Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?


I did a lot of writing over the last few years. A lot of what I wrote was put on Internet, under several aliases as well as in my officially documented and recorded name Frank Paul Jones.


When I had the revelation that I was Paul Castellano due to hypnosis sessions back in July of 1989 with John J. Gotti as well as other made men and associates of the Gambino Family out of New York City who participated and witnessed these activities that transpired and I woke up in the month of May 1990, I was mesmerized by the seemingly good news, because it gave my life new meaning and gave me a purpose and an agenda.  My first response was to contact the government and for several years I did this, I wrote the White House via fax regularly as I reported to them what I knew on so many subjects, which I felt was my duty to this country.  This begun under the President George H. W. Bush Administration and continued for many years until even this day.


Back then I became so fascinated and excited by the attention I got in secret  that I could not keep this good news to myself and felt compelled to share it with the world and not just friends, family and the government. And I did so with some successes, because I shared my blogs with over one million readers since about 2009.


My findings were somewhat surprising to some degree though they shouldn’t have been, because my family seemed to think I was delusional without question and many friends seemed to also think I was delusional, other than those who were there and yet though the government seemed to know what was going on with me, but decided it was best for the security of our nation to deny me and this gave me a profound understanding of a popular scripture in the bible.


Mark: 6:4 Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor.”


The reason I can say this is not to convince you that I am Jesus Christ, but because many of my readers who knew nothing about me, seemed to accept my writings as somewhat the truth because they did not judge the messenger but only read the message and I know the government knows the truth about my journey throughout life and my works for (them) government, but my own people (my close friends and family) seemed to think I am crazy and they were the people who I tried to save (wakeup) first from what is to come due to the covert activities that took place in my lifetime. And to this effect there is a comparison with how many people did not receive our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and labeled him insane also.


My journey to spread the word about the truth on subjects such as AIDS (a biological weapon) and the Economic War (WWIII) was for over 20 years, which everything basically falls under today, because even AIDS like the drug epidemic are merely weapons being used in this economic war to create the One World Government, for the New World Order who have been in existence here since the inception of this Great Nation, whereby a few controls the masses.  They (The Government) and I agreed to a set of rules, the agreement was that I could say anything I want to say as long as I do not act on what I say.  I went as far as to threaten then President of the United States George H. W. Bush (the illuminati himself), because I knew I could get away with it but knew I could  not act on it and didn’t want to, yet still people close to me, did not see the significance of my actions as to my authority, they only saw an obsessed fool over Janet Jackson in action.  Whereby throughout my journey Janet symbolized the Jews and my love for the Jews, who are the African Americans, if you truly understand scripture and its symbolism or at least my teachings.


Today I now realize that people are never going to believe me until the people in power tell them who I am and work I have done. Only when they have been overcome will my people see the light, because of their slave mentality.  For this reason there is no longer any reason for me to starve for the sake of blind fools. Because nobody supports me or my causes and because of  my works I have been blackballed from society and the government, whereby I could not even get a decent job for about 25 years, this is the price I paid for the stunt I pulled at the White House in May of 1991.


Now I have a chance to at least be compensated from the government but not directly for my works.  The VA will have to make a determination that I was insane, when I was discharged from the Army in 1987, for them to compensate me. This will give the government the authority to not only deny me, but it will be documented as facts that it was evaluated and agreed upon by judges that what I have been sharing with the world is a mere figment of my imagination and that there is not truth or at least no consistency of facts being shared by me.  This is plausible denial for the government!  And I have to agree to these findings to be compensated in order to have a decent quality of life in my last years here on earth.  And I sincerely believe that Frank Paul Jones suffered long enough. Because though Paul Castellano  resides in the body of Frank Paul Jones, he is not Jones and Jones should not forever carry the burdens of Castellano’s work and continue to suffer in his name, especially when nobody believes to him anyway.


So the question as to “What Would Jesus Do” (WWJD) comes into play, while I guess he would die for a bunch of blind fools called sinners, but I am not he, so living and dying in absolute poverty and not being able to make bills each month while driving a lemon for a car about to collapse any day, only because Jones could not have a career in the workforce and therefore a retirement check would be continued folly in my part.  Because if people did not listen to me for over 50 years, my continued life of poverty will not change a thing.  And I realize that once this happens, I will be a documented insane man who should not to be taken seriously. So be it!



