The F.P. Jones Clean Slate Bill

The F.P. Jones Clean Slate Bill


I am about the address a serious dilemma in America.  The welfare of children from single parenting homes needs to be addressed.  With 40 Million people in America living below the poverty line and 13 million on them children this should be serious concern of all Americans.  Why?  Can we drain water from a rock?  If the parents of the children are poor the chances are the child is also poor.


This single parent agenda bill is about families reuniting or functioning as separate entities to the benefit of the child who did not ask to be born.  We have programs for single parents with the children, so we also should take into consideration that the parent separated from their children may from time to time need help also.


The main focus of this bill that I hope will be introduced to the Congress is the children of America poverty levels as a result of single parenthood.  One of the main reasons why parents’ breakup is due to economics and by the man being separated from the woman does not necessarily equate to better economic conditions for the child, if the father cannot produce child support.


As we address the poverty levels of the children in America, we must focus on the real issues which are food, clothing and shelter.  Most programs focus on the single parent with the children, but the focus should be on the children.  We cannot condone teenage pregnancy due to reckless sexual acts, no more than we can condone the deadbeat dads.  But if it is due to economic circumstances our question is should it be forgiven for the sake of the children. We cannot continue to use children as pawns to be vindictive towards the poor man in America.   Though this is not a black and white issue it is often an aggravated assault on black men.


Why are there not programs to help the deadbeat dad catch up on child support payments?   Why once a man falls behind he can never catch up?  This is an example of symbolic castration, as we send the mother the check and the father the bill, we send the woman to college and send the brother to jail?


Understand the issue at hand.  If money is being paid by tax payers to rectify an economic injustice such as the lack of food, clothing and shelter for a child, why must it become a judicial situation? Thus it  is double jeopardy on the tax payer. This is evil and vindictive. 

The F.P. Jones Clean Slate Bill is simple.  If a man can prove he was a deadbeat dad due to economic circumstances and has means to support his children now, his old debts to society is wiped clean.  Though this may sound liberal it will bring deadbeat dads out of hiding and possibly reunited children with both parents active in their lives.  If we can forgive illegal immigrants and big corporations we can forgive the little guy struggling to buy a loaf of bread each day.





Is Freedom of Speech a Hate Crime?

Diverse PeopleIs Freedom of Speech a Hate Crime?


We live in a world whereby terms like Gay (Joy) means homosexual and the term faggot is taboo.  Now you have the right to agree with these concepts but it is an attack on these groups of protected people to disagree unless it is done politely.  Meanwhile as it is taboo to say Jew unless it is done in a good way, do not dear say “Jew me.”  But in Hollywood every other word is nigger and bitch referring to black people.


Has it become a crime to say what you feel?  Is this an artificial society whereby the world thinks Americans are what the media dictates what we can say in public.  Does the world think that Americans really believe that being a Jew makes you one of God’s children and being homosexual makes you one of Gods protected children and being black means you are without class and deserve to be put in prison or on the front line of war?


It is sad how blacks have so much spending power and political power, yet we are on the bottom of the barrel.  It is a sad day when it became a greater curse upon man to say the word faggot opposed to say nigger or black bitch.  A black man can kill a black man that is expected, but do not dear even say something grossly negative about homosexuals, because instead of them getting on their knees, you will be brought to yours. 


It is not fair people should be able to say what they truly feel without media censorship, that the American society can be represented for what it is, because until then it cannot be corrected.  We have to know how people really feel about the craziness going on especially when it comes to homosexuality, Jews and blacks.  But only when it comes to blacks is it all right to say nigger.


My point, not to say some Jews are not God’s children but some are very evil, and certainly some homosexual are straight up faggots and go out of their way to act feminine, nasty and smell like and ass exhaust pipe and most black people are not niggers even if they think of themselves as so, but from what is projected by the media you would never know Americans are aware of this.

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Black Women’s Job a Black Man’s Prison

PTS Prison to the StreetsBlack Women’s Job a Black Man’s Prison


There is a correlation between women’s rights and single parenthood. 


