Black Leaders AWOL on Top Social Issue

Rev. Jackson & Rev. Sharpton

Black Leaders AWOL on Top Social Issue


Facts:  There are 21 legal medical marijuana states and DC and 5 states pending medical marijuana legalization in 2014.  By 2015 over half the states our the Union, could be  allowed the produce, distributed, sell and use of medical marijuana legally.  Meanwhile, President Obama during his White House Correspondence Diner on  May 3rd, 2014, he jokingly said referring Legalized Recreational Use of Marijuana in the States of Colorado and Washington as a social experiment they are allowing, he said to this effect that, “We are not eavesdropping on people in Washington and Colorado, having stupid conversations over the phone, as a part of our social experiment taking place that we are allowing.”


How did he know the conversations were stupid?  The NSA? What do you think is really happening?


Facts and opinion based on trends: With 2 States allowing recreational marijuana and 25 States allowing medical marijuana to be sold in their States and a Federal Government not enforcing the marijuana drug laws, with the understanding that marijuana is listed as a schedule one drug (one of the most dangerous drugs on the streets) by the DEA.  Compounded by the Attorney General Eric Holder’s position to ease up on the sentencing guidelines for non violent drug offenses, what do you really think will be the natural transition or future plans?  We predict that one of President Obama last acts aside from his presidential pardons, will be the signing of legislation to end the prohibition of marijuana in the whole United States. He leaves office in only 970 days on 20 January 2017.  The countdown has begun!


My argument is there are no nationally recognized black leaders or investors on the forefront of this serious social issue that is also a serious economic issue.  Our focus as black people seems to be as consumers only, focusing on who will be able to use the drugs to get high, for medical purposes or our plans to never use such a drug as good Christian of sorts. Yet already we have a $40 billion marijuana crop in the United States, which is our most valued crop by far and Gov. Scott of Florida just agreed to sign a bill into law SB 1023 that will allow the State of Florida to grow a marijuana crop worth about $7.5 Billion easy or about 20% of our current total product.


Yet from first glace, his plan doesn’t even include black people as potential distributors.  We will not even be able to bid in the State of Florida for a medical marijuana dispensary. Unless we have black owned plant nurseries that was in business for 30 continuous years and can produce at least 240,000 plants, even Oprah Winfrey money is not good in the State Florida as far as marijuana goes, unless she wants to smoke some, under Gov. Scott’s watch. So I wonder how many black owned marijuana farms or dispensaries are there in the United States of America. This is something we must start paying attention to. And something wealthy black should concern themselves with. These unfair business practices is a clear cut blackout.


Another concern is how they have been deciding on where to place medical marijuana dispensaries and how many can operate in a given State. And the way they are doing it is racially biased, yet I heard not one black voice raise the question as to why and how do they justify this distribution system laws and restrictions.


Fact: There are about 1 marijuana dispensaries for every 10 pharmacies in each state.  First of all pharmacies are located were there are people who have health insurance.


Fact: 30.4% of Hispanics, 17% of blacks, and 9.9% of whites do not have health insurance. While Hispanics are 17% of the population, black 12% and white about 65%, then when we consider the poverty level of each group, we will be able to determine how many people have private insurance.  Marijuana as a medication is not recognized by any government insurance such as Medicaid, Medicare or Veterans Benefits.  So what is the correlation between how many Pharmacies exist in a given State as a determining factor as to how many medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to open and where they will be placed?


While our black leadership is AWOL on these social and economic issues, they are designing a distribution system that will exclude black people as investors other than as a consumer of these drugs. And the tend is gaining momentum from State to State and will become the nationwide policy, if we do not quickly become a part of the process of the legislative creation on marijuana sales and distribution.


While they are in all reality addressing a serious social problem, which is that they really cannot afford to continue to fund the enforcement of the prohibition of marijuana anymore, they pitched us a curveball to create a blackout in the legislative intent. They devised a plan to distribute medical marijuana first as a way to determine who can distribute it on these basis, so when it becomes legal by federal law as a recreational drug, the distribution system of marijuana will not include many black people and will be setup.


Fact:  Black are about 4 times more likely to get busted for marijuana than whites,  and in proportion to the population the disparity is about 15 times more likely for blacks to get arrested.


This is the proper indicator as to where marijuana is being sold to the consumers  and who is selling it to them and how much.  It is not being sold near our neighborhood Walgreen’s Pharmacy.  It is being sold by black people in black ghetto communities and little of the money stays in our community and that is the problem.  But somehow the location of pharmacies and not black communities has become the determining factor as to how many and where the legal market will take place. There is something very wrong with this picture. It is clearly a hypocrisy!


Marijuana is the biggest and its most valued crop in the United States estimated at about $40 billion and it is about to hit Wall Street as a major commodity, after they divide the distribution licenses among themselves. Its value will at least double in 5 to 10 years upwards and above $80 Billion annually. While blacks are a major influence in this legislative change, it clearly doesn’t address the black disposition in the policy decisions. Illegal drugs have destroy our community, so now you legalize it and exclude of in the legal process to determine how it will be controlled and regulated?


So I say to our black leadership and investors, wake up and become involved in this nation changing event.  Black leaders with nationwide appeal must open up to these issues creating nationwide social and economic dialog.  People like Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev, Jesse Jackson, Magic Johnson, Min. Louis Farrakhan, Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, Sean Combs, Mr. & Mrs. Carter and the many influential black people, must put their money and influence behind this issue to become allowed by law to invest in its distribution.


