Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop

Carmine Gotti named “The Don” of New Pop


There are some many things under wraps and so many great things in the works.  As you may have figured out by now, I go by many names, 6 to be accurate; and my seventh name is yet to be revealed.  I am Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano aka Frank Paul Gotti aka Frank Paul Gambino aka Capstone Zulu aka Jesus Paul Solomon.  I wonder what my 7th name will be.


It is not about multiple personalities, although I have been accused of that.  It is about paying due respect to people who were influences in my life and the role I played at that moment and time in my life.  It is not about disrespect to anyone but in fact it is about due respect and a way of expressing gratitude to important people in my growth.


Where am I going with this?  I hear Rick Ross named his new Album “Teflon Don.”  And I hear Victoria’s son Carmine has a problem with it.  Well I want to tell you Rick Ross you is no John Gotti!  However what I do suggest is that Carmine step up and be the Don of New Pop, sort of like the Frank Sinatra of the new millennium.  


It is all in fun and entertainment, however real connections exist in the real world.  They say John J. Gotti was a ruthless killer, when in reality he was a very charitable and good man.  Do they call the president of the U.S. a murderer in the tabloids for sending troops to war?  Enemies must be destroyed in all walks of life.  The Mafia is to big business what the CIA is to the government.  And until that is duly recognized the economy will never recover.


All to say, Rick if this was genuinely due respect to the Gotti family, here you have a 24 year old young man entering into a new stage in the business.  He is a friend to the Gambino Family and the grandson of Don Gotti.  If you want to be a friend to the Gambino Family and was showing due respect use your fame and influence in the Hip Hop game to give Carmine Gotti every opportunity to reach people in the name of the Gambino Family.  That said!


Finally, I think John A. Gotti should extend Gambino Records.  I used the name in my BETA project; however John I think we should incorporate the label with a major label as a subsidiary.  The music industry owes this to the Gambino Family.  It is time to restructure the family. 


Therefore to the Gotti Family I hand over Gambino Records and to my nephews I hand over Gambino Productions.  Now it is up to Carmine Gotti to reach out and connect himself to these networks.  Victoria should contact Egeria and give Gambino Records and Productions new meaning.  There is some tight stuff out there!  As for Rick Ross you owe us one.  W.W.J.D. but share the wealth! 


The Frank Paul Gambino Focus

The Frank Paul Gambino Focus


I have been in the music studio for about 3 months, we had some successes and perhaps the best is yet to come.  I am looking at some grassroots marketing techniques by doing things at a self management approach.


However, as much fun as the studio scene has been, I have a commitment that I accepted and I know I have to focus on it as soon as possible.  I have a non profit organization named the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC.


I have a commercial building to use as Headquarters of the Network and Coalition.  I promised my uncle who recently passed away that I will do something positive for the community.   Now it is time the pay the price for glory.


The Operation on a Nutshell:


I will do my music thing and concurrently operate the non profit.  In the name of Gambino I expect people to be generous out of respect so I can in turn help myself and my clients.  We have all types of fund raisers on the blackboard.  Is the non profit organization the new mafia?


Propellerhead’s Record/Reason Duo a winner

Propellerhead’s Record/Reason Duo a winner


Propellerhead’s Record/Reason Duo in an attempt to take a larger slice of the market has reduced their prices.  At a sale price of $399.99 it is a steal.  Not long ago you paid that for Reason 4.01 alone.  I use Record/Reason Duo and found it to be a very good DAW.  With 64 tracks that you can actually use with a good micro processor in my case I have the HP m9160.  Here are some of its features.


The HP Elite N9160f has a Core 2 Quad Q6700 (2.66 GHz) processor running on 4 GB Hard Drive.  It may boot up slow but runs like a monster, with power and consistent performance.


The book on Propellerhead’s Record is due out in March 2010.  Record is still a relatively new program and personally I do not know all the tricks to creating audio effects.  One of the really cool features in Record id the time-stretch feature, whereby you can record your song’s music and vocals and reset the tempo for the best sound.  Also as with Reason 4.01; Record version 1 has ReWire capability and works well with Cubase 4.  I am still on Cubase Studio 4 and the only glitch I experienced in ReWire Mode with Record/ Reason Duo using Vista 64 bit OP was an electrical surge noises when at the start of the song in Record or play mode that does not resonate during or after the mix-down process when exporting audio.


With all the wonderful devices included in Reason and Record the Duo gives you great music composing capability and when using the Gate included on the Mixing Console and the Gain you can do great vocal tracks.  The setback I still believe is the inability to run VST effects, as for VSTi the devices in Record/Reason Duo are great.  