The irony behind this development is that because of this and how it will come to be, I am more convinced than ever that I am Paul Castellano.  I realize that the works of my last 20 years plus of sharing my life’s history with the world, was never expected to be accepted by those close to me.  And until those close to me accept my words as truth those from a distant will not be changed by it. They may believe me somewhat but not conceive the truth in their daily lives or act on my words.   And therefore it will be just information without the power change anything.  Nothing but rhetoric in the winds.


Was it a waste of time? I hope not, because the truth is everlasting even if it is overwritten, the facts remain, because the development of the future is determined by the facts of the past, even if the facts have been overwritten by fabrications.  Those who are in the sphere of controlling the world are in their positions of power or will be the power over the world because they know the facts from fiction.  So even if my service was not recognized by the those who I setout to wakeup first, still it was a calling for many.  I know that the rulers of tomorrow will have known what I said to be true and believable and will manifest it in their ruler ship. And I know that my history was already written and is available to the world on the Internet, even if I die tomorrow. And it is not my duty to continue to repeat myself over and over, at the price of poverty, hunger and despair.  I have to move on to another stage in my life. But because I did not die at their hands (The African Americans or Jews in symbolism), so they may survive also, even if it is in darkness.  For this reason it was said.


Mathew: 22-14: “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”


As I said what I had to say, now I must do what I must do. It is my plan to do community work with the remaining healthy years of my life I have on this planet. Only if it is God’s will, will the work I do make any real impact on lifting poverty for others. Because I have an idea of what is to come, perhaps I will be prepared for it and be able to help others prepare as well.  I realize I must design a new strategy and a new approachto my services to mankind and perhaps even change my way of life that I may become more believable.

James   2: 17: In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.




Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Immoral for Bashing Homosexuals?


Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Immoral for Bashing Homosexuals?

Personally I never saw Duck Dynasty, in fact until recently I never heard of it. I am not into too many reality shows if any at all, actually I spend most of my TV time on CNN, watching the news. It was on the news that I heard about Phil Robertson bashing homosexuals and supporting his statements with biblical scriptures.

They said he paraphrased the bible and said from Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

The scripture states in the NIV (1Corinthians 9-11)

“Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

So if you take the whole scripture in its proper context, it is not a homophobic statement at all. But it does not say homosexuality is not righteous behavior but is of sinful nature and people who practice these behaviors should repent and turn away from their sinful ways. Then Phil Robertson did the politically correct thing and apologized. He belongs to Hollywood and a lot of money is involved and so he kept his job and perhaps his life, but the statement was made for the world to hear and judge.

What baffles me is that today on CNN they debated on the decision by A&E to give him his job back. They went as far as to say A&E was morally wrong for ending his suspension. Basically they said it is immoral to question the morality of homosexual behavior, even if it is consistent with the bible. Therefore they are in fact saying that the bible is immoral or to believe in it. So I ask, what is this world coming to? And I will tell you!

I understand why they are passing laws to allow same sex marriage and they will eventually allow legalized prostitution, legal drugs and legal gambling throughout our land. And we already know thieves and the greedy rule the world, when half of the world’s wealth belongs to only 2% of our world’s population. But now they want to censor freedom of speech on these subjects and therefore force us all to condone things we are against based on our religious freedoms. What happened to the first amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993? People have the right to believe in a God of their understanding and to boast about it. And the bible is very popular in religion. And just because all of these things are going on and is becoming legal, does not mean these people will go to heaven or should Christians have to believe they will.

The bible is a powerful book, it is a book of oppression for many. It kept African slaves in check for many years, be it physical or mental bondage. A lot of us are still slaves and do not know it, because our bondage is mental, yet the barriers are not abstract but are concrete. But God works in mysterious ways and God is waking up many of his folk to the reality of knowing false Gods from the true God. False religions ruled the world for thousands of years, but now people are being forced to consider another viewpoint. And Satan is on his last limb and is trying to take as many people down with him as he can.

We are living in a times whereby good is evil and righteousness is bad. Whereby sinful nature is moral and Godliness is immoral. And people are not able to distinguish which is which anymore. We now look up the thieves and praise their wealth which was ill-gotten gains and want to be like them, instead of Godlike. Now everybody wants to be rich and powerful and there simply isn’t enough money to make us all billionaires. Therefore human life has become secondary to our selfish ends.