If we do not act soon, we will be once again left behind tomorrow, while owning an urban basketball team for $1,000,000,000. We will be excluded from a multi-billion dollar industry with world wide prospects and future growth. Therefore as the consumers we are, we will be able to smoke our weed and watch basketball, music videos, and comedies, while we  merely dream about making it big pros one day. But merely surviving in America. Because we are not really included the real economic community controlling issues.


Conjecture: Aside from someone on a white horse coming out of the sky, black’s in America only real hope for black community redevelopment nationwide; as a means of recovery from the many years of this war on drugs, whose frontline was in our communities, is the reinvestment of the profits from marijuana production, distribution and sales made in our State and community. And this can and will only happen if we are involved in the legislative process, while securitizing every decision made, will this happen.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Caste


Florida Medical Marijuana Is Almost Complete Legalization


Florida Medical Marijuana Is Almost Complete Legalization

Why our Youth Must Register to Vote 

Medical marijuana will be on the ballot in the State of Florida on November 4th, 2014. The law would be very relaxed and would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana to anyone who they believe has a debilitating illness and the use of marijuana does not do more harm than good or the harm done by using it doesn’t outweigh its usefulness. In other words if a doctor doesn’t think marijuana will do more harm than good for whatever your condition is, he/she can write you a prescription and you can legally use in the State of Florida.


Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, Amendment 2 (2014)


If you click this hyperlink and read the full text, it will explain this amendment in detail. But in a nutshell this is what you should know.


“Debilitating Medical Condition” means cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.


As you can see certain illness are without question, but the key to this language being used is these words, “other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.”


Therefore any liberal doctor who doesn’t see marijuana as a harmful drug, can prescribe this drug to anyone he/she deems has a debilitating illness. So even though the amendment describes certain debilitating illnesses, it is still open to discretion  as to what a doctor deems to be debilitating. This could be anything whereby there was research done to support an assertion. And research is being done more now then ever.


For example there is research that bipolar disorder can be helped by the use of cannabis, as well as PTSD and other anxiety disorders. It is a proven fact that marijuana is useful in reducing pain and even for insomnia as we all know it help you sleep. So if a doctor thinks your sleeping disorder is debilitating he can prescribe you marijuana.  People who have a hard time eating will be able to use marijuana to increase their appetite, even if they are not HIV positive if a doctor deems it will do more good to smoke than harm. And I am sure it will come in pill form as well. So if smoking is a problem, you can get it in pill form


You can bet there will be enough doctors out the there to find someone to assist you in gaining a medical marijuana prescription. In fact Florida’s laws will be more liberal than California, where about anyone can get a license to smoke. And I think it will do our state a lot of good. Because this law will drastically reduce crime for people who need marijuana.


The good thing about this when there comes to opponents of this amendment, as far as the wide use of this drug as a result of medical legalization, is that people use it already illegally and go to jail for this. And if a person gets a prescription to use it, they have to be diagnosed with an illness that must be treated and marijuana will be the treatment for many. This would mean users will be under a doctor’s care unlike now. And users will be able to get it under government safety regulations instead of off of the streets.


The fiscal note states:


Increased costs from this amendment to state and local governments cannot be determined. There will be additional regulatory and enforcement activities associated with the production and sale of medical marijuana. Fees will offset at least a portion of the regulatory costs. While sales tax may apply to purchases, changes in revenue cannot reasonably be determined since the extent to which medical marijuana will be exempt from taxation is unclear without legislative or state administrative action.


It has not been determined if it will be taxed or exempt from taxes. I think if taxed it will be a win/win solution to the problems associated with marijuana in the State of Florida. And I think the legislative intent speaks for itself. Florida will be one step from complete legalization.


Frank Paul Jones



The Martin Luther King BLVD Catch 22


The Martin Luther King BLVD Catch 22

Mayor Edgar Azell Delaney Sr. was mayor of Avon Park, FL for 28 years according the News Sun, And for this reason some feel that the street should not necessarily be taken out of his name. He was born in 1891 and died in 1979. The segregated South ended in 1965, at which time Edgar Azell Delaney Sr. was about 74 years old. The history of Mayor E. A. Delaney is not clear, because there is not much information on the world wide web about him. But I have to wonder when was he mayor of Avon Park, it would seem it was during the segregated South.

Then I have to ask exactly what was is contributions to Avon Park and especially the black community of Avon Park, FL. While the consensus of some white folks here in Avon Park to include our current Mayor Sharon Schuler is that Dr. King does deserve a street named after him, but so does E. A. Delaney Sr. So why rename Delaney Avenue, why not Verona Avenue or even Hal McRae BLVD? We ask why should a historical mayoral figure from the segregated South hold the name of a street with reverence in the heart of the black community South Delaney Avenue? Is that far to us?

The renaming of South Delaney Avenue is strategic to the black community, its about black pride, community development and reducing crime by giving people a reason to care and come together on something relevant and we are not even sure if Edgar Azell Delaney Sr. was actually our (the black peoples) mayor. Was he the mayor of all the people? I mean did our votes even matter during his tenure, because the voting rights act wasn’t until 1965, because the black vote was ignored. And we do not want to stripe our local hero Hal McRae of his BLVD nor do we want Verona Avenue, we even think Verona Avenue would be fine place for E. A. Delaney Sr., because the Post Office is located on it (name the post office after him), but we want South Delaney Avenue because it is the center our black business district and black community, which is now a troubled area in Avon Park, which is high in crime and failing businesses and we feel if we can improve this street and take it back from the thugs, we can improve our whole community. And the name change to Martin Luther King BLVD would support these efforts.

