Gambino Welcomes Gotti to Highlands County Florida


Frank Paul Gambino relocated to Florida during the Gotti Trial.  There was a fishy smell and there were people following him.  There was a suspicion that he might be an actual target.  The on 22 December 2009 it all broke loose when TMZ broke out with about 200 pages of FBI documents about an investigation that never materialized into a trial, because it was all garbage, about Frank Paul Jones AKA Gambino.  A question of law will be raised because Frank Paul Jones FBI record are sealed and was not meant for public viewing for Nation Defense Reasons.  Someone found a loophole using MJJ records open to the public.


I am not saying I did not say many of those things, when I did I was very upset and wanted to simply bring attention to my plight.  The issues were about money, honor and respect and of course a one sided love affair.  I am not obsessed over Janet and found a new love.  I really like Michael; Jackson’s music and his whole publicity package it was very exiting.  However to associate myself in name with his death even at tabloid standards with supporting evidence by the FBI is wrong.


Do Michael and the Jackson clan owe me money?  That is too much information being I was asked the question by many who know me from a stranger day on the highway only to Michael them and name me something bad and that is alright.


I write stories based on true events, sometimes I use the real characters name however on my public version names are made up.  I tell deep dark secrets hard to believe and like I said I realize people are not ready for the truth, love the Jackson’s because they were programmed to do so and fear the Gambino name and we do the people dirty work, we are not the oppressors.


In any case Highlands County is a small city located near major cities and it is one of the most prime pieces of real estate in Florida due to the Central location and the threat of global warming and the water receding on the coastal areas like Miami a city of the past and the present but not the future.  However for now John can find a beautiful affordable home here for a fraction of his New York Mansion invest the change and live a quite life and make a killing (Hugh Profit) writing books and the great thing about it is he does not have to announce his arrival and drive around in tinted windows.  Here he is not as big a celebrity and for the reason might need to bring an entourage for security purposes and to move things you need help.


Meanwhile, Lil Wayne is at Rikers.  I want it know I have no beef with him.  As far as I am concerned he is under Gambino Protection as of this letter, he just has to do the right thing.  The Bloods of New York City I accept as legitimate and they have juice in the prisons especially at Rikers.


This is all I ask of Lil Wayne, respect NaQuila L. Hardy we are working hard on some music.  I expect New York Rap artist like P. Diddy. Jay Z and perhaps even NAS and 50 Cent to contact Lil Wayne and they will congregate.  I will see if I can send a preacher to see Lil Wayne so he can meet with other felons in the open as a church service.


My only demand out of Lil Wayne is in about 3 months when I am ready he will receive a CD from NaQuila and he will listen to it with the other people I mentioned ands my music will get some radio airplay and respect in the industry or I will become a problem.


Gambino and Jackson, the truth you’re not ready for

Gambino and Jackson, the truth you’re not ready for


If Janet is afraid of me, that is her problem and not yours or mine’s.  I am not a crazy man on the loose, there is rhyme and reason to everything and did and do.  People want to judge me on third hand information, like if I care.  You do not know half of the story, you think that they became who they are simply by chance, and because they were so talented they became the household name of America and the world.

You think I am just some obsessed stalker, because they are famous and I am unknown to most of the world their word is God and mine’s is Satan or something crazy like that.

However I know things and because of what I know, nobody messes with me over bull crap.  These stories are about 20 years old and what happened, happened for a reason.  I wrote a screenplay about what happened and a complimentary book on the subject, which is packed with a lot of facts and dirt, so much it is literally blackballed from mainstream media. 

Jermaine Jackson started the false rumor that I stalked Janet, something I was never charged with.  And Rene Elizondo started the rumor that I was delusional and the media ran with it.  Jermaine did this because his career was going downhill and there is more to that.  Rene Elizondo was a punk and it was that plain and simple.  I pleaded guilty to protect Janet; nobody was going to testify against me.  Like I said you do not know half of the story.  They lie out of habit to maintain an image, to sell records.  If nice guys finish last what makes you think they are so nice, because they can sing and dance?  It is all publicity!

