The Greatest Conspiracy in American Government Revealed

Janet Jackson

The Greatest Conspiracy in American Government Revealed


To: My WordPress readers, please forgive me for not keeping you up to date. However, please be advised I should be united with my Queen of Queens Janet Jackson, because the mission has reached this point.  Now we can serve the people.


To get up to date go to: The National Community Network – The Word of Apostle Paul Castellano.  This is where you will find at least 150 new blogs, that came to the conclusion the President’s the United States agreed to a diabolical code to kill us in the name of Satan.  They are the Illuminati.


And now you understand the Creation Theory Defined and understand who are the voices. The Creation Theory Defined.


The irony of this story is that CIA Director George H.W. Bush, had me created the AIDS virus round the time this diabolical scheme reached it’s peak allow them to profit for the diseases by billing Medicaid.   Then Later the same man President George H. W. Bush, sent me to California to organize the street gang known as the Crips.  Allowing the DEA to control drugs, with the Cartels as farmers and a front to take the blame and Crips to distribute throughout the United States.  Pacing drugs in the hands of blacks.  Then it is his son President George W. Bush who opens the Pandora’s box, but allow the FDA to study and prove THC has medical benefits, making marijuana not a schedule one drug, which is what the war on drug was based on.  Then it is revealed while the fitst black President is in office.


Open Letter to: President Barack Obama


“The Eric Holder is the Head of the Drug Cartels.”


Based on these findings, it will become a historical fact very soon in the history of man.  The office of the President of the United States Richard Nixon designed a drug war allowing the control DEA to control all drug distribution from the South. It is through the DEA who was formed by the same man in 1973 but the war on drugs already started in 1971.  History teaches it was a response the use of cocaine, but it actually established the demand for cocaine.  It was based on marijuana being a schedule one drug and the worst of all drugs, within the due process required by law for the Attorney General to follow.  And in 2004, President George W. Bush allow this war to continue after empirical evidence  based on a clinical research approve by his FDA, proved it was a lie. America allowed an impeached President determine the fate of current America.


Here is the proof:


  • In the 1970s, cocaine emerged as the fashionable new drug for entertainers and businesspeople. Cocaine seemed to be the perfect companion for a trip into the fast lane. It “provided energy” and helped people stay “up.”
  • At some American universities, the percentage of students who experimented with cocaine increased tenfold between 1970 and 1980.
  • In the late 1970s, Colombian drug traffickers began setting up an elaborate network for smuggling cocaine into the US.


Is this the President’s retirement found? Is this the $100,000 speaking engagements? This diabolical scheme is based on people never being cured, so we rape Medicaid, profit form AIDS not being cured, incarcerate, disenfranchise and create a black community based on systematic employability.  To support a fraudulent healthcare system?  But claim to promote Obamacare?  Is this of the greatest hypocrisy?  You are just the leader of an organized conspiracy to destroy the black race and you are black, which makes you the worst of the worst.  RICO!  But it didn’t start with you and you can become an American hero, if it ends with you. Or be remembered as the greatest hypocrite of this lists.  And a part of the greatest cover up in American history since, George W. Bush continued the drug war based on the lie that marijuana is a schedule one drug, by intentionally ignoring a clinical research approved by your own FDA.  You are all guilty of treason.


Richard Milhous Nixon, 1969-1974

Gerald Rudolph Ford, 1974-1977

James Earl Carter, Jr., 1977-1981

Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1981-1989

George Herbert Walker Bush, 1989-1993

William Jefferson Clinton, 1993-2001

George Walker Bush, 2001-2009

Barack Hussein Obama, 2009-


Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano


PS: I will appreciate my personal letter from you, thanking me for my over 40 years of service to our intelligence community and for saving the world from a conspiracy that was much bigger than you, yet I place you above it.  This was allowed based on the code of Satan, the Illuminati, way before you came into power.



Rev. Jones apologizes to whites and Puerto Ricans

Rev. Jones apologizes to whites and Puerto Ricans


The Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones apologizes to a Puerto Rican friend, for his inflammatory attacks’ on Puerto Ricans and whites.  In a statement made by him he mentioned how white people are more political than blacks and Puerto Ricans, deal with their oppressive state in a more diligent manner than blacks.  However the statement was too confrontational as he said;


“Meanwhile the white man argues over territory and who will run for office and control the taxes.  Even the Puerto Ricans have an agenda here in Avon Park and Florida and America, they argue over how many project apartments they will control.  But we argue about the name of God.” 