Another issue is the changing on identification cards for the people who now live in Delaney Avenue. Many of the residents in the Southside Redevelopment Area are poor. Mayor Sharon Schuler at the City Council meeting on 13 Jan 2014 throw a monkey wrench into the mix. She suggested that if the people most effected by this change are against it, meaning the people who are living Delaney Avenue who would have to legally change their ID cards at their perhaps at their own expenses, do not want to incur these expenses, they the city council should vote it down. There has to be money in the system to solve this, but if not.

We in the black community and especially our community heroes, churches, non profit organizations, community leaders and even outside organizations and philanthropist who support community development and the Dr. King legacy must step up the plate. Because we need sponsors to insure this movement to change the name of Delaney Avenue to Martin Luther King BLVD is not struck down by the City Council. And we do not really want all of Delaney Avenue, what we really want is South Delaney Avenue. But to insure this name change we need money to help poor people in our community exchange their identification cards and perhaps update their mailboxes, we are talking about perhaps at most $5,000 to $10,000.

Therefore the right strategy to approaching the City Council when these special meetings occur would be to first find out by going door to door, not only do the people want it, but can they afford the address change and let them know that we plan to find the money to help them exchange their ID cards and will not push forward with this agenda until funding is found. And I think a good compromise would be to simply change the name of South Delaney Avenue only, leaving North Delaney Avenue as is. I strongly feel that we have time on our side, because Dr. King died over 40 years ago. I prefer to do this a year from now when we have the money for the proper transition if it takes that long, than to strike it down next week. I think this is something that should be planned thoroughly.

Frank Paul Jones

Marijuana is Addictive but Should be Legalized


Marijuana is Addictive but Should be Legalized

I stopped smoking marijuana in February of 2013 and also quit drinking at that time as well. In the past I had problems with alcohol even though it is decriminalized. In my recent past however, I did not drink as heavily as I did in before, but still it created problems in my life. Marijuana is a different story, because it is not legal to use in the State of Florida, not even medically. Where I live in Avon Park, FL, if they catch you with as little as a nickel bag of weed they will suspend your drivers license. So it is my position that even controlled recreational use of marijuana is actually a problem here in State of Florida, because of the law. Therefore for legal and health reasons as well as economical reasons I quit smoking.

I am for (support) the fight to legalize or decriminalize marijuana not just for medical use as they are attempting to do now in the State of Florida, but also for recreational use. I think the drug is much safer than alcohol based on comparison use experience and its legalization I think would reduce alcohol consumption, because like me, many people simply do not use marijuana because it is illegal and has too many bad consequences if you get caught with it or have it in your system.

Marijuana stays in your system for over 30 to 60 days, so if you are an employee for a company or the government which monitors drug use, you have a problem with using marijuana. But still many people use it and take the risk of losing their jobs behind their so-called recreational use. And many people are locked out of the workforce due to marijuana use and know this and still use. This brings into question is the use of marijuana really recreational for the many users of it?

I believe that marijuana is in fact psychologically addictive. I went to rehabilitation to stop smoking, as it became an everyday event for me. Sometimes I smoked and could not hold it into my lungs, because my lungs were too tired from all of my smoking. Yet I continued to at least try to smoke, while wasting my money and coughing it up. When I started smoking in my last stint, it was to help me sleep at first, which is really does help me do. And then, I found that I really work harder and was my enthusiastic in my recording studio under the influence of marijuana. I really helps my creativity, so I started smoking to make music productions. But it also make me feel good, so I smoked simply to feel better and like I said it became an everyday event for me and sometimes an all day event. So was this actually recreational use or functionality use?

Still I believe marijuana should be decriminalized if only because it makes economic sense for our nation as a whole. Too many people are doing it anyway for the Justice Department to enforce prohibition. Too many young lives have already been ruined and too many people are in prison and jail or have criminal records for marijuana related offenses. Our government cannot sustain the costs of prohibition verse taxation. And as things stand marijuana addiction is taboo.

I am a veteran and went to a VA Medical Center for rehabilitation and though marijuana is said to be a schedule one drug (the worst drug) and many opiates and cocaine are considered a lesser schedule or schedule two drug, I was not treated as so. While opiate users were asked to stay 4 additional months, they released me without my requesting it a week early or after only three weeks and said I was doing good and should go home. Why? Because marijuana addiction isn’t taken seriously. But it is destroying more lives than any other drug on the market, not just because of the laws on the books that are being enforced, but because of the peoples willingness to use it in spite of the law. Whereby people think it is harmless it really isn’t. Because it is against the law and stays in your system for over 30 to 60 days making it easy to be found in your system even weeks after using it. And knowing this people still tend to use it regardless. These fact makes it dangerous not as a health issue directly, but as a self preservation issue. It directly effects people livelihood and freedom.

I think the idea that marijuana is safer than alcohol is true. I think for one reason alcohol abuse often leads to violent crimes, while marijuana often does not. But the idea that it is not addictive is a fallacy. People negligently use it in spite of it negative consequences, only because they actually have a problem or addiction to marijuana. Many people smoke marijuana knowing they will never get a job as a result of it and then use trickery to passed the urine test, when they decide to go look for a job, because they cannot quit. Is that really recreational use, when you deny yourself a living for you recreational activities? Most certainly not! I believe in “work hard and play hard,” but if you cannot work often you cannot eat, unless you get food stamps. And on food stamps to support your marijuana habit you have to commit crimes and often women sell their body which is a crime. Therefore marijuana use often develops into criminal behavior.

So my position of decriminalizing marijuana is not based on its safe use factors alone. But the legalization of it, would create funding to help those who do have a problem with it, because they would be paying into a system of regulatory controls which should include rehabilitation programs subsidies. Though legalizing it will create more use of it, it would also decrease alcohol consumption, which is a good tradeoff. This I think would actually reduce crime. But it would also end the taboo concerning its addictive nature as far as treatment is concerned. It would decrease the prison population and it would increase our labor pools. Because many people are disqualified from working simply because of their marijuana use, yet their addiction or problem is better than the alcohol user counterpart who has a job or can at least look for one. And if they can work, they will not need to commit crimes to smoke their weed.