Janet Jackson’s First Love is Money

Janet Jackson Super Bowl PhotoJanet Jackson’s First Love is Money


When Janet had it like that she ran behind pretty boys supporting their extravagant taste and was taken for a ride.  She also got use to the high life.  If you noticed Janet and Latoya got close to people who were a part of there careers, like managers, on the streets we called them panders and pimps, people who promise you the world but are all for self, you remember Jack Gordon, he had Latoya doing porn and took her for everything, now we have Jermaine Dupri and Janet, but do you remember Rene Elizondo and the millions he raked in for taking photos and keeping secrets?  Jermaine is no different he cash in on the milking cow and now she is used up.  So many sad stories!  But Janet had a good run.


Jermaine Dupri personally I underestimated, with his cross dressing and homo acts I took him as a homosexual, but he turned out to be a slick businessman also and Janet being in the business as long as she has been could be called simply dumb, but we will go with green to street smarts. 


First if you remember in 2004 I believe Janet experienced the nipple-gate at the Super Bowl and I blamed Justin Timberlake who later told me he was setup and it was planned.  I remember on the news that day Jermaine Dupri describe it as sexy with a smile on his face.  Red flags should have sky rocketed but I underestimated him.  Janet never recovered from that event.  Then he produced album after album that were flops and a tour that was not anything it was supposed to be, now the once her men’s supporter depends on an ugly midget to try to maintain her lifestyle without family support. 


Why did this happen because it came too easy to her and she believed the fantasy and when she had it she chose money over knowledge and glamour over reality and as a result lost the trust of those who really cared about her  and the one person who was always in her corner may well abandon her.  “You reap what you sow.” Nobody left Janet in a time of need, she abandoned those who cared for fake friends, you cannot split up what was never in reality you just see their true colors.  “Everybody love a star, but nobody is around when the star comes down,” but disgruntled love.

Some Top Articles on my website

Frank Paul GambinoSome Top Articles on my website

Date: 23 July 2009


Below are some hyperlinks to some of my most read articles?  I do not necessarily agree with all the content in these articles, but for the gossip enthusiast you might find some of them fun reads.  Enjoy!  Disclaimer!


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There’s no Frank Paul Gambino & Janet Jackson

Paul & JanetThere’s no Frank Paul Gambino & Janet Jackson


Just because she is allegedly well off and I am allegedly not does not mean she is the giver and I the taker, it was the other way around.  Maybe that is how celebrities get wealthy; they take and do not compensate from the unfortunate for a profit.  I slaved for Janet for may years and never saw a dime and I did it out of caring and felt I was in dept to her, because of a child that I found out allegedly does not exist, so that makes me a free man, I owe her nothing.  If I owe anyone I owe myself.


First I was a loyal friend, then it is “I don’t know you man,” on the contrary I do not know her.  After 20 years plus, what does she not know about me.  But she remains a mystery because she hardly ever tells the truth and I have no more time for this charade. 


I cut off my hands and lost a lot of my friends, because of my love for her I left them behind and she does not respect that.  While I was alone, she was in bed with James, Rene, and Jermaine and half of Hollywood, with not a break in-between.  People think I am not good enough for her but it is the other way around, she is probably nothing but a worn out socket these days with a man who bought his penis over the internet, the leftovers as a result of 25 consecutive years of sexual activity, she admits she never took a break and claims no children, so be it and we have nothing in common.


This is not out of disrespect, but out of consideration to the few regular readers I have, that tune in on her web sites.  I will find me another platform and address new issues.  Janet does not pay me or compensate me, I am not her love interest, she asked me to be her loyal fan, I cannot settle for those conditions not actively.  I cannot continue to wakeup 4 am to post on her web sites, before I go to work and stay up until 10 pm researching current events without the respect or honor or a dime in the mail.  So now I have time to do me and reacquaint myself with old friends and leave her behind and count my losses.  I will get mine’s!



