Black Leaders AWOL on Top Social Issue

Rev. Jackson & Rev. Sharpton

Black Leaders AWOL on Top Social Issue


Facts:  There are 21 legal medical marijuana states and DC and 5 states pending medical marijuana legalization in 2014.  By 2015 over half the states our the Union, could be  allowed the produce, distributed, sell and use of medical marijuana legally.  Meanwhile, President Obama during his White House Correspondence Diner on  May 3rd, 2014, he jokingly said referring Legalized Recreational Use of Marijuana in the States of Colorado and Washington as a social experiment they are allowing, he said to this effect that, “We are not eavesdropping on people in Washington and Colorado, having stupid conversations over the phone, as a part of our social experiment taking place that we are allowing.”


How did he know the conversations were stupid?  The NSA? What do you think is really happening?


Facts and opinion based on trends: With 2 States allowing recreational marijuana and 25 States allowing medical marijuana to be sold in their States and a Federal Government not enforcing the marijuana drug laws, with the understanding that marijuana is listed as a schedule one drug (one of the most dangerous drugs on the streets) by the DEA.  Compounded by the Attorney General Eric Holder’s position to ease up on the sentencing guidelines for non violent drug offenses, what do you really think will be the natural transition or future plans?  We predict that one of President Obama last acts aside from his presidential pardons, will be the signing of legislation to end the prohibition of marijuana in the whole United States. He leaves office in only 970 days on 20 January 2017.  The countdown has begun!


My argument is there are no nationally recognized black leaders or investors on the forefront of this serious social issue that is also a serious economic issue.  Our focus as black people seems to be as consumers only, focusing on who will be able to use the drugs to get high, for medical purposes or our plans to never use such a drug as good Christian of sorts. Yet already we have a $40 billion marijuana crop in the United States, which is our most valued crop by far and Gov. Scott of Florida just agreed to sign a bill into law SB 1023 that will allow the State of Florida to grow a marijuana crop worth about $7.5 Billion easy or about 20% of our current total product.


Yet from first glace, his plan doesn’t even include black people as potential distributors.  We will not even be able to bid in the State of Florida for a medical marijuana dispensary. Unless we have black owned plant nurseries that was in business for 30 continuous years and can produce at least 240,000 plants, even Oprah Winfrey money is not good in the State Florida as far as marijuana goes, unless she wants to smoke some, under Gov. Scott’s watch. So I wonder how many black owned marijuana farms or dispensaries are there in the United States of America. This is something we must start paying attention to. And something wealthy black should concern themselves with. These unfair business practices is a clear cut blackout.


Another concern is how they have been deciding on where to place medical marijuana dispensaries and how many can operate in a given State. And the way they are doing it is racially biased, yet I heard not one black voice raise the question as to why and how do they justify this distribution system laws and restrictions.


Fact: There are about 1 marijuana dispensaries for every 10 pharmacies in each state.  First of all pharmacies are located were there are people who have health insurance.


Fact: 30.4% of Hispanics, 17% of blacks, and 9.9% of whites do not have health insurance. While Hispanics are 17% of the population, black 12% and white about 65%, then when we consider the poverty level of each group, we will be able to determine how many people have private insurance.  Marijuana as a medication is not recognized by any government insurance such as Medicaid, Medicare or Veterans Benefits.  So what is the correlation between how many Pharmacies exist in a given State as a determining factor as to how many medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to open and where they will be placed?


While our black leadership is AWOL on these social and economic issues, they are designing a distribution system that will exclude black people as investors other than as a consumer of these drugs. And the tend is gaining momentum from State to State and will become the nationwide policy, if we do not quickly become a part of the process of the legislative creation on marijuana sales and distribution.


While they are in all reality addressing a serious social problem, which is that they really cannot afford to continue to fund the enforcement of the prohibition of marijuana anymore, they pitched us a curveball to create a blackout in the legislative intent. They devised a plan to distribute medical marijuana first as a way to determine who can distribute it on these basis, so when it becomes legal by federal law as a recreational drug, the distribution system of marijuana will not include many black people and will be setup.


Fact:  Black are about 4 times more likely to get busted for marijuana than whites,  and in proportion to the population the disparity is about 15 times more likely for blacks to get arrested.


This is the proper indicator as to where marijuana is being sold to the consumers  and who is selling it to them and how much.  It is not being sold near our neighborhood Walgreen’s Pharmacy.  It is being sold by black people in black ghetto communities and little of the money stays in our community and that is the problem.  But somehow the location of pharmacies and not black communities has become the determining factor as to how many and where the legal market will take place. There is something very wrong with this picture. It is clearly a hypocrisy!


