Rev. Frank Paul Jones Authority to be Reverend

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Rev. Frank Paul Jones Authority to be Reverend


Note: This letter is protected by with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution “Freedom of Religion.”


I am writing this letter because I really think I have a problem with some of the local church members and their clergy here in Avon Park.  I really believe that bro. Melvin “Yet” Wiley, a so-called born again Christian reasoning to bear false witness against me, to cause me harm after he totaled my car, was based on this community’s feeling towards my reverend ship and therefore mindset.


First of all, my authority runs along the lines of the traditions of  Paul Castellano and his associations with the United States Government and the Gambino Crime Family out of New York City and the Crips, which reached beyond the Illuminati and the whose ultimate mission in life is the fulfilling of Bible Prophesy.


I am an ordained reverend through the Universal Life Church. This gives me the legal authority to start my own religion, which is in the works. The church will place the Apostle Paul who I am as the religious leader or church head. And the teachings will be based on the Holy Bible understanding it through symbolism and hidden codes revealed by the Apostle Paul and the Life of Paul Castellano the son of a slave master and slave or Mafia Dom Gambino and an oppressed black woman Blond Eva who worked for them as an associate.  Paul Castellano named after Big Paul Castellano his father’s first cousin and brother in-law and was the promise to the black community to raise them out of oppression and into world ruler ship, thereby creating the sixth Family of New York City given black full authority in the order of ruler ship.


We find our belief codes to be reality based and applicable in society and no different than the many opposing views of the many black churches that cannot do anything together due to doctrine.  We believe there is but one God, therefore there can be but one word of God and the word is in the living Paul Castellano the Son of Carlo Gambino.


Also as a reverend and being a convicted felon, though I have received clemency in the State of Florida, I have a federal conviction which would requires a presidential pardon to restore all my rights as an American citizen. Then I have a psychiatric profile, which even if all my rights were restored, I still cannot bear firearms. So I have all my right but to bear fire arms.  But as a reverend I can congregate with other felons in the name of our God.  Thereby allowing us who were sinners and convicted felons in society to be able to act as a unified group for the good of humanity and be able to communicate about issues such as those being addressed in Operation Solution and Response as adopted sons of man and brothers in Paul Castellano. And therefore create a powerful network for social and economic equality and as long as we do the right thing, God will be with us, for he is with us in the name of Paul Castellano.


Now I do not expect many people who profess in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to accept our beliefs as theirs and many will not even understand it, but give us the due respect you give any Christian whose doctrines are different than yours, Muslims, Jews or Buddhist or whatever, because our authority does not rest in your congregation or your traditional processes within community and church, but will be bonded with God within the church that is to be built, calling on members out of the Mafia and the Crips who are waiting to be awaken nationwide to save our nation from a hostile takeover due to corporate greed and begin a new ruler ship.


Understand we believe that the true Israel is the United States of America and we the black man in America are the true Jews and this is only understood by those who understand the codes written in the Bible.  And Paul Castellano the Son of Carlo Gambino aka the Apostle Paul was held as ransom by the Mafia and will one day return to the true Jews pure and holy once again as he was before he left home on his journey, to raise them out of oppression and thereby save the world from its current tyranny by the group known as the Illuminati, who mission is to oppress the world and rule over it.


Our promise:  They say you are promised 70 years. If you study the traditions of Paul Castellano, you would know he created the AIDS Virus and cured it in 1989 and designed Star Wars Technology for the United States in the early 1980’s which is a nuclear umbrella.  His promise to us is we will receive 150 years, instead of 70 years under a unifying light of equal justice. He will do this in his lifetime by breaking the code of our DNA before he reaches 70 years old which is our current promise. Thereby slowing down, stopping and even possibly reversing the aging process in humankind, to be made available to those who are chosen to be a part of God’s New Kingdom on the new Earth and Beyond. Because space travel is apart of this agenda.


We feel our beliefs are realistic and doable.  We do not think these ideas are in anyway delusional, though our messenger was judge by those who do not even claim they have the authority to judge anyone as being delusional for expressing these things to the world.  On the contrary we think the majority of the religions on earth are in fact delusional and the mindset of Mankind will not allow them to see the truth and the light, even as all these things in the prophesy are happening before us all today at an accelerated rate, most people are still blind and confused and will never understand us even after his day, many will still claim we are the anti-Christ after sacrificing a lifetime to save them, until it is too late and they are forced to bow down anyway to fulfill the prophecy.


We do not believe in  any ultimate right or wrong among man, because with everything there is a balance. We know in Christ is reality.  We simply have a clear understanding of the cliché or scripture, “you are either for us or against us?”  We believe in just ruler ship and the current system of order on earth and in America is an unjust ruler ship, whereby 2% of the population controls over 50% of the world’s wealth, we live in the riches nation in the world yet over 45 million people depend on food stamps to be able to eat and therefore must answer certain questions to be awarded this assistance.  We believe in the God of a Heavenly Order here on Earth, which we believe is promised in the book of Revelations. Revelation 21 – A New Heavens, a New Earth, and a New Jerusalem.


However, the key element is that we believe the Apostle Paul Castellano who goes by Rev. Frank Paul Jones, when under the power of the spirit of God and hypnosis, giving him enormous mental powers which has been proven thorough his passed crafts, will break the code of the DNA of humankind and therefore be able to eliminate all diseases, and by overcoming the Illuminati share the wealth of the World with his believers and supporters, ending oppression for many more, by introducing a just system of ruler ship ending the need of these many wars thereby creating a platform for world peace.   Yet people will still call him evil, but his happiness will be in knowing those who accept the new reality plates will be full of food to eat.