His friend named Ray an owner of a laundry mate and property owner, who is a self made millionaire and Christian lectured Rev. Jones, arguing as to how he could make such a statement.  He warned him that his problem would not be with the Hispanic community but with people like Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton.  Rev. Jones replied, but you are the one who told me “Puerto Rican is lazy thieves, out to beat the system.”  Ray said, “But you are a Reverend so you say, sometimes I wonder, because you have to watch what you say.”


Though the words seemed mean spirited and racist, Rev. Jones thinks they were taken out of context.  Unlike his Puerto Rican counterpart on political and spiritual matters, Rev. Jones states, I am not a hater but a congratulator.   Because the bottom line is as we complain and I included, other races and ethnic groups are doing something about their situations.


We complain about homelessness while we are losing out on subsidized housing by the herds.  Are we now too good for subsidized housing?  I say certainly not if homelessness is problematic in our community.  We complain about how we are disproportionately incarcerated, but like cowards we commit the most crimes against our own people.  Sure we can argue others bring it in the country, but we sell the poison to our own, making only the residual crumbs, because by nature we are suckers. 


Perhaps Ray has a point, we the black communities are the most envied people on the face of the earth.  I say without good reason but I may be wrong.  But for certain, we cannot point the fingers perpetually at others we have to take up our own difficulties. 


Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino told he Faces 10 Years on DUI Charge

Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino told he Faces 10 Years on DUI Charge


In my arraignment today, I think I experienced first hand (UPL) unauthorized Practice of Law.  This is a term many of us paralegals learn in college, to prevent us from trying to play lawyer.  It is considered UPL to give legal advice, only a lawyer can do this.  I was told I was facing 10 years behind bars on my DUI charge, because of my prior DUI back in the late 80’s.  With no mention of the clemency I received in 1998 by then Governor Lawton Chiles.  I was told that I should plead bargain because though the legal limit is 0.08, between 0.04 and 0.08 is presumably intoxicated and that it was in the statue, but it was not shown to me.


I felt pressured to plea bargain, however my attorney advice was to show up in court and a plea of not guilty was already made for me.  I felt like I was a victim of the good cop bad cop syndrome.   Because I was told what to do by the office of the Public Defender, but at the same time a paralegal advised me on the law from the same office, in a deniable manner.  She told me what I can do and should do based on information that was guess work.  My lawyer was not present in court today.


The paralegal who is supposed to be on my side made the offer that you would have expected from the State Attorney’s Office.  I find this troubling, because I am a paralegal by education and I felt nervous by this tactic, so can you imagine the pressure felt by the other 7 or 8 people she approached before she approached me.  We were told not to talk to the state attorney, but the Public Defender Paralegal spoke to us in their behalf, negotiating plead bargains.


Yes I might go to jail for writing this article, but like Rev. Jesse Jackson said silence is consent, and he is so right!   If I do not speak up now, about something whereby to speak up puts my butt on the line, in such a small way, what good will I be to the movement when my life may be on the line.


I know I was in misdemeanor court and can get no more than one year of jail time, I graduated on the top of my class.  I am not stupid.  But they might come after me with something different for bucking the system.  But it was so unprofessional and unethical that I and many people less educated people than I had to face the judge and the state attorney without a lawyer present.  How can a judge accept a guilty plea by a person who has no lawyer present to advise him/her on the right they have to be presumed innocent until proven guilty?


I pleaded non guilty and have a pre trial conference on 20 September 2010.  What is next?  Oprah Winfrey, AL Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or someone who attracts media attention has to come here. What is going on here is only written about in fictional movies, it is so unreal.

Officer Bueford had no probable cause to arrest Gambino

Officer Bueford had no probable cause to arrest Gambino


Officer Sean Bueford of the Sebring Police Department violated the constitutional rights of Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions.  It is said that Frank Paul Jones allegedly violated Florida Statue 316.151.1b, with an improper left turn.  Meaning he was not in the left lane when he turned.  Yet he is he is accused of making a left turn into the officers path of travel being the left lane.  In other words he moved into the left lane in front officer Bueford prior to making a left turn into Sebring Parkway from North Ridgewood Drive.


It is a violation of the Florida Statute to cross a solid white line, to change lanes and the officer’s dispute was that he had the right of way when Frank Paul Jones changed lanes to make a left turn.  So it was probably a violation of Florida Statue 316.085 with is the limitations set on overtaken, passing, changing lanes and changing course.  And there was no accident because almost does not really count.