In 2005 about 70% of black children’s births have happened with unmarried couples.  Now let’s go back to some weird statistics.  In 1965 to 1969, 66% of black women between 15 and 44 got married compared to about 40% in 1980-84 as children born by single parents doubled in the same period.  And as you can see now single parents are enormously high.  I mean between 1950 and 2000 the number of black women to never marry doubled.  Over 43 percent of black women never married not to mention the divorce rates.  Have the black woman become too good for the black man or what is up, let us take a look.


Now check this out:


Number of living black Americans who held a graduate or professional degree in 1994: 624,000

Number of living black Americans who held a graduate or professional degree in 2004: 1,100,000 (U.S. Bureau of the Census)


More Facts


An evolutionary account on the status of blacks in America and higher education and the correlation gender gap among blacks:

Black women now are earning college degrees at twice the rate of black men?

Black women earning bachelor’s degrees has increased by about 55 percent since the mid-1970s, compared with an increase of about 20 percent among black men. The differences are even more intense in the areas of law or medicine: Among black women, the number of degree earners has soared 219 percent. But for black men, it has increased only 5 percent.


It seems the more educated American women become the more rights they have and the less significant the black man becomes.


Check this out in the state of Illinois, the state where President Obama was Senator about 11,000 black men are in college and about 24,000 are in prison.  Meaning more black men are in prison than in college as the black women is subsidized through college the black is a slave in prison


From a song I wrote called symbolic castration


Got a little hustle, it pays for rent and food

Your lady goes to college, when she finish you are through

Don’t have GED, you got a prison CIE

Can’t find a job, Got a Prison CIE

(CIE = Correctional Institution Education)



If women were more educated around the world, more men would get incarcerated, America speaks for itself.   A sad but true reality that is a fault of the system and not black people is that? 


[A woman’s job can mean a black man’s prison].





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My Bed should have been made – Been Played

imag0195My Bed should have been made – Been Played


Let us face it, my only problem preventing me from having a life, with loved ones like Janet Jackson is my finances and I played several angles to correct that but nothing I do is good enough.  There is a conspiracy to hold me down out of fear.  They say if he can do what he is doing without much of anything imagine what he could do if we paid him, so you put me under a glass ceiling so tight I cannot stand on my toes without bumping my head.


Now I know everything Janet had came through me and she choose to take care of several men to include Rene Elizondo with that money and watch me suffer, for that I will forgive but will never forget.  I will never set business aside for her busy as I may be in the future I know there is no me and her without my business accomplishments, because she could have help me get out of this hole, just by name association, but she chose not to, whereby she supported other men, with money I sent her way.   “I am Jermaine Dupri long term girlfriend.” She claims putting him on the map.


I once said this will all be like a faded dream and I will forget it all like if it was just one day, with a whole future in front of me, but how can I; when the people I loved the most mistreated me the most. 


They say are you ashamed of us (Black People) why you claim Sicilian heritage?  Because I am half Sicilian!  Hello!  But let us supposed I was not, what they are really saying is let go of your protection and come side with us totally and for what?  To be turned over to them for them to hang me on a tree?  They do not love me, they love for me to be dead, that is all they preach, death to the son so we can have our own thing.  The son does not have to die for them to have their own thing, they can simply be forsaken and left to their super preachers if that is what they want so be it.  Then and only then will they really know what they are without me.  I am very disappointed, like my friend told me “You have the Universe on your side?”  I said yes but the problem is mankind is against me!


I do not want anyone to have to take care of me, for what I gave I gave freely. But those in darkness did not receive me.  They disappointed me and so did you for allowing this to happen on you watch, I never allowed you to go so low in society. You disappointed me.  Some kind of partner you turned out to be!


Forget about everything that has gone before and focus entirely on what is still to come in your life. Whatever you age and current position you can, and you will, make a splash socially and professionally over the next 12 months, and well beyond.

If you are minded to take some kind of risk or gamble today it might pay off. But there are no guarantees, so sort through the available facts and figures and use your intelligence and intuition to work out the odds. After that, it’s down to luck.

Janet & Live Nation Put Family First this time

the-jackson-family1Janet & Live Nation Put Family First this time


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 8 February 2009


On one level you are prepared to accept that everyone is deserving of love and respect. On another level though, you cannot help noticing that some people seem more deserving than others. It’s okay to discriminate. You’ll be doing plenty of it this year.