Marijuana is the biggest and its most valued crop in the United States estimated at about $40 billion and it is about to hit Wall Street as a major commodity, after they divide the distribution licenses among themselves. Its value will at least double in 5 to 10 years upwards and above $80 Billion annually. While blacks are a major influence in this legislative change, it clearly doesn’t address the black disposition in the policy decisions. Illegal drugs have destroy our community, so now you legalize it and exclude of in the legal process to determine how it will be controlled and regulated?


So I say to our black leadership and investors, wake up and become involved in this nation changing event.  Black leaders with nationwide appeal must open up to these issues creating nationwide social and economic dialog.  People like Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev, Jesse Jackson, Magic Johnson, Min. Louis Farrakhan, Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, Sean Combs, Mr. & Mrs. Carter and the many influential black people, must put their money and influence behind this issue to become allowed by law to invest in its distribution.


If we do not act soon, we will be once again left behind tomorrow, while owning an urban basketball team for $1,000,000,000. We will be excluded from a multi-billion dollar industry with world wide prospects and future growth. Therefore as the consumers we are, we will be able to smoke our weed and watch basketball, music videos, and comedies, while we  merely dream about making it big pros one day. But merely surviving in America. Because we are not really included the real economic community controlling issues.


Conjecture: Aside from someone on a white horse coming out of the sky, black’s in America only real hope for black community redevelopment nationwide; as a means of recovery from the many years of this war on drugs, whose frontline was in our communities, is the reinvestment of the profits from marijuana production, distribution and sales made in our State and community. And this can and will only happen if we are involved in the legislative process, while securitizing every decision made, will this happen.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Caste


MST Untreated Stole My Life


MST Untreated Stole My Life

For many years I was traumatized due to a military sexual assault, the illness is called MST or military sexual trauma.  I really never dealt with it, but simply allowed my life to deteriorate, while one thing led to another in a self destructive pattern. I recently enrolled in MST therapy through the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and for the first time since the assault occurred I am being proactive in addressing the underlying problems associated with this by actually looking into how it really effected me.

My goal is to obtain a better quality of life and to be successful in gaining service connected disability. I feel that this assault destroyed my life because as a result of it, I halted in development, I stopped growing, in fact, I became insecure  and became worst. And instead of the VA treating my true illness they chose to treat a mere symptom which was “delusional schizophrenia and bipolar disorder,” because they were only concerned with denying me service connected disability they did not address MST and as a result over 24 years have passed by, while it went untreated and I am now 54 years old and have a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Now for the first time I was ask how did the assault effect me and as a result for the first time I actually thought about it in detail and that is the nature of this letter.

I never understood what Paul Castellano meant by saying to Rev. Jesse Jackson he has to overcome it, he had to know, but he has to overcome it.”  Why? Because I was never challenged by anyone to think about it.

First of all, I truly believe that everything that happened in my life was for a reason, to include the late decision by the VA to treat me for MST.  Sure I probably would have had a full life had we did it sooner, but still better late than never.

To say I had to know is talking about knowledge of something and what I had to overcome was the traumatic effect as a result of the knowledge.  I had to know homosexuality or the act of homosexuality inflicted upon me “an assault” and had to overcome whatever happened to my psyche as a result of it.  And because I was not homosexual it was a traumatic experience, because in reality my manhood was taken from me and I will explain.

One of the worst things you can do to a straight man is have another man  rape him. As a result I felt fear, I was afraid to even go to sleep night.  One time I stayed up for about three months.  Because of being raped I begun to hate alcohol, I feared its effects, though I still abused it, because it made me vulnerable and subject to another assault. So while I was afraid to sleep I needed a sedative to put me under. I could not sleep on my own, without the help of a drug and still cannot. I still cannot sleep without medications to assist me.

Soon after I was raped, I realized I was naked as did Adam, which makes me wonder what was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Soon after I got raped I did not feel comfortable taking a shower with other men, which was a requirement in the Army in Germany, because we lived in old style barracks. And I became ashamed of my body and I felt violated and inadequate.  And though I have reason to believe Paul Castellano killed those who conspired to rape me, there was never a sense of closing. I never had closure, because one thing led to another  in a constant self destructive pattern in my life.

