The Delaney Avenue Renaissance

Paul in Avon Park, FL

The Delaney   Avenue Renaissance

The City of Avon Park, FL came up with $125,000 and is submitting a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant for $500,000 in matching funds for the year 2014. The CDBG grant is under the umbrella of HUD and is federal money.  The $625,000 will be spent to revitalize South Delaney Avenue in the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park to attract business back into the area by redeveloping the streets.  This project will include but not be limited to adding street lights, burying the utilities and power lines, fixing the sewage problem to prevent flooding in the area and they are trying to get funding to enhance the security in the area with security cameras, to reduce crime.  And there is a good change we might get this funding this year.


There was also a consensus by the CRA Community Redevelopment Agency, Southside District and Maria Sutherland the Administrative Services Director of Avon Park that fixing the streets without rehabilitating the buildings on the streets, would not solve the problems of this business district.  And we need to find money to help these business owners rehabilitate their buildings.  Therefore the job of the CRA and City Council of Avon Park will not be completed without finding grants and low interest loans to help these struggling businesses get back on their feet.  Grants are imperative to the redevelopment the businesses physical structure (buildings) and low interest loans will be needed to stock up these businesses with inventory and equipment necessary to function properly. And with the proper business models, promotions and advertisement there is hope for South Delaney   Avenue.


This area is a redlining district and the old business model has collapsed into insignificance due to the changes in our demographics. Back in the old days of the 1970’s and 1980’s most of these business were jug joints, whereby the cliental were the local agricultural workers. They supported these businesses because of their mentality of working hard and playing hard. But now most the agricultural workers in Avon Park are migrants out of Mexico and many of the African American population are chronically unemployed and due to our poor education system in Highlands County whereby Avon Park High School is one of the worst performing High Schools in Highlands County and because it was never designed to create an educated population because of the work that was available here, many are without high school diplomas and/or job skills and therefore cannot benefit from many of the retail establishments now in Highlands County.  For this reason the local businesses on the Southside are struggling due to the high crime rate which is byproduct of high unemployment,  which prevents outside cliental from patronizing these establishments.  Therefore the high crime rate must be address, which means job training has to also be considered to truly revitalized South Delaney Avenue as well as perhaps light industry to employ the whole population of Avon Park. There is simply not enough jobs to go around and the jobs we do have people in the Southside are not qualified to get now. Job growth in Highlands County is in the negative digits.


Not many white people come to South Delaney Avenue because of the fear of the criminal behavior in the area. The only white people we attract are prostitutes and drug addicts looking for a fast dollar and a dope fix. And this does not help the businesses in the area prosper.


Something that I think is significant that is  on the table is the renaming of Delaney Avenue to Martin Luther King BLVD.  Members of the CRA and the people of our community wants this badly. The voices of the people is to relinquish the name Delaney for Dr. King. But there is a growing feeling it will not happen because the Delaney Family has political power in Avon   Park, FL. And I do not think their political clout is a good enough reason to prevent this name change, which could enhance our Renaissance.


They say Mr. Delaney who the street is currently named after was the Mayor in Avon Park, FL. But I cannot even Goggle his name and get results, so exactly what was his great contribution to Avon Park, was he a mayor during the segregated south?  Tell me!  Is he an old time owner of the once segregated Southside Redevelopment Area?  Who was he, to get in the way of real progress in Avon Park, FL?  It is the consensus of the people of the Southside Redevelopment Area that the changing of the name to Martin   Luther King BLVD, could bring back black pride to our community.


Today we at the Southside Redevelopment Area are filled with of many symbolically castrated black men (disenfranchised) and disgraced black women (lost to the streets) and the Delaney Family doesn’t have any community ties with us at all or with the problems we face such as the high crime rate, drug infestation, the AIDS pandemic and the economic disaster or local depression, so why are we being forced to bear his name on our streets today?  Where is the Delaney Family when it comes to us?  Therefore we need to know the procedure required for this name change and do this by the books. The City Attorney must explain to us why we are forced to bear this name under our current conditions.  Just because they (The Delaney Family) know people in City Hall is not a good enough reason to force us to carry his name on our streets anymore, this street needs to identify with the residents and people of our local community if this community is to come out of our sense of lack of ownership of community and the lack of dignity within the people who live here.


The people of Avon Park must become active and concerned about what is going on here in  Avon Park now and in the present.  I especially call on the business owners, the churches and its leadership and other non profit organizations, because with us the people will follow.  There is just too much crime and too much drugs and killing to not get involved with what is going on now. People find it easy to speak out against our City officials, but do nothing to make a change in our legislation processes and decisions. Now I am giving people $625,000 reasons to get involved in the Southside Redevelopment Area. While the CRA meetings are almost always empty, we find it convenient to simply complain, while the City Council meetings are almost always empty, we simply complain and do not voice our opinions.  Wake up people, wake up!