Finally, please know that my non profit work with the National Community Network and this religious order or movement are separate and distinct, though the NCN is just one means, the Church will be at the head of all things.  I wrote this letter that you may understand the basis of my reverend ship and why I go by the name Rev. Frank Paul Jones. I do not believe in what is being taught in churches like the  Faith Pentecostal House of God, or the Church of God by Faith or the Apostolic Church of Jesus here in Avon Park, all of which I respect.  And if they were right with God they would fully agree on doctrine and there would be no need for so many different churches in this small town, because they would all praise God in the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior together with one voice.  Therefore under such circumstance, the only commonality in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ should be that there can be no preconceived notions concerning the second coming our Lord and Savior to include the name he now travels in. “For those who claim to be of God, may be condemned for their lies and those who have been condemned by these so-called adopted sons of man, may well find themselves saved, for in the final days your hearts will be judged and your heart cannot lie, for all will be revealed as everyone was given a chance to repent.


Apostle Paul Castellano




Frank Paul Jones Expresses Regret over CRA Dispute

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Frank Paul Jones Expresses Regret over CRA Dispute

First of all, I want to thank Maria Sutherland our Administrative Services Director for the City of Avon Park, for taking time out of her busy schedule to clarify things for me concerning the CRA and their operations. Secondly, I want to apologize to Arnold Davis an advisory board member of the CRA, for even thinking he was involved in wrong doings and thirdly I want to apologize to Gerald Snell the chairman of the advisory board for saying “the honorable thing is to resign,” this is not required.


I wrote letters to the CRA and City Council whom are one and the same people wearing different hats at different meetings.  And I posted them on the internet as open letters to be transparent about my dispute with City Hall, so people could weigh in on the argument. So it is only proper that I finish this argument in the public eye, with an article about my findings


I still believe that the CRA misappropriated our tax dollars, by sponsoring the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. parades and events.  Though Maria Sutherland explained a lot to me, this wasn’t explained to my satisfaction. Still nobody showed me where in the Florida Statue that these spending practices are authorized for a community redevelopment agency. However, I realize if I pursue this argument and the CRA stands behind these spending practices, it would require a complaint to the Florida Commission on Ethics and if I lose I will have to pay for their legal fees.  And a good lawyer can get anyone out of anything that isn’t cut and dry.  This has layers and is a matter of interpretation.  I only expressed my opinion, which I still believe to some degree is on point.


My strategy was to bring this to their attention in a public forum, hoping they would stop these spending practices, so that they can do much more for our local businesses, who really need help and soon.  Too many businesses in the Southside District are closed down here and have been demolished and I believe this could have been prevented if we worked much harder on the plan on the books that the CRA agreed upon to expand businesses.


As for the CRA Advisory Board, which is not the CRA, being there is one CRA and three Advisory Boards. There purpose is to advise the CRA.  But when going to their meetings you would think they make the decisions, but they can only advise the CRA, who appointed themselves from the City Council. Only the CRA can make decisions concerning our redevelopment plan. So if you have any problems in the future with the CRA, target your compliant towards the City Council who are the same people and not the advisory boards whom are actually powerless, unless the CRA agrees with their decisions, they can only advise the CRA.


I mentioned Arnold Davis might have engaged a conflict of interest between his non profit organization and the CRA, by running the Dr. King parade with CRA money while being on the board and president of the non profit on the other end, but Arnold Davis didn’t fund himself, the CRA funded him.  This is unclear and it would be a matter of interpretation to determine this as a conflict of interest, which would take many hours of research to prove.


As far as CRA term limits go, they do exists, but the way they handle this is after each elections the City Council reappoints themselves to the CRA board, which is legal and maybe even ethical, being many cities in Florida do this. But like I said I still didn’t see a clause for spending redevelopment money on parades based on marketing, which is how I was told it was done. I do not know if funding marketing is authorized in the CRA budget.  So still I think it is a conflict of interest somewhere, but Arnold Davis played the pawn, he wasn’t the decision maker, but maybe weighed in with his advise, because he support Dr. King. And I understand he didn’t get paid anyway. So we need to leave this alone.


Though I do not totally agree with what was explained to me, I do understand and do not think there is any criminal behavior or criminal intent, I just think we have different priorities and I am not the shot caller and the best I can do is argue in public to gain attention in hopes of changes being made by the CRA.


So overall, I regret my having this public dispute, because it will probably change nothing. Because I think they plan to stand behind their policies as they are, I do not see anything being accomplished by this. I think it will take someone with more juice than I to really bring about any changes in the directions we are traveling with our CRA.  And do not get me wrong our CRA has done some wonderful things in Avon Park, but they simply didn’t do enough and most of my supporters got burned by them. But give credit where it is due.  So I grade the CRA 3 stars.


Frank Paul Jones

The Drug War and Marijuana Legalization

Patrick Kennedy

The Drug War and Marijuana Legalization

I was watching a video on CNN when Van Jones mentioned to Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the argument about allowing it (marijuana) to remain illegal, whereby there is a disproportionate number of blacks going to prison as a result of prohibition.  The statistics are staggering, whereby  for every 100,000 people arrested about 716 blacks go to prison, while only 192 whites got to prison, yet as far as usage is concerned about 14% of black use and about 12% of white use.  Usage by race is about the same.