In summary, I quit smoking because it was not good for me. And I must assume that other people can make the same distinction if they realize they have a problem with its use. Not all people have addictive personalities and will become addicted to marijuana as I did. But the functionality of a marijuana addict I think is higher than an alcoholic. For one they are not as inherently violent in nature, yet many will mix the two, which isn’t a good idea. Which would be an indicator of an alcohol problem in my humble opinion.

It is just a matter of time before prohibition ends on federal the level and now the debate should no longer be on legal verse illegal, but should shift to how to implement the law once prohibition ends, in order that it is properly regulated by properly using the tax subsidies to enforce the law among the people, preventing monopolies in its distribution and sales and providing treatment for those who fall between the holes and become addicted due to its easy access as well as those who are already addicted, whose addiction will no longer be taboo.

Frank Paul Jones

Paul Reflects on the Year 2013

Paul in limo

Paul Reflects on the Year 2013

I moved down here to Avon Park, Florida in November 2009. It is a small town or city, depending on who describes it. It is considered a rural area. Avon Park is a part of Highlands County with about 100,000 people and it has a population of under 10,000 people, with about 59% white and 29% black people as residents. I am from New York City born and raised in the borough of Queens, in the Long Island City area. I am from a project complex called The Queensbridge Projects. Back in New York City is where most of my friends are located, here I have plenty of family but few friends if any, with the understanding that a true friend is rare anyway. And due to trust issues, I am slow to make friends now. And instead of a project apartment, I have small house to live in.

Now I am 54 years old going on 65 on 4 March 2014, I really feel like I aged over the past 4 years, quicker than I should have. Avon Park has a weak real estate market now due to the real estate crash in Florida and it will be weak for a few years to come before it recovers. So if I was in the market to buy a bigger home and I might be in a year or so, I could purchase something nice for a little money. Also, we have an office building, which is owned by a non profit organization which I am the President and Chairman of and as the agent of the NCNCHINC, I have a lot of say as to this real estate and it uses.

Our organization was designed by me and we are into artistic programs, such as a recording studio, live performances (giving and sponsoring shows), a non profit newspaper, a magazine, workshops for creative writing, music production and job search. So the organization by design supports what I want to do with the rest of my life, which is to make music and write stuff and share what I know with the younger generation. So I should be energetic and enthusiastic about our prospects, but I miss my friends and I miss New York City. I am not really happy down here to be honest.

I might be going into the hospital real soon for inpatient therapy dealing with an old issue that has gone untreated and unresolved for many years. And while at the VA Medical Center, I have to make major decisions about how I want to live the rest of my life. And because I feel my days are limited, as I said I have aged a lot in spirit the last few years, I have little room for error. Whatever I decide to do, I have to go at it with both feet in, knowing there is no turning back this time. If I buy a house, I know I will have to live in it for a while, if not the rest of my life. And for this reason I think I need to visit New York City next year (2014), because I remember something I did in the past that I have to also consider. When I was 18 years old and was in the Army in Germany, I got out of the Army to go back home (homesick), only to realize there was nothing there for me, which was why I left, only to reenlist and lose 4 years in my career in the process.

I now have an opportunity here in Avon Park, Florida to fulfill many of my dreams, but it seems like I am homesick again. And if things fall my way, economically I would be better off here in Avon Park and I have the setup to help others in the process of helping myself, while living comfortably. I do not know what I want to do, but I know I have to make a clear and concise decision soon.

The year 2013 for me is a year of finality. I have been working hard on the NCNCHINC for about 4 years now. When I got here, we had a skeleton with a leaky roof and we had no money to fix it. My sister Egeria RIP, left us money that we were able to use some of it to replace the roof and while we are still pending our 501 c 3 statuses, we have a fiscal sponsor, which now allows us to accept tax deductible charitable donations in the interim, something we could not do for years. So it looks like things are looking up and in my favor finally with the Veterans Affairs Department. I now have lawyer working my service connected disability case, who is doing a fine job I must add. So things might happen for me and our organization in 2014. And to walk away from this could turn out to be very foolish of me. Like when I got out of the Army the first time, to go back to nothing.

I think the right answers will come to me, when I go into therapy, which will last a few weeks, whereby the whole time will be for me to focus on me and what I want to do with the rest of my life. And now all I really want out of life, is to make sense of my existence. I plan to start my autobiography soon and all I want is for my life to have meaning and I understand the reason I was put on earth to begin with. And I just want to do something good before the end of the final chapter.

Frank Paul Jones
President of the NCNCHINC

Drug Ring Destroyed is Hype in Highlands County

Drug Bust

Drug Ring Destroyed is Hype in Highlands County

On November 21st, 2013, it was reported by the local newspapers that a major drug ring was busted. During the arrest two U.S. Marshals were shot, but not fatally. They say they sold thousands of Kilos on powder cocaine and ounces of crack and was in control of the Central Florida market, during their time in the drug business, which lasted years . And due to this bust it will “put a dent in cocaine trade” in Central Florida. There names are Robin Jean Guillaume – 29, Alex Guerrier – 29, Alphonsia Joycelyn Maxime – 23, Cleophas A. Brown – 43, Gibson LaPointe – 27, Nikki Sharday Bennett – 27.