Now I am going to tell you something you may not want to hear, but it is real. A drug epidemic like nothing since the 1960’s is about to hit us hard. With the troops returning from the Middle East and Afghanistan where the poppy plants has been harvested for several years undisturbed under the protection of the United States Government. South Delaney Avenue is an  incubator for this disaster in the making.  If we do not solve the crime on these streets now, with better education, job development and new business models to reduce crime here, we will not be able to handle it later.  Opiates is now the drug of choice in America, but a good and cheep supply of dope is simply not available, so people shoot up stuff like Oxycontin. But this is about to change soon. And with a new heroin epidemic comes more AIDS infections, in an already town filled with sexual immorality. And unlike crack,  heroin addicts need their fixes every morning and daily. This will lead to crime unlike we ever experience in Highlands County, especially coupled with these bad economic times unlike the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Heroin on the streets of South Delaney Avenue must be averted.  A heroin epidemic in Avon Park on South Delaney Avenue may well be the price paid for our silence  now. So I warn the good citizens of Avon Park to wake up, because under these conditions  nobody in Avon Park or Highlands County will be safe. Not any community not any people in our town will be safe.


Frank Paul Jones


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Marijuana is Addictive but Should be Legalized


Marijuana is Addictive but Should be Legalized

I stopped smoking marijuana in February of 2013 and also quit drinking at that time as well. In the past I had problems with alcohol even though it is decriminalized. In my recent past however, I did not drink as heavily as I did in before, but still it created problems in my life. Marijuana is a different story, because it is not legal to use in the State of Florida, not even medically. Where I live in Avon Park, FL, if they catch you with as little as a nickel bag of weed they will suspend your drivers license. So it is my position that even controlled recreational use of marijuana is actually a problem here in State of Florida, because of the law. Therefore for legal and health reasons as well as economical reasons I quit smoking.

I am for (support) the fight to legalize or decriminalize marijuana not just for medical use as they are attempting to do now in the State of Florida, but also for recreational use. I think the drug is much safer than alcohol based on comparison use experience and its legalization I think would reduce alcohol consumption, because like me, many people simply do not use marijuana because it is illegal and has too many bad consequences if you get caught with it or have it in your system.

Marijuana stays in your system for over 30 to 60 days, so if you are an employee for a company or the government which monitors drug use, you have a problem with using marijuana. But still many people use it and take the risk of losing their jobs behind their so-called recreational use. And many people are locked out of the workforce due to marijuana use and know this and still use. This brings into question is the use of marijuana really recreational for the many users of it?

I believe that marijuana is in fact psychologically addictive. I went to rehabilitation to stop smoking, as it became an everyday event for me. Sometimes I smoked and could not hold it into my lungs, because my lungs were too tired from all of my smoking. Yet I continued to at least try to smoke, while wasting my money and coughing it up. When I started smoking in my last stint, it was to help me sleep at first, which is really does help me do. And then, I found that I really work harder and was my enthusiastic in my recording studio under the influence of marijuana. I really helps my creativity, so I started smoking to make music productions. But it also make me feel good, so I smoked simply to feel better and like I said it became an everyday event for me and sometimes an all day event. So was this actually recreational use or functionality use?

Still I believe marijuana should be decriminalized if only because it makes economic sense for our nation as a whole. Too many people are doing it anyway for the Justice Department to enforce prohibition. Too many young lives have already been ruined and too many people are in prison and jail or have criminal records for marijuana related offenses. Our government cannot sustain the costs of prohibition verse taxation. And as things stand marijuana addiction is taboo.

I am a veteran and went to a VA Medical Center for rehabilitation and though marijuana is said to be a schedule one drug (the worst drug) and many opiates and cocaine are considered a lesser schedule or schedule two drug, I was not treated as so. While opiate users were asked to stay 4 additional months, they released me without my requesting it a week early or after only three weeks and said I was doing good and should go home. Why? Because marijuana addiction isn’t taken seriously. But it is destroying more lives than any other drug on the market, not just because of the laws on the books that are being enforced, but because of the peoples willingness to use it in spite of the law. Whereby people think it is harmless it really isn’t. Because it is against the law and stays in your system for over 30 to 60 days making it easy to be found in your system even weeks after using it. And knowing this people still tend to use it regardless. These fact makes it dangerous not as a health issue directly, but as a self preservation issue. It directly effects people livelihood and freedom.

I think the idea that marijuana is safer than alcohol is true. I think for one reason alcohol abuse often leads to violent crimes, while marijuana often does not. But the idea that it is not addictive is a fallacy. People negligently use it in spite of it negative consequences, only because they actually have a problem or addiction to marijuana. Many people smoke marijuana knowing they will never get a job as a result of it and then use trickery to passed the urine test, when they decide to go look for a job, because they cannot quit. Is that really recreational use, when you deny yourself a living for you recreational activities? Most certainly not! I believe in “work hard and play hard,” but if you cannot work often you cannot eat, unless you get food stamps. And on food stamps to support your marijuana habit you have to commit crimes and often women sell their body which is a crime. Therefore marijuana use often develops into criminal behavior.

So my position of decriminalizing marijuana is not based on its safe use factors alone. But the legalization of it, would create funding to help those who do have a problem with it, because they would be paying into a system of regulatory controls which should include rehabilitation programs subsidies. Though legalizing it will create more use of it, it would also decrease alcohol consumption, which is a good tradeoff. This I think would actually reduce crime. But it would also end the taboo concerning its addictive nature as far as treatment is concerned. It would decrease the prison population and it would increase our labor pools. Because many people are disqualified from working simply because of their marijuana use, yet their addiction or problem is better than the alcohol user counterpart who has a job or can at least look for one. And if they can work, they will not need to commit crimes to smoke their weed.

