South Delaney Avenue Renamed Martin Luther King BLVD


South Delaney Avenue Renamed Martin Luther King BLVD

An important meeting is going to take place on Wednesday January 8th, 2014, at the City Council Chambers located next to City Hall in Avon Park, FL, facilitated by the Avon Park Community Redevelopment Agency (The CRA) Southside District.  Be there if you care!  It was voted on today 12/11/2013 by the Southside CRA to continue this discussion in a public forum to decide on what street will be renamed Martin   Luther King BLVD, in Avon Park, FL. Because we are one of the only city’s that do not have one.  The time has come for us to catch up with mainstream America and honor the work of Dr. King and brand our community with some pride.

There is no street in the Southside Redevelopment Area more significant for the renaming to Martin   Luther King BLVD than South Delaney Avenue, because it represents the core of the black community and black businesses here in AvonPark, which is not without its problems that must be addressed.  And with the high crime rate that now exist on this street, I will explain why it is imperative that it becomes the new Martin Luther King BLVD in AvonPark.

Also understand that there is a lot of money about to be spent in the development of the Southside redevelopment Area. And I think that the renaming of South Delaney   Avenue should be conditional to this grant money also being spent to revitalize the now South Delaney Avenue. I am not sure, but I believe the grant is to the tune of  $700,000 to $900,000. To be used to fix the streets, sidewalks, perhaps build a park, add lighting and other scenery.  I think this investment will bring forth added police presence to our area and like a CRA advisory board member Arnold Davis said, when you turn on the lights, the roaches will scatter. These may not have been his exact words, but it was to this effect.

I think this should be planned with due diligence and security measures should be on the top of the list in these community upgrades. I think by the city making this capital investment in our community and the renaming of this street to Martin Luther King BLVD, it will create not only a safer area for all of us, but will create pride in our community, something that is now gone. Like a person said at the meeting, Martin Luther King BLVD should be a place whereby the community keeps it up and not just the city.

Things I would like to see on the new Martin Luther King BLVD is security cameras on our light poles and streets, I think this will add more beauty to our community than any palm trees could ever provide.  On Hal   McRae BLVD they added palm trees to beautify it and no sooner than they did, someone crashed into one of them and died. Whereby security cameras will reduce street crimes and gun violence which would bring the opposite effect, it would save lives and make our community a safer place.  I think a community park for people to play checkers and hangout is fine or even a building whereby children and adults alike could use it, but more helpful to our community would be a police substation.  There is a law enforcement blackout on our streets and this must addressed and the renaming and capital investment of Delaney Avenue would change our whole community.

Delaney Avenue encompasses businesses, homes, churches and a football field and extends to Main Street.  It is a main road  crossing through the black community.  South   Delaney Avenue is more significant than Hal McRae BLVD, because it connects to our Main   Street prior to connecting to Highway 27 and Highway 64 on one end and Memorial   Drive on the other. But it is not without its problems, it has been taken over by young thugs who are destroying the community with petty crimes and senseless violence.  South   Delaney Avenue is in the midst of a redlining district and businesses are being forced to go out of business and the renaming and capital investment to this street would certainly turn this around, making all of the Southside Redevelopment Area a better place to live.

If you agree with what I am saying, when asked to sign the petition, requesting the CRA to endorse the renaming of South Delaney Avenue to Martin Luther King BLVD and the capital investment of this street to include security measures to reduce crime in this area, please sign it. This would be a huge step towards the City Council signing it into law

Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC

“Building a better community”

Innocent Victim Shot Execution Style in Avon Park, Florida

 Dwayne Council

Innocent Victim Shot Execution Style in Avon Park, Florida

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. of Avon Park was found shot to death early this morning in Avon Park. It was said he was shot several times by a 45 caliber execution style. The police officer who investigated the shooting of our headquarters location last week said it was probably a 45 caliber handgun that did the damages to our building. I hope this is a coincidence and not the same shooter. He was said to be a good kid, that wasn’t involved with drugs and that is what makes this so disturbing. He was a football star in high school here in Avon Park. But obviously he was out late that at night and was with bad company

There are all kinds of rumors are on the streets concerning this incident and from what people are saying he was an innocent victim. Yet nobody seems to know who was responsible for his demise. But from what I am hearing the killer will be brought to justice, because even though nobody is talking publicly, there is just too much surrounding this incident for the truth to not become known to law enforcement, by snitches. The shooters best friends will become his worst enemy.

Avon Park, Florida has a lot of confidential informants on the loose and as sure as people know what happened law enforcement will find out, because that is what people do in Avon Park, to cover their own butts when they get busted for stupid folly as small as a traffic infraction, they snitch on their friends to stay out of jail.