It was said by law enforcement that they were also involved in other violent crimes, here in Highlands County and abroad and Capt. Randy LaBelle of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office said he would not elaborate on it. But there are rumors on the streets that a kid is facing the death sentence for a murder and might be doing some life saving speeches in the Highlands County Holding Facility and as a result new murder charges might be announced soon as a result of this bust. And because if everyone on the streets seem to know, most certainly the Sheriff Department also knows, who is claimed to have done it.

According the local news, there guys are facing life in prison, but I do not know if it going to change how things are done in Highlands County too much, because if these guys were as big as they say, they did a good job maintaining a low profile. But you cannot take it from me as a source of who is who in the drug game, because I really do not know much about what is going on with the drugs here in Highlands County. It seems like people were right under my nose slinging big drugs and all I knew was that they were good neighbors. For the past few years though I have lived within an open drug market, but actually I am far removed from the streets. But I hear things and many people on the streets were also surprised by this breaking news. So from my street knowledge about organized crime, I am not sure if we can believe all of the hype.

As we know often when there are drug bust, the authorities exaggerate to make a stronger case and to convince the public that they are really doing something about the crimes on the streets. But for this outfit to have operated for several years, they would have had to have been babies when they were introduced to the game, being most of them are in their 20’s. And to keep such a low profile while committing violent crime in the process, they would have had to have a strong bond of silence and that is not indicative of guys this young. It is not usual for guys that young to make that kind of money and not flash hard. Unless they had an exit plan, which it does not seem they had.

The way I see it when people make careers in selling drugs, either they are not making the bulk of the money and have to stay in the game or they have huge ambitions to make big moves in the drug trade or are connected in a way they cannot get our even if their lives depends on it. And people who want to be really big in drugs either have an exit plan or choose to live the fast life and splurge. But very few people knew about this crew, so I have my suspicions. I mean sure they might have been violent and had enforcers to maintain a status, but that too is not good for business. Because when a click becomes too violent, it brings too much attention to them.

What I think is they got busted because of their violent behaviorisms and not because of 1,000’s of kilos of power cocaine being sold. Because I did not hear about lots of cocaine being recovered during this bust, but I did hear about U.S. Marshals being shot. Hell one of them even got busted for petty theft not too long ago and things like failure to pay child support. These are things that big time drug dealers steer away from to stay under the radar. I will be following their trial, because I do not believe the hype.

Frank Paul Jones

Highlands County Criminal, & Educational for Agriculture Conspiracy

Superintendent Cox

Highlands County Criminal,  & Educational for Agriculture Conspiracy

Based on 2012 statistics   Highlands County, Florida with a population of under 99,000 people, maintained a jail population of about 400 inmates. We have an incarceration rate above 4%, which is above the average statewide.  About 58.5% of the inmates are pretrial with about 210 of them felony pretrial and 24 misdemeanor pretrial, while about only 41.5% of the inmates are actually already convicted and sentenced  for a crime committed.  So over half the inmates in our jail system in Highlands County, were not yet convicted of a crime, but still they the main portion of the population the detention facility.


This says a lot about our judicial system here in Florida and perhaps our country and most certainly Highlands County.  Most of the people in jail were never convicted of a crime and because they are already incarcerated their chances of being vindicated are much lower.  Because the detention center in Highlands County is filled with poor people, who cannot afford bail or a bond or a lawyer, so they are often convicted of crimes because they are forced into plea bargain agreements, simply because they have no other options and probably already served most of their sentence.


I am from New York City originally and I can testify that there are few real gangsters here in Highlands County.  Put it this way the jail population are not the real gangsters, but instead most of them are simply uneducated with a sense of hopelessness.   Many of them simply cannot get a job in an already weak job market coupled with bad habits they must support, such as smoking cigarettes and using drugs.


The real problem in Highlands County is the poor education system, which is failing our community drastically. According to the Florida Department of Education, only six Florida school districts are performing worst than Highlands County, with a graduation rate of only about 61.1% in 2011-12. And the true culprit to this disorder is corruption in our local governance.  And because of our internal corruption, these things seem to continue to go on unaddressed.  It seems as if Superintendent Cox is AWOL. He should be held accountable for our failing schools, there is no excuse for the performance of our school system.


Most of the crimes for profit committed here in Highlands County are smalltime and done by disorganized constituents. There is little organization in the criminal behaviors of the incarcerated.  And most violent crimes are crimes of passion. In both cases they are often cries for help, due to being in a hopeless situation. And until our education system is addressed and corrected, people here will continue to suffer needlessly and go to jail for senseless offenses, only to gain a criminal records, which will place them into an unemployable status for the remainder of their lives.


In my opinion, the real criminals are the legislators, who are selling out our youth.  We live in a reactionary criminal justice system here in Highlands County, Florida. And instead of being proactive in  correcting our educational system, which is the true culprit, they are being reactive by incarcerating our youth, who basically know no other way to survive but to commit petty crimes, only to destroy their future. And this is not an excuse for their disobedience, it is the fact behind it. Because by design our schools do not teach our kids a good education and the culture in our community supports this disorder. While the biggest events here is the next party, leaving the kids to televisions as babysitters.


The local government supports petty chaos and corruption, to support the economy here in Highlands County and the nation.   And what is going on is bigger than our County, but has reach all over the nation and it is agriculture.  We are one of the biggest agriculture industries in the whole country. Companies like Tropicana depends on us to distribute orange juice nationwide.  And the citizens of Highlands County are collateral damages.  Agriculture which was once the main source of employment for the citizens of Highlands County, Florida, is no longer the case. Most of the agriculture workers have been replaced by migrant workers out of Mexico, because they are willing to work longer hours for less pay, because they themselves are involved in slave labor.


