Do you fear God or Man?

The SunDo you fear God or Man?


Is this a dumb question?   Maybe 20 years ago without a second of consideration the answer would have been yes that is a dumb question, however this is not 20 years ago.  I asked a teen this question and asked for an honest answer and I was told, I have to abide by the law, but I do not know if there is a God.  I said so you fear Bloomberg more than you fear God and the answer was yes.

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This is what New York City is creating non God fearing children, who know who to blame for there hardships.  There was a time when everyone’s faith was basically in God and that God would see them through hard times, but now these children no longer want to wait on the Lord of Never and Never-Land.


In the old days we were blind by the vile of secrecy, but now wars are fought on television and the state of the world is heard everyday on the radio.  The right to speech has gone beyond acceptability and with these economic hard times the liberal left is forcing tolerance in every area but Godliness.


So we ask why do not our children fear God or even believe in the existence of God.  And the fool in-charge may think this is ill-relevant.  But is this really of no real significance?  See there was a time when Satan was a secret, but now the Illuminati are actually posted on the Internet, so now even evil has a face.  We use to blame the hands for everything that went wrong in the world.  We would say Oh it is the Mafia causing all these dreadful mishaps.  Now John Gotti does not even make it on the front page of the New York Post, because people can see beyond the crap.


I was told as a child a man destroys that which he fears.  Do you fear God or Man?  Now you see where I am going with this letter.  See people feared Hitler; people feared the Mafia and by God people fear God.  But now people do not believe these exist any longer.   People went to sleep on the Bavarian movement or the Roman Empire and the Underworld has become a thing of foreigners with no real interest in America’s good health.  All we see is the politicians who are making false promises they have no power to fulfill, who are now feared more than God by our youth.  By the process of deduction who is the next to fall?  When there is no Underworld, Reich (Holy Roman Empire) or God?  The Music Industry is a symptom of a much larger fish, to be fried. 


Is Freedom of Speech a Hate Crime?

Diverse PeopleIs Freedom of Speech a Hate Crime?


We live in a world whereby terms like Gay (Joy) means homosexual and the term faggot is taboo.  Now you have the right to agree with these concepts but it is an attack on these groups of protected people to disagree unless it is done politely.  Meanwhile as it is taboo to say Jew unless it is done in a good way, do not dear say “Jew me.”  But in Hollywood every other word is nigger and bitch referring to black people.


Has it become a crime to say what you feel?  Is this an artificial society whereby the world thinks Americans are what the media dictates what we can say in public.  Does the world think that Americans really believe that being a Jew makes you one of God’s children and being homosexual makes you one of Gods protected children and being black means you are without class and deserve to be put in prison or on the front line of war?


It is sad how blacks have so much spending power and political power, yet we are on the bottom of the barrel.  It is a sad day when it became a greater curse upon man to say the word faggot opposed to say nigger or black bitch.  A black man can kill a black man that is expected, but do not dear even say something grossly negative about homosexuals, because instead of them getting on their knees, you will be brought to yours. 


It is not fair people should be able to say what they truly feel without media censorship, that the American society can be represented for what it is, because until then it cannot be corrected.  We have to know how people really feel about the craziness going on especially when it comes to homosexuality, Jews and blacks.  But only when it comes to blacks is it all right to say nigger.


My point, not to say some Jews are not God’s children but some are very evil, and certainly some homosexual are straight up faggots and go out of their way to act feminine, nasty and smell like and ass exhaust pipe and most black people are not niggers even if they think of themselves as so, but from what is projected by the media you would never know Americans are aware of this.

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Black Women’s Job a Black Man’s Prison

PTS Prison to the StreetsBlack Women’s Job a Black Man’s Prison


There is a correlation between women’s rights and single parenthood. 


In 2005 about 70% of black children’s births have happened with unmarried couples.  Now let’s go back to some weird statistics.  In 1965 to 1969, 66% of black women between 15 and 44 got married compared to about 40% in 1980-84 as children born by single parents doubled in the same period.  And as you can see now single parents are enormously high.  I mean between 1950 and 2000 the number of black women to never marry doubled.  Over 43 percent of black women never married not to mention the divorce rates.  Have the black woman become too good for the black man or what is up, let us take a look.


