The Gambino’s Extortion CD & V-Concert

The Gambino’s Extortion CD & V-Concert


There is a war going on in the music industry, because a lot of dirty selfish people are falling from stardom.  They say the people you pass going up the ladder you will pass going down. 


The extortion CD is a marketing strategy that is aggressive with the motto sales by force “lol.”  The PTS Crew and Durty Ground Entertainment along with Gambino Productions are doing a grass root sales campaign that is a compilation of original music, song and rap.


Meanwhile Frank Paul Gambino Productions is doing a work of art in designing the concerts of these days with Lil Wayne, P. Diddy and Jay Z in a 2011 Virtual Concert.    The Rockafella, Big Boy and Cash Money musical extravaganza is being marketed is the most power show ever, so powerful that no alcohol but energy drinks will be sold at the movie  theaters which Live Nation in conjunction with AAFES (Army, Air Force Exchange Service) is lining up thousands on venues.


Lil Wayne said he is in and P. Diddy said “let’s do it,” we are waiting on Jay Z.  Gambino Productions protégé NaQuila L. Hardy will open the show and do the AIDS International Anthem and she wants another song so that is a done deal.




The Frank Paul Gambino Focus

The Frank Paul Gambino Focus


I have been in the music studio for about 3 months, we had some successes and perhaps the best is yet to come.  I am looking at some grassroots marketing techniques by doing things at a self management approach.


However, as much fun as the studio scene has been, I have a commitment that I accepted and I know I have to focus on it as soon as possible.  I have a non profit organization named the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC.


I have a commercial building to use as Headquarters of the Network and Coalition.  I promised my uncle who recently passed away that I will do something positive for the community.   Now it is time the pay the price for glory.


The Operation on a Nutshell:


I will do my music thing and concurrently operate the non profit.  In the name of Gambino I expect people to be generous out of respect so I can in turn help myself and my clients.  We have all types of fund raisers on the blackboard.  Is the non profit organization the new mafia?


NaQuila Likes Monster Red

NaQuila Likes Monster Red


With Energy drinks on the surge as many youths use it as an aphrodisiac (Intensifies sexual desires) and as we know in the music industry sex sells.  There is a big campaign between Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks to start a huge rivalry in a limit partnership. 


Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks are siding up with many Pop artists in a huge campaign to make Red Bull and Monster in the energy drinks market what Coke and Pepsi is in the soft drinks market.  .


We are hoping to get sponsorship from Monster, because it is our choice of energy drinks.  Monster is basically the same thing as Red Bull meaning it works the same, however Monster give you double the bang for your buck.  They are both equally quality drinks and the goal is to make consumers choose between the two as they corner the market with hop Hip Hop Commercials on stations like MTV, BET, VH1 and Nationwide Radio Airplay  that caters to the consumer group targeted by this campaign.

Lil Wayne, the Bloods & the NYC Prison System

Lil Wayne, the Bloods & the NYC Prison System

The Bloods started out in Los Angeles California as a solution to the Crips aggression in the 1960s.   It is said that the bloods in New York City begun and at about 1993 was organized by a couple of inmates in the New York Prison System.

The East Coast bloods according to reports started about 1993 by Leonard “Deadeye” Mackennzie and O.G. “Original Gangsta” Mack and were never sanctioned by the LA Bloods, so therefore they are clandestine but because of there numbers they demand respect.  O.G. Mack is the alleged leader of the Rikers Islands.

Hundreds of Bloods factions exist throughout the United States.  The Bloods are very violent as there are many rivalries among them.  Though the Bloods are very powerful and huge in numbers they are not very organized as a united front as they do have the United Bloods Nation (UBN) which are the East Coast Bloods.  Regardless they are no joke and not to be played with.

Lil Wayne may have a problem in Rikers because of all the revelries among Blood Factions.  It is said that the Bloods and Crips have relationships with the Gambino Family in Los Angeles as they have a free hand to operate in LA.  Also the Mafia influence is strong in New York City which is the home of the said 5 families that are actually 6.  Important people are serious about the safety of Lil Wayne and his possible future collaborations with New York City Artists.  It is business!

Lil Wayne should not spend his 8 months stay in isolation or be in fear for his life.  It would be disloyal to harm Lil Wayne and if he accepts our friendship he is under the protection of Gambino Crime Family as long as he stays in New York City in or out of prison.  Everything has a price!


Lil Wayne Donates $60G to good cause

Lil Wayne Donates $60G to good cause


It is not just what you know but who you know.  NaQuila a former member of the cash money entourage now under the Gambino Umbrella is in secret confidential conversations with Lil Wayne.


Lil Wayne promise NaQuila if he ever got where he is his door is open to helping a friend or a cause.  NaQuila who is singer, dancer and songwriter is also the Executive Assistant of the CEO/President of the National Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC.


We plan to use the bottom floor as a elderly center and serve meals between 12 pm and 4 pm and affordable prices.  30% of the profits will go to the organization for expenses.   We plan to setup the wonderful gift from Lil Wayne on the second floor; we want a light weight studio and a booth that is not too heavy which will be use with a reflection filter.


We plan to put Lil Wayne in our gold book for out most committed donors. 