But this is a temporary fix, because with immigration reform comes about there will be more freedom for even the migrant worker. For this reason I believe it is so hard to pass immigration reform through the Congress. It could have a devastating effect on how fruit is picked. Because the reality behind agriculture is slave labor and they know this but turn the other way for cheap fruit prices.


Meanwhile the African American as well as poor whites have been left behind here in Highlands County. Understand our education system here was never designed to equipped our citizens to excel into higher education. Our job market never supported it and our corrupt City Council legislators has always blocked even light industry from coming here into Avon Park, in support of our agricultural moguls.


What is going on here in Highlands County is a conspiracy, to oppress a population of people, in support of the fruit and vegetable industry.  Because an uneducated population  will always be submissive to hard labor for low pay. It is no coincidence that where there are orange trees in abundance, there are also failing schools. Whereby such an environment should by design produce harder work from the students in our schools for hope in a better opportunity, our kids are being discouraged from obtaining a good education. It is all by design, but because our population is only 100,000, with about 10,000 black people, we have no real representation and is flying under the radar.


The solution is simple:


I think companies like Tropicana, Florida Finest Citrus, Delicious Florida Oranges, Hyatt Fruit Company and the list goes on, should be forced to pay into our education system here in Highlands County or do it on their own accord if I am wrong and it is not a conspiracy.  They should invest in our educational system due to the damages they have inflicted upon us to enable their agricultural market to strive at the cost of innocent lives and our people not being allowed a good education or liberty. They know they have no more use for us anymore and should free us from the grips of their unethical business practices.


Frank Paul Jones

Opening the Recording Studio & Introducing Project Creativity

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Opening the Recording Studio & Introducing Project Creativity

It has been about a month and a half, since our announcement concerning opening our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Home Type Recording Studio to the public. Believe me when I say we are working diligently towards this goal.  And in the process we found some new light to help us do this. We are in the process of obtaining a fiscal sponsorship with an artistic non profit organization out of New York City. But nothing is written in stone as of yet.  But we feel confident things will work out and for this reason we are sharing this with you.


With a fiscal sponsor we will be able to solicit tax deductible donations and contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and even the government to some degree, until we get our own 501 c 3.  We know we need the support of our community as well as philanthropists from other cities to fund the program we are introducing.  And we know we must also earn revenue as well, if we are to succeed.  For this reason and because we are a non profit organization, when we do charge people for some of our services it will be below the market price.


I am writing this article to open a discussion forum with the public about what will be required to carryout Project Creativity, the problem being addressed, our solution and the benefits we offer to our community. Please feel free to leave us a comment or some suggestions after reading this article.  We want to know how you feel about this program.


Project Creativity

Name and Contact Information of our Organization:

The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC

923 South A Avenue

Avon Park, FL33825

(863) 657-2407




The NCNCHINC Agenda beginning on October 20th – Fiscal Year 2013-14:



1: Sound Recordings Studio


2: Creative Writing Studio (Fictional and Non Fictional)


3: DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Recording and Instruction Workshops


4: Shows (Live Performances)


5: Sound and Video Presentations


6: Non profit newspaper and magazine


7: Job Search and Job Placement


Helping the Disadvantage Young Adults


We think the main problem in the United States today is the jobless rate that is causing us to create a generation of hopelessness among our youth and this is amplified in the black community.  When America in general faces a recession the black communities in America already experienced a depression.  Our young blacks, sees Hollywood as an outlet that creates dreams about success, but Hollywood is often an illusion and is not reachable by most of them due to the lack of education and this degrades their moral fiber.  Because they want something that they cannot have.  Too often due to joblessness, they stay home all day and play violent video games, listen to rap music often filled with filthy language and watch fantasy television shows, only to end up turning to the  streets with nothing to do (“an idle mind is the workshop of Satan”), to poison their neighbors and themselves with drugs.  And too often this ends in violence, the loss of young lives and the incarceration of too many.  And we want to curb this!


They need to see a way out, today many of them would not and could accept an invitation to a better way of life, because it requires education, something many of them fear to take on the endeavor or simply do not understand the incentive in a tangible way.  Many of these young adults are even afraid to take on the simple task of obtaining a GED, to many of them this is not simple at all, but is a very complex measure.  Many of them are simply afraid to fail!  We have a problem called hopelessness in America today.


The NCNCHINC has an answer that can be of help and it is Project Creativity.  A project to assist young adults at a disadvantage by channeling their artistic abilities in a productive manner, which will give them the incentive to learn needed skills like grammar and computer operations, in order to be competitive in their artistry and in life.  Thereby applying academics to their dreams of being a star and even if they fall short of stardom, they will gain something valuable from this program.


The NCNCHINC Project Creativity is  non commercial artistic program for people 18 years old and above, operated by the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., which is an established non profit organization in the State of Florida since 2009, located in the city of Avon Park in the county of Highlands. Though we are still pending our 501 c 3 statuses, we decided to team up with a fiscal sponsor called Fractured Atlas out of New York City who specializes in Artistic programs, to acquire charitable contributions from donors who require these statuses to give freely, in order to move this project along in a timely manner.


We own our headquarters location which is two stories tall, without any mortgages and we would like to utilize it in the development of artistic creations by our future clients and by doing so, give people in the community something to do that is constructive, dream realizing and hopefully reduce crime and prevent recidivism in the process, by giving young adults an opportunity and hope by channeling their artistic energy in a productive manner.  Though our focus is on young adults ages 18 to 35, we are open to all who people who desire to channel their creative energies in productive manner.


The group we are targeting are 18 to 35 years old and we have an emphasis on assisting  young adults who are chronically unemployed.  We want to give these young adults other options other than joining into a life of crime, by giving them hope and a vision for their future.  As we also attempt to help them develop an interest in the many ways to become a part on the entertainment sector and a part of mainstream society or simply develop productive hobbies they can enjoy while learning to express themselves to others.


