Opportunities Entertaining the Military

Opportunities Entertaining the Military


Everybody thinks that the only thing the military has to offer is work on the front line of war.  But little does a lot of people realize all the opportunities the military offers such as product sponsorship as well as your product on their shelves, I mean AAFES is a multi-billion dollar corporation.  Check out the hyperlink below.


Who is AAFES they are big money a must read:


Another opportunity wants to mention is the opportunity to tour the world and different levels of celebrity status and popularity.  Check out the hyperlink below and the short summery as well.


Who is the USO a must read for musical artist:

USO Tour Information at a Glance

Q: I am an entertainer who wishes to participate in USO shows. How do I apply?


A: We take pride in our ability to deliver some of America’s most popular and well-known celebrities around the world to the troops. USO tours can vary from a one-off to a complete tour with multiple destinations. The USO can also work with artists who may have available dates within their existing tours. USO celebrity status is not necessarily defined by experience of level of professionalism, but rather as a performer that has name recognition with the military members and families for who, they perform or visit. We also qualify celebrity status based on coverage in entertainment trade magazines like Billboard and Variety and as those seen on MTV, BET, CMT, etc. If you feel that you or the artist you represent meets these criteria, we look forward to discussing the possibility of a USO tour. Please send your press kit via e-mail to the Entertainment/Recruiting Assistant or materials can be mailed to:

Attn: Entertainment/Recruiting Assistant
USO Headquarters
2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1200
Arlington, VA 22201

Non-Celebrity Entertainment

The USO realizes that there are many experienced professional entertainers seeking an audience with the troops that may not yet qualify for “celebrity” status. We encourage you to contact Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE). AFE is the single point of contact in the Department of Defense, for professional non-celebrity entertainment supporting our service members overseas. You can find more information about AFE on their Web site, or contact their offices at 1-800-458-0868.

Good luck and thank you for supporting our men and women in uniform.


NaQuila Hardy persevere

NaQuila Hardy persevere


These been a very interesting three months 9 months of constant challenges.  Like I said the BUZZ is that we have a 100 songs project, with an advanced marketing strategy.


To be honest our first phase is and test sector, by trial and error we plan to perfect these strategic master templates for the future of the industry and as trend setters try to stay a step ahead of the game always.


I realize that I have a bad reputation at this stage and time, but we all know people tend to forget fast, under certain conditions especially financial incentives like a hit record or film which is included in the repertoire.    

The Vision of Power

The Vision of Power


Some of us learn slow and other never learn.  I spent my life proving a point, which is love don’t love nobody.  The only think a black woman understands is control and I mean physical restrictions.  The old saying about first the money and then the power and then you can enjoy the rest to include sex, is real.


Sure you can alter the process and enjoy sex first but you will end up with nothing but a bunch of child support payments.   Women liberation screwed a lot of things up, women think they run the world, because they have college degrees, while the black man is incarcerated, but in reality they are simply defenseless and at the mercy of the men of the community.


Until the black woman can learn to step aside and let the black man lead the black family will be highly dysfunctional.   Look at the black community where there is very little unity among the people, they rob, kill and assault each other over trivial shit, because the black man today is disparate.

Is Janet Jackson, fake, tired & boring?

Janet Jackson Number OnesIs Janet Jackson, fake, tired & boring?


She had me going for a moment; I thought she was going to do something different and new, than came “Make Me,” it is hot but nothing new.  Reminds me of a Tina Turner type return sort of except Tina has an adult fan base and sings about real issues, Janet is still running after little kids.  I hate to say it but I am too mature for the kiddy crap.  The little kid in an adult body refuses to grow up and the people who made her what she is are grown up already, can we address single parenting, black on black crime and the screwed up world in need of love?  Sorry Janet but you are no PYT these days maybe Rihanna or Beyonce can still pass as a PTY, but you are older and an over the hill or motherhood?  I mean what do you see in the morning before makeup?  Get real!  Blow my mind with something other than sex!  And how can I not mention Alicia a true PYT?