With all this going on, I honestly believe God is using the homosexual community to open the eyes of his true flock. How, because a true believer of God cannot and will not distinguish homosexuality from the rest of the people mentioned in 1 Co. 9-11. Though it is accepted behavior in our society it is not necessarily a ticket to the abstract heaven. So therefore the question of heaven becomes the topic. And when God flock realizes they are living in hell here on earth and stop living only to die for a promise no one ever came back and explained the experience, where there is no empirical data to support it and when they begin to be persecuted for even believing in such things to begin with, the world will become Godless. And the great tool of oppression which is false Gods will no longer have power and there will be anarchy. And this world will end as we know of it.

The questions they will begin to ask is, “does there have to be a God, simply because there is a Devil?” “Does there have to be good, simply because there is evil on earth?” “Do I have a choice or am I the mark of the beast?” Lawlessness will prevail. I am talking about God’s law will be nullified. This is spiritual anarchy. And it will be called good in the New World Order.

The Apostle Paul

What is a True Leader based on the Bible Scripture?


What is a True Leader based on the Bible Scripture?

I came across an interesting article posted by a man named Doug Rice.  I think it contains excellent lessons on what are the characteristics of a good leader. I think it is a guide for people who want to lead groups and is equally important as a reference for people to decide on who they want to follow behind or what kind of person they want to support.

To read the whole article click the hyperlink below:

The Twelve Most Inspiring Leadership Lessons from Bible Characters:

1. Noah: Leaders do what’s right even if they are alone.  Literally the whole world was doing what was wrong. But did that deter Noah from doing what was right? Not a chance!

2. Abraham: Leaders embrace the unknown.  Great leaders embrace that uncertainty, because they know the truth: the promised land awaits them on the other side.

3. Joseph: Leaders endure in spite of circumstances.  Leaders have a vision that sustains them through difficult times.

4. Moses: Leaders stick up for their people.  God has to be very convincing in order to get Moses to take action in Exodus, but when the time came, Moses was willing to step up and lead.

5. Joshua: Leaders rule by example rather than command.  He doesn’t have to threaten them; he merely inspires them by his example.

6. David: Leaders are not afraid of giants.  In other words, you can face any challenge as long as you have conviction and strength of resolve on your side.

7. Isaiah: Leaders rise to the occasion.  Leaders shun inaction and are always ready to take the plunge at a moment’s notice.

8. Daniel: Leaders maintain their resolve without regard for consequences.  Daniel’s faith in his God is what made him great in first place. Knowing this, he would not recant regardless of what happened to him. Great leaders follow this example and maintain steadfast in their convictions regardless of what happens.

9. John the Baptist: Leaders aren’t afraid to call out the phonies.  Leaders aren’t afraid to call it like it is. Whether they are suppliers, employees, or even customers, leaders have what it takes to be brutally honest with the people they come in contact with.

10. Jesus: Leaders are servants.  Great leaders focus on serving those who follow them. Great leaders wash their people’s feet.

11. Peter: Leaders recover from failure.  Leaders don’t become discouraged when they fail. They don’t wallow in self-pity and give up due to the mishap. They pick themselves back up and continue on. Leaders do better next time.

12. Paul: Leaders are passionate for what they believe in.  Leaders have a fire lit under them and feel compelled to accomplish their objectives. There is no place for apathy in the life of a leader. Leaders always care…and care deeply.

Frank Paul Jones

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The NCNCHINC “Building a Better Community”

Paul in Avon Park, FL

The NCNCHINC “Building a Better Community

We were founded on October 20th, 2009.  We had a dream of building a better community. And since our inception it has been an uphill crawl, for us to simply find an agenda we could carryout.  Since our inception we have been self supporting through our own contributions towards a cause of community betterment. While we knew what we wanted to do, which is to prevent recidivism and reduce crime, while building a better community, sometimes one individual at a time, we were somewhat crippled due to insufficient funds.  Hopefully this will change with your renewed community support.


We were full of ideas.  Though it may have seemed unfocused or like we were jumping from one thing to another, still they were good ideas that were simply unfunded, due to bad judgment.  Hopefully many of them are still things to happen in the future.  Because some of these services are necessary for our health and well being of our community and you can make this happen.