In any case the probable cause to stop Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions on suspicion of DUI was valid.  The stop was valid; however the arrest was unconstitutional, because almost having a car accident due to a violation of Florida Statue 316.085 is not probable cause for the arrest of a DUI.  Even the failure of the sobriety test should have been followed up with a breathalyzer test to determine the alcohol levels in the suspect.  Then and only then should an arrest been processed at the jail house. However Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions did not fail the sobriety test nor was this probable cause for the DUI arrest on the police report.


Both charges are false because of poor policing by Officer Sean Bueford.  Now Frank Paul Jones aka Gambino Productions is force to carry a financial burden that is untimely.  He is on the blotter report as a drunk behind the wheel, was forced to take a mug shoot, all while high powered meetings are taking place to develop his non profit organization and Production Company, which are works in effect at the harvesting stage. 


We cannot simply call this racism, as it is black on black crime.  Officer Bueford is black man.  He should be ashamed of himself.  As he drove Stackz2020 in the car to the Mixx nightclub, that was very unprofessional because anything could have happened.  She could have pulled his gun and he could have shot her claiming she attempted to pull his weapon.  I think Officer Sean Bueford owes Gambino an apology, all charges should be dropped and all expenses reimbursed.



Highlands County’s Warehouse Justice Mentality

Highlands County’s Warehouse Justice Mentality


I have been added to the injustice depot of Highlands County, Florida.  I was forced to take a mug shot as they did a criminal check on me to find nothing pending.  Until now I spoke highly of this town and its potential to grow.  But is a two bit justice system any place for a first grade city?


I talked about a man name Arnold Wilson, and old friend I met at the holding faculty.  We finally got a chance to talk after months of procrastination.  He told me a lot of things about this town and its mindset.  It was sort of like a conformation about ideas that already existed in my head.


I thought this town was simply black and white, but it is also green as is many places, however the shade of green is “Desperate Green.”  This town needs money badly and is grabbing at it by all means at it disposal.  The state of the County is nobody’s fault by the planning committees.  They have been blessed with prime real estate, but have a slave master mentality and have groomed the slave mindset in the community at large.  This is a vegetation mindset town.  You have vegetables that procreate alike beings.


People like me and Arnold get harassed by the system.  Arnold is where I am trying to get in the community non profit and the activist sector.  As a result of my ambitions and outspokenness that seems to want to put me in the system as they have him in it, to control me.  From the conversation I had with this gentleman it is a conspiracy against him that they want to treat him so harshly in the legal system, because of his political power as vice president of the NAACP, member of the board of the meals on wheels and the director of another organization and the list goes on.  He is very active in the community and his successes are making him a target by the people who have a slave master mentality.


By no means am I any where near perfect, and he is not either, but the system here tends to support preachers who teach about a white Jesus image and not people taking former drugs dealers off the streets.  Showing them a better way of life; showing them how to turn an honest buck, is not the way to win points here.  As I seem to prepare to meet the players in this town, this happens and for no legitimate reason I am falsely arrested and put into the system.  It makes me think I am on some type of bad list to be on


The problem here is a shortage in funds, because the community of people both higher and lower echelon are not attracting investors, but instead are eating off of each other in an unethical manner.  My legal situation will be set back at least a month, because the little money I do have has to go to the legal system and I might still end up in jail because that is where they want intelligent Negros here in Highlands County.


I tell you this town is backwards and need immediate help.  This is a place where they house Federal inmates pending trial in the County jail.  Threaten you covertly if you dear consider using the justice system as it was meant to be used and plead not guilty to a crime you know you have not committed.  Then they wonder why the lawyers are not making much money and are going out of business.  Here the judicial system’s etiquette is for all poor people to plead no contest to include the innocent, and place your life in the hands of the judge.  It is wrong!  In my case the right thing would be to it to toss my case and take my mug shot down, because it should have never been taken and I never should have been arrested.

Gambino Receives Low Traffic Blow in Sebring

Gambino Receives Low Traffic Blow in Sebring


What should have been a simple traffic ticket turned into an 8 hour nightmare, in what turned out to be another black on black crime.  I allegedly improperly made a left turn in Sebring.  For legal reasons I will not elaborate on this and plan to pay the fine and take a class unless advised to do else wise by legal counsel. 


However a nightmare, it may have turned into a blessing in disguise.  I met with a brother who was also being held in the holding facility name Arnold Wilson.  And I also spoke to close friend in Highlands County, only to find out that there may not be true justice for the poor in this area.  I was held for about 8 hours and released on $500 bond for a DUI, when I was clearly under the legal limit of alcohol consumption at about .066.  The legal limit is .08.