Are you fake and tired and boring and Jermaine’s charity case; but on the real side, I understand you are spoiled and fell in-love with the glamour and now you are a prostitute for tracks?  Did not mean that but it needed to be said!  Being real I understand you do not want people to know that you are a sucker for love loser, except you fell from grace because you forgot how you got there and betrayed a trust.  The people who made you, you turned your back on, but thank the Lord for Michael’s success after death, sad as it is I am sure you will get your allowance. 


My niece said you are ugly, I said no she is just a little over the hill, then again you are no Tina Turner she is pretty for her age, and you are just aged!  Too old and fat to dance anymore, almost fell at the Grammy’s and there is nothing special about your voice so welcome to the club called has-been’s. 


So why did I love you, because you were fine, I do not think so, the only thing you have on common with Halle Barry is you are both cookies, if you know what I mean?  Because you were rich, but the trust you betrayed and everything you got you were given.  Your youth is long gone.  So why did I love you Janet?  Oh that is a secret!  And now I care less!  Like Michael said, “This is it.”  It is too late and what we do not know we will never know.



Be my Joneses

The G UmbrellaBe my Joneses


It was said that it is not so much important as to what goes into your mouth but what comes out of it, which is a maker of your character.  A very good word historically used as a negative connotation is Joneses meaning basically neighbor.  It is a saying to “keep up with the Joneses.”  Suggesting that you be in competition with your next door neighbor, sort of like they by a fence and you buy a more expensive fence, they buy a car and you buy a better car.


But in actuality the term Joneses is a friendly and non competitive term.  I call on the Hip Hop community to replace the terms “Nigger” and “bitch” with “Joneses.”  I call on them to say in there songs “be my Joneses.”  Because like Rev. AL Sharpton said, you are what you say you are.


Let us bring back a community to raise a child mentality and be truly neighbors and not allow ourselves to just simply be victims on the system.  A change in mentality is in our grasp, we can determine our destiny, by changing how we speak and therefore changing how we think.


It is like the new Mafia is a non profit organization for the betterment of our communities and not a self destructives movement of surviving by any means, because we are packed in the projects like sardines.  We have to address our circumstances and the situations we are facing such as the expansion of prisons, wars around the world and the AIDS pandemic; single parenthood, illiteracy and the symbolically castrated Blackman?


As simple as it may seem, a major step in the right direction as a new greeting of camaraderie (Friendship) is to stop calling your brothers or sisters Niggers and bitches and say “that is my Joneses.”  I call on major Hip Hop community to introduce this concept into their culture.  Personally I really like some Hip Hop and Rap music, but I am embarrassed by it; I think the term Joneses will sell more records and allow the music to reach more homes.  At least consider it. And most importantly it would create a safer community and brotherly and sisterly love among our youth.

Chris Brown Should Plead Mental Disorder?

Chris Brown and Will SmithChris Brown Should Plead Mental Disorder?


As we all heard Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assault against Rihanna, so the question is not do Rihanna win a civil lawsuit against Chris but for how much in damages will she receive.  In criminal court you have to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, while in civil court you have to be found guilty by a preponderance of evidence.  One being absolutely guilty while in civil court it is 50.11%.; he admitted to absolute guilt, why is beyond me?  Maybe he has a mental problem?


There are elements to a tort or in civil court a wrongful act that damages can be sought after by the injured party.


Rihanna has a strong case I suppose in my humble belief for a civil lawsuit for damages for both assault and battery.  Because he pleaded guilty to assault and all the evidence points to a clear case a battery in civil court and remember the level of proof is much lower than criminal court.



An assault is the intentional putting of a person in reasonable apprehension of immediate harm.  It is an offer to do harm.



A battery is the intended, unauthorized, and unprivileged touching of a person.  If the plaintiff provokes the battery, this can mitigate damages.



