Gambino’s Blue Temple Vision

Gambino’s Blue Temple Vision


Once known as the blue house for Prince Hall Freemasons, renamed the blue temple, by Rev. Frank Paul Jones, it will be a place of unification.  It will be the center of intelligence for the communities of Highlands County.  As place where sinners to saints, clergy to politicians, the wealthy and poor and it doesn’t matter if you are black or white.  If you want to help advance Highlands County and make it a better place we want your input.


Downstairs will be a state of the art, DAW recording studio, where Gambino Productions will perform their magic.  Producing mostly, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Gospel and Inspirational music, in an attempt to help the youth pursue their dreams.  Because we believe dream chasing bring about longevity.  When people have hope for a tomorrow; they tend to be patient today.  And it was written that the meek will inherit the earth.  We want to “Keep Hope Alive!”


Also downstairs in the two story headquarters building, a social club will be located.  Worshipful Master Roberts and Uncle of Rev. Jones, always told the Reverend that what the black community lacks is a social club, where people can come together, congregate, socialize and plot and devise a plan for economic growth.  That is what The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., foundation is all about building a better community.  And we know so well that it is no longer about a civil rights movement, but about an economic independence movement.


Upstairs will be a place for us to meet in confidentially; where a publishing company will also exist under the banner of NCNCHINC?  It will be our mission to bring the community together for the betterment of Highlands County first than the Nation and the world, as we believe our solutions are the Template to Nationwide economic stability.  As we will bring together the best of the best, who will form into the noble elite, community intelligence to advise the local, state and federal governments and businesses on the black state of affairs.


The Mission


To build a better community, by organizing the best and most suitable constituents within society, who are willing to do community work!  By establishing committees and subcommittees and bringing them to the social club of made men and women to tackle the problems that plague the communities at large and the world.  We are the central intelligence and network of brotherly love.  


Our Web Site is under Construction


A Statement about my credentials:


People say bad things about me; they say I am not this or that in terms of righteousness.  I am the living Apostle Paul in the new millennium.  And together we can do great things.  We need your support at NCNCHINC!

If you would like to donate please send your donations to:


Rev. Frank Paul Jones

917 South A Avenue

Avon Park, FL. 33825


Help us save the world!


NCNCHINC Web Site under Construction

NCNCHINC Web Site under Construction


The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC; known by the acronym NCNCHINC, has a new Web Site under construction.  Led by the Rev. Frank Paul Jones, the organization has unique characteristics.



The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC. is organized as a community network and coalition in support for Military Veterans, the Youth and elderly, single parents with and without children, to prevent recidivism and for businesses in order to bring about community betterment and social improvement for the greater community at-large.



The Mission


To build a better community, by organizing the best and most suitable constituents within society, who are willing to do community work!  By establishing committees and subcommittees and bringing them to the social club of made men and women to tackle the problems that plague the communities at large and the world.  We are the central intelligence and network of brotherly love.  




The National Community Network & Coalition of Highlands, INC is about delivering better community leadership, by assembling the best of the best, from the clergy to politicians, from everyday people to the extraordinarily successful and from sinners to saints, understanding we all fall short of God’s glory and there is good in us all.


As our purpose is vast we are the communications central of the community, bringing together people who are concerned about the state of the neighborhood and want to help address them.  We are an advocacy group, who is out to promote better communities by addressing and tackling problems as they occur.  And we are proactive as we actual help people with situations as they are brought to our attention.


In addition to our advocacy initiative which is so important to African Americans and the community at large, we will offer the neighboring musical talents opportunities to explore the music industry with a class A DAW recording studio and publishing company for aspiring writers.  The record company and publishing company are just the initial business ventures of NCNCHINC.  It is our goal to expand and focus on many business opportunities in order to promote a better community.



Chasing Life as Dreams

Chasing Life as Dreams


I admit that I am a dreamer.  Throughout my lonely and miserable life, my strength to survive was my childhood, which was fun until my mother got sick and died.  And the powerful mechanism of my mind was my imagination and the ability to control my dreams.  I could control my dreams often awake as well as asleep to some degree.  All my life I live for tomorrow but tomorrow never came as they say.


I wanted to be a musical artist, professional athlete and even at one time a gangster, did I have dreams.  As an amateur I tried my hand at it all, chasing after money, sex and power.  Just to find out that I was chasing after dreams.


I looked at television and listened to the radio and even read newspapers and magazines, studying the world of the rich and famous.  I thought wow, perhaps since I am very intelligent I will be able to go through the process of becoming one of them. However I was always a rebellious person.  I saw people who had the image of rebellion and thought we were alike.  I wanted to be outspoken powerful and rich.  Does such like this; black people and all truly exist?