We want to assist them in becoming gainfully employed.  By helping them in their search for employment, while helping them develop important skills that are imperative to the workforce.  While we conduct creative arts workshops, we want to also help them by offering them ways to apply these skills in a competitive and profitable manner, which will allow them to become self-sufficient.


We understand that we will be dealing with many clients accustomed to street knowledge and the ways of the streets, which means they will want to know how these things apply to real life scenarios.  They will want to see how their participation in our program, will help them be able to survive in their daily lives.  So we want to develop our program, like an assembly line or production process, whereby one thing leads to another, which brings them closer to obtaining independence.  Therefore, we feel it is imperative that our program not only develop skills for our clients, but offers them an opportunity to display and put into practice the learning processes and acquired knowledge.


So by design, we have workstations that develop skills and talents and creates tangible and intangible assets by our clients.  We teach them about DAW recording studio technology, so that they can record their ideas.  We do this not to put their dreams on the shelf, but so that they can also do live performance to share their works. With the hope that they might be discovered by someone who can take their hopes and dreams to another level. And not only for this reason do we  promote live shows, but it is also an avenue to creating community togetherness and recreational activities for all who participate in and enjoy.  Good recreation is good for community!


So by design, we have workstations that develop skills and talents and creates tangible and intangible assets by our clients.  We want to teach them how to write in our creative writing workshop, so that they can write about the things that means something to them. Not just to put their ideas on the shelf, but we want to put out a non profit newspaper as an outlet for them to share how they feel to the community and abroad.  Because we feel our young adults today are among the most misunderstood.  We want to produce articles that can be put into magazine format as well, so that they can share their ideas to the general public and learn how to profit from these skills.


And ultimately, we would love to produce movies and documentaries that will allow them to express themselves in motion picture.  What I am describing here is a production process, whereby one developed skill transcends into another opportunity.  Because what is lacking in our community is opportunity.  And all we are asking is to receive community support to give these disadvantaged young adults a chance at life.


Though Project Creativity is open to serve the entire  adult population in Highlands County, our targeted audience is the disadvantaged young adults between the ages of 18 to 35.  When we say disadvantaged young adults, we are describing the young adult population who are chronically unemployed often due to several factors such as the lack of education, criminal records, the lack of networks and connections, residing in redlining districts, hopelessness as well as other personal issues, to include their psyche (mindset) in some cases.


What Project Creativity offers to them is hope, by allowing them an opportunity to express themselves through artistry and it also supply’s them with communications, such as multimedia.   The idea behind Project Creativity is not only to allow them to communicate to the world they often feel and are truly misunderstood by, but to give them tools to accomplish this.  Though it is an artistic program, it is also educational, because it is our goal to give them instruction on how to properly get their points across to the world outside of the “Blue Building,” in a constructive manner, which will hopefully develop into an understanding between them and the people they are attempting to reach.  By developing their computer skills, writing skills and the management skills, this can be accomplished.


It is our goal to make this misunderstood population, understood and accepted by those whose doors are shut or closed to them.  We want to be a pathway and a conduit to close  the chasms that prevents these disadvantage young adults from gaining opportunities in furthering their education, employment and even intercommunity social engagements with the rest of the world.  We want to help them become a part of mainstream America and put an end to the repressive behaviorisms that does not allow them to move beyond their neighborhood’s invisible gates.  We believe a lot of the problems they face are self induced and a lot of the problems they face are due to not knowing any other way, but also a lot of their problems they face is also due to discrimination be it racial, cultural and otherwise and is often due to a misunderstanding in many cases.


We believe our program can reduce crime and prevent recidivism, because we plan to attract the leaders of tomorrow in our community. We understand the posse (gang) mentality of our youth today.  We know that there a very few leaders and a host of followers.  And one of the main problems in poor communities in our country and in Highlands County, where you find a high rate of disenfranchised individuals, is that often the hand full of leaders that attract posses (gangs) do not know any other way, but to join into a life of crime to survive and often have bad habits to support. Project Creativity is billed as a program to show them another way.


Once Project Creativity is fully functional, we will act as a product production chain or assembly line of sorts.  By accepting young disadvantage adults into our program, with just an idea of how to express themselves artistically, we will be able to help them develop a plan using our workshops.  And the goal is for these plans to develop into complete sound recording productions, video productions, news articles in our non profit newspaper & magazines as well as live performance, so that their abilities are shared and a sense of achievement is felt by them.  Because achievements are so important in building up someone’s self esteem.  And self worth is the beginning of self sustaining independence.  We want to restore hope in our community, which is something many of our potential clients never knew in these tough economic times.


If you think this project is worth your while and support, please continue to watch our website and the NCNCHINC blogs for continued updates on our progress and agenda. We will in the future need your support in money contributions, volunteer work and your advise, because we know we do not have all the answers.  So we humble ourselves to the Community of Highlands County.  And we know without the support of the community, this will not work, because we are introducing a community effort, which requires a coalition to come together for this common cause.  Because we must not leave anyone behind if we as a community is to grow.


Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC


Vote Pro-life in 2014 Midterm Vote Democrat

State by State medicaid map

Vote Pro-life in 2014 Midterm Vote Democrat

Did you know that all 435 seats in the house is up for reelections in 2014 ?  This is the republican controlled house I am talking about.  And 33 out of 100 seats in the Senate is up for grabs, enough to allow the republicans to steal the senate.  And 38 governorships are up for reelections. So do not allow the term midterm elections throw you off, because the direction of America depends on these elections.  Not to mention in 2016 we elect a new president, which means the aftermath of these elections can be detrimental, if republicans take charge of the house and senate, everything President Obama accomplished can be undone overnight, so do not sleep on this.