 It was a night of celebration concerning a record deal and we were going to drop off a demo CD was the famous Mixx nightclub, with no intentions of partying any further.  Again I will not elaborate on this because I plan to plead non guilty against popular advise here in Highlands County.


Though I am certain I am no guilty I prepare myself to do jail time, because I was forewarned that the justice system here may not be just.  I was told they prosecute minor crimes with a vengeance.  It is called “wasting the courts time” to practice your right to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. So if I have to do six months for something I did not do, which was drive while over the legal alcohol consumption limit so be it.


The way I see it, I am not afraid of jail time and I believe I have God on my side and a higher authority than this small town judicial etiquette of mistreating the poor in court.  If I go to jail for this which am not guilty of I will wear it like a badge of honor and make it my duty and work to make sure these injustices end.


They say that the just cause for these charges was that I failed the sobriety test, which I did not fail, yet I was not tested for alcohol consumption on site of the incident.  Then when I was later tested I was below the legal limit and no blood work was done yet I am accused of using drugs, which is untrue.  This is an example of small town kangaroo injustice and poor policing.


Sometime this week I will get my police report and see the lawyer assigned to me as I cannot afford an attorney.  I will be forced to pay court costs though I am indigent, because in the state of Florida contrary to the US Supreme Court they force everyone to pay regardless of economic status.  I may be pushing my luck but right is right and I will pay for my wrong in the form of a ticket.  But I did not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they know it.  But they bully blacks and poor folks down here and they have to be stopped and may my case be an example and set precedence for future cases.


Florida Right to work State without Jobs creates crimes

Florida Right to work State without Jobs creates crimes


Right to Work States: Florida

The right of persons to work shall not be denied or abridged on account of membership or non-membership in any labor union or labor organization. The right of employees, by and through a labor organization, to bargain collectively shall not be denied or abridged. Public employees shall not have the right to strike. (Constitution Amended by General Election, 1944; Revised by General Election November 5, 1968)

Florida is ranked 5th highest unemployment rate in the whole country and is at 11.7 in May 2010, which is well above the National average which is 9.7.  Meanwhile Florida has the second highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the country, which is three times the national average.  Yet we live in a right to work state which is defined as a right to live.  


However, in Highlands County, Florida the unemployment rate among blacks is above the national average, but this is not the case for white citizens which a far below the national average at about 4%.  So the right to work and right to live in Florida are not helping black people here in Florida or Highlands County.  Is this a form of racial discrimination first in the educational system, that is designed to warehouse black children and then in the workforce whereby they are not qualified for employment later or should it be said are not as competitive as their white counterparts?


In Florida nearly one in four high school student’s dropout of high school and in Highlands County the rate is a higher at about 33%.   This is higher than the national average of about 30%.  However for black children the high school dropout rate in Florida is about 35%.  These statistics are not accurate, because many black children in Florida and especially in Highlands County dropout prior to high school and are not even counted as high school dropouts.


Florida nearly doubled its prison population over the last 15 years.  Here in Florida the rate of crime is near 23% higher than the national average. It has about 90,000 inmates in about 121 facilities are about $20,000 per inmate.    Florida spends less on housing the inmates compared to the national average, simply by cutting costs on their correctional officers, which is another example of the right to live without a living wage in Florida.


So what is the correlation between the lack of work, the lack of living wages, the high mortgage foreclosure rates, the weak educational system and crime?  Can it be the right to work without a living wage in the state of Florida, which creates these oppressive situations?  What do you think?  Is this socialism in disguise?

Profiling Black People Hurts the Legal System

Profiling Black People Hurts the Legal System


“Chickens come home to roost,” and “They do the same amount of drugs but not the same amount of time.”

Let us discuss the legal system.  Historically, the law served a purpose which was to control crime.  We had law enforcement and crime control that worked hand in hand.  In a booming economy law also acted as an oppressor for the African American Community.  Whereby a term called racial profiling was and still is eminent.  For example behavioral patterns of the African American community led to certain types of investigations, which led to the arrest and convictions of many black people and with that said we will continue. 

Many African Americans would end up in the prisons and jails, and due to the lack of legal representation do more time incarcerated than their white counterparts.  It was said that the scales of justice was tilted.  Well known is the Industrial Prison Complex.  This was a short sighted conspiracy for economic gain, which actually hurt the economy.  As the prison population quadrupled from 1980 to 2008, going from 500,000 to 2.5M, at a cost of about $25G per inmate.  This really hurts the tax payers, especially when most people went to jail for drug offenses.

