Lord is an abundance of love.  To love your neighbor is to do community work or to be in support of it at the least.  I believe and correct me if I am wrong, but tithes are meant to support the church and it clergy, but understand the true church is the body of Christ.  And we are but one body though many parts and an important portion of that body is those who are on the front line loving their neighbors through true acts of love, which is charity.  A community with weak support for its charities, is not a community that shines before God.  And a black community that does not support its own black charities is a community that is veiled by the blinds of darkness and will not elevate to glorify God.  Because God is among those who love their neighbors and love is not an emotion as much as it is an action word.  For God loves us through his actions.  Love is demonstrated through acts of kindness, do not confuse love with Hollywood lust!  Where there are an abundance of churches, there should be an abundance of charitable work being supported or the churches of that community are in fact a fraud.


I want to tell you something.  Love in the absence of respect by man is null and void.  It is unacceptable and empty.  To say you love someone that you cannot and will not respect as man is pure foolishness and folly.  How can you love someone you do not value enough to deserve your love?  See we cannot look down to our fellow man, who is shooting bad and say we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, unless we exclude certain people from being our fellow citizens based on economics and character, whereby its our own character that is now at question here.  And if you feel this way, why pay your taxes?  If you feel this way, why do you pay your tithes?  Is it our of fear that you give to Obama what is Obama’s, is it fear that compels you to put money in the money tray at Church, so that you do not stand out among your peers?  Or is it a true act of kindness?  Or on the other hand, is it because you know that none of it will go to help those in need anyway?  But the Church is the body of Christ, which is supposed to be inclusive to the poor and needy, to include “the least of me.”


I do not suggest that congregations simply redirect their funds in a way to ignore their own agenda.  What I do suggest is congregations insure that their agenda is in oneness with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savor.  To go to church is not about separatism. It is about inclusion.  When a man in need walks into your church in need of support, the congregation should not belittle him, because he is small and humble and think they are bigger than him.  I say this because you know it goes on in the black churches.  A man fresh off of drugs comes to you and humbles himself, only to be belittled by the congregation and in whose name is this being done in?  Certainly not our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


All I can say is you do not want him among you, help those who are willing to help him, so when he comes to you he is better prepared to fit into your flock.  I say again, you cannot love anyone who you refuse to respect as a man.  Too often people mistake love for possession.   We mistake our diabolical conception of ownership with love.  We say we love someone, when in reality we only want to rule over him, to tell him what to do and how to live.  But even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives you a choice. He doesn’t tell you how you must act and be a certain way, he just tells us this is what you must do, if you want to be with me.  You do not get love and possession twisted.


Love your neighbor as yourself and treat your neighbors how you would like for them to treat you.  Understand that love for your neighbor is only an extension of your love for self and your brother.  Because if you do not love your own family, how can you possibly love your neighbor also?   And love is charity, it is an action word, so be kind in your everyday life and love and respect your fellow man and God will love you.  But first you must love yourself.  Be a shining light and do community work or support it and give selflessly to help your neighbor.


Support your community charities and support the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., simply referred to as the NCNCHINC. Our mission is, “building a better community.”


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman


Visit our website and contribute:


Acid Pro 7 is Still Relevant in my Studio

Acid Pro 7

Acid Pro 7 is Still Relevant in my Studio

In the world of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) technology, many average artists with big ideas have rising to greatness, without the help of professional musicians. In the old days, it took a full band and often backup singers to make a recording in a studio, not to mention top engineers and big dollars to book the studios to begin with. Still some artist do kick out big bucks in class A studios to make their recordings, but this is not always necessary to produce a quality track. For some they simply invest in better equipment after they produce a hit, but start out with a decent home recording studio.

Personally, I have a few music production software applications and use different ones for different reasons and effects. I know I am not a professional keyboardist, however I can do a little work and DAW technology and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) applications makes it possible to get good results, but nothing replaces a top quality keyboarding, but there is a solution in the absence of one and that is Acid Pro 7 loop based production software.

Acid Pro 7 is still a 32 bit application, whereby programs like Reason 7 and Cubase 7 are 64 bit platforms. I use a few applications, some 64 bits and some 32 bits. My main programs are Sony Acid Pro 7, Adobe Audition 3, Steinberg Cubase 7 and Propellerhead Reason 6.5, I use them along with VST technology and Recycle to name a few. I use them for different reasons and by doing so I can achieve different results.

I like (32 bit) Audition 3 as a mastering program, (64 bit) Reason 6.5 is all around as far as making beats, editing and doing vocal tracks with music, but in my opinion (64) Cubase 7 is better for making my vocal track productions with music and because of my limited keyboarding skills (32) Acid Pro 7, is the ultimate loop based production software application. And for those who do not have Acid pro 7 in their repertoire, at this time it is very cheap to purchase ($150-$200) depending on the vender, because Sony knows it is old technology (32 bits) and has to upgrade it to a 64 bit platform soon in Acid Pro 8. But even as a 32 bit software application Sony has an updated download now, that works fine on Windows 7-64 bits, but you cannot Rewire Sony Acid with 64 bits platform software applications such as Cubase 7 and Reason 7.