The one big idea that still sticks to my mind until this day is the idea of having “World’s AIDS Day” activities to bring about awareness in Highlands County, Florida, about this serious issue.  Did you know that this area has one of the highest HIV/AIDS populations in proportion to inhabitants in the whole country?  It is higher than Washington D.C. where intravenous heroin use is very high!  Disproportionately high intravenous drug use is not the case here in Highlands County, but still HIV/AIDS infections are suspiciously high and it is probably due to ignorance of this disease. We feel that such an event could ultimately save many lives, because awareness is so important.  But the funding wasn’t there.  Yet at City Hall the Avon Park CRA or Avon Park Community Redevelopment Agency blows $18,000 on Parades every year.  I think this money would be better spent saving lives, but AIDS is taboo here and is not so popular a conversation and Dr. King’s dream still lives, while people are dying from AIDS unnecessarily.


We are pending our 501 c 3 statuses and it might be a year before we get ours, because our application still needs work.  But we are not allowing this SNAFU or our error to completely stop us.  We are working diligently on something big, so that we can get some of our programs going.  We are in the process of attempting to find us a fiscal sponsorship out of New York City, so that we can raise tax deductible donations until we get our papers from the IRS.  With a fiscal sponsorship we want to reach out to the community and gain some community involvement for our agenda which we feel will make a difference in our community. By reducing crime, preventing recidivism, building a better community and in the process saving lives.  And if we stand together all of this will happen with your help.


As we know and understand the Churches of Highlands County is doing good work and  is in the business of saving souls through our Lord Jesus Christ.  There are many Churches here.  But we are trying to reach out to those they (The Church) has been unsuccessful at saving.  Many young adults are lost in the streets and we know first hand what it is like, because many of us have been there and done that.  Sometimes finding the Lord takes stepping stones and first simply finding another way other than the streets is a huge step but not the final step in the process of being born again.  I know this from experience.  And knowing that someone within your understanding and grasp cares and to have a place to go other than the streets is good to know.  We are that transitioning phase.


What we are about to offer to Highlands County is a program called “Project Creativity”.  It is an artistic program, whereby we want to offer many disadvantaged young adults another option and a way out through artistic expression. But not only them, but any young adult 18 to 35 and older, who wants to channel their creativity in a positive manner.


Through creative writing workshops and computer electronic music production workshops, we will not only give them a channel of expression, but we will help build their self esteem by developing their writing and computer skills, which are essentials in today’s society. But we will not stop there, we want to give them a way to actually express themselves to the world at large, by putting them in print in our  non profit newspaper and in magazines, so that their voices can be heard, because many of them are simply misunderstood, while giving them a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment by doing this.


We want to bring family oriented shows to Highlands County, by seeking sponsors and also by giving our clients a chance to perform on stage. By promoting local as well as out of town talent, we will also help create community activities we all can be proud of being affiliated with.  We also plan to open our non profit recording studio to the public as a part of this production process.  Our focus will be on several genres such as R&B, Hip Hop and Inspirational/Gospel and more.  Not just to audition talent, but to share this experience with young disadvantaged adults. And again with your support this will all happen.


And all we really ask of our clients is to help us in building a better community, by doing little things, like assisting us with the Southside Redevelopment Initiative, by keeping our community clean of debris and litter, showing respect for our elders, being kind in their daily lives and being helpful to others in need.


Like I said, we are in the process of this undertaking. And with your help this will happen soon, so keep a watchful eye, be patient with us, because a Kingdom isn’t built in one day.  And prepare yourselves to invite the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., into your hearts, minds and souls and support this agenda when the time comes for you to contribute.


Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC


Charities Help’s Save God’s Flock By Attraction

Paul in limo

Charities Help’s Save God’s Flock By Attraction


“Building a better community.”

We always hear about missionaries talking about going out to save the world and we also hear about preachers saving their congregation, but nothing is further from the truth.  No man can save another man’s soul.  Only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has such authority.  See disciples, missionaries, evangelist, preachers, charities and whatever name a person of God comes in, can only attract someone to the Lord.  It is the duty of the God fearing to attract others to God, by doing God’s work.  And God’s work is the serve and glorify the Lord.