In summary, I quit smoking because it was not good for me. And I must assume that other people can make the same distinction if they realize they have a problem with its use. Not all people have addictive personalities and will become addicted to marijuana as I did. But the functionality of a marijuana addict I think is higher than an alcoholic. For one they are not as inherently violent in nature, yet many will mix the two, which isn’t a good idea. Which would be an indicator of an alcohol problem in my humble opinion.

It is just a matter of time before prohibition ends on federal the level and now the debate should no longer be on legal verse illegal, but should shift to how to implement the law once prohibition ends, in order that it is properly regulated by properly using the tax subsidies to enforce the law among the people, preventing monopolies in its distribution and sales and providing treatment for those who fall between the holes and become addicted due to its easy access as well as those who are already addicted, whose addiction will no longer be taboo.

Frank Paul Jones

Man Arrested for Tampering with Evidence in Dwayne Council Murder Case

Javon Moses

Man Arrested for Tampering with Evidence in Dwayne Council Murder Case

Javon Moses aka Mojo was arrested Friday 12/13/2013 for tampering with evidence in the Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. murder investigation according to the Highlands Today local newspaper. The charges was based on reports that he burned some clothing soon after the murder was committed and was seen with Dwayne Council Jr. going into the direction where he was later found killed. Also according to reports Dwayne Council Jr. was seen giving a pistol to Javon Moses “Mojo” only minutes before some shots were heard being fired by witnesses. It is not clear if Javon Moses or Dwayne Council Jr. had a permit to carry a concealed firearm, but it is doubtful.


The Sheriff Department have not charged Javon Moses for murder or released information as to the possibility of him being charged for murder, so it is not clear if he is a murder suspect or simply is believed by law enforcement to know something about what happened to Dwayne Council Jr. And they still have not come up with the motive behind why Dwayne Council Jr. was murdered in cold blood execution style.


When Dwayne Council was first killed a lot of reports spoke highly of him, to include me. He was a High School celebrity football player here in Avon Park, FL., and was working for the Avon Park Youth Academy with intentions of becoming a law enforcement officer, prior to being killed. Everyone spoke highly of him and though I personally didn’t know him from what people said (reports) about him, I also assumed he was an upright kid.


Now I do not know what to think anymore, if these allegations are proved to be factual. Because the illegal possession of a firearm could be a felony in Florida, if you are a convicted felon, under 16 years old, have mental problems, or committed domestic abuse related crimes and what gets most people is you cannot conceal a firearm regardless without a permit to carry it and for doing this you can get up to 5 years in prison for a third degree felony.  And not only that but firearms is the leading cause of death for our youth.


As we all know there is a lot of gun violence in the United States. There is about 300 million guns in the U.S. today and about 30,000 people are killed by gun violence each year or about 30 people a day. Homicide is the second leading killer for people between the ages of 15 to 24 and ranks first among African Americans at this age group.  So I take gun possession serious, even more serious than the possession of crack cocaine


For this reason I think when Avon Park gets this grant to beautify the Southside Redevelopment Area for about $900,000, which includes where this murder body was found as well as other murders happened here recently.  We should not invest in more palm tree which is only cosmetic, but should consider added electronic surveillance devices on our light poles and streets to detect guns being fired (a new technology being used in urban areas) and watch our community with cameras to reduce this a high rate of crime. And this development should be added to South Delaney Avenue where most of the chaos originates and perpetuates. Meanwhile at the City Council of Avon Park, it is being considered and discussed to rename South Delaney Avenue to Martin Luther King BLVD, which I think would bring back community pride in the African American Community of Avon Park, whereby Delaney Avenue is the core area of black businesses, our churches and residential community, which is becoming a slum area being overrun by young thugs committing petty crimes, because there are simply no jobs here in Highlands County for most of them. Which makes me wonder about Dwayne Terrence Council Jr., because he had a job and a promising future here in Avon Park, yet he probably illegally possessed and transferred a firearm.


Frank Paul Jones


Paul Reflects on the Year 2013

Paul in limo

Paul Reflects on the Year 2013

I moved down here to Avon Park, Florida in November 2009. It is a small town or city, depending on who describes it. It is considered a rural area. Avon Park is a part of Highlands County with about 100,000 people and it has a population of under 10,000 people, with about 59% white and 29% black people as residents. I am from New York City born and raised in the borough of Queens, in the Long Island City area. I am from a project complex called The Queensbridge Projects. Back in New York City is where most of my friends are located, here I have plenty of family but few friends if any, with the understanding that a true friend is rare anyway. And due to trust issues, I am slow to make friends now. And instead of a project apartment, I have small house to live in.

Now I am 54 years old going on 65 on 4 March 2014, I really feel like I aged over the past 4 years, quicker than I should have. Avon Park has a weak real estate market now due to the real estate crash in Florida and it will be weak for a few years to come before it recovers. So if I was in the market to buy a bigger home and I might be in a year or so, I could purchase something nice for a little money. Also, we have an office building, which is owned by a non profit organization which I am the President and Chairman of and as the agent of the NCNCHINC, I have a lot of say as to this real estate and it uses.