My Bed should have been made – Been Played

imag0195My Bed should have been made – Been Played


Let us face it, my only problem preventing me from having a life, with loved ones like Janet Jackson is my finances and I played several angles to correct that but nothing I do is good enough.  There is a conspiracy to hold me down out of fear.  They say if he can do what he is doing without much of anything imagine what he could do if we paid him, so you put me under a glass ceiling so tight I cannot stand on my toes without bumping my head.


Now I know everything Janet had came through me and she choose to take care of several men to include Rene Elizondo with that money and watch me suffer, for that I will forgive but will never forget.  I will never set business aside for her busy as I may be in the future I know there is no me and her without my business accomplishments, because she could have help me get out of this hole, just by name association, but she chose not to, whereby she supported other men, with money I sent her way.   “I am Jermaine Dupri long term girlfriend.” She claims putting him on the map.


I once said this will all be like a faded dream and I will forget it all like if it was just one day, with a whole future in front of me, but how can I; when the people I loved the most mistreated me the most. 


They say are you ashamed of us (Black People) why you claim Sicilian heritage?  Because I am half Sicilian!  Hello!  But let us supposed I was not, what they are really saying is let go of your protection and come side with us totally and for what?  To be turned over to them for them to hang me on a tree?  They do not love me, they love for me to be dead, that is all they preach, death to the son so we can have our own thing.  The son does not have to die for them to have their own thing, they can simply be forsaken and left to their super preachers if that is what they want so be it.  Then and only then will they really know what they are without me.  I am very disappointed, like my friend told me “You have the Universe on your side?”  I said yes but the problem is mankind is against me!


I do not want anyone to have to take care of me, for what I gave I gave freely. But those in darkness did not receive me.  They disappointed me and so did you for allowing this to happen on you watch, I never allowed you to go so low in society. You disappointed me.  Some kind of partner you turned out to be!


Forget about everything that has gone before and focus entirely on what is still to come in your life. Whatever you age and current position you can, and you will, make a splash socially and professionally over the next 12 months, and well beyond.

If you are minded to take some kind of risk or gamble today it might pay off. But there are no guarantees, so sort through the available facts and figures and use your intelligence and intuition to work out the odds. After that, it’s down to luck.

Do you really care about my needs?

dscn01392Do you really care about my needs?


Answer to Message of the day:


Why front I am in the station of life you all want me to be in, you want me to have just enough to help everyone but myself.  I have paperwork in DC that has been sitting there for years and I received a letter apologizing for the oversight and still no response. Bush handed out a pardon to everyone but me.  Everyone’s screenplay is being picked up but mine’s to include a dead man’s screen, so let us not go there, with the amount of money I am worth and what I have if I received 5% of what is mine’s I would be totally financially liberated.  So do not plays with me just do it without my asking, I am tired of begging for what is rightfully mine’s already?


And Janet, oh brother, she made me wait on a line and watch them allegedly pull a train on her, with all her long term relationships and marriages, how should I feel about that?  I asked her is she going back to Jermaine Dupri, I mean was the line long enough already?  A picture tells a thousand words, when you go to her web site at you might read some of my material but what do you see, her in his arms?  Like the chimp and bullets, the police and President Obama name, people was not reading the article; they were traumatized by what they saw.  A picture tells a thousand words so I have to work 1,000 times harder that him, is that fair?


I can go on about what is not right, but you know this already and basically do not give a damn, but you know already because it is your doing.  You all are still singing to the tune. “That’s the way love goes.”  You want me blind by desire, but give less than a shit about my feelings or needs. There are no secrets about what I want and is trying to do to by setting up the studio to my writers to being in the red financially, just give me a damn break, because you know you really do not care, you just want me to be preoccupied with worrying about small things that I am powerless to change, unless I act on my own and go ballistic.


First it is save the world, now it is focus on yourself, you just want to disagree with whatever I do and be adversarial.


You have been worrying too much about what other people need and not enough about your own desires. As from today you need to turn that on its head and worry only about what is best for you personally. Is that selfish? Maybe, but so what?

The Sun’s change of signs warns that a financial or business matter needs your immediate and personal attention. If you leave it to other people to resolve it will inevitably get worse, because they do not possess your intuitive grasp of what’s gone wrong.