Crossfire Race and the Drug War

  I really did not understand how Rep. Kennedy position is for the good of the black community as he claimed, while we have such a disparity of incarceration because of these laws and its enforcement.  His argument was that the black community will be targeted by marketers disproportionately, in the same manner as alcohol, meaning there will be more marijuana dispensaries in black community if legalized. The reason I do not understand his argument, is because of the already disproportionate illegal dispensaries in the black community when it comes to all drug trafficking. The black community is a drug incubator.   Where I live every other person sells weed so it seems and just about as many sell crack and other drugs. So by legalizing marijuana it would actually reduce crime in the community and protect the users from getting bad drugs. I know from experience that not all marijuana dealers sell you pure marijuana. I had an incident about couple of years ago, whereby I was almost killed from an overdose of something when I thought I was smoking marijuana. I felt like I was about to have heart failure, well smoking weed.   So if Rep. Patrick Kennedy and his supporters really wants to protect black people, they should look at the whole picture.  We have more street drugs than white communities, in fact many white people come to our neighborhoods to purchase their drugs at street level. So to argue we will be disproportionately targeted by marketers is very naive of him, because the drug epidemic already plagues our (the black) community relentlessly.   Will legalizing marijuana create more users? Of course! But is this really a bad thing?  Many people who use alcohol today would probably reduce their alcohol intake to use marijuana which is a safer drug to use. And this is not to say marijuana is completely safe.  This would probably reduce a lot of violence associated with alcohol consumption.  Because alcohol makes people violent whereby marijuana usually doesn’t.  The reason for these changes in usage would be because many responsible adults do not smoke marijuana only because it is illegal and not because they think it is unsafe or a bad drug. They simply abstain from using marijuana, to be allowed to work at a job, stay out of jail  and support themselves and their family.   As for marketing this drug in black communities, he should also take into consideration that many black communities are poor and have little tax revenue, which is the reason for this.  Communities with money tend to keep these types of businesses out of their communities.  But the upside is the local taxes being collected would increase in poor communities and therefore more of the money would stay in our communities, instead of going to Mexico to the Cartels. This money could be used for community development activities, instead of costing tax payers more money to build more jails and prisons, to place us in.   So I do not agree with Rep. Kennedy and I think he should rethink his position, if his real reasoning and rationalization is for the betterment of black people, because his position actually hurts black people around the board. Legalizing marijuana will help the black community, because drugs are already here disproportionately, but uncontrolled in our communities and legalization would allow us to have some government regulation over the black drug trade that is destroying our youth and therefore our future, because they are our future and they are getting criminal records disproportionately on a daily basis and little of the money stays in our community, but instead supports drug kingpins around the world.   Frank Paul Jones

Highlands Today Clarified False Statement Against Frank Paul Jones

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Highlands Today Clarified False Statement Against Frank Paul Jones


In a libelous article written by Paul Catala of the Highlands Today Newspaper located in Highlands   County, Florida, they made false statements about me. They said I was charged with stalking Janet Jackson and went to prison for threatening President George H. W. Bush, Michael J. Jackson and John J. Gotti. These statements was false and the news journalist Paul Catala found this misinformation on the world wide web, instead of doing investigative reporting. The internet is full of lies about me.


They (The Highlands Today) did a clarification on February 11th about 12 days later saying to the effect that the charges were dropped and because of this I was never charged, but the fact of the matter is that there were never any charges to be dropped. They stood behind their story about me going to prison for those other threats, but clarified why I actually was convicted. So I guess people who read this article in the future will know the truth if you read between the lines, so they did enough to make themselves happy I guess, but libel was still committed against me in my humble opinion.


Highlands Today is operated under the Tampa Tribune, who is owned by Revolution Capital Group who is a $1.1 Trillion investment firm, who probably have lawyers out of this world. So a lawsuit isn’t really an option, because finding a lawyer to take this case is probably not going to happen, because the damages would not satisfy the expenses to go up against them.   So I guess I just have to be happy with what I got out of them and settle for this clarification, which I feel is short of a full retraction and apology on the front page, like the article was placed.


I guess in a way this is the beginning of the truth being told about me, because for many years people picked at me calling me a stalker and claiming I went to Janet Jackson’s house harassing her. This was a lie from the beginning told by her brother Jermaine Jackson to destroy my creditability and character. If people believed these lies and now know they are lies from the clarification by Highlands Today, they should now wonder why these lies were told to begin with.  And I just told you why. And if you believe me or not, you should now wonder why he wanted to destroy my name if I was just a nutcase.


Head of Avon Park Outreach Group Tries to Move Forward

In the Highlands Today Newspaper

Hyperlinks to News Article Above

Frank Paul Jones

President and CEO – The NCNCHINC

Avon Park Leaders Are Petty Thieves Who Breeds On Fears & Lies

Football Field where Dwayne Terrence  Council Jr. was killed

Avon Park Leaders Are Petty Thieves Who Breeds On Fears & Lies

Sometimes community leaders have ill intent, but this is not always the case. But those who have not righteousness in their hearts, tend to want to control the people in the community for their own selfish ends. They persuade people to think along their lines of reasoning that is often wrong in order to control the resources that comes into the community to help the people, such as government grants, foundation and private grants so forth.  They do this with the intent of shaving some of the money off of the top to line their pockets, meanwhile the people believe due to their popularity, power and influence outside of the community (among whites) that they are doing something good for the community, when often in reality they are just robbing the people and selling information to keep other people down and repressed.

Philanthropic (charitable) giving is already set aside to help the poor and needy and community leaders are often like unelected politicians, though they do not run for office to get elected, their popularity plays an important role in public opinion, which allows them to operate openly and freely.  Fears within the community are very significant, because the main purpose of many non profits to include mine’s, is to find problems and then come up with solutions to these problems and seek financial help to put the solution into action.

But sometimes people who have things going in their favor tend to attempt to tarnish the names of other people who they see as a threat to their positions and see them as competition.  Often unethical community leaders will attempt to destroy other people, so that they become the sole candidates for Philanthropic (charitable) giving, so that they can control all the resources that comes into the community to solve problems that are apparent and needs attention. But the problem with this is that good leaders have good vision and can see things that not all people will see.  And therefore they can layout relevant agendas to solve community problems and build a better community.  And another problem with this is when you are doing community work, it should be about the results of building a better community and not your positioning in the community as a result of this progress.  “It should never be about you, it should be about the community.” Your reverence (admiration) is a byproduct of your work and not the product itself.