I think the Duo is a great set of programs, but I think a program like Cubase has not outlived its purposes which are to run vocal effects like Auto-Tune and other Antaries products.  Sure you can bounce the tracks to a host program that utilizes VSTi and VST if necessary and it is my hopes that Propellerhead explains to us users how to use the effects in the devices to create effects however as of yet  it seems that that analog signal will not process in the devices so we are regulated to the use of the devices included in the programs and we can use ReWire or the bounce feature, which can drain processor if overused.


My experience has been that you can realistically run 30 or 40 musical and vocal tracks together with effects in Record and ReWire it with Cubase for additional 5+ or so tracks using VST effects and do about anything in Record/Reason Duo ReWired in Cubase.  It is a fight and has a safe landing.


DAW’s is the leading program applications for artists of the 21 century and is giving the kids today abilities unimaginable just 10 or 20 years ago.  DAW’s is a huge bang for the buck!

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The Recording Studio Dream Being Realized

Inside a sound isolation boothThe Recording Studio Dream Being Realized


Haven’t named the studio yet, but it will be representative of the location or the people behind it.  I have so many ideas running through my head as to how to finance the finishing touches of the recording studio.  It should be fun.  Maybe we might make a compilation CD of the neighborhood talent; I have some new musicians and producers lined up to assist me, being I admittedly find myself ole school, which is not a bad thing as ole school is new school in today’s market.


But this project really is not about the next series of hits or about me, as I will not accept a salary as President and CEO, until the organization develops into something extraordinary.  Sure people will get paid for their services if they are earners, but I am not in this one for the money or should I say immediate gratification.


The idea of a non profit organization with a recording studio located at the headquarters, making it a non profit recording studio, does not mean it cannot turn a buck, it only means people will not get rich off of the labor of others unless they actually participate, there will be no stock holders.  All the money goes to neighborhood related causes and the staff and labor, therefore the artist should make a higher percentage of the money made due to their talents and pay less to record, because at the end of the fiscal years all the money has to be spent. 


If it was about money the saying would be true that we are as good as our last hit record, because every year we will start from scratch so to speak but not absolutely, because this thing of ours will build through reinvestments until we have a top quality studio.  They say a true religion starts in a storefront; it looks like we will be much more fortunate than that as we will start in a commercial building, as the Community Network and Coalition brings the community together.


People who I never thought would care are showing interest, I guess a good idea is a good thing.  I think this is a winner!  The DAW makes this all possible in the new millennium.

Propellerhead Record the Pros at $249.99

Record Mixer SliderPropellerhead Record the Pros at $249.99


I am actually excited about the release of Record, it automatically configures with Reason 4.0.1, they become one program that can ReWire into third party programs, so you can use Cubase 4.5.2 as a host and Record/w Reason tied to it as a slave.  While you will be running three programs you will be running two programs.  The reason I need Cubase is for my VST effects in Antares vocal tools collections for added vocal effects, and for using VSTi and in this configuration all of this is possible, and then again I could use Record and Reason alone, but Cubase is my foundation.  I have to think about it further, I mean Record will time stretch your vocals meaning you can sing a slow song and give it feel and covert it to a dance song by a changing the tempo this is unheard of and all in the same  key or pitch.


The Propellerhead Record Slideshow hyperlink


But the comparison is Cubase and VST/VSTi verse Record and Reason or all of them together.  I think I will get it, for the massive mixing board and additional effects usable hopefully in Reason.  I was offered to be a Bata user, but I do not want anything they will take back, I just assume wait and talk to my Guitar Center Dealers on the subject and wait and watch and see if it does everything I promises.


I would have to run a USB hub and hope that certain keys need not a direct connect, like my audio interface needs its own USB, but the rest of the stuff connected to the back probably can be connected together to one us  USB hub.  This why I do like all of these protection keys and they can break, you have to very careful with them.  


Regardless Record offers a lot for so little it goes for the SRP of $299.99 and guitar center is marketing it for $249.99.  If nothing else it should make mastering vocals easier.

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The under $40G Home Studio DAW – Room not included

Home StudioThe under $40G Home Studio DAW

Room not included

Check the Capstone Zulu ReverbNation store


vocal boothSoundproof Booth



ISOPAC E 6′ wide x 6′ deep x 6.5′ high $1,730.00

IsoPacs E, F, and G are fully enclosed voice over booths that can also function as an instrument isolation booth. They are offered in a 4’, 5’ and 6’ diameter size.