I came to realize I was chasing after a dream.  But I realize in this terrible world we live in, God may have blessed me with the ultimate survival gear.  Sure I accomplished very little in life and have little to show for my miserable stay on earth, but today I am still here.  I do not have much to look forward to.  What can life offer a man of my aged?  As I am not old but far not young at all, but so tired; with nothing to live for and no reason to die, no reason to laugh to apathetic to cry.


So I concluded the aging process has a purpose and so do chasing dreams.  I may well grow to be old because I took the safe lane of finding satisfaction in waiting on tomorrow, though it never came and now what difference will it make?  But then comes a connection to this higher power, I call God.


I realize the greatest power a child has is the power of imagination.  For many often this power is lost due to the realities life presents to us.  But I had not children so in my heart I remained a child at heart.  Not playful or immature but simply a dreamer.  A dream never realized that I have outgrown in purpose, but then comes a connection to this higher power, I call God.  So now I seek him!  Will this be another dream whereby there really is no after life?  But I may well never live to tell or find out if this is the ultimate dream.


Is God reality or fantasy, I do not know, but I am forced to find out.  I do know that chasing after material fantasy caused me to lead a miserable life of hardships and lonely days.  All for a reward that is too an illusion, for rebellious, rich and black means death in this white man’s world?  For all the money is his!  So in my transition into my golden years I again prepare to dream.  From a child of the worldly dreams to the spiritual I transition, but still I dream.



Rev. Jones apologizes to whites and Puerto Ricans

Rev. Jones apologizes to whites and Puerto Ricans


The Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones apologizes to a Puerto Rican friend, for his inflammatory attacks’ on Puerto Ricans and whites.  In a statement made by him he mentioned how white people are more political than blacks and Puerto Ricans, deal with their oppressive state in a more diligent manner than blacks.  However the statement was too confrontational as he said;


“Meanwhile the white man argues over territory and who will run for office and control the taxes.  Even the Puerto Ricans have an agenda here in Avon Park and Florida and America, they argue over how many project apartments they will control.  But we argue about the name of God.” 


His friend named Ray an owner of a laundry mate and property owner, who is a self made millionaire and Christian lectured Rev. Jones, arguing as to how he could make such a statement.  He warned him that his problem would not be with the Hispanic community but with people like Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton.  Rev. Jones replied, but you are the one who told me “Puerto Rican is lazy thieves, out to beat the system.”  Ray said, “But you are a Reverend so you say, sometimes I wonder, because you have to watch what you say.”


Though the words seemed mean spirited and racist, Rev. Jones thinks they were taken out of context.  Unlike his Puerto Rican counterpart on political and spiritual matters, Rev. Jones states, I am not a hater but a congratulator.   Because the bottom line is as we complain and I included, other races and ethnic groups are doing something about their situations.


We complain about homelessness while we are losing out on subsidized housing by the herds.  Are we now too good for subsidized housing?  I say certainly not if homelessness is problematic in our community.  We complain about how we are disproportionately incarcerated, but like cowards we commit the most crimes against our own people.  Sure we can argue others bring it in the country, but we sell the poison to our own, making only the residual crumbs, because by nature we are suckers. 


Perhaps Ray has a point, we the black communities are the most envied people on the face of the earth.  I say without good reason but I may be wrong.  But for certain, we cannot point the fingers perpetually at others we have to take up our own difficulties. 


When Practice brings forth the understanding of Man

When Practice brings forth the understanding of Man


Does practice actually make perfect?  Probably not!  In fact the two terms practice and perfect are like oxymorons.  I mean why practice something that is perfect?  Because something that is perfect is done and to practice something is to do it.  Therefore where is the perfection in doing something already done perfectly?  We should leave good enough alone!  With that in mind as we are taught, God’s creation was perfect yet he needed a son, to finish the job?  So was God’s creation perfect?  Of course not, and so we have to conclude that practice does not make it perfect.


How often does the creator truly understand his creation?  Let us be real and use something like software as a comparison.  Things of complexity such as the mind of man and even software are based on a theory. When a person or entity creates a complex design, it is based of theories.  If this happens or command this command is made, than this next thing should happen and so forth.  Through trial and error these theories are improved and these improvements are called updates and upgrades, but not perfections.  Therefore is it the Son’s mission to make mankind perfect or to improve mankind?


I have come to the conclusion in my humble opinion that practice brings forth understanding.  And even the understanding developed through practice is not a perfect understanding, but a greater understanding based on trial and error.  For the Son of Man’s duty is to patch or correct the mindset of mankind one step at a time.  Which is an ongoing process?


As we use the analogy of software as being the mind of man, a man could be considered the hardware that is controlled by h this mindset.  If we do this we can consider the Internet as the means of communications among men.  If we do this we can see clearly the operation of mankind and the parallels between a computer, software and its network.  The boiler plate to the computer network is the design of mankind.