Our organization was designed by me and we are into artistic programs, such as a recording studio, live performances (giving and sponsoring shows), a non profit newspaper, a magazine, workshops for creative writing, music production and job search. So the organization by design supports what I want to do with the rest of my life, which is to make music and write stuff and share what I know with the younger generation. So I should be energetic and enthusiastic about our prospects, but I miss my friends and I miss New York City. I am not really happy down here to be honest.

I might be going into the hospital real soon for inpatient therapy dealing with an old issue that has gone untreated and unresolved for many years. And while at the VA Medical Center, I have to make major decisions about how I want to live the rest of my life. And because I feel my days are limited, as I said I have aged a lot in spirit the last few years, I have little room for error. Whatever I decide to do, I have to go at it with both feet in, knowing there is no turning back this time. If I buy a house, I know I will have to live in it for a while, if not the rest of my life. And for this reason I think I need to visit New York City next year (2014), because I remember something I did in the past that I have to also consider. When I was 18 years old and was in the Army in Germany, I got out of the Army to go back home (homesick), only to realize there was nothing there for me, which was why I left, only to reenlist and lose 4 years in my career in the process.

I now have an opportunity here in Avon Park, Florida to fulfill many of my dreams, but it seems like I am homesick again. And if things fall my way, economically I would be better off here in Avon Park and I have the setup to help others in the process of helping myself, while living comfortably. I do not know what I want to do, but I know I have to make a clear and concise decision soon.

The year 2013 for me is a year of finality. I have been working hard on the NCNCHINC for about 4 years now. When I got here, we had a skeleton with a leaky roof and we had no money to fix it. My sister Egeria RIP, left us money that we were able to use some of it to replace the roof and while we are still pending our 501 c 3 statuses, we have a fiscal sponsor, which now allows us to accept tax deductible charitable donations in the interim, something we could not do for years. So it looks like things are looking up and in my favor finally with the Veterans Affairs Department. I now have lawyer working my service connected disability case, who is doing a fine job I must add. So things might happen for me and our organization in 2014. And to walk away from this could turn out to be very foolish of me. Like when I got out of the Army the first time, to go back to nothing.

I think the right answers will come to me, when I go into therapy, which will last a few weeks, whereby the whole time will be for me to focus on me and what I want to do with the rest of my life. And now all I really want out of life, is to make sense of my existence. I plan to start my autobiography soon and all I want is for my life to have meaning and I understand the reason I was put on earth to begin with. And I just want to do something good before the end of the final chapter.

Frank Paul Jones
President of the NCNCHINC

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder May Soon Be Solved

Dwayne Council

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder May Soon Be Solved

The word is on the streets is that a search has been implement, to find the person believed to be the murderer of Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. I cannot reveal his name yet, because it is a rumor that he did it, but it is a fact that the police are looking for him to question him and he is nowhere to be found, which makes him seem guilty even if he is not. Because he normally hangs out on the streets everyday and now he disappeared.

When the arrest is made or an All Points Bulletin (APB) is made public and his name is publicly released by law enforcement as a suspect, I will immediately report on it, but I think it would be reckless and premature of me to release his name prior to this.

And from what I heard about this, it was a senseless murder. And I think it might have been a crime of passion to some degree and this is sad. If what I am told is true and I believe it is, he now regrets what he did and throw his young life away, because he will probably get life for this crime and he is a young man himself. It is sad! There are no winners in this. Avon Park lost two young men as a result of this murder.

Avon Park is a small town and in all of Highlands County there are only about 10,000 black residents, because we represent about 10% of the population of 100,000 people. Yet New York City could fit in Highlands County, it is that large. And when something like this happens, it seems like everyone is effected to some degree. There is a lot – too much violence in Avon Park, Florida and it is partially due to the culture that is ignorance based. To be straight forward, people down here like to stay out on the streets all late hours into the night and go to parties and clubs and drink hard and use drugs and I mean hard drugs like ecstasy. And this is coupled with the “have a hand gun mentality”. This is a cocktail of jails, institutions and death. The streets here are more dangerous than many urban areas. Because people here on top of all of this cannot find a job, even if they want one. Job growth here is in negative figures.

My problem with Avon Park law enforcement is that they let this go on unattended. In Sebring which is also in Highlands County, they have night clubs and the police be in these clubs during their hours of operation and they are required to close at 2:00 AM. When there is a problem, there is an arrest. They have good crowd control. But these clubs are white owned and therefore there is a different set of rules concerning them. So instead of allowing the Beachfront Club to operate in Avon Park outside the county lines with law enforcement oversight, they just shut it down to never open again. And because of this, all the night action is now in a residential area within the city limits and it goes unattended. They can stay opened all night if they want to or until a act of violence takes place and then the police might show up. Again I say – might show up.

Things like the Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. murder and there were others in recent history that happened here, happened because the night life here is not being controlled or regulated. It is allowed to happen unattended. It is like they are actually saying let those blacks kill each other, as long as they keep it in their section, which is a redlining district. They are creating a slam area here, which is controlled by no money earning thugs and petty criminals. Which is causing businesses to be forced to shut down and properties to be demolished. Why? Because we cannot attract good cliental into our area due to the dangerous environment full of drugs and drug addicts.