Lunar eclipses tend to make people say and do silly things, and as the approaching eclipse cuts across the most sensitive angle of your chart you may not be in control of your reactions during the early part of the week. Forgive yourself if you go over the top.

This morning my concern is not that love and respect deserved by all people; it is something that is earned.  Some people are loved who are undeserving by the grace of God and not by their merits.  So I do not accept that everyone deserves love and respect, but that a husband should love his wife and his wife should respect him.  But you have some people who are totally selfish and are still loved, but not because they deserve it, but through the grace of God.  It is the way of the Lord to love even those undeserving at times.  I have the right to put my wife first, because we are one and self love is the most important love, you cannot love others until you learn to love yourself. (In a loving and caring relationship)


Talking about going over the top you are a little too late, I went off yesterday, I told Janet I was tired and she ran some crap by me, but after I took a nap I was able to think clearly and get back on course.  And a wonderful thing happened yesterday, Live Nation begun talks with Janet on giving her an independent record label, which is what I wanted from the beginning, however I am concerned with distribution and promotions, Live Nation and Clear Channel Communication has to be committed to the promotions and distribution of her recorded material.  I want to use this outlet to bring the family back together, she has to let go of the past and focus on the future and get back to the basics and put family first.  I want the contract to be multi tier dealing with musical sound recordings, live shows touring and movies and on the top of the list is the Apostle Screenplay.


I think it would be a beautiful thing if we can sign Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, the Jackson Five; Dahuad D Smith (Da-Hu-Zi) he is just getting out of prison and has a lot to share and his gift is his pen.  I want Janet to buy about 1,000 beats from normal people at fair prices, between me and my nephew Raymond we have about 400 beats alone.  I just hope Janet uses this opportunity in the correct way and unite the broken family and then reach out without discrimination.  I will close this letter with these scriptures.


“1Ti 5:8 If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”


I think this is where Janet and Michael went wrong, especially Janet, we have to get back the basics and come back together.  And I believe God is providing her a way to do this through Live Nation.  “We must once again put Family first!”  I think Live Nation would delighted by this, they have to see to profits to come.

The Ultimate Betrayal?

82360ffa1The Ultimate Betrayal?


To: Janet

From: Paul

Date: 11 December 2008


I do not know what to think, but you do whatever makes you happy because you always do unconditionally.  To be honest I think if children are what you want Jermaine at 36 years old might be a good bet.  To be honest I do not know if I want crumb snatchers.  I am 49 years old and babies are more demanding than you are and you want all of the attention all the time.  Yea the spotlight turns you on.


Babies cry all the damn time, sure every man wants children but do they want to help raise one beyond financial obligations?  I do not want to babysit or change diapers or get up in the middle of the night to feed the hungry child.  Personally I would have to hire a full time nanny.  But maybe you miss something in being a real mother or have something to prove, but I do not.  I had to take a road and it was taken and now to look back, will it make a difference?


Now a 3, 4 or 5 year old I could get into, but a 3, 4 or 5 months old I cannot handle and I know it.  So I am not going to front, if you are looking for a man to help you raise an infant you got the right person I hope, because I am not the one.


You do not have to worry about looking over your shoulders for me anyway.  There are people who might take this as the ultimate betrayal and with them you might have a problem, but I know there are many fish in the sea, all types sizes and colors and if it comes down to money, I know they have to come to me eventually, I know I do not have to beg or chase after money, because the people holding on to my shit cannot survive much longer without my talents and gifts.


Now when I came to you in 1991 it would have been all good, but you chose Rene Elizondo, someone with nothing and no prospects, because you loved him for him and did not love me.  You can say you did not know who I was, but you still do not know who he is, so save it.


In any case in all honesty, I can take or leave you, you put me through too much bullshit, but what I did had to be done and your bullshit is all about being vengeful.  You call yourself getting even and we can go tit for tat or like I am doing and you already did move on.  So I fucked you over and you fucked me over, so the whole thing is fucked.  But remember you was fucked on Hollywood Boulevard and me a Homeless Shelter, you never knew being in need for anything material or what it is to be alone, so who really got fucked?


As for me Janet, I can move on with a clear conscience and if you can do that also, walk on.  I do not have regrets concerning my treatment of you, but can you say the same about me.  If you can live without regrets there is no betrayal just differences and it is simply was not meant to be.