Remember this; the bible takes physical insights to create spiritual analogies.  It takes things that we as mankind can see and understand to allow us to have insights and understanding of what we cannot see. 


So if you look at a computer as a man, its software as the mind of man and its network as the community of man and its creator as the grand architect of the world, you will have taken a physical analogy and developed a spiritual insight. And this is a practice that can bring forth understanding and a greater understanding of the expectations of the Lord.  And by doing so be in line of keeping it real.  Therefore mankind must evolve into something newer and improved, but probably will never be perfect.  Understood?





Gambino calls on readers to support Capstone Zulu

Gambino calls on readers to support Capstone Zulu


Position of R&B Global Charts


Though this is a BETA Project all jokes aside it is a serious project. We are trying to get all of the bugs out of our distribution networking and promotions.  We are doing much better than anticipated; in fact we are starting to get in the running.  But our continued success cannot happen without your supports


We are on the tail of Boyz II Men behind by two spots on the Global R&B Charts and slightly ahead of Chris Brown and Tyga.  However we are dropping on the charts now because we a low on listeners, because need more people to listen on a regular basis or at least audition our music once in awhile.


Please go to this web site and give us a chance if you are viewing us on one of our sister sites, because it is about the mission:


If you are viewing us on Word Press please check out some of our widgets located on the side of the articles under the Blog rolls to the right. 


Remember you re the backbone to the movement, because without your participation there is not movement or cause.  Do not hate the message even if you cannot stand the messenger.


It’s about the Movement


Supporting the Movement listens to the music, reads the articles and buys at these Websites.  Your support can house the homeless, feed the hungry and help a fatherless child. 


Help us help others and change the music industry into something truly relevant.  If you are for the status quo we understand your inaction, but if you are for change this is a great opportunity!


Important that you note, this is no joke or prank!


Thank you for being selfless,


Capstone Zulu Supports;


The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands INC:







The Levels of Procreation

The Levels of Procreation


People have there code of beliefs.  Monotonous people procreate alike kinds is a powerful statement about the science of procreation.  People procreate personalities and not just DNA.  And this is the essence of the modern day belief codes.


We believe in what is good and bad, or evil and righteous and for this reason many people are not on target.  We aim for the superficial and not the relevant.  Life is a contemporary being.  The first thing a child should learn is that the first law of nature is self preservation.  Also what has to be understood is that the most consistent thing is change.  Always remember that no matter where you go the perceptual essence of life is change.


One man’s reality is another’s dream and so forth.  How do we define reality is it actually as simple as the five senses?  Can we modify the actual essence of knowledge based on personalities and this goes for us all? These are subject of independent nature.


OK in the science of DNA procreation what is the rule if there are rules and what is the rules of the after birth?  Can two light skin parents create a d dark child or can two dark skinned parents create a lighter child?  I will introduce deductive reasoning. 


I was educated on these ideas and I will give you a reasoning of deduction.  We all know life and the garden of Eden was in Africa.  We are all on earth descendents of Africa and I being an African America in essence I just happen to be nearer to my forefather’s nest.  What is the point?  The process of evolution states that we can procreate lighter and not darker.  A child is said to can’t be darker that the lightest parent   However important is the biology for the descendents of slave in America?   Whereby or tongues were cut and ties to the Mother Land broken.


Furthermore, let of think outside the box.  Think about thought patterns.  What are triggers to a higher level of thought?  Should the mind be challenged?  We think as we see and hear and experience.  We are no bigger than the world we experienced and our minds are limited to our emotions regardless if expressed or not.  Why do I say this?  Because humankind are emotional beings.!


The mathematics of procreation is nor simply biology of philosophy but a mixture of both.  For as we think we are and as we were is history.  What we did we did and we are as we did and not the history of our ancestors.  We are historic beings and that knowledge is a matter of perception and consciousness.  We are who we are and we are history but not subjected to punishment for our past as we are new being in the lord I AM.

What is more important Love or Success?

Peace SymbolWhat is more important Love or Success?


For the past 5 years or so, all I heard on the media was how to be successful.  It was being promoted as if we were in a booming economy and prosperity was overflowing.  But now it is getting old as people realize the cut throat mentality of putting people down to get over is selfish and overrated.   When you stop and think about how many poor people it takes to make one person rich and how birds of a feather flock together, just what is being insinuated here?


When I was growing up it was all about love, people sung about love, preachers preached about love, and then came this trend whereby everything became green.  But natural resources are limited, so how can everyone be a billionaire and then again how can everyone be millionaires?  But love can overflow, whereby money cannot.  Sure they can print all the money they want but it will not be worth the paper is it printed on. 


It is like the mainstream media realized the path it has been taking is about to backfire so they want to change the pattern and make an 180 degree turn, due to events that are not new but are finally being spoken about.  They talked about Fort Hood, Texas as if military fatalities are new or even suicide among our warriors.  They talk about black on black crime like it is new, not because they care but because they are now frightened, but these things have never stopped happening, people were so busy multitasking towards the fantasy of everyone can be a millionaire, by which they forgot about the important task of love and its prominence on a better society.