And as fast as they put this murderer away, it will be forgotten by next week and soon there will be another violent crime and another violent crime. Because this area is a cocktail for chaos and corruption, murder and mayhem. And the good people of our community are tired of this, so something must be done other than the arrest of this heartless murderer. There must be rules and parameters designed and enforced to bring forth safer living conditions and a better business environment. And if this doesn’t happen, we need federal oversight to determine why this is allowed to continue.

Frank Paul Jones

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder Suspect released

Football Field where Dwayne Terrence  Council Jr. was killed

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder Suspect released

A man was taken into custody by the Highlands County Sheriff Department and after a thorough investigation he was released. I will not mention his name, because he deserves his privacy, but because he got into a fight that night and lost, he became a suspect. He was the only person they figured would have a motive to harm Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. that night, who is not a know criminal.


I guess this brings the investigation back to square one, because at the time nobody is in custody, so therefore I have to assume they do not know who did it. This can brings forth a lot of theories, which could create leads or more confusion.


Around Monday the 4th of November the headquarters building of the National Community Network and Coalition in AvonPark was shot twice by an unknown shooter for no apparent reason.  One of the slugs was only about 2 or 3 feet from the window where my desk is at.  They say Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. was shot by a 45 caliber and the investigating police officer of the building shooting said it was probably a 45 caliber that caused the damages on our building.  The slugs did not penetrate through the walls and is probably still in the block.  If it was the same gun, this could be a lead.  I am sure somebody knows who shot our building.


Then there is always the race card or random violence. Being it was very late at night or very early in the morning when he was killed at an empty football field, it is possible it was a random killing or by a hate group. Then there is the possibility that it was a killing of opportunity, which would be the worst case scenario. There is the possibility that someone killed him, because the opportunity presented itself.  This could be the result of an interloper or just a cold hearted killer, who is still on the loose. This case scenario puts our community in danger, because it can happen again and again.


Whatever the case, whoever did it is not in custody and the word on the streets is nobody seems to know who did it, publicly speaking anyway. So there is a real possibility that this crime may go unresolved for long time, but there is no statute of limitations on murder and especially premeditated murder. So if more than one person was involved and if other people know what happened and are simply keeping it to themselves now, the chances are the truth will come to the light, because even real gangsters seem to not be able to keep murders a secret for very long.  People always snitch when they need leverage to cover their own butts, when they get busted.


As a former gangster out of New York City, I understand that sometimes business decisions leads to murders or killing to those in the circle, but usually these people are a part of something, which they made a vow of secrecy to be a part of it.  And the possibility of being killed goes with the territory of the association of organized crime, which was understood from the beginning.  But I do not condone or understand murders due to emotional based revenge – such as street fights or random murders out of opportunity. I do not condone senseless killings in the community in which I live. When people like this is on the streets, it is unsafe for us all, because it is a sign of an undisciplined person with a handgun, willing to use it without just cause or out of emotions.


I think this is bad for the business of illegal enterprises. I mean  things happen on the Delaney Avenue Strip and it is obvious that law enforcement allows it to go on uninterrupted. I do not think a lot of money is being made there, but the area is clearly chaotic and that might be a problem.  There is really little organizational structure in AvonPark as far as criminal enterprises are concerned and therefore nobody has the power to control the criminals, but law enforcement. I do not know of a Dom over the Delaney Avenue Strip. It is just a bunch of freelancers committing petty crimes, who are pissing up the streets.


If I was in New   York City, I could resolve a crime like this for the good of our business enterprises.  Because when senseless crimes like this take place in our territory, either someone goes to jail for it or has to leave town forever, for the good of the community. But here there is no Dom, so it is up to law enforcement to put their foot down. How business continues as usual in the aftermath of a seemingly senseless murder like this, I just do not understand.


Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC

Innocent Victim Shot Execution Style in Avon Park, Florida

 Dwayne Council

Innocent Victim Shot Execution Style in Avon Park, Florida

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. of Avon Park was found shot to death early this morning in Avon Park. It was said he was shot several times by a 45 caliber execution style. The police officer who investigated the shooting of our headquarters location last week said it was probably a 45 caliber handgun that did the damages to our building. I hope this is a coincidence and not the same shooter. He was said to be a good kid, that wasn’t involved with drugs and that is what makes this so disturbing. He was a football star in high school here in Avon Park. But obviously he was out late that at night and was with bad company

There are all kinds of rumors are on the streets concerning this incident and from what people are saying he was an innocent victim. Yet nobody seems to know who was responsible for his demise. But from what I am hearing the killer will be brought to justice, because even though nobody is talking publicly, there is just too much surrounding this incident for the truth to not become known to law enforcement, by snitches. The shooters best friends will become his worst enemy.

Avon Park, Florida has a lot of confidential informants on the loose and as sure as people know what happened law enforcement will find out, because that is what people do in Avon Park, to cover their own butts when they get busted for stupid folly as small as a traffic infraction, they snitch on their friends to stay out of jail.

It seems like the angel of death has come to Avon Park this week, because about 5 people died this week. There will be a lot of funeral on Saturday November 30th. I said it before and I will say it again, too much is going on in this small town. Too much crime and too much violence. And when my building was shot for no reason, law enforcement should have stepped up to the plate and looked into why it happened, because it could have save this kids life. Because people randomly shoot guns around here and as a result an innocent kid is now dead. Avon Park needs federal oversight to look into the crime wave here.

There is just too much crime in Avon Park and by design the Delaney Strip harbors criminal behaviorisms. And I am tired of it because I live here right next to the Delaney Avenue strip, just a block away. And law enforcement put us in this predicament, by closing down the Beachfront nightclub area, now all the night action comes to this residential area, instead outside the county lines, its in the city limits. I mean people live here and it is ridicules how this are run in this town.

It is not enough that we are in a redlining district, whereby businesses cannot get loans to renovate their properties. I mean this is not the first murder out of this area in recent times, so the excuse of closing down the Beachfront nightclub to prevent crime is ludicrous. Its like nobody cares about us, because we are poor. But something has to change and soon.

I feel like someone has to put these killers and thugs away for a long time and there are too many of them. We are being overrun. Because when someone kills somebody, they either should have to go to jail for a long time and be forced to move out of our town to never come back. It is not right for killer so simply be on the loose and that seems to be the case.

Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC

Coward Thugs Place Two Bullet Holes in Blue Building

Blue Building

Coward Thugs Place Two Bullet Holes in Blue Building

It was very early in the morning about 4:00 AM on Monday November 4th, 2013. I heard about 4 or 5 gun shots fired from a large gun and then I went back to sleep.  It was my poor judgment to not call the police, because I felt this is the way of Delaney Avenue, in the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park. You get used to this where I live.  Then two day later, I discovered two large bullet holes in our headquarters building and one of them was about 2 or 3 feet from the window where my desk is at. I then informed the sheriff department, but it was too late to investigate the shooting.  This hampered my morale.  I asked myself, why do I bother to even stay here, because these people really do not care about anything?


I left New York City my hometown where I was loved and had some real friends and an opportunity with Services for the Underserved (SUS) an 85 Million dollar annual non profit organization, whereby I worked in the central office with my own cubicle in a job program, to come here to Avon Park to do community work.


This year we started Project Creativity, which is an artistic program that reaches out to disadvantaged young adults, basically between the ages of 18 to 35. I think it is a wonderful idea and program that could help many of the people we are targeting. But I feel betrayed by them, because of this senseless shooting that was very dangerous. I could have been killed, because sometimes I am in the office funny hours, to do recording studio work during quiet hours like very early in the morning.


However, I feel the problem is really bigger than these kids.  The City of Avon Park and County of Highlands, placed them into this vicinity by design to cause mayhem and destruction.  See we had a place for the late party goers called the Beachfront. It is now owned by Royal Empire Invest Corp Trustee.  It is worth over 250G, yet they cannot even open the establishment due to politics, even after investing over 100G in renovations.  I think there is something unethical going on here.  The word is out that they cannot get water on their property and therefore cannot open the club and the City and County is stopping them because of the crime rate that was once there.


However, the Beachfront is isolated with one way in and one way out, while the Southside Redevelopment Area is a residential area. So all of the late hanging out now takes place in a residential area as a means to reduce crime? To be honest I smell a fish and someone needs to look in to this.  Because the Beachfront is closed and cannot open, now the Southside Redevelopment Area inherited the crime and confusion that was once isolated across county lines, where law enforcement could easily control criminal behavior and enterprising if the chose to do so.


There are a lot of scenarios that could have taken place that Monday morning. The bullet could have went 3 feet higher and went  through the window hitting something in  the window frame and changing directions to exit the other side into a home on two lots over, killing a kid in bed. Or I could have been in there and got shot. But they call themselves preventing crime by closing down the Beachfront?


Now as a result of this, Delaney Avenue is infested with drugs and crime all hours of the day and night and it goes unattended by law enforcement. And I cannot remain silent any longer, because I cannot see how I can coexist, with what is going on here.  I live three lots from  our headquarters location. Therefore, I live in this cesspool of crime, drugs and late hour gun shooting. And this is not right and it is not fair to place this chaos where I and other people live, to prevent crime in a non residential area outside the county limits.  Now what happens on New Years eve?  The police will be nowhere to be found on that night because they never are.


And like I said the things that go on  here in Avon Park and Highlands County, simply because there is no federal oversight. They do as the please here and get away with it, because they can. And it is sad, because they turned the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park, Delaney Avenue strip into a slum area. All the real businesses are going out of business.  And nothing is right about this area and everything is wrong and it was done to us by design. For the sake of reducing crime in an isolated area, while shutting down the best property in the area, which could bring in tax revenue. I smell a fish and someone should look in to this, before an innocent child gets killed over here where people live. I think they are trying to steal that property from its owners and it has nothing to do with crime, because there is nothing but crime on the Delaney   Avenue strip.


Frank Paul Jones

MST Untreated Stole My Life


MST Untreated Stole My Life

For many years I was traumatized due to a military sexual assault, the illness is called MST or military sexual trauma.  I really never dealt with it, but simply allowed my life to deteriorate, while one thing led to another in a self destructive pattern. I recently enrolled in MST therapy through the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and for the first time since the assault occurred I am being proactive in addressing the underlying problems associated with this by actually looking into how it really effected me.