How is Chris Brown going to convince the civil court where the level of evidence is a preponderance of evidence that he was provoked to batter Rihanna, when he already admitted to assault?


I think Chris Brown’s troubles just started, especially if he is hot headed, I mean five years of probation is not easy to complete to start with a small mistake in judgment can mean a violation.  Maybe he might be able to convince the court he is bipolar or something and is in need of medications.  He is in a bad situation anyway you look at it and a properly diagnosed mental condition might be his only way out.


Everyone is in agreement that he need help, the question is the level of help needed and the higher the level of help needed the better are his chance to come out of civil court with at least a wallet.


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Chris Brown pleas Guilty & More

Chris Brown in CourtChris Brown pleas Guilty & More


Chris Brown plea bargains to a felony and get no jail time, but was put on 5 years probation, 6 months of community service and must stay 50 yards away from Rihanna while on probation except at industry events whereby the distance will be reduced to 10 yards.  He has to spend 6 months in his hometown Virginia I guess to do his community service.


I think Chris Brown is very talented, not to take anything from Rihanna and he should really focus on staying out of trouble, because it is so easy to violate probations and end up doing time.  If I was his management considering the state of the music industry and economy I would get him into a couple of movies so he can eat, and make a couple of albums on the down low and wait until this blows over in about 4 or 5 years and explode in a big way, because from here on will be bad publicity every time they are in the same place, so why bother.  That said!


I am going to be honest half of my problem was my air conditioner was out of order that it was finally replaced and I sleep good not in a cooler apartment, not to say things said need not have been said, put often I am passive aggressive instead of assertive, then on occasions I am assertive, in the case of the recent past I was passive aggressive, because I over heated and called myself being humble suffering in silence until I could not handle anymore and that was the case with Janet also for a lot of years.  But I know I am n being held down and regulated because you think I will become very aggressive towards people I found offensive to me.  But it is always better to be assertive even if it means hurting someone’s feeling on occasion as Chris Brown duly proved in his aggressive act.


To be honest I am tired of this tit for tat bullshit with the so-called movers and shakers.  I am made to look like a fool and am getting nowhere fast.


Finally, I think we put together a really nice studio for my nephew and his crew; they just have to schedule studio time into their lives and go to work.  We have some setting up to do, but I think they have all the essential components to do quality work


Message of the Day


A Sun-Pluto opposition on your birthday means you will be at odds on a regular basis with people in positions of power. But that’s okay. You need to be tested as you will soon be in a position of power yourself.

Try not to spread yourself too thin today. You may think you can do it all but your body and your brain will regret it if you push yourself too hard. Focus only on what needs to be done — leave the rest for another day.

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We have to give Black Entertainment its share

imag01954We have to give Black Entertainment its share


Did Janet Jackson get paid properly for her tour?  Is this the real reason for its abrupt ending?  For that matter do black entertainers get paid properly for their concert tours in general?  I just want to assure black entertainers that all is not as it seems and you have a greater interest in things you have not idea about.  A lot of the new money is not the Illuminati as the old money sold them short.  You give certain people more credit than they deserve.  A lot of the new corporations and monsters of entertainment is not the old money (Wall Street as you know them).  There is a new corporate America on the verge of a hostile takeover.  It is simple your lack of faith that you cannot see what is happening.  You have been heard Stephanie Mills, and you only confirmed my suspicions, you are right in you have nothing to worry about.  But the power that is to be is not as white as you may think.  Have faith.


The Answer to the Message of the Day:


We will see.  The main idea behind my economic agenda is to bring money back into the system as I give politicians especially the president of the United States plausible denial.  The bottom line is the money is out of the system because the foolish big corporate America tried to sell us out.  But they sold themselves to us and now what I do not like is we seem to be giving it back to them too much without enough strings attached.


