Eric Snowden NSA Insider or Outsider Demise Predictions

Eric Snowden

Eric Snowden NSA Insider or Outsider Demise Predictions


Eric Snowden did something (leaked NSA spying secrets) and it took a lot of heart or he was plan stupid or maybe it is all now a cover up by Russia, to pull one of their own spies back out after a job well done. There is no way of knowing why he did what he did or who he really worked or is working for, even from the beginning, because  nobody is telling us these things.  We do not know if he was a plant and no one is telling us all of the information as far as how his application for employment to gain this secret information concerning the security of our nation was even vetted or the connections of the person(s) who approved him for employment to get him inside.  It is not like he was a rocket scientist, but was said to be just an average dude placed into a position of power and/or information.


There is a lot of information concerning Eric Snowden that does not meet the eye.  We do not even know how much more information he has or how much information is now under Russian control. I am sure the CIA knows the spy game very well and there is no way the Russians did not obtain everything known by Eric Snowden by now, for him to have remained in their country in exile this long. But the question not being asked by the media is, is he really in exile or just being debriefed by his employers (the Russians)?


Anyone who looks a television knows that if he is an average Joe, basic truth serum will give them (the Russians) all the information they need to know. And they have access to high tech information gathering technology and drugs.  This is not science fiction, it is real!  I will take it even further, through my own experience with a New York City Mafia Family, I know from experience when you become a Made Man, they use truth serum and the power of hypnosis to interrogate you, so that they know everything about you, all the way down to your past sexual activities.  And when this is done you might remember the hypnotic sessions but you might not, it all depends on if you pass the test or not. As a result of these meetings you just might die, if they find out you was disloyal in the past or even intent to be disloyal in the future.


So even if Eric Snowden is an average Joe who stumbled upon information detrimental to our national security, the Russians know everything about him now, even if he does not know they know it already.  Because part of the power of hypnosis is that you do not remember the conversations you had and while under the influence of hypnosis and truth serum and during these sessions you cannot lie. Unless of course Eric Snowden is one of our best spies, hoodwinking the Russians with false information, which I doubt, because too much damaging information was already revealed and leaked to the American public.


Therefore our intelligence agencies know for a fact that everything known by Eric Snowden, his entire life from childhood through adulthood is known by the Russians. Now the question is what more will be leaked to the American people?  America is not trying to prevent the Russians from knowing what Eric Snowden knows, because this damage is done already, it is the American people who must remain in the dark.


And it is for this reason I predict Eric Snowden will probably die and unexpected death. I do not think America wants to put him on trial unless it is done in a very secured manner.  What American security is now concerned with, is how much does he really know and how much of this information will reach the America public. Placing Eric Snowden in prison even for life may not suffice and it will not necessarily benefit the Russians to show their whole hand and expose everything they gathered through their Eric Snowden interrogation.  Therefore it is in America’s interest now to seal this case and silence Eric Snowden forever, while negotiating with the Russians in a Quid Pro Quo deal to not reveal their dirty laundry if they do not expose ours.  Eric Snowden would therefore become a pawn in these espionage games and expendable.


Frank Paul Jones