Now check this out:


Number of living black Americans who held a graduate or professional degree in 1994: 624,000

Number of living black Americans who held a graduate or professional degree in 2004: 1,100,000 (U.S. Bureau of the Census)


More Facts


An evolutionary account on the status of blacks in America and higher education and the correlation gender gap among blacks:

Black women now are earning college degrees at twice the rate of black men?

Black women earning bachelor’s degrees has increased by about 55 percent since the mid-1970s, compared with an increase of about 20 percent among black men. The differences are even more intense in the areas of law or medicine: Among black women, the number of degree earners has soared 219 percent. But for black men, it has increased only 5 percent.


It seems the more educated American women become the more rights they have and the less significant the black man becomes.


Check this out in the state of Illinois, the state where President Obama was Senator about 11,000 black men are in college and about 24,000 are in prison.  Meaning more black men are in prison than in college as the black women is subsidized through college the black is a slave in prison


From a song I wrote called symbolic castration


Got a little hustle, it pays for rent and food

Your lady goes to college, when she finish you are through

Don’t have GED, you got a prison CIE

Can’t find a job, Got a Prison CIE

(CIE = Correctional Institution Education)



If women were more educated around the world, more men would get incarcerated, America speaks for itself.   A sad but true reality that is a fault of the system and not black people is that? 


[A woman’s job can mean a black man’s prison].





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Our Military Veterans profiled as enemies of the state

Janet Napolitano  Secretary of DHSOur Military Veterans profiled as enemies of the state


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano apologized to veterans in a FOX News Interview after a Department of Homeland Security report labeled  troops returning from Iraq and afghan at high risk for being recruited into right wring extremist organizations.  It was a terrible and divisive thing to say.


Just what is a right wing extremist?  I will tell you, people like neo-Nazis, Klansmen, Neo fascists, the religious extremist and the list continues.  The basis of this profile is basically the economy, but I think it goes deeper into the psyche or the mentality of the people who are joining the military in the first place in these times of war in an all voluntary a military.    It is like the Obama Administration is saying who gave these Hillbillies a gun in the first place, now with nothing for them to come back home to we have a new problem?


The Military is about 82% male of that about 61% are white males and it would be deductive reasoning to assume that many of them are being targeted as potential right wing extremist, which in my opinion is divisive, because on the contrary they should come home to a heroes welcome, be offered priorities to new Federal and State jobs, given job training and psychiatric and medical care, because it is reasonable to assume many of them will be damage goods as are many war veterans and veterans period.  But it goes further; the Obama Administration went as far as to try to discourage these new veterans from even going to the VA Medical Centers, by introduction legislation to make their personal insurance reimburse the VA for services, which was shot down.



The Second Crown

gold-crownThe Second Crown


I told Janet I was about to get my second crown cemented, which symbolizes something to me.  I was once told no real gangster has his real two front teeth, I said well I will be going to the dentist, because nobody is punching them out, unless they want to die.  I was told I was to get it place in then I was told it has to be modified and the timing was suspicious, it was at the time I yelled on the roof I was leaving the country.  So I am quite suspicious as to what type of modification is being done, but with satellite technology they can read the date of a dime from outer space on the ground on the streets, so I said what would be the point to place a tracer.


It’s like being a traveler and throughout the journey you hit stations of life, like a traveler needs to gas up his car you have expenses so you seek income by whatever means to pay bills a job so on.  But the station of life is not the journey it is just one of many stops.  The military has what is called a main duty station, where you go to receive your assignments, which is man’s hometown.  You go to your hometown for a few months receive your next assignment and usually your stations in life get better each time you return as a reward for completing the last mission, I think it is almost time for me to receive a new assignment and travel in a new direction.  This is called a promotion.