When people serve God in righteousness, they shine and they become a guiding light to the true enlightener who is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whom all power is vested in.  All a person can do is shine and glorify the Lord, this is the duty of a man of God, it is to glorify the Lord and be a helper to others.  It is not our duty to save anyone, because through our faith in the Lord we may be saved.  I say again “may be saved,” because there is no sure ticket to the home of our heavenly Father, but through faith.  You may be saved if you truly have faith in the Lord and in the name of faith you will glorify the Lord and do community work as much as you humanly possibly can. Because in this body we do have limitations and that is why we must be born again in Christ, to elevate above the temporal world.


I tell you the truth, no man can con his way into the kingdom of God.  Sure you can do your song and dance routine in front of a congregation, claiming you are praising the Lord, but your actions speaks louder than your words.  Any man who claims he is saved and do not love his neighbor is a liar and a liar is the Son of Satan.  Any man who claims he is a Jew and is not truly a Jew is a part the synagogue of Satan.  For a liar is the Son of Satan.


Believe this, many people will say by faith they are saved and use this as a excuse not to do God’s work and do not glorify God in their everyday living, by not loving their neighbors and not loving the true and living Lord, but how can this be?  How can you have trust in someone as the most powerful entity in existence and do not glorify and serve him? How can you be of God and fear the evil one (Satan)?  Anyone who is truly one in God, will attempt to be Godlike as in Son’s of God.  One must ask in their everyday decisions, what would Jesus do (WWJD)?  Sure, we all have limitations, but we are within the boundaries of loving our neighbors are we not?


You know what bothers me sometimes, it bothers me how so many truly God fearing people are taken advantage of, they pay their tithes to there congregational leader, but none of their money goes to God.  Understand that God is love and love is charity.  A man can only love another man through his charitable acts of human kindness, because all talk and no action comes cheap and the Lord is an abundance of love.  To love your neighbor is to do community work or to be in support of it at the least.  I believe and correct me if I am wrong, but tithes are meant to support the church and it clergy, but understand the true church is the body of Christ.  And we are but one body though many parts and an important portion of that body is those who are on the front line loving their neighbors through true acts of love, which is charity.  A community with weak support for its charities, is not a community that shines before God.  And a black community that does not support its own black charities is a community that is veiled by the blinds of darkness and will not elevate to glorify God.  Because God is among those who love their neighbors and love is not an emotion as much as it is an action word.  For God loves us through his actions.  Love is demonstrated through acts of kindness, do not confuse love with Hollywood lust!  Where there are an abundance of churches, there should be an abundance of charitable work being supported or the churches of that community are in fact a fraud.


I want to tell you something.  Love in the absence of respect by man is null and void.  It is unacceptable and empty.  To say you love someone that you cannot and will not respect as man is pure foolishness and folly.  How can you love someone you do not value enough to deserve your love?  See we cannot look down to our fellow man, who is shooting bad and say we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, unless we exclude certain people from being our fellow citizens based on economics and character, whereby its our own character that is now at question here.  And if you feel this way, why pay your taxes?  If you feel this way, why do you pay your tithes?  Is it our of fear that you give to Obama what is Obama’s, is it fear that compels you to put money in the money tray at Church, so that you do not stand out among your peers?  Or is it a true act of kindness?  Or on the other hand, is it because you know that none of it will go to help those in need anyway?  But the Church is the body of Christ, which is supposed to be inclusive to the poor and needy, to include “the least of me.”


I do not suggest that congregations simply redirect their funds in a way to ignore their own agenda.  What I do suggest is congregations insure that their agenda is in oneness with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savor.  To go to church is not about separatism. It is about inclusion.  When a man in need walks into your church in need of support, the congregation should not belittle him, because he is small and humble and think they are bigger than him.  I say this because you know it goes on in the black churches.  A man fresh off of drugs comes to you and humbles himself, only to be belittled by the congregation and in whose name is this being done in?  Certainly not our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


All I can say is you do not want him among you, help those who are willing to help him, so when he comes to you he is better prepared to fit into your flock.  I say again, you cannot love anyone who you refuse to respect as a man.  Too often people mistake love for possession.   We mistake our diabolical conception of ownership with love.  We say we love someone, when in reality we only want to rule over him, to tell him what to do and how to live.  But even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives you a choice. He doesn’t tell you how you must act and be a certain way, he just tells us this is what you must do, if you want to be with me.  You do not get love and possession twisted.


Love your neighbor as yourself and treat your neighbors how you would like for them to treat you.  Understand that love for your neighbor is only an extension of your love for self and your brother.  Because if you do not love your own family, how can you possibly love your neighbor also?   And love is charity, it is an action word, so be kind in your everyday life and love and respect your fellow man and God will love you.  But first you must love yourself.  Be a shining light and do community work or support it and give selflessly to help your neighbor.


Support your community charities and support the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., simply referred to as the NCNCHINC. Our mission is, “building a better community.”


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman


Visit our website and contribute:


The Secret is Why the World Must be Saved

Attacks World Trade Center

The Secret is Why the World Must be Saved

Mt 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.
Mt 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.
Jn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Jn 1:2 He was with God in the beginning.

A man asked me, if you was the Son of Man and was told the secret about the world and was sent to save it, would people believe you? I said no. He was talking about the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ and so was I, but from a different prospective and understanding of the truth. What he was actually saying through a question was that people did not believe Jesus Christ during the biblical era and what I was saying is that they still don’t in the biblical era.

To truly understand what I am about to reveal to you, it is necessary that you understand that the creation theory is not about apples and oranges, but about the scheme of the ruling class (The Illuminati) as they are called today, to control the masses through scriptural manipulation.

Please read the New World Order Defined by the Creation Theory, before continuing with this letter if you have not already, with the understanding that God is a just God, but his adversary Satan is also very powerful ruler on earth today.

I am here to tell you that in the Bible is the truth. However, we are now in the 21st century and still it is in the discovery stage among those who are being manipulated most be it. Sure the truth is known among made men, the truth is known among those who pledged to an allegiance to use it against the weak, blind and ignorant to control them. But the truth is not being exposed to the populace. And when it is exposed, like I am doing right now, they fear it and call he who exposes it the anti-Christ, a man who is against God.

They do not believe me, just as they did not believe Jesus Christ in the past according to scripture. Why? Because it goes against the grain of what they were trained to believe all of their natural lives. Because they do not understand the true significance of being born again, from the temporal world to spiritual enlightenment. They think they catch the holy spirit and do a song and dance and as a result will go to heaven. They are not responsive to the truth, even as it smacks them in the face. Yet the adversaries of Christ will see this and know it is true, but will not see the revealer as a threat, because they know the world is filled with lost souls, who cannot comprehend the truth.

This is the secret behind the Bible, which I intentionally often omit the word Holy, because the Bible is not truly sacred. Who was King James? Who gave him the authority over what is the truth in scripture? What books to include and which to omit! So do you all believe in God or King James?

The secret behind the Bible, Jesus Christ warned the World, by telling you all that many would come in his name and many will be deceived, yet people do not understand how the Bible was used to deceive many. Sure the truth is in the Bible, but the ruling class mixed lies within it to confuse fools into a belief code that would not allow them to become productive under the ruling classes watch. The reason why the truth is in the Bible is because it must be known by he who rules over the masses for generations after generations, to continue to rule over them. But the truth is hidden from those who are being ruled by it. Their understanding of it is a fairly tale, a book of righteous mysteries and miracles and not what it truly is, a codified document of the ruling class. If it was so liberating why did they hand it down to the slaves in the transatlantic slave trade? Why? Because they knew they would spend generations after generations trying to figure it out and become lost souls!

What many people fail to understand is that Jesus Christ must save the world from Satan and Satan most powerful weapon is deception. And if you understand the term many, we are talking about a considerable number, we are talking about the masses, we are talking about those who have been deceived by deception and the greatest tool known to mankind to create a following to deceive is the Bible. But I say it is alright to believe in the Bible only if you truly understand it. But most people believe in the Bible verbatim, yet it is a codified document that will confuse those who are not truly spiritual and think they possess a historical document.

When I opened this letter, I told you when it comes to the Bible, mankind in terms of the populous or ordinary people are still in the discovery stage of the Bible. Among these people there is no consensus as to what is the truth is according to the Bible. One preacher says one thing and another preacher tells a totally different story. And they leave it to faith as they call it, concerning things they do not understand. Yet they do not put their faith in Christ , but put their faith in the Bible, which they admittedly do not understand.