However, I choose not the Rewire anymore anyway, since Reason evolved into a full range studio, to me it now seems obsolete. Rewire was great when Reason was only good for music production and a program like Acid or Cubase was used to make full productions to include vocals, but now all of them are complete one stop studios. So now I simply export and import stereo tracks for one program to the other, synchronizing the BPM. It saves power for my vocal tracks which is sometimes necessary with Cubase 7, which uses a lot of power in full productions applications, which is one of its weak points, whereby you can use 15 or 20 tracks on Reason 6.5 or 7 and Acid Pro 7, Cubase 7 might give you about 8 or 10 safely for the same processing power. A good Cubase 7 studio will require about 16 GB of Ram in my opinion. Whereby 8 GB of Ram will be more than enough on Acid Pro 7 and Reason 6.5 or 7. But if you import stereo tracks into Cubase using instrumentation sparingly you will be fine with using VST on vocals mainly.

Anyway with Acid Pro 7, you can create great musical compositions in a short amount of time compared to Reason, Cubase and Audition as well as Pro Tools, Logic and even Fruity Loops, because of its very user friendly workspace. Its explorer window is so user friendly and its interactive tutorial makes doing some of the most complex tasks simple and on the fly. And with the loop construction kits out there today, you can create some of the most contemporary sounds as well as sounds from all ages, genres and complexities. For music production Acid Pro 7 is still the best on the market today and it will only get better with the introduction of Acid Pro 8, which I anticipate will be coming soon, due to super low pricing of Acid Pro 7.

However as a full production software Cubase 7 is probably the best out there, even better than Pro Tools 11 according to most reviews, but you need a powerful machine to run it. And for those with a average to good machine Reason 7 is the way to go as an all around and all in one production program.

Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano

Thank God for the Mafia

Paul in limo

Thank God for the Mafia

The question: Is America an extortionist, foolish or both? When a new jack moves into the neighborhood, with the American hopes and dreams, the old Mafia would determine if he could be an earner and if so, protect him for a fee. But they called this extortion, even if the government couldn’t protect this inspired up and coming businessman, who simply wanted a piece of the American pie. But today we are bigger than Microsoft, IBM and GM all put together, because own them. And now the neighborhoods of America are in shambles, because they are ran by unorganized kids out of control and the government does not know what to do. Where is the Mafia? They ask!

On the other hand, when a man becomes a head of a political party and they become the controller of a whole nation, America sends them arms, calls them allies and becomes a threat to anyone who tries to move in on this sovereign nation and we call this national security. Do you see the hypocrisy? And now America is in huge amounts of debts and actually doesn’t even know who they owe. But you take a guess?

America finds interest in the production process of whole nations and if a nation can produce, they protect them, but not for the interest of the American people and this is her mistake. America protects nations who have assets, such as oil in the middle east or labor pools in third world nations across the globe, that can produce products cheaply, for the interest of big corporations. But the good ole big corporate America sold out the American people for these exact reasons, oil overseas and cheap labor markets.

Meanwhile this war machine in America operates based on tax revenues, which many big corporations tend to avoid paying. So a lot of these tax revenues depend on middle class Americans, who are disappearing from existence as I write, because of these cheap labor resources. And America will not and can not tax these foreign nations, we protect for our national security interest, which are foreign assets, because we are robbing them from the start in the name of big corporate America, who are often the special interest lobbyist of most long term successful politicians who are our law makers and policy architects.

See America cannot get paid for its protection and must support those they protect on the contrary, because these nations have a poor citizenship base in most cases or America is out to try and buy friends, like Israel. We cannot charge them because they cannot afford to pay us, as many of them work for a plate of food. But America claims to be the moral leaders of the world and how can that be? How can we be moral leaders of the world, when we enforce slavery and cheap labor for the profits of a handful of rich people who manipulate the poor for a living; meanwhile the people who support this war machine also suffers in the worst economy since the great depression?

The question I posed was , is America extortionist, foolish or both? America is both an extortionist and a fool. See the Mafia help those who they protected to become prosperous and got paid for their work as protectors in the process, which allowed for reinvestment. And America claims to protect the America people, but in reality America protects big corporate interest and not the interest of the American people. So while America gives its citizens its ass to kiss, big corporate America which is now an international conglomerate, gives America their asses to kiss. All I can say is thank God for the Mafia! Because the old money has become the new money of a different family or group. The names may be the same in some cases, but the real players have changed. Thank God for the Mafia!

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano