There’s God and there’s god

PaulThere’s God and there’s god


Since when has anyone not been upset with me?  Nothing I do is good enough.  Since when did I have a voice; I have been censored all along so how can I make loud noise?  You just confirmed that what I speculated on was factual, but I cannot stand this world any damn way, so in whose behalf is it for me to shout.


I am not in the mood for you or your bullshit.  I listen to Steve Harvey sometimes and he talks about God is in the blessing business and he equated that to success, you know God is spelled two ways with a big “G” and with a little “g”, there is God and there is god.  To gain worldly things it seems that you have to give you heart, mind and soul to god and not God, in the meantime anyway.


I came to the conclusion that I lost a lifetime will probably lose another, but at least I know what god people worship. And so I will repeat the same folly, but be able to live with myself even if make to be alone with a helpmate, without Janet and without money, all that can be taken back at any given moment anyway.



Message of the Day


Character may be fate but that does not mean you are doomed to repeat the same patterns — and the same mistakes — over and over again. Think of the year ahead as a book full of blank pages. It’s up to you to write the story.

If you make too loud a noise about what you see as an injustice today someone will make life difficult for you over the weekend and early next week. Is it really something that you need to shout about? Probably not!

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