In law the discovery stage is just the beginning to a case. In the discovery stage both sides are simply given the arguments from their adversaries. The discovery stage is before the case is argued in court and a decision is made. Yet in the discovery stage of mankind in pursuit of the absolute truth of God, the masses have already made their decisions as to what is the truth. Their decisions are based on the discovery and not the presentation of the facts being put before them. They have made the ultimate decision about God, with only a discovery in their possession.

This is the disadvantage of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What Satan had generations after generations to implant into the psyche of the populous of mankind to rule over them and control them, he has to correct in one lifetime. As the Bible teaches God’s promise is only 70 years. Jesus Christ has just 70 years to undo what took centuries to implant into the world. And as Jesus said, he came to fulfill the prophesy and not change it, so that you would believe he is the one and all the things told to you in the Bible is now happening before your eyes.

I warn you all, we are living in the last days. Satan rein is coming to an end and he wants to take as many down with him as he can. His creation to deceive the masses has been revealed. And the Bible tells you that not many will make it to the kingdom of God, because there are too many lost souls in this world, who are blind by Satan’s deceptions. But I am here to tell you that you do not have to be among the lost anymore. I will close with, Eph: 5:14 This is why it is said: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

Why I did what I have done & the Judgment

Paul @ 11

Why I did what I have done & the Judgment

Power given to a child, can be dangerous. I was born with a gift.  As a kid I could read a person’s mind literally (telepathy).  I had a photographic memory and could even could move object using my mind.  Because of this I believed I was God and was told this by my elders.  As a child, I made the Mafia a lot of money, they called me Paul Castellano after Big Paul.  I am said to be Carlo Gambino‘s son.  I do not know if it is biological or what but I excepted the role and it is undisputable within the Gambino Family.


As a kid I made money legally as well as illegally.  They use to tell me to invent things  and the next week or two they would make commercials on television selling my inventions at stores like Genovese and Walworth.  This was my recreation.  We made a killing on these ideas on how to do things easy using one of my gismos.  Back then I was smart in school, I could have been anything I wanted to be, a doctor, a lawyer a baseball player, anything I wanted to be.  But I choose to be a God, to rule over the world.


Not too many things that happened on this planet on my watch, did not come by me.  I think I was about ten years old when we sent a man to the moon.  Because in the beginning all I did was good things so it seemed.  The world could be a beautiful today, had I been groomed to do good.  But people would not have given me my due credit and that was a problem.


Take Dr, King, we was behind his movement.  He cried out I want this and I want that and I made it happen.  But he was before his time and so he had to go, not because of his work being bad, but because he wanted to make people believe it was him, when it was me behind him.  Had Dr. King lived he would have become the first black president and things would have be nicer than they are today, but he would have gotten all of the credit for my works and talents.  I was raise to believe that God is a jealous God. I was jealous of Dr. King, because he would have made me out to be an evil person and not a God and the black community would have love him and hated me.


My mother was poisoned when  I was 11 years old.  I was child, when the kids behind it asked me how to do it and I told them.  I lead two personalities that of  Paul Castellano and Frank Paul Jones.  Under that powerful mindset I became Paul Castellano, but I am Frank Paul Jones under normal circumstances.  This happened when I was hypnotized as a child.  Paul Castellano allowed my mother Blond Eva to be poisoned and he fixed her and sent her away faking her death.  Frank Paul Jones endured the death of his mother and lost the closest person to him when I was 16 years old.  So in reality, I poisoned my mother using hands and kill her so she could led a better life.  Because technology wasn’t as it is now and if she would have recovered they would have known what I could do before it was time for that medical technology.


Like I said so many times, the bible is a self fulfilling prophesy, if you believe it than it will happen.  The world is catching hell today because they being African Americans by majority believed in the bible.  Had I simply said, I am here I am the Son of God and have come to save you all and things got better, they would have called me the devil.  Because they believed the bible bullshit, I gave them what they asked for.  Like they say, be careful about what you ask for.  I hate the life I led and I made a huge sacrifice, to make this all happen.  But I did what I have done, because I chose to be a God, which is the highest achievement of mankind.


I could have been a Bill Gates, hell he is an employee.  Do you really think all that money is his alone, when something like the Mafia exist?  I could have been a Michael Jackson, do you really believe he sold all those records because he was so talented?  But instead I suffered, in oppression among you all, an insignificant everyday black man.  So that on my day you would know I loved you all.