But many people in the community are often followers and not leaders and seek good leadership and they are often easily persuaded to show favoritism to a foolish builder, for no other reason than their acquaintance of them and their popularity and not because of the vision of the potential community leader. And these unscrupulous  pretenders, will resort to stealing ideas and present them as their own work, while discrediting the source they received the ideas from, only because they meant no good from the beginning and had selfish ends from the start. I tell you the truth when  I say, there are some evil people here in AvonPark, FL. who will smile in your face and backstab you at the same time.

Now I am here to tell you that there is a God who has all the power in his hands, who can not be fooled by fake smiles mixed with treachery.  My God is an all knowing God and his will prevail.  And I was sent here by God, whether you believe this or not.  People laughed at me down here, because of lies told on me in the media, not even knowing why the lies originated or ever talking to me about it.  And as a result false leaders here in Avon Park, FL tried to tarnish my name with the republication of falsehoods, because they fear me because my intent is righteous and theirs is evil. They do not want people to gravitate towards us, because if they do come to our support, they (the false leaders) might become obsolete or have to come under our umbrella and do right and not steal from the people and they want to remain head negroes in charge around here. They see me as their local competition, only because they have small minds, when I see our organization not as a local network, but with a nationwide movement with a nationwide agenda, our headquarters just happens to be here in Avon Park, FL. Where I currently live, but our goal is to reach far beyond HighlandsCounty.

My connections reach far beyond AvonPark. The people who are going to help me accomplish my mission in life sees Highlands County as a potential investment, so I plan to bring money to Highlands County and not suck up the money already here, like some of these false leaders. All to say that those who chose to pick me as an enemy, chose the wrong enemy, because if anything they only showed me they cannot not be trusted and therefore cannot hold custody to what I plan to bring here because I know they will steal from it, because they are unrighteous. Therefore they have to be replaced.  And there evil and dastardly deeds will come to a halt soon. And when things begin to happen here, they will be left out of the agenda to come to pass, because they mean no good to the people of HighlandsCounty they are supposed to be serving. They are mere pity thieves.  They

failed the test. They cannot be trusted.

I am not trying to put any particular person(s) in the spotlight.  But I know what is going on here in AvonPark is not one size fits all. So if the shoes fits, it because you are probably still wearing them.  My mother did not raise a fool, nor am I deranged.  In fact, I am one of the most forgiving people on the planet. I rarely hold grudges against anyone, but the problem with this is my friends who love me dearly and support me are not so forgiving. It is not me you will have to answer to. So the best bet is to leave me alone, because I do not bother you or interfere in your affairs. The problem with this is evil is arrogant.

Frank Paul Jones

The Truth About Paul Castellano and Michael J. Jackson

Frank Paul Jones as a solider

Michael JacksonThe Truth About Paul Castellano and Michael J. Jackson

I am about to reveal some truths never revealed before, to prepare my flock for what is to come soon. My flock expands throughout the land from New York City to Los Angeles, California and beyond these boundaries.  And you will understand how Michael J. Jackson and the Jackson family played an intricate role in what has come to pass.

When I was 16 years old, I was worth $20 million. Dom Carlo Gambino left this for me, but I didn’t cash in, instead I started doing covert operations for the military at age 17. This article is not about my military service, but at age 30 after my service to country, I was worth $500 million and did not cash in again and this is where Michael Jackson fits in.

Half of his estate belongs to me. The question now is did he get killed or faked his death? But understand the truth being revealed is that I didn’t cash in, so though I raised hell with Michael J. Jackson, John J. Gotti and President George H.W. Bush with threats of killing people about this non payment of this money, it was all a front, because I chose not to get paid to finish my mission and I felt if I was rich and those who I came to save were poor, they would not receive me well.  It was imperative and still is that my people love and respect me on my day or I will have gain nothing. Therefore I or my associates and friends had no reason to harm Michael J. Jackson, because he was loyal for not paying me.  And his death put his estate back into the green, so I still wonder about him. His dying was good for business, especially if it was faked like John J. Gotti’s death.

Also I want to clarify something, when I went to California and got arrested and convicted  and Janet Jackson turned me in to the FEDS, it was because she was supposed to do this, it was a covert operation that came down from the White House and the Bush Administration. I went there to organized the Crips. What the White House had to do with this?  When I threatened President Bush, I was sent to Saint Elizabeth Hospital for 16 days, at which time I was briefed by the Secret Service on Crips and Bloods operations in California, but at the time the government didn’t know much about them, as I found out by them. So even Janet Jackson was loyal and did what she was programmed to do, I wasn’t the only one put under hypnosis in July 1989.

After Michael died in 2009 my court records got released yet they were sealed. This wasn’t supposed to happen.  I probably was against the law.  A lot o personal information got released and I was made out to seem more crazier than I was already depicted as.  They called me a stalker and everything else again.  This is because I and the FBI was always at odds. I always had good connections with the Secret Service, CIA and DOD, but was never in bed with the FBI, who has been investigating me since the John J. Gotti trial and probably before then. But though the FBI put me under legal scrutiny they couldn’t do much to me, because of the Secret Service, CIA and DOD. It wasn’t until recently that I clarified things with the FBI director Robert Mueller, who thought he could put me away last year. He has since been replaced by James B. Comey on September 4th, 2013. Hopefully now my problems with the FBI are solved. FBI director Robert Mueller arrived just before 9/11 and for this reason he should have praised me, because we prevented a nuclear holocaust in New York City.

To think I had a beef with Michael J. Jackson was to bark up the wrong tree due to misinformation. This is why when they (The FBI) told Michael J. Jackson about my threats against him, he was not alarmed at all and did not  pressed charges against me, only to make them go after him harder in an attempt to screw me as well, because my money was tied up in his estate. So to take him down would also have hurt me.