I came across some factual statistics, while planning an agenda concerning our (The NCNCHINC) support for legalization of marijuana for medical use in the state of Florida.  I wrote about this is another article called “we must target registered voters for medical marijuana petition.”  At first when I decided to join this movement in Florida I thought that we would need to start a voters registration drive unlike any before to get people registered to vote in order to complete this petition of 700,000 signatures, but I found out that 87% of the people over 18 years of age in Highlands County, Florida are already registered to vote, which is about 61,619 people as of August 14th, 2013.  This is extraordinary because there are only about 100,000 people here.  A voters registration drive unlike ever before already happened.


The  reason for this was the voters registration drive to keep or remove President Obama in or out of office.  I believe his elections were racially divisive, but it was also decisive, because not only was a good president elected to address the contemporary issues, but it brought millions to the polls who ordinarily would have withheld from politics.  Now a new form of communications must develop, to fully benefit from this expansion in registered voters. Understand that politicians will listen to registered voters, when they organize their voices as one.  For this reason politicians often practices the craft of dividing constituents through moral/ethical issues and racial lines.  Because as long as we remain divided they can remain in power and do nothing for us while in power, but rob and cheat the people of their rights.


For this reason, we must come together on issues effecting all people, to include democrats, republicans and other parties like independents. The mid-term elections are bigger than many people think and one thing about African Americans is that we tend to back our one leader and expect results. Like Dr. King for example and after he got killed black people became a group with our head cut off.   Sure we backed President Obama, but he is now leads a divided kingdom, in a democracy.  And just like we voted him into office, we must apply the same principles in the 2014 mid-term elections or all can become futile.


I do not believe in partisan politics, I believe the best man or woman should win, but those in office do not think on their own, they are supporters of their parties and not their constituents, so we must vote accordingly.  For President Obama to complete his agenda he needs people he can work with, because unless we correct this partisan politics cartel, it will continue. To vote for a divided Congress is to vote for two more years on nothing getting done and possibly a four years swing in the other direction come 2016.  Because if we sleep now we will sleep then.  The 2014 midterm elections are as big as President Obama’s reelection, but so far we have been sleeping on it.


I think and I speak for myself and not my organization that Healthcare Reform aka Obamacare can be a deciding factor in 2014.  Obamacare is an issue of empathy for the sick as is medical marijuana laws. People will vote in a democrat to live.  Because people of all party affiliations are without healthcare and want it.  And I think the Republicans are making a huge error in judgment in republican controlled states opting out of Obamacare and making it an issue in partisan politics.  A vote for a democrat is a vote for healthcare, which is a vote for life.  In 2014 a vote for a democrat is pro-life for the already living.


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman of the NCNCHINC




The Federal Laws and Positions on Marijuana is a Hypocrisy

marijuana farm

The Federal Laws and Positions on Marijuana is a Hypocrisy

During the months between June thru September 2001, I had an episode of insomnia, I stayed up for about three months consecutively, with at most on any given day 1 hour sleep from about 8 AM to 9AM.  I remember the approximate dates because I was under the care of Dr. Hardy at the time of 9/11.  I remember seeing the second jet hit the World Trade Towers, it was around that time that I was put to sleep using 800 mg of Seroguel.


Dr. Hardy put me to sleep with 800 MG of Seroguel. It worked well however the side effects caused my diabetes to worsen. My onset of diabetes was a result of a drug called Olanzapine given me prior to Seroquel, which is in my VA medical records.  Now I take Geodon and it does the same thing, it is a matter of time before my glucose goes up uncontrollably. They are slowly but surely killing me.


I am diagnosed as being bipolar and schizophrenic, with grandiose delusions and they know I have a sleeping problem that they associate with these diagnoses.  I am not going to go into why I have this diagnosis, but I am going to explain my dilemma.  I am being treated for delusions, while I agree to take the medications only to get sleep.  I am in it for sleep which is the bottom line, because the patterns of my thoughts are still unchanged after over 20 years. They cannot change my memories and they know this, because I remember what I remember and I still believe I was put under hypnosis and given truth serum in the process, but perhaps (maybe) it was all in foul play.  I do not know, but I still remember things that are said to be untrue by my treating physicians.  For this reason I am unhappy with my treatment at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center. 


My doctor took away my controlled substance that assisted me with sleep as a result of drug abuse (marijuana).  But they too had side effects also and were highly addictive.   I went to rehabilitation because of this and have been clean since February 2013.  But rehab on a federal installation did not take my marijuana addiction seriously, they released me a week early, because my only problem was weed.  But it is a schedule 1 substance according to the DEA, I find this to be a hypocrisy.    Because while cocaine addicts and opiate addicts, not only stayed for the whole 4 weeks but are often encouraged to stay an additional 4 months, yet these are schedule 2 substances.  So the federal laws and positions are not consistent with the psychiatric treatments offered by the federal government.


I admit, I needed documented clean time and I only stopped because it is illegal and I could not afford street drugs on my fixed income without becoming a criminal.  I had a court case opened and  I was not receiving services I needed by Vocational Rehabilitation all because marijuana is such a bad drug. I had a choice of not eating and paying my bills to sleep or take the prescribe meds with side effects and be able to eat and pay my bills. And as a direct result of my quitting, my court case was dismissed.  But still if it is the worst drug on the streets, I should have been treated by the federal facility as so and I was not.  Marijuana addiction is not taken seriously by the FEDS at  medical centers, it is only taken seriously by the courts and that is a travesty of justice and medical hypocrisy.