But people will blame me for AIDS on my day and not its cure, the wars fought and not the end of wars, their sufferings and not the end of their sufferings, but I know you all brought it on yourselves.  When I was a kid I told you all that the bible is bullshit and that I am God.  But people shunned me and laugh at me, while they went to church.  They called me a fool and ungodly for speaking up against their oppressors codes.   Now it is all coming true and they will blame me for this as well. But doesn’t that same bible teach you that God is a jealous God?  But now they will say but you are not God, you are a man.  But this is exactly what I told them as a child, Jesus Christ is a man and not God.


So now even after all of this, they are looking for a so-called Jew to come out of the clouds from Israel and save them.  Hell I gave you all cyber space and I am coming to you out of the clouds.  But the same Israel that attempted to nuke their asses in New York City, you give praise to.  But they will blame me not for saving New York City, but for selling the Illuminati duds and 9/11.


But that same bible that they will be judged by says, “either you are for me or against me.”  And only a chosen few will make it to the kingdom of God. And I hate to say this, but I see it happening.  I did what I have done, because you believed what you was brainwashed to believe.


At the moment I regret all the sufferings I brought on myself.  I did not have to suffer so long, but I chose to. But I was told when it is all over it will all seem like a day and I will suffer no more.  But remember, “you are either for me or against me.”  And for those against me, the sufferings have only just begun and what is to come will feel like eternity.  I know on my day I have to forgive you all, but the secret is you have to forgive me as well.  Because an army is coming to carryout the judgment, once I do find it in my heart to forgive, an army I will have no control over as the Son will carryout the judgment like angels from heaven.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

With Peace of Mind at Heart

Paul in limo

With Peace of Mind at Heart


All of my life I wanted to be rich and I am talking about financially wealthy.  I wanted to be a millionaire as a child and a billionaire as an adult, because the disparity between the rich and the poor increased.   When I was a child many millionaires existed, now it is about being a billionaire that distinguished you from others as being the rich and elite.  A lot of money meant power and I wanted power, but for what?

I wanted to be rich to give reparations to black people or to serve my family members by giving to them material things?  I wanted to be like Robin Hood and give to the poor, taking poverty away from the seemingly weak?  I wanted to save the world and take the power from the so-called Illuminati as we call them now? This was the fulfilling of the prophecy of the bible as I understood it.  As people called me selfish for wanting to be rich, it seemed to me selfless in nature, because all I wanted was the power to help those who are helpless.  Not knowing I was one of them!

As you can see things did not turnout the way I thought they would, I am 54 years old and still poor and waiting on my big payday to come.  And it might still happen as I recollect my past doings.  But now it is meaningless to me. Material wealth now seems immaterial to me.  The big house does not attract my attention anymore and the big car is out of style.  What matters now is peace of mind, but that was always my goal.  To be at peace with myself, yet I made myself miserable, chasing after the winds of success.

I always thought I was unique in wanting riches, but this is not unique, but certainly having it is.  But to have it does not mean you want it, sometimes the cards are dealt the way they fall.  But this I do not want it anymore, yet I just might receive it, because I never seem to get what I want in life.  Because I am always wanting the wrong things.  But wanting peace of mind, can that be wrong?  Sure! If your duty is to serve those who are in a lower position in life than you are in.  If you must be a leader?

See I had it  made most of my life, because the only responsibility I had was myself and even that I neglected.  All my life I ate the wrong foods, sleep around with the wrong women, hanged in the wrong crowds, all my life this was my reality.  And all my life I wanted to be extraordinarily rich, something no wise man should ever entertain. And it was all for the wrong reasons.  See I wanted to be a fisher for the poor, but if the poor learned to fish he would be poor no more.  This made me no better than the oppressor who repressed my people for hundreds of years.

Now I want out of the game of life.  The game of obtaining material things, I want out of this.  I do not want to fight with authority anymore, but want to be fought for.  I rather be laidback with nothing, then be in a constant uphill battle for something that is temporal.  So I ask myself, did I get old before my time or am I wise at a relatively young age?  Or am I simply tired and in  need of rest.  But the fight back in me I do not need it, because in the absence of wisdom wealth in meaningless.  For who am I to feed the hungry anything other than knowledge that I do not posses myself?  Because I realize I am just beginning to learn for myself within.  A wise man once said, “Everything is meaningless.”  Ecclesiastes 12

The Apostle Paul Castellano