I know a lot of Michael J. Jackson’s fans think ill of me, but they seemed to not give Michael enough credit for handling his own affairs. They wanted to protect Michael from me and people like me, who they depicted as a nut case, yet Michael himself had no problems with me or ever voiced discontent concerning me. This is because they bought in on the idea that Michael was a little boy in a man’s body and not a very intelligent business man, who took care of business well. If I was crazy and a stalker and a threat to Michael, don’t you know he would have had the key thrown any on me? The FBI gave him the opportunity.

Now there were record companies who had problems with Michael and he voiced discontent about them and people like Tommy Motolla. Michael was taking ownership of a Beatles and other catalogs worth a lot of money, but the FBI didn’t seem to take that lead into consideration and you have to ask why.  Why they went through all that trouble to investigate me, someone who is supposed to be crazy but was of no concern of Michael J. Jackson, yet he himself told the world his life was in jeopardy because of his business dealings, but the FBI didn’t take the lead on this?  He never said he felt threatened by me, he said he felt threatened by Tommy Motolla, he said he felt threatened because of those copyrights he owned and was taking ownership of, which is half mines, so why would I want to hurt him? Michael J. Jackson and Paul Castellano are partners.

The truth about Michael J. Jackson will come to pass and all accounts will be settled. Now I am going to tell you how this works. I am a forgiving dude. People do wrong by me and I almost always forgive them. But John J. Gotti, he doesn’t forgive people especially once I do.   He is like the General of my Army and I am like the Son. On my day, I must forgive all who trespassed against me, but he will not and all accounts will be settled. And if Michael was murdered the culprits will wish they were never born, because generations will pay for this.

However, the real secret that we all have to look forward to is my last enemy which is death. I do not know how it will all happen other than my next major job will be to break the code of the DNA, in an attempt to slow down, stop or even reverse the aging process in mankind. So even though I gave up a natural life to fulfill my mission, what have I really lost?  I know I was born to suffer and so I did, with these expectations in life, but I know how a memory works. You can remember a lifetime in a matter of moments. I know because I did it in May 1990, when I remembered who I was. So all of this suffering will seem like one day in time.  All I can tell you was Paul Castellano who I am said, we will extend the life expectancy of mankind to 150 years and when we do this we will have plenty of time to even extend it more. The current promise in scripture is 70 years and I am 54 going on 55, so anyway you look at it the time is near. And from the look of things, I think it will be much sooner that 2029 which is when I make 70 years old. I just know this because John J. Gotti plans to be there and he would be 89 years old then. And things are starting to happen like I planned they would as signs of my day to come.


Paul Catala – Highlands Today – Sheds False Light on my Past

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Paul Catala – Highlands Today – Sheds False Light on my Past

First of all understand who and what I am up against.  Highlands Today is run by the Tampa Tribune, who was purchased by Revolution Capital Group for about $9.5M.  Revolution Capital Group is a private investment firm who is worth over $1.1 Trillion. So nobody is going to go after them for what they did to me, because my potential losses are not significant enough to go up against a firm with about 7,000 highly educated associates and a war chest of over $1T that is $1,000,000,000,000, as you can see there is a lot of zeros behind them. However, my argument is with more power comes more responsibilities and what was done to me by the media was irresponsibly written and I do not think Paul Catala or the Highlands Today newspaper gained anything from it or meant to gain anything. The only people who had anything to gain were local people who want to see me fail. But God is good.

I think Paul Catala is a good journalist, however he might not have meant any good to me or our organization the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC. He did three articles with us in one week. And he seemed to accomplish a goal, which was to make us seem chaotic, psychotic and criminal minded. Anyway this is what my conclusion is or how I feel now in hindsight.  He started out great for us, we were in the Sunday news and the front page and people saw us in a good light but he became a disservice to our organization and its leadership. And he almost caused dissention among our ranks.

A lot of what he had published was inaccurate misinformation.  Most of what he said about my personal past was based on tabloid media, that he got off of the internet, without any investigative reporting. It was based on misinformation.  For example I was never a stalker, this is untrue. He had published that I was charged with stalking Janet Jackson.  However, I was never tried in court or even ever charged for stalking Janet Jackson or anyone else for that matter, this was merely a rumor and a lie that Jermaine Jackson a brother of Janet Jackson started in a Los Angeles in a tabloid, which was picked up by other media, became mainstream and was made to seem like it was reality when it was a lie.

It happened while I was locked up jail in California and could not defend myself against these powerful celebrities out to destroy my character.  And they succeeded.  I know because an inmate showed me the newspaper with the lie when he (Jermaine) told it to the news, so I know how it started and when.  In the same manner Rene Elizondo, Janet Jackson’s then live-in boyfriend (according to my court documents but they claimed they were married another lie) started the rumor I was delusional. I was destroyed by them and the media.  And for the records I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I went to the White House and not for being schizophrenic delusional.  Now you ask yourself why they went to these extremes to destroy my character?  I feel it was because they wanted people to think I was crazy to discredit me, so nobody would listen to me and again they succeeded. But today I am no longer angry about any of this. But still nobody listens to me.

Did I ever threaten President George H. W. Bush, Michael J. Jackson and John J. Gotti, well if anything it took balls I would think and yes I did but was never charged for these threats, yet Paul Catala said I went to prison for this.  The reason for me resorting to making threats, was because I honestly believed and still do believe, I was involved with covert operations for the government in association with Organized Crime and thought I did good things for our country while in the military. But I realized they had no intentions of compensating me for the work I had done and I raised hell about my money, which I believed much of it was tied up in the Jackson’s estate. Today I am broke and today Michael J. Jackson is dead, I had nothing to do with that, but still there were no winners. The money I didn’t get he didn’t live to spend either!  And for the record I miss MJJ, he was a great entertainer. And we all know often heroes go unnoticed sometimes long after their death, when it comes to national security and intelligence. And though I am depicted as a villain, I truly believe what I did was heroic, to include the fall I took in California.