Pretty Boy Rene Elizondo

rene-e-2Pretty Boy Rene Elizondo

I have to mention some of this in the screen


As I said, Janet Jackson was married already before she unlawfully married Rene Elizondo in what was claimed to be a secret marriage.  The truth of the matter is that the marriage was illegal for more than one reason.  Not only was it illegal because she was already married, but Rene Elizondo is a eunuch, meaning he was like a house pet that got neutered. 


He was a homosexual who was willing to do anything to live the high life and he agreed to give up his testicles to live in the same home as Janet.  His motive was blackmail, after he realized he fucked himself up he was going to tell the world that Janet was a lesbian and married a man who had no testicles.  This would have destroyed Janet’s image and she could not mention me, so she agreed to this alleged secret marriage and gave him the Malibu Home out of sympathy.  But did his welcome terminate? 


Furthermore, Rene Elizondo is not really Rene, he took on the identity of dead man   and that is why when I went to court for threatening to harm him he told the FBI that he was her live –in-boyfriend, because he could not prove that was his true identity.  Janet  got in a relationship with a total stranger and felt because it was not sexual she was being faithful, but if a woman marries another man as long as her husband is alive she commits adultery.  Rene is less than a homosexual and I challenge him to produce sperm that has his DNA!


Why did Janet have Rene neutered is another story; she was scorned…but did they marry or was it an excuse for a court settlement in a successful blackmail attempt?  He never produced a marriage certificate!  Why?  But Pretty boy Rene is not so pretty these days!

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Janet? I think I heard about it all

82360ffa1Janet? I think I heard about it all


To: President Barak Obama

From: Frank Paul Gambino Productions

Date: 7 March 2009


It may seem as if you are no more than a leaf blown this way and that by life’s inconstant breeze but that is not strictly true. Unlike a leaf you possess a mind and a will, and if you use them wisely this year it is you who will be doing the blowing.

If you jump to conclusions this weekend you are likely to get it completely and utterly wrong. If, on the other hand, you take your time and weigh each bit of information you receive in the balance you will quite easily see the true picture. It’s your choice.

On the contrary I do not feel like a leaf being blown in every so what direction, I feel like a rocket ship fighting the forces of earth in process of leaving behind it the influence the earth has on it to a place free of earthly influence.  To become like a rocket in outer space free of gravity.  I feel like the government is like a leaf blowing this way and that way and like a leaf they will eventually fall and they may not have anyone left behind to pick them up, but falling on their faces is their destiny, because they want to make a leaf out of me and I just assume leave it be.


What can I possibly hear that I have not heard already?  Wikipedia is a trip, they pass themselves off as an encyclopedia but they are made up of unsubstantiated information.  I always thought an encyclopedia was a history book, but it is just an information book with a bunch of false data and they based their information of tabloid reports and gossip of their choice.  They are pretty good but very inaccurate; it is like a celebrity news brief that gets its information from entertainment tonight.  I read Janet’s bio on Wikipedia and it is full of what would be considered very uncontroversial celebrity friendly old gossip, I heard it all in gossip news and they consider that a source to base history on.  The only thing Wikipedia has going for them is a wide audience because the information is not reliable, the real stuff they block from the Wikipedia page.  So what is there to hear that has not already been written and posted as factual?  Here is an example of Wikipedia at it worst.


Rene Elizondo never provided to the public a marriage certificate and therefore it is a possibility it is a fact. The marriage was never documented by any source to Wikipedia and James De Barge was annulled meaning null and void by law it never happened.

Neither Elizondo nor Jackson were ever required to provide anything to the public or Wikipedia since we are not a news or law organization. They both openly discussed their marriage after the divorce as reported by third party reliable sources. While an annulment removes a marriage from the law books, it is still well known and confirmed by Jackson and DeBarge that they did in fact marry and then decided to split. The Bookkeeper (of the Occult))

04:09, 7 March 2009 (UTC) this is clear cut gossip!


They basically admitted to making false claims to create a good article.



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