The war on drugs declared by President Reagan in1982 and aggressively escalated by President Bush 1989 led to lot of drug addicts being put into the legal system.  Again a lot of money taken from the tax base, to incarcerate indigent people cost the legal system in the long run.  Because the people going to trial could not afford to retain legal representation and the result is lawyers who were distinguished professionals lost their luster and were outsourced by the plead bargain syndrome.

When I grew up real gangsters supported the legal system, they being the Mafia controlled the streets, stayed in court and did not go to jail because they paid for legal representation and did not snitch each other out.  Today everybody makes a deal, so what good is a defense lawyer?  Now you have street gangs members who plead bargain.

The bottom line is the systematic oppression of the black man destroyed the legal system, because defense lawyers became obsolete.  The short sighted tunnel vision mentality of lawyers in political office put themselves out of work. 

The solution is that we must give equal access to criminal prosecution.  It is the white people who have all the money and can afford a legal defense for the crimes they also commit.  There will always be more poor people in the jails and prisons than the wealthy, but the only way the judicial system will survive is to start busting white people again instead of simply profiling African Americans.  The scales of justice must be balanced or it will self-destruct.  This is why Highlands County, Florida Lawyers for example are going out of business; the scales of justice are not balanced here.  The Highlands County Jail is filed with addicts who need rehabilitation and clean streets and not jail time.

Gambino calls on readers to support Capstone Zulu

Gambino calls on readers to support Capstone Zulu


Position of R&B Global Charts


Though this is a BETA Project all jokes aside it is a serious project. We are trying to get all of the bugs out of our distribution networking and promotions.  We are doing much better than anticipated; in fact we are starting to get in the running.  But our continued success cannot happen without your supports


We are on the tail of Boyz II Men behind by two spots on the Global R&B Charts and slightly ahead of Chris Brown and Tyga.  However we are dropping on the charts now because we a low on listeners, because need more people to listen on a regular basis or at least audition our music once in awhile.


Please go to this web site and give us a chance if you are viewing us on one of our sister sites, because it is about the mission:


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Remember you re the backbone to the movement, because without your participation there is not movement or cause.  Do not hate the message even if you cannot stand the messenger.


It’s about the Movement


Supporting the Movement listens to the music, reads the articles and buys at these Websites.  Your support can house the homeless, feed the hungry and help a fatherless child. 


Help us help others and change the music industry into something truly relevant.  If you are for the status quo we understand your inaction, but if you are for change this is a great opportunity!


Important that you note, this is no joke or prank!


Thank you for being selfless,


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The Apostle Paul Speaks about Demons

The Apostle Paul Speaks about Demons


The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC believes that black communities especially has to be more self defined. 


Avon Park is a Gold Mine and I welcome my friends to invest in this location.  We have some special landmarks that are fitting to the screenplay “Everybody has Demons.”  There have been some offers to roles but we know we will need a director to pull this off and express my thoughts. 


We have locations sowed up and the prices are right.  The screenplay is protected by the Screenwriters Guild until 2014; I want the filming to start by the end of the years 2010.  As I do all my material I plan to copyright the screenplay and write a sequel as certain characters that I would consider underdogs in life grow to a more powerful understanding of self.


 I want this screenplay made into a motion picture and then I might release the Apostle another screenplay about little Paul Castellano, whom is I AM. 


As for community restoration we want to destroy Delaney Avenue Red Line District and rebuild it.


We want a recording studio place inside of our commercial property, we want Delaney Avenue restored into office space, we want a laundry mate in the black community and a supermarket I prefer a Western Beef.  These are things everyone should be with and not special concessions.  


My concern with Paramount Pictures is that enough be reinvested in the community. I mean we live in a county where the courthouse buildings have some boarded up spots due to budgets and the only hustle people have is the drugs game.  Lawyers complain there is not enough business in town; I want to bring them business.


I am against drugs or a person having to sell them to survive.  But we all sell ourselves one way or another.  Point being made is that the drug game has become chaotic and unorganized and unsafe to harbor in ones community.  We all use drugs of some type, being nothing is cured anymore.  So I will bless Marijuana and condone its use and sales on Delaney Avenue.  Hard drugs must move from Delaney Avenue because it is my community and Headquarters’ location.  Those who hustle must be charitable and that is the one of the commandments the other is to treat people the way you want to be treat provided you want to be loved.


Those who want to be love will in fact be loved because of the loving attractions.