Now know some facts about me, I left home at age 17 to join the U.S. Army and traveled the world and country until I was about 30 year old. Never staying in one place for more than a year and a half at most, which were duty stations in the Army. I never stayed in Avon Park, FL more than 6 months until recently, yet people here seem comfortable with judging me.  Then at 30 or 31 years of age this all happened, I remembered a lot of things I cannot prove, because as I said, I snapped out of a hypnotic trance performed by John J. Gotti.

So how can anyone say they know where I have been and what I have done?  I am really delusional?  Are you certain about this or is this an assumption based on what you cannot possibly know about me and this includes my closest family members?  People think they know me, but very few people know anything about me or my past associations. I am not saying I am not delusional but ask your neighborhood psychiatrist, most delusions are mixed up with facts. So what is true and what is untrue?  Even my psychiatrist believes many of my accounts are possible. Yet people judged me badly for the past 25 years, but know nothing whatsoever about me or where I have been or my associations with John J. Gotti, the Jackson family or even the White House.

They call me a friend and say they love me but took the side of  people who were strangers to them out to destroy me for financial gains, because they made hit records and was on the news and television shows and were famous.  Yet it is a fact (I threatened Powerful People) and nothing major happened to me, other than I am still broke which was why I raised so much hell in the first place.  I know my stunt at the White House caused me to be unemployable for over 25 years.  They forewarned me and told me  I could never work for the government again.  And in the Janet Jackson infamous case I pled bargained calling myself doing her a favor. But they would have never convicted me because nobody was going to testify.  My lawyer told me this.  And today I regret this to some degree!  But I knew the FBI would have come after me with something else had I won that case, like they did John J. Gotti.

About our organization, I feel we were depicted as a bozo operation without any focus or realistic goals. I never said I was going to build a 15 computers workstation at our headquarters location. I wish I could.  But think about it, where would I put all of these machines, while running an office space as well?  I never said I was going to turn our headquarters location into a homeless shelter. Again where would I put these beds and how would they shower and stay clean, it would be a mess here.   This place in not equipped  to do such a thing.  Yes we want a soup kitchen, but in another location in the future and we would like to feed people out of this building soon, but plates would be limited due to our limited cooking facilities and space.  And yes we want a non profit newspaper, so that the people in our community can be informed about real issues and be told facts instead of what just transpired at the Highlands Today. Even a weekly column in the local news would be good, because black people need to hear the views of black people in our community that is for black people.

The bottom-line is I got bad media in the past and thought Paul Catala was different.  But he didn’t even get our address correct at our headquarters location and he visited us at our building in person. A Street?  There is no A Street in Avon Park, we are on South Avenue A, Avon Park, FL and not A Street.  And a lot of what I am saying is in hindsight, because his article about “Avon Park Community Awareness” oganization was impeccable, yet our was a misrepresentation. He made us look bad and they were made to look good and we are doing the same thing. So based on him they are the obvious choice to support.

I know how some of the people here in AvonPark feel about me and I would not be surprised if people put him up to this character assassination. And some of the things he said about me were true, but even the devil mixes the truth with lies, because it makes the lies more convincing. However, I do not even know if Paul Catala meant any harm to be honest, maybe he thought what he got off of the internet was valid, but the end result was a bad introduction of us to the community. And the travesty is I told him the truth of the matter but he went with Google and what was already said about me that was not ever factual in most cases.  Why?   Because he had a deadline he wanted to make?

I requested a traction by Highlands Today and sent proof the article was libelous and hopefully I will get it. If they do this I cannot sue them for damages, but can sue them for income lost, however, I do not get a salary from our organization and will probably always will be a volunteer. It is not about the money for me, but to have something to do and serve the community.  But maybe our organization loss money from potential donors and maybe not, because people have short memories anyway. But we realize they are too powerful to sue for the amount of money involved. I just want a correction done, because I am tired of these lies being told about me.  People really believe this stuff, because of the sources they came from.

January 26th Article –  AvonPark’s community network wiring into togetherness

January 28th Article – Group claims fights broke out after MLK parade in Avon Park

January 31st Article –  Head of Avon Park outreach group tries to move forward from criminal past

February 1st Article– New civic group focuses on south AvonPark issues

Frank Paul Jones

President and CEO – The NCNCHINC

Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?


I did a lot of writing over the last few years. A lot of what I wrote was put on Internet, under several aliases as well as in my officially documented and recorded name Frank Paul Jones.


When I had the revelation that I was Paul Castellano due to hypnosis sessions back in July of 1989 with John J. Gotti as well as other made men and associates of the Gambino Family out of New York City who participated and witnessed these activities that transpired and I woke up in the month of May 1990, I was mesmerized by the seemingly good news, because it gave my life new meaning and gave me a purpose and an agenda.  My first response was to contact the government and for several years I did this, I wrote the White House via fax regularly as I reported to them what I knew on so many subjects, which I felt was my duty to this country.  This begun under the President George H. W. Bush Administration and continued for many years until even this day.


Back then I became so fascinated and excited by the attention I got in secret  that I could not keep this good news to myself and felt compelled to share it with the world and not just friends, family and the government. And I did so with some successes, because I shared my blogs with over one million readers since about 2009.


My findings were somewhat surprising to some degree though they shouldn’t have been, because my family seemed to think I was delusional without question and many friends seemed to also think I was delusional, other than those who were there and yet though the government seemed to know what was going on with me, but decided it was best for the security of our nation to deny me and this gave me a profound understanding of a popular scripture in the bible.


Mark: 6:4 Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor.”