The IsoPac H is a portable, small sized vocal / voice-over booth that is best suited for interpretation functions or as a voice over booth. The booth has a 5.5′ height, is 5.5′ across and 4.5′ deep.

These voice over and vocal booths are lightweight and portable. The acrylic wraps around the front of the booth, while the Sorber panels wrap around the rear. Since Sorber panels don’t actually connect to the ClearSonic Panels, you can simply use one side of an S5-2 (two sections hinged together) as a “door” for easy entry.





PC Audio Labs Rok Box Pro Desktop Computer  $1,999.00


Steinberg FireWire Interface, Cubase 5, and Cubase Controller Recording Package 3  $1,999.99


JBL 5.1 Surround Sound System $2,599.00


Novation X-Station 61 MIDI Controller $739.99

DoubleSight DS-1900S 19 Inch Dual Monitor  $729.99

AKG C 4000 B Stage and Studio Condenser Microphone  $649.00

SE Electronics SERF Reflexion Filter 3.5  $299.99

Two Sets Grado RS1i Reference Series Headphones  $695.00 each.

Primera 62743 Bravo II DVD & CD Duplicator  $1,999.99



The Foundation applications I think are best


Steinberg Cubase 5 – included in above package


Propellerhead Reason 4.0.1


Ableton Live 8


Sony Acid Pro 7c


Adobe Audition


Steinberg Wave lab 6


Bias Master Perfection Suite


Bias SoundSoap 2.2




Native Instruments Komplete 5

Cakewalk the Ultimate Synth Rack

Native Instruments Kore 2 Collection and Software




Antares Vocal Collections

Bias SoundSoap Pro 1.2.1







Some Wave Construction Kits


Reason Refills


Reason Refills

Sonic Refills

Other brands



Acid Pro 7c not compatible with Vista 64

Adobe AuditionAcid Pro 7c not compatible with Vista 64


I am on the verge of going with a new home studio arrangement, because Acid Pro 7c does not support Vista 64; it crashes constantly, I decided to replace Acid with Adobe Audition 3.0.1.  There are pros and cons to this decision.  The main plus is I get to use my Acid files seamlessly and get to use more VSTi and VST in the setup.  Audition is superior to Acid.  As with Acid I can Rewire Reason 4.0.1, the con is I cannot Rewire Audition with Cubase Studio 4.5.2 which is my program of choice to use as a recording studio.  Hopefully in the near future Sony will come up with a Pro 7d that is compatible with Vista 64 bits OS.


Another dimension tot the pro is that though Cubase supports Acid Loops it is not seamless, you have to copy and paste or copy and paste repeat and it does not always align the way you want it to.  Audition will draw the loops like Acid Pro as the FX is more readily available on the Audition tracks.  In my opinion Audition is like having Acid and Sound Forge in one.  The transition will be a learning experience but I think it will be well worth the training.  I guess my configuration simply outgrew Sony.

Entertainment Tops the Food Chain

perfect-square1Entertainment Tops the Food Chain

To be honest I think if you want to influence the world, you either get into politics, religion or entertainment and the most influential of the three is surprisingly entertainment if you can dictate its direction.  There are specific organizations who are the shot callers, like the RIAA and MPAA, being the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America.  Basically the same principles apply they are major labels running the business of music and motion pictures and they have a major influence on what is exploited commercially  Hollywood shines the brightest but is the most hidden seed of influence over the populace.  Today religion actually falls under entertainment to some degree with these television ministries and big business influences politics and guess who advertises for big business.

Media is a part of entertainment, which controls what we focus on, like Janet and the FCC and the Supreme Court and 3rd Circuit, Hollywood made it seem important, but $550G is drop in the bucket for CBS to pay out without admitting to any wrong doings and in the future warn people that these things can happen and they are watching at their own risk or simply do away with live daytime television that is family oriented.

So I am stock piling intellectual property so when I do establish my production company it will have value according to my name recognition.  I find Janet upsetting because she refuses to assist me in duly recognizing me, so I can reach the status that will increase my intellectual property valuation, so in the meanwhile I am stockpiling right before the peoples eyes.  I wrote a second  book but people do not see it, it is called Paul Blogs and it is located on the Internet as a write another post this moment, people just do not know who I am, but when they find out it will attract record numbers of readerships and attract enormous advertisement. 

“Everybody has Demons” is allegorical and “the Son of the Made Man” is historical and is a timeless screenplay, which is currently named the “Apostle.”  My greatest asset is my computer keyboard, historically called the pen, people will sleep on me but I will continue in this direction

Finally I never claimed to not be human, but I do not recall ever claiming to be one, I mean they have 5 senses I have at least 6 senses.  I am the Son of Man and if he is human so be it.

Who is a Freemason

Da 8:25 He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power.

A Sun-Saturn aspect on your birthday means you have come to a crossroads, and the decisions you make over the next few months will ultimately determine the road you have to go down, if not for the rest of your life, then certainly for the next few years.

You need to accept that your feelings are a valid part of your nature. The more you try to stifle your emotions today the more likely it is they will surface in ways that might be destructive. Feelings are a fact of life. Without them you would not be human.

Allegorical Questioners (U Need to Stop)

paul-in-army-1983-or-84Allegorical Questioners (U Need to Stop)

I just assume to take things as they come to me to include Janet, because historically if I say I want to go right you say left is available and if I say left you say right is available.  If I say I want to work hard you say take it easy and if I say I want to take it easy you say bust your ass.  The point is that every time I telegraph my intentions you sabotage the path.  But it is not what I say but what I do and as much as I plan, it never goes exactly as planned.

How many years ago did I request my VA pension, the only reason I can think of my not receiving it is because you fear my having anything, because I am regulated.  The dentist just stopped working on my mouth as soon as I made a statement about leaving the country, they said they have to modify my crown, how do you modify a finished crown? I am a member of ASCAP, how long will it be before my songs are picked up?  From the sounds on the radio, it could not happen too soon.  I wrote two screenplays, one is very Hollywood friendly and one very revealing about the state of the world. So you have an excuse on one but when is “Everyone has Demons,” going to be picked up?

See there are many was to refresh my wallet, but you choose to offer me more credit but nothing I do is good enough to turn a buck.  And until this day I cannot understand why I and Janet are still on two separate planets, when you have so many options to put me into the mix.  If I took the credit and invested it, would it turn a buck or create more debts?  Now I have Cubase under my belt, not that my music and songs are bad but now they can be better presented.  You know you are full of shit, “Do you know your objectives.”   Who do I write every morning, my family?  Give me a break from the rhetorical questions.

There is a huge luck factor working in your favor now, though for the most part it is operating behind the scenes, smoothing your path and making it easy for you to reach your objectives. Which begs the question: do you know what your objectives are?

If you are smart you will begin the week slowly because your physical, mental and emotional batteries need to be recharged before you can get started on your next big challenge. Put work on hold for a few days. The only effort you should make is to relax.

Be a Cubase Power User Instantly

janet-dj-jBe a Cubase Power User Instantly

I never endorsed a particular DVD tutorial, I usually find them either boring or too complex or even worst too simplistic.  I like to learn what a program has to offer using a DVD tutorial and then use the book as a reference and historically that was basically all a DVD or CD tutorial had to offer.


However Steinberg Cubase ™ 4 Essential Training with Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, computer based video tutorial is wonderful, it has  have over 45 lessons in this 8 hours DVD tutorial for the generous price of SRP $34.99, I paid $29.99 at J&R Computer World.  I have to say this was the best by far DVD tutorial I ever used, it was fun to use and very informative.  Cubase Studio 4 is designed with the composer and songwriter in mind and Cubase 4 is designed for Producers, I am trying put something together to be included in Janet’s next project as a songwriter.  Now I am confident I can put down what is running through my mind.

Maybe it was my approach this time that made the difference as I used two computers separately to run the tutorial and the Cubase Program Application separately.  I would suggest anyone using this tutorial to use to separate computer, you need a computer DVD drive to run the tutorial, and it will not run on a DVD connected to your television type.  If you have a laptop and Cubase on another computer you will find it very convenient.  You will find yourself trying new things in no time.  I had Cubase for awhile, but had no idea it was such a powerful program.

I use Cubase Studio 4.5.2, Reason 4.0.1 and Acid Pro 7c, with the VSTi and VST I have Cubase can do it all, however it Rewires and reason is still a beautiful program app and Acid Pro has a use still in running Wave files with tempo changes, Cubase will run Acid files and REX2 files, known as ReCycle Files.  I mean I learned so much, I am sold to Cubase now because of these lessons.  I am not going to try to explain the tutorial other than that it is great, I now know so much about Cubase that my problem is now I think I know too much and the great thing is that I can always refer back to a lessons at any time as they are listed.

Steinberg Cubase ™ 4 Essential Training with Matthew Loel T. Hepworth, computer based video tutorial is a winner.