Tired of Deprivation and Disrespect

imag01231Tired of Deprivation and Disrespect


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 7 December 2008


There is a lot of junk clogging up your life at the moment and your first priority this week must be to get rid of it. It doesn’t just come in the form of material things; it comes in the form of emotions too. All those senseless anxieties – get rid of them.

Being an emotional with and about someone can be draining, I learned through experience there is not unconditional love, because when you love someone you expect something in return even if it is as little as respect.  What I am put through no man wants to be put through on a daily basis, it is totally disrespectful.

You say get rid of the package and defined it as senseless anxieties, but am I equipped to do so or do I suffer from anxiety? When I said yesterday thatI rather be right and be apologetic and in debt for my transgressions, than wrong and live only for the day I get revenge.” This is of real concern for me.  I do not want to live for revenge because it is a terrible feeling that will end in a disaster.  Janet’s PR sucks and I do not approve of it and I have the right to protect myself even if it is emotionally and that is exactly what I am doing by doing me for a change and not focusing on so much distracting bullshit.

If it is not one man it is another, first the excuse was Rene Elizondo, now it is Jermaine Dupri who goes everywhere she goes while I am supposed to sit on the sidelines and play with myself?  Fogetabouti!   I am going to live, focus on my studio and try to enjoy life and whatever she does am her business.  Because there is always an excuse to keep me on the sidelines and let me remind you this did not just start 2 years ago it has been going on for many years and I deserve better.

This was a straight forward comment and deserves a straight forward response, I have to let go emotionally  and live and enjoy life and do some small things to supplement my income, these are the things that concern me and obviously is of no concern to you’ll.  Because at the rate of the direction we are travelling I am capable of saying the hell with you all and let Jermaine Dupri cure AIDS and the rest, because you’ll are not doing shit for me whatsoever but mocking me, taunting me and depriving me economically and I am not alright with this at all.


I am available

imag01951I am available


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 6 December 2008


There will be plenty of people ready to point out where you are going wrong this year, but precious few to encourage you when you get it right. But that’s okay. You don’t need to be told what a great guy you are. Your ego doesn’t need artificial support.

Sometimes you can be a bit too easygoing for your own good, and with mind planet Mercury aspecting your ruler Neptune this weekend you must not just assume that other people are on your side. Most likely they are, but it will cost you if you’re wrong.

Why every so often you come up with these complicated riddles?  Who are you the fucking Dr. Riddled???

On the serious note I do not like the language of late, it sounds like you are setting me up for another wasted year in my life.  People may or may not be on my side but I have needs that have to be addressed, before I have nervous breakdown following senseless dramas instead of doing me.

You know what our real problem is, people assume that I know what has not been told to me or confirmed and in reality I have no way of knowing, I can only have faith and to continue on that road I have no reason.  That might be a little vague.

In other words it is one thing to be the only one who can see and to the other extreme the only one who cannot see.  The best way to explain this is that a person is in my mind is being faithful, but she is telling the world some one is knocking the hell out of her boots, so I believe see is on my side but all the time see is doing her thing publically hiding nothing, in such a case to preserve myself for her would be foolish regardless to what she is actually doing, because I have no way of knowing the truth.  The question I have to ask myself should I be wrong will I become totally hateful, being she is well moved on in her life and if I am right will I be apologetic  for not having faith in what I had know way of knowing for certain.

I rather be right and be apologetic and in debt for my transgressions, than wrong and live only for the day I get revenge.  So the best thing for all parties is that I move on at least for now and tend to my needs at risk of finding the perfect person for me, but is that all bad? Do you understand my response, I can always have a place in my heart for a person and love her, but do I need her is the real issue and the answer is I need to love and not necessarily in an specific individual so I know an age appropriate woman can steal my heart now, someone a little younger, because I put my heart on the market of love affairs.  But I know it is a transitional phase, before there can be true attachment there has to be emotional detachment and that is called moving on, that my attachment is not on the rebound.  Make sense?

The bottom line is before I can have a serious relationship, I have to play for awhile and in the process feel no guilt and once I can play without feeling remorse, I will be able to receive someone in my life.  Just as she dated until she found her perfect match so must I and I cannot be blind by love and have to accept things for what they are and then there will be no hard feelings as long as I get my groove on also.  I am available.