Soon after I got out of the military during that enlistment, I drank everyday and made my father promise not to enter into my bedroom while I was asleep, in fear he would hurt me. But I am sure he checked on me to make sure I was OK.  Because at the time he was the only person that I told about I being raped while in Germany. And when I showed him a picture of the people responsible for my assault with their social security numbers on it and said one day I will find them and kill them, he tore up the picture and said “they are already dead.”  It was years later before I even had a flash of their killings. Still until this day I do not remember it all, but only in parts can I remember that night Paul Castellano killed them.

I think John J. Gotti set me up to be assaulted, because I had to know and overcome it and to get even with me. He too was setup while in prison in his younger years and also that man who did him died a horrible death.  But he made it difficult for me to overcome it.  Because now that I think about it Janet Jackson was never for me, but worked for the Mafia and him.

See Janet was used to control me for many years. My relationship with her went back to when I was 16 years old an d she was about 9.  I was hypnotized and tricked into loving her from the beginning and to feel a sense of debt to her. I felt I owed her my love, because of all these bad things I did to her “allegedly”. And as a result of my love for her, the Mafia controlled me. She was never  really my true mate, but was a tool they used to get me to do the many things I did for them. And John J. Gotti told me, “you have to get over her.” Just like I had to get over the assault and had to get over Janet, because she never was for me to begin with. He said I could never be a Dom and be obsessed over her, who was never worthy of my love. But after years and years of this, I found it hard to let go, yet I knew I had to someday.

The sexual assault coupled with a hypnotically induced obsession over Janet Jackson, brought about my long term deterioration. First of all, I was suffering with MST which was going untreated for many years.  Meaning the feelings of fear, insecurity, inadequacy, shame and guilt  to name a few was coupled with an illusionary relationship diagnosed as delusion. And I was preoccupied with the fact that I knew it was true (my associations with her) that I overlooked the fundamental element (fact), which was that she used me to gain the world, never intending to share it with me. She never really cared about me from the beginning.

As a result, I further melted down by disassociating myself with people who cared about me, always worrying about her. I was actually faithful to her for about 10 years, going without sex. Because my believed relations with her was upheld by me being a victim of MST. I see it now as a setup, Janet Jackson was used against me so effectively only because I was already traumatized by a sexual assault, in the military. She in fact was my escape as well as distraction from dealing with my underlying problems associated with MST. And the VA failed me, because had they never addressed my real problem, because I would have gain service connected disability and/or recovered from this traumatic experience.  And because Paul Castellano killed those men, I was accused of destroying a covert unit. But it was centered around me anyway and they dishonored me by allowing this rape to take place and then covering it up as if it n ever happened.

A better quality of life for me, would include some material things, like a better car to drive, my house being renovated, eating quality foods like good steaks ore often, my recording studio being upgraded and updated and the tools to get our non profit organization of the ground, because my non profit organization give me a reason to wakeup each day.

But I know in my heart, now that I am pondering and reflecting on my past and how I got to where I am today in mind, body and spirit. For me to enjoy these things and truly benefit from them, I need peace of mind. I need a true understanding of myself that is consistent with the directions I want to go with the remainder of my life.  I need closure concerning this traumatic event coupled with illusions that controlled my life for over 25 years.

From: The Screenplay “The Apostle.”


Staff Sergeant Winston who was my KEY arranged a meeting with me and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Who are you?

Frank Paul Jones was in the process of becoming Paul Castellano, right before Rev. Jackson.


I am afraid; they are going to kill me.
Then Paul Castellano started laughing, saying Frank Paul Jones is a baby, and he wasn’t that body he just resides in it.


Why you let them do what they did to Paul.


He has to overcome it, he had to know, but he has to overcome it.


What are you going to do to the people responsible for this?


What do you suggest?


They must die.


You are right and I assume you are afraid for your life as well, but you will be all right, it’s all a part of the Master Plan.
The decision was made to protect Jesse, because he had a strong Presidential campaign and the decision was made to handle the people who raped Paul.


I don’t remember the last day in Germany of this tour. All I remember was being with a prostitute in Frankfurt, who told me I had to return to Swhweinfurt to resolve this situation, then I saw Staff Sergeant Winston who said, there he goes, and then later on that night I remember sweating on top of the same prostitute, and she said, now you can go home.