My goal is to obtain a better quality of life and to be successful in gaining service connected disability. I feel that this assault destroyed my life because as a result of it, I halted in development, I stopped growing, in fact, I became insecure  and became worst. And instead of the VA treating my true illness they chose to treat a mere symptom which was “delusional schizophrenia and bipolar disorder,” because they were only concerned with denying me service connected disability they did not address MST and as a result over 24 years have passed by, while it went untreated and I am now 54 years old and have a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Now for the first time I was ask how did the assault effect me and as a result for the first time I actually thought about it in detail and that is the nature of this letter.

I never understood what Paul Castellano meant by saying to Rev. Jesse Jackson he has to overcome it, he had to know, but he has to overcome it.”  Why? Because I was never challenged by anyone to think about it.

First of all, I truly believe that everything that happened in my life was for a reason, to include the late decision by the VA to treat me for MST.  Sure I probably would have had a full life had we did it sooner, but still better late than never.

To say I had to know is talking about knowledge of something and what I had to overcome was the traumatic effect as a result of the knowledge.  I had to know homosexuality or the act of homosexuality inflicted upon me “an assault” and had to overcome whatever happened to my psyche as a result of it.  And because I was not homosexual it was a traumatic experience, because in reality my manhood was taken from me and I will explain.

One of the worst things you can do to a straight man is have another man  rape him. As a result I felt fear, I was afraid to even go to sleep night.  One time I stayed up for about three months.  Because of being raped I begun to hate alcohol, I feared its effects, though I still abused it, because it made me vulnerable and subject to another assault. So while I was afraid to sleep I needed a sedative to put me under. I could not sleep on my own, without the help of a drug and still cannot. I still cannot sleep without medications to assist me.

Soon after I was raped, I realized I was naked as did Adam, which makes me wonder what was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Soon after I got raped I did not feel comfortable taking a shower with other men, which was a requirement in the Army in Germany, because we lived in old style barracks. And I became ashamed of my body and I felt violated and inadequate.  And though I have reason to believe Paul Castellano killed those who conspired to rape me, there was never a sense of closing. I never had closure, because one thing led to another  in a constant self destructive pattern in my life.

Soon after I got out of the military during that enlistment, I drank everyday and made my father promise not to enter into my bedroom while I was asleep, in fear he would hurt me. But I am sure he checked on me to make sure I was OK.  Because at the time he was the only person that I told about I being raped while in Germany. And when I showed him a picture of the people responsible for my assault with their social security numbers on it and said one day I will find them and kill them, he tore up the picture and said “they are already dead.”  It was years later before I even had a flash of their killings. Still until this day I do not remember it all, but only in parts can I remember that night Paul Castellano killed them.

I think John J. Gotti set me up to be assaulted, because I had to know and overcome it and to get even with me. He too was setup while in prison in his younger years and also that man who did him died a horrible death.  But he made it difficult for me to overcome it.  Because now that I think about it Janet Jackson was never for me, but worked for the Mafia and him.

See Janet was used to control me for many years. My relationship with her went back to when I was 16 years old an d she was about 9.  I was hypnotized and tricked into loving her from the beginning and to feel a sense of debt to her. I felt I owed her my love, because of all these bad things I did to her “allegedly”. And as a result of my love for her, the Mafia controlled me. She was never  really my true mate, but was a tool they used to get me to do the many things I did for them. And John J. Gotti told me, “you have to get over her.” Just like I had to get over the assault and had to get over Janet, because she never was for me to begin with. He said I could never be a Dom and be obsessed over her, who was never worthy of my love. But after years and years of this, I found it hard to let go, yet I knew I had to someday.

The sexual assault coupled with a hypnotically induced obsession over Janet Jackson, brought about my long term deterioration. First of all, I was suffering with MST which was going untreated for many years.  Meaning the feelings of fear, insecurity, inadequacy, shame and guilt  to name a few was coupled with an illusionary relationship diagnosed as delusion. And I was preoccupied with the fact that I knew it was true (my associations with her) that I overlooked the fundamental element (fact), which was that she used me to gain the world, never intending to share it with me. She never really cared about me from the beginning.

As a result, I further melted down by disassociating myself with people who cared about me, always worrying about her. I was actually faithful to her for about 10 years, going without sex. Because my believed relations with her was upheld by me being a victim of MST. I see it now as a setup, Janet Jackson was used against me so effectively only because I was already traumatized by a sexual assault, in the military. She in fact was my escape as well as distraction from dealing with my underlying problems associated with MST. And the VA failed me, because had they never addressed my real problem, because I would have gain service connected disability and/or recovered from this traumatic experience.  And because Paul Castellano killed those men, I was accused of destroying a covert unit. But it was centered around me anyway and they dishonored me by allowing this rape to take place and then covering it up as if it n ever happened.

A better quality of life for me, would include some material things, like a better car to drive, my house being renovated, eating quality foods like good steaks ore often, my recording studio being upgraded and updated and the tools to get our non profit organization of the ground, because my non profit organization give me a reason to wakeup each day.