Frank Paul Gambino Productions


PS: Good Bless Lil Wayne


Black Women’s Job a Black Man’s Prison

PTS Prison to the StreetsBlack Women’s Job a Black Man’s Prison


There is a correlation between women’s rights and single parenthood. 


In 2005 about 70% of black children’s births have happened with unmarried couples.  Now let’s go back to some weird statistics.  In 1965 to 1969, 66% of black women between 15 and 44 got married compared to about 40% in 1980-84 as children born by single parents doubled in the same period.  And as you can see now single parents are enormously high.  I mean between 1950 and 2000 the number of black women to never marry doubled.  Over 43 percent of black women never married not to mention the divorce rates.  Have the black woman become too good for the black man or what is up, let us take a look.


Now check this out:


Number of living black Americans who held a graduate or professional degree in 1994: 624,000

Number of living black Americans who held a graduate or professional degree in 2004: 1,100,000 (U.S. Bureau of the Census)


More Facts


An evolutionary account on the status of blacks in America and higher education and the correlation gender gap among blacks:

Black women now are earning college degrees at twice the rate of black men?

Black women earning bachelor’s degrees has increased by about 55 percent since the mid-1970s, compared with an increase of about 20 percent among black men. The differences are even more intense in the areas of law or medicine: Among black women, the number of degree earners has soared 219 percent. But for black men, it has increased only 5 percent.


It seems the more educated American women become the more rights they have and the less significant the black man becomes.


Check this out in the state of Illinois, the state where President Obama was Senator about 11,000 black men are in college and about 24,000 are in prison.  Meaning more black men are in prison than in college as the black women is subsidized through college the black is a slave in prison


From a song I wrote called symbolic castration


Got a little hustle, it pays for rent and food

Your lady goes to college, when she finish you are through

Don’t have GED, you got a prison CIE

Can’t find a job, Got a Prison CIE

(CIE = Correctional Institution Education)



If women were more educated around the world, more men would get incarcerated, America speaks for itself.   A sad but true reality that is a fault of the system and not black people is that? 


[A woman’s job can mean a black man’s prison].





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The PTS Movement & Durty Ground under one Umbrella

The G UmbrellaThe PTS Movement & Durty Ground under one Umbrella


First of all, I give my condolences to the Jackson Family.  Michael Jackson will be missed by many.  He was an excellent entertainer.  However I do not know what Bible they read and I will leave it at that.  There was a subliminal statement made at his burial and I am not feeling it.


The network is opening wide as members of the PTS Movement are returning home and the Durty ground is about to return to the studio in a collaboration.  I am personally working with members of the PTS Movement, which is undergoing a name change, to better represent who they are and what they are about now.


The Movement is in the process of incorporating non profit, in an attempt to help reform other returning convicted felons, to end the revolving door through a form of spiritual street savvy rap.   Both teams are street wise, one lead by the experiences of long term prison incarceration and the other the Durty Ground led by the teaches of the Freemasonic principles of learning from the mistakes of others.  Both crews are well taught in their own ways and in common they have the ambition, plan of action and skills as they are determined to work as a team and make their message be heard.


The message and the preservation of life are on the top of the agenda and where there is goodwill, the profit on monetary gain is very foreseeable.  However this is not a movement about monetary profit alone, as we all know we have to eat to live and have a roof over are heads, but this is a down to earth congregation.  It is an introduction to the rap world as a new way of life in truly keeping it real as told by those who can both “tell you what not to do because they been through it” and “what to do because they did it.”  The unification of the PTS Movement and the Durty Ground under the Umbrella of the FPG is too real.  All I can say at this time is they are coming out in a hard way soon. 






Durty Ground Entertainment & PTS Underground Unite

Durty Ground ENT.Durty Ground Entertainment & PTS Underground Unite


First cousins Raymond Jones and Dahoud Smith found a middle ground and is working together in long distance collaboration, as Raymond and the Durty Crew are recording the poetic words into lyrics and music known as Rap, taking an East Coast swing and giving it some Dirty South slang.  Raymond Jones and Dahoud’s mother Egeria Jordan are in talks with Black Doll owned by Janet Jackson, to arrange these recording sessions to insure professional results in a studio located in South Carolina.  Raymond originally from the infamous Queensbridge, that produced artists such as NAS, Mob Deep and Noriega and Capone and producers Marly Marl who produced the Queensbridge  anthem and LES is working out of the South as Dahoud represents the Lower East Side (The LES) of New York City.


This project is projected to be released in the mid 2010 and will be introduced to the world by Janet Jackson, as Janet starts to sign other artist to her production company, as for distribution all the activities have not been disclosed, but as Dahoud told me we have big plans.  A few songs were recorded and mastered and I heard some of them and they are exciting and messaged filled, perhaps this is Dahoud’s redemption.  Raymond says, “I think Dahoud will be the next big thing in rap.”  Will 50 Cent, Jay Z and Eminem have to make room for new chart toppers, maybe not I mean Rick Ross and Kenya West is on a strong run and the message of the PTS Underground  is like night and day as they are not spiritual in genre they are out to save lives and curb criminal behavior in the black community, with a gangster twist only real gangsters can submit.  They are not all talk but paid for their actions on the streets of the past.