From the <st1:translation_smarttag_15>NIV Holy Bible:

Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”


10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”


11 And he said, “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?”


12 The man said, “The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.”


13 Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”

Frank Paul Jones

Paul was Bamboozled into Killing Many

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Paul was Bamboozled into Killing Many


I have to confess to a few things, due to my change of heart and reasoning.  First of all, I realize I was bamboozled.  I still do not totally understand why. I believe deep in my heart I was put under hypnosis by John J. Gotti. I was made to believe I was the son of Carlo Gambino, which I now doubt.  I was given the name Paul Castellano by the Gambino Crime family and I ran with it.


Janet Jackson played an intricate roll in the puzzling plot, to use my talents and gifts for the wrong reasons.  I believe I was born with an extraordinary gift.  Things I still remember about my childhood, about myself tells me this.  For one I had a photographic memory.  I could see things like a car passing by and not remember the license plate number but could close my eyes and see it.  As a kid I could move objects on the kitchen table without touching them.  Under hypnosis I was able to talk in several languages.  I remember friends telling me I had a conversation with foreigners in their tongue.  I remember these things.


I remember playing the bass guitar on the Jackson’s Destiny album and they could not duplicate what I did on tour.  I remember meeting with Janet Jackson on 5 July1989 at the RiverPark in Long IslandCity, Queens New York.  I was told she was my wife and came to get me.  I was afraid for some reason, anyway they did not send me with her, but instead she did her Rhythm Nation 1814 album with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and I was sent back to a homeless shelter, called BAVR for Borden Avenue Veterans Shelter.  I was told that half of that estate was mines, for the work I had done.  I believed it and thought it would be honored by the Jackson Family.


I went to California after going to WashingtonD.C., where I was arrested for threatening then President George H.W. Bush.  They took me into the White House and interviewed me, they told me President Bush was listening in.  I told them what John  J. Gotti instructed me to tell them, which was he had to do 10 years in prison, because kids had to know that crime doesn’t pay.  I told them that, but I revealed a secret to them, that I learned when I met Jesse Jackson in Germany.  I am going to reveal this now, because I kept this a secret long enough and furthermore as I thought of him as a friend he tried to have me killed.  I told them that Jesse Jackson killed Martin Luther King as point blank range and that was why he covered himself in his blood to cover it up.  But they already knew this, they was in on it.


When I was in Germany and meet with Jesse Jackson, I was afraid he was going to hurt me, because I was raped in Germany.  He was in a red robe when I entered his hotel room and he thought I was a homo, but I was raped because of John J. Gotti, to make me hate the Army and get out.  Jesse Jackson looked afraid as he looked over my shoulders and told me not to look back (behind me), but I look anyway and I saw my Lieutenant Colonel  and Command Sergeant Major behind me, but I said it was John J. Gotti and my father Frank C. Jones, one black and one white, but it was them.  Jesse Jackson did not know I knew he tried to turn me in to the soldiers, just as he assassinated Martin Luther King, so that he could be the head nigger in charge.


My folly was that I really thought I was the son of Carlo Gambino and was not just being used, because I had a talent or gift beyond the high performing  person.  I do not think John  J. Gotti is dead unless he died recently.  They faked his death, to allow him to get out of prison.  About a month or two before he allegedly died, I gave him power of attorney over all of my affairs, making my uncle the successor agent, because I knew they would have killed him had I did it the other way around.  My second error was I trusted another man in John  J. Gotti, whereby only a fool will puts his trust in another man.


Now about Michael Jackson, I did not think he died, I thought they faked his death also, so he could get out of the scene and no pay me.  So I was very insensitive and talked badly about him.  I called him a junkie rightly so, but I was insensitive towards his family who did play me like a chump.


Now I realize I throw my life away over a pipe dream.  I mean Janet was not worth all I was put through.  I took a fall with the Feds and went to prison to protect her, killed countless people for the sake of my love for her and stayed poor all of my life for the sake of them and the Gambino Crime family.  Because of my foolish belief in my being Carlo Gambino’s son, nobody believed anything I said.


I screwed up my life for nothing. I screwed up my life for a world I care less about.  My life cannot be returned to me, I forfeited it.  I will probably get another chance to do my thing, but it will not change the past.  Sure DNA technology will probably extend lives, beyond our wildest dreams, but nothing will change what I went through all these years.  It is like I am living for revenge.  My story is really a sad story, of how the illusion of love fooled me into destroying millions of lives.  I killed many in the name of love and that is insane.  Can I ever forgive myself?  I do not know for sure.  Will the world ever forgive me?  Probably not!  But that really doesn’t matter anymore.