But I know in my heart, now that I am pondering and reflecting on my past and how I got to where I am today in mind, body and spirit. For me to enjoy these things and truly benefit from them, I need peace of mind. I need a true understanding of myself that is consistent with the directions I want to go with the remainder of my life.  I need closure concerning this traumatic event coupled with illusions that controlled my life for over 25 years.

From: The Screenplay “The Apostle.”


Staff Sergeant Winston who was my KEY arranged a meeting with me and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Who are you?

Frank Paul Jones was in the process of becoming Paul Castellano, right before Rev. Jackson.


I am afraid; they are going to kill me.
Then Paul Castellano started laughing, saying Frank Paul Jones is a baby, and he wasn’t that body he just resides in it.


Why you let them do what they did to Paul.


He has to overcome it, he had to know, but he has to overcome it.


What are you going to do to the people responsible for this?


What do you suggest?


They must die.


You are right and I assume you are afraid for your life as well, but you will be all right, it’s all a part of the Master Plan.
The decision was made to protect Jesse, because he had a strong Presidential campaign and the decision was made to handle the people who raped Paul.


I don’t remember the last day in Germany of this tour. All I remember was being with a prostitute in Frankfurt, who told me I had to return to Swhweinfurt to resolve this situation, then I saw Staff Sergeant Winston who said, there he goes, and then later on that night I remember sweating on top of the same prostitute, and she said, now you can go home.

From the <st1:translation_smarttag_15>NIV Holy Bible:

Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”


10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”


11 And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”


12 The man said, “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.”


13 Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”

Frank Paul Jones

Hip Hop Culture – A Setup and Ghetto Flamboyance


Hip Hop Culture – A Setup and Ghetto Flamboyance

One of the most important rules of the underworld of criminals is do not be flamboyant.  Many gangsters have been killed  or put away in prison for long lengths of time for breaking this one basic rule. The reason for this is that flamboyancy brings too much attention to a person and his associates who is attempting to maintain a low profile. The most successful criminals in the history of mankind who experienced longevity in the life of crime did so by maintaining a low profile.  Maintaining a low profile is imperative to a successful gangster or criminal.  Most successful gangsters became known to the public as celebrities in their aftermath.


Sure many will say, “everyone knows who is involved in organized crime as well as criminal behavior on the street corners.” But this is not always true, even though it is said.  And even if you are known as a criminal it doesn’t help at all to be arrogant and smug it into the faces of law enforcement. Because by doing so you make yourself a target on the most wanted list by becoming a public enemy.  Any rational minded person knows crime exist and there are dirty cops that allow these enterprises to prosper. But bringing too much attention to yourself, your operation and associates is a poison pill to any business maneuver, legal or illegal enterprises.  The less people know about you true intentions the better.  And if your intend to make a living breaking the law, you should not boost about it by showing off.  And you must have an exit plan


Just like a silk suit worn by a real gangster, hanging jeans by a street hood is symbol that rings off alarms.  The first thing the police or even an ordinary citizen thinks when they see a Hip Hopper wearing pants well below his waistline is anti-social behavior.   It is the sign of criminal behaviorisms as well as ignorance. And the first person on the most wanted list of street criminals are stupid crooks, because a stupid person breaking the law is considered dangerous.  Law Enforcement has a duty to protect the public from stupid criminals, because they are the type of people who harm innocent people in the process of their criminal behaviors.


What most people are concerned with as far as street crime, is the violence associated with these activities. Understand that over 30,000 people are killed by gun violence every year in this country, with over 100,000 shot by guns.  These are startling statistics and because of this a street hood shouldn’t do anything to associate himself with this fact.


Many psychologist have weighed in on the Hip Hop culture and hanging jeans and have determined that these kids are angry.  No rational criminal wants people and especially law enforcement to think for a moment that he is angry. It is one thing to be a businessman breaking the law and another to be an angry person committing crimes. A criminal shouldn’t want people to fear him when they can like him.  Because it is one thing to be ruthless  and another to be feared. And the difference is a feared man is a target to be killed or snitched out due to fear, because a person will setout to destroy he who he fears and a liked person is never suspected of killing until he is caught.


Now this is not a lesson on how to be a good crook, because good or bad being a crook is wrong.  But it is a lesson on ghetto survival techniques. Because often people who play into these ghetto flamboyant fashion statements are really actually harmless, yet they are perceived as stupid crooks that need to be removed from the streets for public safety.  And it is sad because often they take the heat off of the real criminals who hide behind these foolish actors and shields, not being paid by Hollywood or anyone else for that matter.


Why do you think crime seems to never stop, even as many people constantly get busted everyday?  We all know people who are in jail or recently got busted and is on their way to prison. Yet crime continues to constantly move forward and is getting worst. Why? The answer is because the real crooks are not to be seen. They are not flamboyant on the streets. When they dress up they dress up to go to church or to work, to show off their new rags. They go by the names Doctor, Mister, Misses and reverend and not “Stone Dog” or some other nick name. They are church goers and politicians and do not hangout on the streets getting drunk and high everyday.  But they do their dirt in the privacy of their own homes in private or among their clandestine circle.  And after they are finished using the street thug, they are the ones who call 911, because they are the 411. They know everything, because they fabricate the rules of the streets.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano