Gambino Welcomes Gotti to Highlands County Florida


Frank Paul Gambino relocated to Florida during the Gotti Trial.  There was a fishy smell and there were people following him.  There was a suspicion that he might be an actual target.  The on 22 December 2009 it all broke loose when TMZ broke out with about 200 pages of FBI documents about an investigation that never materialized into a trial, because it was all garbage, about Frank Paul Jones AKA Gambino.  A question of law will be raised because Frank Paul Jones FBI record are sealed and was not meant for public viewing for Nation Defense Reasons.  Someone found a loophole using MJJ records open to the public.


I am not saying I did not say many of those things, when I did I was very upset and wanted to simply bring attention to my plight.  The issues were about money, honor and respect and of course a one sided love affair.  I am not obsessed over Janet and found a new love.  I really like Michael; Jackson’s music and his whole publicity package it was very exiting.  However to associate myself in name with his death even at tabloid standards with supporting evidence by the FBI is wrong.


Do Michael and the Jackson clan owe me money?  That is too much information being I was asked the question by many who know me from a stranger day on the highway only to Michael them and name me something bad and that is alright.


I write stories based on true events, sometimes I use the real characters name however on my public version names are made up.  I tell deep dark secrets hard to believe and like I said I realize people are not ready for the truth, love the Jackson’s because they were programmed to do so and fear the Gambino name and we do the people dirty work, we are not the oppressors.


In any case Highlands County is a small city located near major cities and it is one of the most prime pieces of real estate in Florida due to the Central location and the threat of global warming and the water receding on the coastal areas like Miami a city of the past and the present but not the future.  However for now John can find a beautiful affordable home here for a fraction of his New York Mansion invest the change and live a quite life and make a killing (Hugh Profit) writing books and the great thing about it is he does not have to announce his arrival and drive around in tinted windows.  Here he is not as big a celebrity and for the reason might need to bring an entourage for security purposes and to move things you need help.


Meanwhile, Lil Wayne is at Rikers.  I want it know I have no beef with him.  As far as I am concerned he is under Gambino Protection as of this letter, he just has to do the right thing.  The Bloods of New York City I accept as legitimate and they have juice in the prisons especially at Rikers.


This is all I ask of Lil Wayne, respect NaQuila L. Hardy we are working hard on some music.  I expect New York Rap artist like P. Diddy. Jay Z and perhaps even NAS and 50 Cent to contact Lil Wayne and they will congregate.  I will see if I can send a preacher to see Lil Wayne so he can meet with other felons in the open as a church service.


My only demand out of Lil Wayne is in about 3 months when I am ready he will receive a CD from NaQuila and he will listen to it with the other people I mentioned ands my music will get some radio airplay and respect in the industry or I will become a problem.


Janet J. May Lead Jackson’s Tour & Michael’s Burial

Janet #17The Jackson BrothersJanet, Latoya & RebbieJanet J. May Lead Jackson’s Tour & Michael’s Burial


Timing is everything as Michael Jackson will be place in his final resting place on his 51st birthday and what is billed as a simple ceremony, but will his fans allow it to be simple?  Michael will be placed to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park according to several sources 3rd party information of an unnamed source close to the family.  What I hear is that this will be temporary and the family has much bigger plans for the King of Pop, but only time will tell.  In any case this saga ends for now.


There are rumors swirling about a Jackson Family tour to be led by Janet and Jermaine Jackson as the stars or headliners.  There is word that Janet is working on new material for her upcoming album,  As Jermaine has been tweaking the music technology DAW as he entered the home studio thing, there is no telling what the Jackson have in stored to their fans in 2010.


It is not clear who will be promoting the tour you have Live Nation, AEG Live and ALLGood Entertainment who has been silent since Michael’s death and claimed they have a contract for the performance of the Jackson Family.  I do not know if Michael’s death nullifies the deal or did they officially opt out, but something has to be put on paper in order for the Jackson’s plans to be sue-proof.  You know how it goes after success old law suit surface.

Can Janet Jackson do independently?

Home StudioCan Janet Jackson do independently?


Let us face it, the days of monster studios as a necessity to create excellent sound has passed.  Mega stars to semi pro artists are doing it at home now, starting with an entry level of about $10 or $15G, you can produce great sound at home and for $40G to $50G, you can just about anything done in a major recording studio, because the software available is awesome and the hardware fairly inexpensive.  Alicia Keys has a home studio and  a record deal.


Exactly what is the main difference between a major and independent label?  One has its own distribution network and you have to have mega sales to profit and the other requires outsourcing distribution gives you more artistic control and you can make more selling less albums?


Really what is $50G+ for Janet and Jam to put together a modern recording studio with the latest updates?  Hell I managed to put together a damn good home recording studio on a minor budget, so why are people in doubt when Janet says she is focusing on her album like if she needs a record label or their permission to make music.  That is nonsense!


With Janet and Jam united, Flyte Time, Black Doll and hell maybe even I might write her a hit, Janet can do whatever she set her mind to.  Right now I am doing research on my studio, for me it is a second job meaning sometimes I have to stop recording to update and upgrade and relearn my repertoire before I engage in what tends to be something different from my last sessions.  But Jam and Janet can wakeup 2 am in the morning because of an idea in a dream and go into the studio at a local location, me I have to go to work in the morning so I have to plan when I record.


My point is that now that Black Doll is running a few more things which is owned by Janet Jackson.  Do not be surprised by anything that comes out that camp.  I mean Janet has a talented family, who can always contribute as a ghost.  Do not doubt Janet Jackson she has all the resources to do whatever she pleases.  Because all it takes is a soundproof booth and room and a trip to Guitar Center.

Jermaine Dupri Dumped Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson at BETJermaine Dupri Dumped Janet Jackson


How many times have they breakup to makeup?  Cannot count it can you?  What was the main occurrence when they broke up?  Janet would remain silent, but Jermaine would suffocate the media, which things like we are still together or Janet is not pregnant and we are still together, but never, has Janet gone public with the breakup.  But this time where is Jermaine Dupri?


The breakup in my opinion is far from official as Janet Jackson continues to pursue Jermaine Dupri.  The problem was the relationship seemed to be based on needs being his money and her fame and Janet may not have what she once had to offer.  I mean we all know it is about the money and money will get an ugly dude a fine ass women, but maybe Jermaine thinks he can do better now being Janet is not a young chick anymore at 43 years old.  Sure she is age appropriate for older men but Jermaine Dupri is 36 years old and still has party in him and is not trying to settle down with an older woman Janet age 43.


From what Janet told me I believe she is on the down low trying to rekindle this relationship, because she is all about the Benjamin’s, when she should humble herself and get back with her family.  I mean Jermaine can get him a 29 or 30 years old woman and start a family with someone age appropriate who is fine with all the trimmings.  It is like Janet tried to use Jermaine and got played now she is 43 years old and used and damaged goods.  Everybody sees Janet’s beauty as Jermaine seems presentably challenged, but he has the money, Janet is not making hit records thanks to him, but he is young and can do better now, because Janet is no longer headline news, yes she can comeback but for now she is yesterday’s news, without a record deal.

Janet Jackson may not show up at O2 Concerts

Janet, Latoya & RebbieJanet Jackson may not show up at O2 Concerts


The word is the Jackson Brothers plan to perform at a couple of tribute concerts the day of and the day after Michael Jackson’s birthday being August 29th and 30th of 2009.  It is supposed to be a major event with a host of stars.  It is not certain if Janet Jackson will participate in these shows, because of scheduling conflicts; she is currently working on a new movie, “Why did I get married too.” 


Rumors are swirling that she wants to be independent of her brothers and for that reason she will be a no show.  Janet loves her family and is devastated by the loss of her brother Michael Jackson.  And there is nothing further from the truth than her not wanting to lend a helping hand to her brothers at such a tribute.  However with her current commitments she and her management feels she might not be able to put on the best show possible as she is committed to doing her best at whatever she does.  Nothing is written in stone at this point.  Will Latoya show up?


The Michael Jackson saga continues to develop.  Like I suspected this may be a case of murder.

Michael Jackson’s Death Tax is based on $200M and not $500M

Mother Katherine, MJJ and Joe JacksonMichael Jackson’s Death Tax is based on $200M and not $500M


They say Michael Jackson’s estate is now worth $500 Million, the estate tax is at death value of the estate and not the surge after the fact.  Maybe he was worth $200 Million at death and gained value?  Than the death tax is based on $200 Million and not $500 Million?  So it is really possible for the estate to pay about $85 Million in death taxes and walk away with about $500 Million when the dust is settled.  There were no state death taxes in California at the time of Michael death.


Everyone who has been following the Michael Jackson saga knows interest grow immensely concerning Michael after he died which is sad but true and his assets gain value almost immediately after his death.  It is said that the temporary executors are making deals worth tens of millions of dollars to the beneficiaries of the estate and is going to turn the deed to the Encino Mansion over to Mrs. Katherine Jackson and the stipend would be in addition to that, which is more than $3.5 Million, but still controlling.  I mean Mother Katherine did not say she was homeless she said they needed money.  But I guess it is all good, if the stipend is about the amount they are accustomed to the maintenance of their living standards which is a term (stipend) I understand to mean non taxable income.


I know these are tough times for the Jackson Family to have to deal with business at such an intensive level using good judgment as they start to realize Michael is not coming back.  Hopefully when all is settled they will have time to truly weep.

Some Top Articles on my website

Frank Paul GambinoSome Top Articles on my website

Date: 23 July 2009


Below are some hyperlinks to some of my most read articles?  I do not necessarily agree with all the content in these articles, but for the gossip enthusiast you might find some of them fun reads.  Enjoy!  Disclaimer!


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Debbie Rowe Not in it for the Money after all

MJJ and DebbieDebbie Rowe Not in it for the Money after all


There were rumors spreading that Debbie Rowe accepted another $4 Million to end the custody Battle with Mother Katherine Jackson, Debbie’s lawyer said this is not true.  My understanding is Debbie is concerned with the welfare of the children from a distance and wanted Michael’s wishes to keep Father Joseph Jackson from influencing how they will be raised.  As Joe already had plans for them to be child stars like his children whereby Michael wanted them to have the childhood he did not have.


Mother Katherine in an interview with Good Morning America talked about her relationship with her children over thee ages and the role she played that led to the huge success,  Some of her last words is she wished her children were more spiritual as they were raise Jehovah Witness,  I can identify because I remember the days when everyone wanted to be like them they were so unified and so together, whereby everyone wanted to see them.  Now it is like they just want to be seen, but the real magic was not just raw and processed talent but the beautiful and radiant attitudes that people wanted to emulate. 


In an interview with Oprah Michael expressed his love for his Mother and said, “Only if I can understand my Father.”  That said! It was once truly about love and the hunger for success, how it became just about selling interviews is beyond me.

Michael’s homicide only surprise delayed indictment

MJJ rehearsalMichael’s homicide only surprise delayed indictment


I still have not heard anything about Michael’s final resting place, hopefully for security reasons it is a tightly held secret.  Now Dr. Conrad Murray is being investigated for murder charges for supplying Michael with legal drugs illegally.  This is something that needs to be looked into in Hollywood where you have celebrities abusing prescribed medications on a large scale according to CNN.  However where I differ about Michael is I side with Latoya this time in a conspiracy theory and I think Conrad may well be a fall guy.  I think for his own protection he needs to be taken into custody for whatever reason hell an unpaid parking ticket before he is found dead.  Or offered protective custody? 


He is just a fall guy like scammer Bernie Madoff as any real gangster knows he is a snitch, because that is who they send to FCI Butner, North Carolina.  So like Madoff, he can be taken to secured location where he can start spilling the beans.  I think these Executors, Trustees and Witnesses all in one may well be a part of this conspiracy.  I was trying to open Janet’s eyes but she is talking about they are mourning, like if I am trying to profit from this shit.  The way I see it everything is on the line right now concerning the Jackson Family as we know them.


I was offended by these remarks made by Janet about me and if you knew what I know you would understand why I felt offended.  But I dropped some case law on her that needs further investigations but what is going on is like it all happened before and it is a well rehearsed script, however I did not write this one and have no idea where it is headed, but it is a real present existing dangerous situation and the stakes are in the billions.  So the whole Jackson Family has a billion reasons to be cautious.  


In any case Michael’s beneficiary’s interests in the copyrights are protected by Federal Copyright Law, which supersedes California Probate Code.  Like I said I am not a lawyer, but it goes something like “Will Bumping” Provisions of Copyright Law of 1909 Copyright act overrides will…I said enough because I am really disappointed by something that took place.




MJJ © AEG Live, Sony, Disney, Trump & the Gary, Indiana the Ultimate Burial

MJJ Casket and FlowersMJJ © AEG Live, Sony, Disney, Trump & the Gary, Indiana the Ultimate Burial


Do you remember the song, going back to Indiana?  Well if Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary, IN. had it his way it would become a reality in many ways.  He promised the Jackson Family a privately funded museum and would plant the house on 2300 Jackson Street smack in the middle.  The problem with burying the King of Pop is not greed but security, his body remains must be protected because it has historical value and could be stolen and that is a fact.  So does the Jackson Family take on the tab of securing his body forever or create a business venture that will make the remains of Michael secure from exploitations by unscrupulous people.


If the Jackson Family put their heads together in unification and reach out to these entities the ultimate burial can become a reality because it is sound business and offers the Jackson Family the security and peace of mind they deserve.  This is the ultimate burial site fit for the King of pop.


AEG Live:  Build a Broadway type Theater equipped with laser technology use to introduced Michael’s 200 unreleased songs, in a Broadway Show type environment stage show featuring Michael Jackson in a virtual Concert Performance through laser technology that already exist.  Sony would have to agree to release the songs this way.


Not Disney World or Disney Land, but Neverland World and amusement park under a dome with a tunnel connected to the Michael Joseph Jackson Memorial Towers.


The Michael Joseph Jackson Memorial Towers, which consist of the Neverland World under a dome and the Thriller Casino Hotel, that is a high rise building, on the top floors are casino gambling that is child safe because to get to the top floors you need access to special elevators that require adult identification cards.


The Michael Joseph Jackson Museum on the same level as the AEG Live MJJ Theater and set in the middle will be the house from 2300 Jackson Street, with memorabilia, restaurants and all types of fun and beautiful things only restricted by the imagination. 


Michael’s remains would be buried on this site in a safe and secure manner.


#1: Officially announce the decision.

#2: Move his body under the Michael Joseph Jackson Guard a 24/7 detail on 29 Aug 2009.

#3: Opening date 29 August 2010


What you think?