Let Down or a Favor

imag0119Let Down or a Favor


To: President George W. Bush & President Elect Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 3 December 2008


Your ability to get along with all kinds of people will open many new doors for you over the coming 12 months. Remember, you don’t have to be good at just one big thing; you can be good at a wide range of smaller things. It all adds up to success.

It may be the case that someone you have always been loyal to have let you down in some way and, of course, you feel betrayed. But don’t make a big issue of it because it’s not the end of the world. Actually, they may have done you a favor.

I just want my damn money and I am not going to elaborate on what will become success; it no longer interests me, so save the bullshit.


Nobody let me down but like you said they did me a favor.  If Janet is pregnant or want a baby from Jermaine good for them, to be honest I do not want her anymore, nobody is worth the trouble she put me through.  But on the other hand you let me down, because you held on to my money and limited my movement, had you not it would not have come to this, but it is good to know in advance that she is a gold digger when it comes to me.  I wrote her this letter about a month ago.  They are free to do as they please!


Jermaine Dupri is a Joke on U


I say people are laughing at me, but the general public does not know me from straw, it is close friends that think I am stupid and family that think I am stupid for loving you.  But to be honest Jermaine Dupri is a joke on you.  People talk about that relationship like it is one big joke.  Nobody wants him and many wants you, he is too short for a man and he is an ugly man, even dressed up.  He talks foolish; he is too young for a mature woman as you. He just made a few dollars when he was young and is an adult has been boyish character.


If you cannot see the relationship is screwed than you are blind and to go to him for advice is the blind leading the blind.  What you need to do is meet with me and some real world people, to bring you back down to earth.  I just had to say this.


Jermaine Dupri is a joke on you and not me, you are the one looking like a damn fool.




You’re right there are things I must let go of

imag0117You’re right there are things I must let go of


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 4 November 2008


You will need to choose between the future and the past over the next few months. There may be some things you don’t want to leave behind but deep down you know you must let them go. Start getting rid of all that emotional baggage.

Cosmic activity in one of the more positive areas of your chart is giving you both the confidence and the courage to make far-reaching changes. If you feel that you would be happier in a different environment now is the time to break free and start living.


Mistaking Consideration and Kindness for weakness


I rejected about 6 dates with beautiful women and intentionally took my great niece to her MSG show to show consideration towards her.  And the same night she went out with Jermaine Dupri to her after party, to be with her friends.  But I do not feel like a fool because I know I did the right thing, I gave my 12 year old niece a memorable moment in her young life.  But this has forever changed the way I feel about her, I think Janet are grime.


In short I really do not care anymore about any of this, she feels I am not good enough for her now and I will feel the same way about her later.  I do not need Janet, never did and never will, I wanted her and the person I wanted does not exist anymore, the Janet I see now is nothing but grime.


What happens from this day on, I have nothing to do with neither will I be an attacker or protector, I will simply observe without comment.  Funny shit can happen and they have not seen anything yet.


What do we have in common?


We come from neither different world’s nor does she want to invite me into hers or visit my environment so what do we really have but a bunch of bullshit.  She is not even capable of having empathy towards me, because she never been without, she sees the world from a selfish perspective, put simply she is a selfish person, yet I have always been selfless and she does not know when to stop taking and give back.  All she is good for is taking.  As I confess to my truths as I know them, all she does is lie over and over again.  She is nothing but a selfish taker and the wall ran dry.  She needs to know hard times and that can be arranged.


Living a better life?


If living a better life is contingent to being with her you can keep it.  I want what is mine’s with the option to choose who I want to spend my life with.  Love and respect is earned and she did nothing to earn my love and shows me no respect.  So do not even entertain the idea that you pay her and she takes care of me.  You pay me and I take care of me and if she cannot respect me in her station of life, I do not have to love her in my new station in life.  I honestly do not know anymore about my feelings towards her.  She is very inconsiderate all in the name of entertainment, her Diva status is all that matters to her and that is who she is married to and she seems to be very happy with it, so why change gears to bother with me now, just keep having fun.


I do not want anything to do with her childish world, my reason for power and wealth is to be in position to help people and not take pictures to say look at me I am living the life that is not about shit.  All she does is hang out with little kids and that I not about shit.


Frank Paul Gambino

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