As I said, the big corporate America has been policing them but we were a step ahead of them and we policed the police.  The bottom line as stated in the Economic Crisis a letter to the Illuminati, we have the money and it will never be found unless certain conditions are met.  Right now they are simply creating more debts to move the economy, but unless money is returned to the system the economy will never be recovered.  I told you’ll what is necessary and feel it is not necessary to repeat myself.


Oh by the way, my policy for banking is not to lend $30 for every $1 in the bank, but to lend $1 to every $10 deposited in the bank and based on this policy my settlement of $1 Trillion dollars, will become the lending power of $10 Trillion dollars to help build a better economy.


A Mercury-Uranus conjunction on your birthday will do wonders for your ability to see beneath the surface of things. You will know without knowing why you know when others are telling the truth, and when they are lying. You can’t lose with a talent like that.


This will be a good week for meeting people and making deals, even more so when Mercury, planet of communication, leaves your sign and moves into the main financial area of your chart on Wednesday. You’ll find the right words to sell your big idea.


Breaking News the Ho User

Breaking News the Ho User


Talking about conspiracy theories have you ever notice how women in Hollywood are consistently sexually exploited?  From Tina Turner to Janet Jackson to Beyonce to Rihanna, not to leave out Madonna and Brittney Spears or Jennifer Lopez to keep it what is beyond color lines.  Sexual exploitation is a prerequisite for being taken serious in the music industry, even to some degree in inspirational music.  But the Gay Mob is losing its hold as records are not selling like the old days even these scum bags have to rethink their approach.  As they say the Gay Mob knows a deep down secret about everyone who makes it big, from a shameless sexual act to murder as they use these secrets to control the artists and their material to be exploited.  Only the truth will set them free.

Chris Needs a Lawyer & Happy “B” Day Rihanna


Chris Needs a Lawyer & Happy “B” Day Rihanna


Happy Birthday Rihanna, I hate to say it but when Chris Brown beat you up you may have hit the Jackpot.  Chris Brown was a fool and is in camp stupid, he does not need a Publicist or someone for Damage Control unless he is a lawyer because he needs a lawyer and fast.  He does not need a criminal lawyer he needs to handle his civil lawsuit.  In criminal court it takes beyond a reasonable doubt to find him guilty, which may be hard to prove without an eyewitness, to crazy charges like attempted murder.


Chris Brown’s biggest nightmare will come in the form of a civil lawsuit whereby I predict he will be found guilty of assault and battery and not in criminal court for attempted murder due to the threat of killing her prior to committing battery and not attempted murder.  In civil court it takes a preponderance of evidence which is anything over 50% guilty in the jury pool. 


Now I am not a lawyer and as a paralegal I am aware of UPL (Unauthorized Practice of Law) so the best I can do is tell Chris he needs a lawyer, but cannot give him legal advice.  I mean Rihanna does not look like the picture of her on web anymore, how I know please do not ask but I do know for certain.  But it is undeniable that Chris Brown went way out of bounds and cause Rihanna damages and the only real damage control is probably an out of court settlement and that takes a lawyer and his professional advice.


Camp Rihanna is not stupid and knows that Brown’s career will benefit both parties in an out of court settlement that can prevent a criminal case and the bad publicity that will come with it.  I think Chris Brown’s only way out is an out of court settlement with Camp Rihanna.  Perhaps now a secret insurance policy might surface to settle this matter.  Happy Birthday Rihanna for walking away from an abusive relationship with millions and a few bruises that African SHEA butter will heal. 


Janet Jackson ends Professional Ties with Jermaine Dupri.


Regardless she should recover damages in civil court, from show cancellations to promotional outings missed, plus she was beat up badly, she will do well and get paid for getting out of a bad situation.  Now if Chris settles out of court, they can never have a relationship again, but she can publicly accept his apology and wish him well and not help with the investigation due to attorney advice and get a restraining order for a few years and make him pay for her bodyguard of her choice if within a certain distance say at a Grammy event or another award show.