The reason I can say this is not to convince you that I am Jesus Christ, but because many of my readers who knew nothing about me, seemed to accept my writings as somewhat the truth because they did not judge the messenger but only read the message and I know the government knows the truth about my journey throughout life and my works for (them) government, but my own people (my close friends and family) seemed to think I am crazy and they were the people who I tried to save (wakeup) first from what is to come due to the covert activities that took place in my lifetime. And to this effect there is a comparison with how many people did not receive our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and labeled him insane also.


My journey to spread the word about the truth on subjects such as AIDS (a biological weapon) and the Economic War (WWIII) was for over 20 years, which everything basically falls under today, because even AIDS like the drug epidemic are merely weapons being used in this economic war to create the One World Government, for the New World Order who have been in existence here since the inception of this Great Nation, whereby a few controls the masses.  They (The Government) and I agreed to a set of rules, the agreement was that I could say anything I want to say as long as I do not act on what I say.  I went as far as to threaten then President of the United States George H. W. Bush (the illuminati himself), because I knew I could get away with it but knew I could  not act on it and didn’t want to, yet still people close to me, did not see the significance of my actions as to my authority, they only saw an obsessed fool over Janet Jackson in action.  Whereby throughout my journey Janet symbolized the Jews and my love for the Jews, who are the African Americans, if you truly understand scripture and its symbolism or at least my teachings.


Today I now realize that people are never going to believe me until the people in power tell them who I am and work I have done. Only when they have been overcome will my people see the light, because of their slave mentality.  For this reason there is no longer any reason for me to starve for the sake of blind fools. Because nobody supports me or my causes and because of  my works I have been blackballed from society and the government, whereby I could not even get a decent job for about 25 years, this is the price I paid for the stunt I pulled at the White House in May of 1991.


Now I have a chance to at least be compensated from the government but not directly for my works.  The VA will have to make a determination that I was insane, when I was discharged from the Army in 1987, for them to compensate me. This will give the government the authority to not only deny me, but it will be documented as facts that it was evaluated and agreed upon by judges that what I have been sharing with the world is a mere figment of my imagination and that there is not truth or at least no consistency of facts being shared by me.  This is plausible denial for the government!  And I have to agree to these findings to be compensated in order to have a decent quality of life in my last years here on earth.  And I sincerely believe that Frank Paul Jones suffered long enough. Because though Paul Castellano  resides in the body of Frank Paul Jones, he is not Jones and Jones should not forever carry the burdens of Castellano’s work and continue to suffer in his name, especially when nobody believes to him anyway.


So the question as to “What Would Jesus Do” (WWJD) comes into play, while I guess he would die for a bunch of blind fools called sinners, but I am not he, so living and dying in absolute poverty and not being able to make bills each month while driving a lemon for a car about to collapse any day, only because Jones could not have a career in the workforce and therefore a retirement check would be continued folly in my part.  Because if people did not listen to me for over 50 years, my continued life of poverty will not change a thing.  And I realize that once this happens, I will be a documented insane man who should not to be taken seriously. So be it!



The irony behind this development is that because of this and how it will come to be, I am more convinced than ever that I am Paul Castellano.  I realize that the works of my last 20 years plus of sharing my life’s history with the world, was never expected to be accepted by those close to me.  And until those close to me accept my words as truth those from a distant will not be changed by it. They may believe me somewhat but not conceive the truth in their daily lives or act on my words.   And therefore it will be just information without the power change anything.  Nothing but rhetoric in the winds.


Was it a waste of time? I hope not, because the truth is everlasting even if it is overwritten, the facts remain, because the development of the future is determined by the facts of the past, even if the facts have been overwritten by fabrications.  Those who are in the sphere of controlling the world are in their positions of power or will be the power over the world because they know the facts from fiction.  So even if my service was not recognized by the those who I setout to wakeup first, still it was a calling for many.  I know that the rulers of tomorrow will have known what I said to be true and believable and will manifest it in their ruler ship. And I know that my history was already written and is available to the world on the Internet, even if I die tomorrow. And it is not my duty to continue to repeat myself over and over, at the price of poverty, hunger and despair.  I have to move on to another stage in my life. But because I did not die at their hands (The African Americans or Jews in symbolism), so they may survive also, even if it is in darkness.  For this reason it was said.


Mathew: 22-14: “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”


As I said what I had to say, now I must do what I must do. It is my plan to do community work with the remaining healthy years of my life I have on this planet. Only if it is God’s will, will the work I do make any real impact on lifting poverty for others. Because I have an idea of what is to come, perhaps I will be prepared for it and be able to help others prepare as well.  I realize I must design a new strategy and a new approachto my services to mankind and perhaps even change my way of life that I may become more believable.

James   2: 17: In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.



Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder Suspect released

Football Field where Dwayne Terrence  Council Jr. was killed

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder Suspect released

A man was taken into custody by the Highlands County Sheriff Department and after a thorough investigation he was released. I will not mention his name, because he deserves his privacy, but because he got into a fight that night and lost, he became a suspect. He was the only person they figured would have a motive to harm Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. that night, who is not a know criminal.


I guess this brings the investigation back to square one, because at the time nobody is in custody, so therefore I have to assume they do not know who did it. This can brings forth a lot of theories, which could create leads or more confusion.


Around Monday the 4th of November the headquarters building of the National Community Network and Coalition in AvonPark was shot twice by an unknown shooter for no apparent reason.  One of the slugs was only about 2 or 3 feet from the window where my desk is at.  They say Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. was shot by a 45 caliber and the investigating police officer of the building shooting said it was probably a 45 caliber that caused the damages on our building.  The slugs did not penetrate through the walls and is probably still in the block.  If it was the same gun, this could be a lead.  I am sure somebody knows who shot our building.