I feel like I got promoted and demoted at the job front in the same day, but am these true senses of things, because my salary and hours are unchanged, which I do not want changed.  I mean depending on scheduling of meetings this may well be the best thing to happen to me since being with the organization, because I just inherited the largest work space in the office, which I only need a few hours per day.  I cannot elaborate on this because everything about that place and my department is confidential, so in a pessimistic viewpoint I got promoted and demoted, in an optimistic viewpoint I got a double promotion, but in reality nothing really changed but my work area.


I say this all to say what?  As a guiding symbol of hope if you do not work you do not eat and he received a second crown.  How do you wear two crowns, if his power is in the word?


If a certain way of doing things does not seem to be working then change direction – better still, tip your world upside down and see if it doesn’t look better the other way up. The more you experiment over the next 12 months the more you will achieve.

No matter what the facts and figures might say, if your sixth sense tells you that something is not quite right today you must listen to it and act on it. You know from long, painful experience that your other senses don’t always get it right.


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Am I Serious because it is Real

dscn01441Am I Serious because it is Real

Time is not on my side so I will be straight to the point.  People are really dying from diseases that are curable and wars that can be avoided.  If I am too serious excuse me but we are playing with real peoples lives.  Yea Janet might be all acts then again I do not know for certain about anything anymore concerning her.  But like I said it is not all about her, but is about people in general and their choices.

Do I have the upper hand?  Is there something I need to discover?  I already know you have not the power over my life and death, but you do control the mindset of mankind through the media and other bullshit devices, only because we gave them the ability to choose for themselves, leaving them open for deception which is your greatest weapon of war to create fear and demand control, when in reality you are not that tough, but soft in fact.  Let us face it if you could kill me I would be dead, that is what the great suicide is all about, my surrendering my life to them out of love, to free them from your oppression.  The act is called the crucifixion, but if the father and son are one who will raise the son if he dies?  All lies, however I know better.  Now if T.D. Jakes wants to be raised from the dead I can make that happen!  

The problem is I will never commit suicide or let them kill me because I love them and want to free them from the consequences of their actions.  First of all such an act would be an act of insanity, secondly I do not even know if I love them enough to even forgive them anymore, I had no idea they were so stupid, making me even a bigger fool for taking on this mission

Mercury in your sign makes a beneficial aspect to genius planet Uranus on your birthday, so if you stretch your thinking above and beyond its usual levels you will discover something remarkable about the world, something that gives you the upper hand.

It’s not like you to be so competitive, to see every situation in terms of winning or losing, but that’s the direction you seem to be headed. It’s okay to be ambitious, of course, but don’t get so caught up in the game that you start taking it too seriously.


An Explanation deserved an Apology not

imag01951An Explanation deserved an Apology not


They say I am bipolar and have mood swings, what do you think?  But they say a lot of things about me.  Will I ever surrender my life for a bunch of confused fool’s hell no, but I will die fighting.  Do I feel like normal people I doubt it?   I think I have been desensitized years ago.  Am I on an ego trip, probably yes and do not like people stepping on it.  Am I arrogant I have to be to put up with all the bullshit?  Therefore you cannot expect me to continue to suffer in silence.


You cannot tell me the devil is more important than God, because Satan ran things for the last few years.  His time is up.  A man tells you he is someone; you never met before but read about and heard about.  How are you going to tell him that person died for you because someone wrote a book that said so?  Then get an attitude when he says well if you want to kill me once I will kill you 6 billion times meaning end this damn world.


How are you going to get an attitude for having an attitude?  When you say someone died for you it is a threat against that man’s life and that man has a right to self defense.  What you wish on this man you may while is wishing upon yourself


Then there is forgivingness.  You put a man through living hell and he has to overcome your bullshit only to help you?  Now who is ego tripping and now who is arrogant?  Do you think you are worth the heartache and pain?  You think this shit is about Janet but it is all about you all.  I care as much as you do!



Fall of America & Ignition of New York City

Fall of America & Ignition of New York Citywtc_collapsed21


This is not a threat, a promised, or my wish but a matter of fact if we continue in this direction.  Sure as when I leave NYC it will be nuked, as sure as when I leave America it will go bankrupt and be pledged with diseases, and as I said as sure as we continue down this direction I will leave America.  Why stay somewhere I am unwanted and hated, by people who only want to control me?