It seems like the angel of death has come to Avon Park this week, because about 5 people died this week. There will be a lot of funeral on Saturday November 30th. I said it before and I will say it again, too much is going on in this small town. Too much crime and too much violence. And when my building was shot for no reason, law enforcement should have stepped up to the plate and looked into why it happened, because it could have save this kids life. Because people randomly shoot guns around here and as a result an innocent kid is now dead. Avon Park needs federal oversight to look into the crime wave here.

There is just too much crime in Avon Park and by design the Delaney Strip harbors criminal behaviorisms. And I am tired of it because I live here right next to the Delaney Avenue strip, just a block away. And law enforcement put us in this predicament, by closing down the Beachfront nightclub area, now all the night action comes to this residential area, instead outside the county lines, its in the city limits. I mean people live here and it is ridicules how this are run in this town.

It is not enough that we are in a redlining district, whereby businesses cannot get loans to renovate their properties. I mean this is not the first murder out of this area in recent times, so the excuse of closing down the Beachfront nightclub to prevent crime is ludicrous. Its like nobody cares about us, because we are poor. But something has to change and soon.

I feel like someone has to put these killers and thugs away for a long time and there are too many of them. We are being overrun. Because when someone kills somebody, they either should have to go to jail for a long time and be forced to move out of our town to never come back. It is not right for killer so simply be on the loose and that seems to be the case.

Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC

Coward Thugs Place Two Bullet Holes in Blue Building

Blue Building

Coward Thugs Place Two Bullet Holes in Blue Building

It was very early in the morning about 4:00 AM on Monday November 4th, 2013. I heard about 4 or 5 gun shots fired from a large gun and then I went back to sleep.  It was my poor judgment to not call the police, because I felt this is the way of Delaney Avenue, in the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park. You get used to this where I live.  Then two day later, I discovered two large bullet holes in our headquarters building and one of them was about 2 or 3 feet from the window where my desk is at. I then informed the sheriff department, but it was too late to investigate the shooting.  This hampered my morale.  I asked myself, why do I bother to even stay here, because these people really do not care about anything?


I left New York City my hometown where I was loved and had some real friends and an opportunity with Services for the Underserved (SUS) an 85 Million dollar annual non profit organization, whereby I worked in the central office with my own cubicle in a job program, to come here to Avon Park to do community work.


This year we started Project Creativity, which is an artistic program that reaches out to disadvantaged young adults, basically between the ages of 18 to 35. I think it is a wonderful idea and program that could help many of the people we are targeting. But I feel betrayed by them, because of this senseless shooting that was very dangerous. I could have been killed, because sometimes I am in the office funny hours, to do recording studio work during quiet hours like very early in the morning.


However, I feel the problem is really bigger than these kids.  The City of Avon Park and County of Highlands, placed them into this vicinity by design to cause mayhem and destruction.  See we had a place for the late party goers called the Beachfront. It is now owned by Royal Empire Invest Corp Trustee.  It is worth over 250G, yet they cannot even open the establishment due to politics, even after investing over 100G in renovations.  I think there is something unethical going on here.  The word is out that they cannot get water on their property and therefore cannot open the club and the City and County is stopping them because of the crime rate that was once there.


However, the Beachfront is isolated with one way in and one way out, while the Southside Redevelopment Area is a residential area. So all of the late hanging out now takes place in a residential area as a means to reduce crime? To be honest I smell a fish and someone needs to look in to this.  Because the Beachfront is closed and cannot open, now the Southside Redevelopment Area inherited the crime and confusion that was once isolated across county lines, where law enforcement could easily control criminal behavior and enterprising if the chose to do so.


There are a lot of scenarios that could have taken place that Monday morning. The bullet could have went 3 feet higher and went  through the window hitting something in  the window frame and changing directions to exit the other side into a home on two lots over, killing a kid in bed. Or I could have been in there and got shot. But they call themselves preventing crime by closing down the Beachfront?


Now as a result of this, Delaney Avenue is infested with drugs and crime all hours of the day and night and it goes unattended by law enforcement. And I cannot remain silent any longer, because I cannot see how I can coexist, with what is going on here.  I live three lots from  our headquarters location. Therefore, I live in this cesspool of crime, drugs and late hour gun shooting. And this is not right and it is not fair to place this chaos where I and other people live, to prevent crime in a non residential area outside the county limits.  Now what happens on New Years eve?  The police will be nowhere to be found on that night because they never are.


And like I said the things that go on  here in Avon Park and Highlands County, simply because there is no federal oversight. They do as the please here and get away with it, because they can. And it is sad, because they turned the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park, Delaney Avenue strip into a slum area. All the real businesses are going out of business.  And nothing is right about this area and everything is wrong and it was done to us by design. For the sake of reducing crime in an isolated area, while shutting down the best property in the area, which could bring in tax revenue. I smell a fish and someone should look in to this, before an innocent child gets killed over here where people live. I think they are trying to steal that property from its owners and it has nothing to do with crime, because there is nothing but crime on the Delaney   Avenue strip.


Frank Paul Jones