See media controlled America has come to the realization that they are no longer safe, as children are starting to realize there true enemy or enemies who are responsible for there oppression, which is a society that puts success before love.  A society with a prison population unlike anywhere on earth literally, I mean nobody is safe from the desire of a society all out for self. 


It was to be just an American dream to be wealthy like the fronts called celebrities, while the truly rich manipulated society into being consumers as a means of living large.  Now everyone wants a piece of the real pie, but the pie is not big enough, so now we hear talk about love again. 


Love is the only natural resource that can overflow and never run out of space.  The truth be told love is the only solution to the world’s woes, but before people buy into it the emperor of greed has to fall and they are so greedy they will take America with them if allowed to do so.    

Do you fear God or Man?

The SunDo you fear God or Man?


Is this a dumb question?   Maybe 20 years ago without a second of consideration the answer would have been yes that is a dumb question, however this is not 20 years ago.  I asked a teen this question and asked for an honest answer and I was told, I have to abide by the law, but I do not know if there is a God.  I said so you fear Bloomberg more than you fear God and the answer was yes.

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This is what New York City is creating non God fearing children, who know who to blame for there hardships.  There was a time when everyone’s faith was basically in God and that God would see them through hard times, but now these children no longer want to wait on the Lord of Never and Never-Land.


In the old days we were blind by the vile of secrecy, but now wars are fought on television and the state of the world is heard everyday on the radio.  The right to speech has gone beyond acceptability and with these economic hard times the liberal left is forcing tolerance in every area but Godliness.


So we ask why do not our children fear God or even believe in the existence of God.  And the fool in-charge may think this is ill-relevant.  But is this really of no real significance?  See there was a time when Satan was a secret, but now the Illuminati are actually posted on the Internet, so now even evil has a face.  We use to blame the hands for everything that went wrong in the world.  We would say Oh it is the Mafia causing all these dreadful mishaps.  Now John Gotti does not even make it on the front page of the New York Post, because people can see beyond the crap.


I was told as a child a man destroys that which he fears.  Do you fear God or Man?  Now you see where I am going with this letter.  See people feared Hitler; people feared the Mafia and by God people fear God.  But now people do not believe these exist any longer.   People went to sleep on the Bavarian movement or the Roman Empire and the Underworld has become a thing of foreigners with no real interest in America’s good health.  All we see is the politicians who are making false promises they have no power to fulfill, who are now feared more than God by our youth.  By the process of deduction who is the next to fall?  When there is no Underworld, Reich (Holy Roman Empire) or God?  The Music Industry is a symptom of a much larger fish, to be fried. 

The Second Crown

gold-crownThe Second Crown


I told Janet I was about to get my second crown cemented, which symbolizes something to me.  I was once told no real gangster has his real two front teeth, I said well I will be going to the dentist, because nobody is punching them out, unless they want to die.  I was told I was to get it place in then I was told it has to be modified and the timing was suspicious, it was at the time I yelled on the roof I was leaving the country.  So I am quite suspicious as to what type of modification is being done, but with satellite technology they can read the date of a dime from outer space on the ground on the streets, so I said what would be the point to place a tracer.


It’s like being a traveler and throughout the journey you hit stations of life, like a traveler needs to gas up his car you have expenses so you seek income by whatever means to pay bills a job so on.  But the station of life is not the journey it is just one of many stops.  The military has what is called a main duty station, where you go to receive your assignments, which is man’s hometown.  You go to your hometown for a few months receive your next assignment and usually your stations in life get better each time you return as a reward for completing the last mission, I think it is almost time for me to receive a new assignment and travel in a new direction.  This is called a promotion.


I feel like I got promoted and demoted at the job front in the same day, but am these true senses of things, because my salary and hours are unchanged, which I do not want changed.  I mean depending on scheduling of meetings this may well be the best thing to happen to me since being with the organization, because I just inherited the largest work space in the office, which I only need a few hours per day.  I cannot elaborate on this because everything about that place and my department is confidential, so in a pessimistic viewpoint I got promoted and demoted, in an optimistic viewpoint I got a double promotion, but in reality nothing really changed but my work area.


I say this all to say what?  As a guiding symbol of hope if you do not work you do not eat and he received a second crown.  How do you wear two crowns, if his power is in the word?


If a certain way of doing things does not seem to be working then change direction – better still, tip your world upside down and see if it doesn’t look better the other way up. The more you experiment over the next 12 months the more you will achieve.

No matter what the facts and figures might say, if your sixth sense tells you that something is not quite right today you must listen to it and act on it. You know from long, painful experience that your other senses don’t always get it right.


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