If I could leave America I would go and if I could relocate out of New York City I would relocate.  In a country where Satan is more important than God, such a place is not worth preserving.  This is not a threat, promise or wish but a matter of factual or maybe a bad prediction.  Time will tell!  “A man who has nothing or no one has nothing to lose and a man pays rent because he has nothing.”  So what am I here for?  “You can kill me once, but I can kill you over 6 billion times.”



Exile from the Great Stalker

flag2Exile from the Great Stalker


When you said (they) being plural are more important than I, you told me that they teamed up against me and confirmed it is me against the establishment, which I call the status quo whom may well be the Illuminati or the New World Order.  They did fine for themselves before me and can continue to do well in my absence.  The woman I loved (Past tense) turned out to be a two faced G girl (government agent) engaged in a conspiracy to harm me.  The people (black people) I devoted my life to wants me dead, the people I worked for (the government) wants me to stay down in the lower echelon in life.  It is a mess and I have nowhere to go here and refuse to die for people I have grown to hate and such an act could never be out of love but insanity, which contrary to common belief I am not


South Africa requested I go there years ago, I wonder if the offer is still open.  Then Canada is open to people who come in the conditions of exile, then there is Cuba.  Israel is out of the question, I know that is what you want but it will never happen.  Is America the great stalker for when you have no use for someone or want them you do not want anyone else to have them?  You do not want me or want to do right by me so help find me a home away from your direct influence.  And since I am not him (the Son), you will not fall from the grace of God will you?  I mean they are more important than I, so you will find your grace in them (Satan) correct?


At the rate we are headed towards total dissolution of association, I am going to pull a disappearing act on you all one day.  I will go there and there and there until I totally disappear.  Because I do not want to be anywhere I am unwanted or go anywhere I am not invited.  This is not a joke or a threat but a promise, I think I can hurt you more by leaving you than killing you, because the demise you will bring upon yourself in my absence and you and I know it.  There is a secret we share about me, that need not be mentioned.  Am I your nuclear umbrella?  Star Wars!  The world may well soon find out!

My Report on MP-3 and Music Industry Dilemma

dscn01391My Report on MP-3 and Music Industry Dilemma


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 16 March 2009


A mildly beneficial Mercury- Venus aspect on your birthday will encourage you to be more forward in both your thinking and your conversation. You have a lot of good ideas to offer the world but unless you speak up about them how will the world know?


You don’t always find it easy to express your point of view but with communications planet Mercury transiting your sign words will tumble out of you as and when you need them. Be careful though that you don’t say too much. Some things are better left unsaid.

Dear, Mr. President

I think your multitasking approach is outstanding, but we must not forget the arts as in the music industry.  Instead of writing a long letter, I will link you to several articles I wrote on the subject.  I do not just mention the problem but the solutions as well. 

What are Obama’s plans for the music industry?

Music Industry and MP-3 Complexities we must address

Charge MP-3 Memory or Drive Space Taxes

A Distribution Network waiting for Marching Orders

The Rise of the Underground by JDJJ


You are right some things are better left unsaid, especially when you have a self-righteous family.  I am about to give up on them, trying to prove things to them is futile, their minds are made up.

My family members and friends can recite every scripture but never mentions this one.  So I realize their disbelief is as preordained as my life in whole and things are better left unsaid to keep the peace and prevent an all out fallout.


A Prophet without Honor


13:54-58 pp—Mk 6:1-6


Mt 13:53 When Jesus had finished these parables, he moved on from there. 

Mt 13:54 Coming to his hometown, he began teaching the people in their synagogue, and they were amazed. “Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers?” they asked. 

Mt 13:55 “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? Isn’t his mother’s name Mary, and aren’t his brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Judas? 

Mt 13:56 aren’t all his sisters with us? Where then did this man get all these things?” 

Mt 13:57 And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor.”

Mt 13:58 And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.