Then there is always the race card or random violence. Being it was very late at night or very early in the morning when he was killed at an empty football field, it is possible it was a random killing or by a hate group. Then there is the possibility that it was a killing of opportunity, which would be the worst case scenario. There is the possibility that someone killed him, because the opportunity presented itself.  This could be the result of an interloper or just a cold hearted killer, who is still on the loose. This case scenario puts our community in danger, because it can happen again and again.


Whatever the case, whoever did it is not in custody and the word on the streets is nobody seems to know who did it, publicly speaking anyway. So there is a real possibility that this crime may go unresolved for long time, but there is no statute of limitations on murder and especially premeditated murder. So if more than one person was involved and if other people know what happened and are simply keeping it to themselves now, the chances are the truth will come to the light, because even real gangsters seem to not be able to keep murders a secret for very long.  People always snitch when they need leverage to cover their own butts, when they get busted.


As a former gangster out of New York City, I understand that sometimes business decisions leads to murders or killing to those in the circle, but usually these people are a part of something, which they made a vow of secrecy to be a part of it.  And the possibility of being killed goes with the territory of the association of organized crime, which was understood from the beginning.  But I do not condone or understand murders due to emotional based revenge – such as street fights or random murders out of opportunity. I do not condone senseless killings in the community in which I live. When people like this is on the streets, it is unsafe for us all, because it is a sign of an undisciplined person with a handgun, willing to use it without just cause or out of emotions.


I think this is bad for the business of illegal enterprises. I mean  things happen on the Delaney Avenue Strip and it is obvious that law enforcement allows it to go on uninterrupted. I do not think a lot of money is being made there, but the area is clearly chaotic and that might be a problem.  There is really little organizational structure in AvonPark as far as criminal enterprises are concerned and therefore nobody has the power to control the criminals, but law enforcement. I do not know of a Dom over the Delaney Avenue Strip. It is just a bunch of freelancers committing petty crimes, who are pissing up the streets.


If I was in New   York City, I could resolve a crime like this for the good of our business enterprises.  Because when senseless crimes like this take place in our territory, either someone goes to jail for it or has to leave town forever, for the good of the community. But here there is no Dom, so it is up to law enforcement to put their foot down. How business continues as usual in the aftermath of a seemingly senseless murder like this, I just do not understand.


Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC

Coward Thugs Place Two Bullet Holes in Blue Building

Blue Building

Coward Thugs Place Two Bullet Holes in Blue Building

It was very early in the morning about 4:00 AM on Monday November 4th, 2013. I heard about 4 or 5 gun shots fired from a large gun and then I went back to sleep.  It was my poor judgment to not call the police, because I felt this is the way of Delaney Avenue, in the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park. You get used to this where I live.  Then two day later, I discovered two large bullet holes in our headquarters building and one of them was about 2 or 3 feet from the window where my desk is at. I then informed the sheriff department, but it was too late to investigate the shooting.  This hampered my morale.  I asked myself, why do I bother to even stay here, because these people really do not care about anything?


I left New York City my hometown where I was loved and had some real friends and an opportunity with Services for the Underserved (SUS) an 85 Million dollar annual non profit organization, whereby I worked in the central office with my own cubicle in a job program, to come here to Avon Park to do community work.


This year we started Project Creativity, which is an artistic program that reaches out to disadvantaged young adults, basically between the ages of 18 to 35. I think it is a wonderful idea and program that could help many of the people we are targeting. But I feel betrayed by them, because of this senseless shooting that was very dangerous. I could have been killed, because sometimes I am in the office funny hours, to do recording studio work during quiet hours like very early in the morning.


However, I feel the problem is really bigger than these kids.  The City of Avon Park and County of Highlands, placed them into this vicinity by design to cause mayhem and destruction.  See we had a place for the late party goers called the Beachfront. It is now owned by Royal Empire Invest Corp Trustee.  It is worth over 250G, yet they cannot even open the establishment due to politics, even after investing over 100G in renovations.  I think there is something unethical going on here.  The word is out that they cannot get water on their property and therefore cannot open the club and the City and County is stopping them because of the crime rate that was once there.


However, the Beachfront is isolated with one way in and one way out, while the Southside Redevelopment Area is a residential area. So all of the late hanging out now takes place in a residential area as a means to reduce crime? To be honest I smell a fish and someone needs to look in to this.  Because the Beachfront is closed and cannot open, now the Southside Redevelopment Area inherited the crime and confusion that was once isolated across county lines, where law enforcement could easily control criminal behavior and enterprising if the chose to do so.


There are a lot of scenarios that could have taken place that Monday morning. The bullet could have went 3 feet higher and went  through the window hitting something in  the window frame and changing directions to exit the other side into a home on two lots over, killing a kid in bed. Or I could have been in there and got shot. But they call themselves preventing crime by closing down the Beachfront?


Now as a result of this, Delaney Avenue is infested with drugs and crime all hours of the day and night and it goes unattended by law enforcement. And I cannot remain silent any longer, because I cannot see how I can coexist, with what is going on here.  I live three lots from  our headquarters location. Therefore, I live in this cesspool of crime, drugs and late hour gun shooting. And this is not right and it is not fair to place this chaos where I and other people live, to prevent crime in a non residential area outside the county limits.  Now what happens on New Years eve?  The police will be nowhere to be found on that night because they never are.


And like I said the things that go on  here in Avon Park and Highlands County, simply because there is no federal oversight. They do as the please here and get away with it, because they can. And it is sad, because they turned the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park, Delaney Avenue strip into a slum area. All the real businesses are going out of business.  And nothing is right about this area and everything is wrong and it was done to us by design. For the sake of reducing crime in an isolated area, while shutting down the best property in the area, which could bring in tax revenue. I smell a fish and someone should look in to this, before an innocent child gets killed over here where people live. I think they are trying to steal that property from its owners and it has nothing to do with crime, because there is nothing but crime on the Delaney   Avenue strip.


Frank Paul Jones