The Synagogue of Satan

Jewish Symbol

The Synagogue of Satan


First of all, I tell you, read this scripture below and secondly look up what synagogue means:


Read: Revelation 3:9

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.


Synagogue: A building for Jewish worship and religious study. a building used by Jewish people for worship and religious study.


Any person with an eighth grade education can understand who this is being written about. I shouldn’t have to convince you that the So-Called Jews are not the true Jews as described in the Bible who are the Zulu’s given the name Zews in a secret text. This you should be able to see if you just read what is being said. My job is to open your eyes to the fact that the Bible is talking about you (The African American Slaves) emancipation from the grips of all these lies and deception that have been told to you for hundreds if not thousands of years. You think you was procreated in the likeness of your God , but  is Satan you serve and in his image you have become and don’t even know it. While you boast in the Lord, they are laughing at you and me, but not for much longer. His days are coming soon.


These lies certainly go back  further than just about every African Americans documented Family Tree or Family history.  Therefore you assume the Bible cannot be about you, because of its gynecological accounts going back to this diabolical creation by Satan in the name of God, to created the order of the first Adam or darkness.


We as African slaves lost all ties to Africa, our languages were taken away even if it meant cutting our tongues and our culture was taken. These are the realities of slavery that we can testify to. But is seem as if while we were in slavery, we prayed for God to save the Jews, which was the right thing to request. But they seem to still be praying for the salvation of the Devil in an act of self hatred due to the lack of knowledge of self. Yet these so-called Jews were their slave masters as well, using us for free labor in America. But they claim they were slave also, all while maintaining their language, culture, history and family, if you let them tell it.  But I know history is told by those who win the wars. It is they who are among this evil ruler ship. If they were slaves it was only practice because to condition of the African American in America, is actually result of being put in to bondage for hundreds of years. The slave game isn’t about you walking away with your God and your Culture, but is about a process to make people controllable and sub-servant for as long as necessary to support an economy and allow them to maintain their status and position in society. If the white man really wanted us to be anything but what we have become, the laws would have been written to be enforced to accomplish this.



Two Historical fact:


American mainland colonial Jews imported slaves from Africa at a rate proportionate to the general population, Jews accounted for 1.25% of all Southern slave owners, and were not significantly different from other slave owners in their treatment of slaves.

From Wikapedia:


It hurts me and I am in so much pain, because I did just about everything required by the bible so that you would receive me.  But it seems that you have become so ignorant that it will be required that I force Satan to reveal himself in order to release you to me. You will never leave him on your own, because you have become loyal servants to the Devil, claiming you have the spirit of someone you refuse to even listen to or consider.  I know you are all full of it and so do you!  Playing the Christian role is only for social acceptance and to hide your true colors. You do this to gain favor from Satan and not God.


You be crying Paul persecuted me based on bible scripture, when he had all the reason to take them out with a disease or something, because you are evil.  White Christians were never mistreated in mass numbers, but the so-called black Christian did catch hell. Because through the Mafia I controlled a lot of things that caused you harm. But now I am saying it is time for change, because with that money we made so much more money, that we actually broke the bank and became the bank. So now you know why! But until we understand who we are as a union and nation of people, I cannot use you because you are still in darkness and will not release this to you, because you will only give it back to those who stole it form me in the first place


But you think you are safe under the current arrangement.


How can a people so screwed up, believe in a God that doesn’t even address them. Where is the black man in the Bible.  He is the Gentiles like his slave master?  Get real!  You say you are Gentiles, when you are Jews. Meaning not only are you non believers, but you are the prize. Therefore this war cannot be won on the battlefields, because you all have become Satan’s most loyal frontline servants who are  willing to die for his world that has no place for you in it but perpetual sub servitude. He say the only way you can be free ever is for the whole world to be destroyed.  But just like I never gave you the power over my life, I never gave Satan the power of the ending of this world. He just got all of you punks scared.


How can you believe in a prophesy that nobody can ever fulfill? No matter what, you have been designed to reject your King. It is that simple! Nobody but some lie the Jews might try to tell you, will ever qualify as the Son of Man. You need confirmation from CNN?  But I guarantee you that if ever the so-called Jews bring forth someone claiming he is me in this last days or even another Dr. King.  Claiming they are whom I loved most, I promise you he will be assassinated without me saying anything and I promise I will never be assassinated, because I AM.


I realize many of our elderly are at no point of return. As they claim white Jesus and say they are of spirit and for this reason most of them will not make it to the other side of the mountain. But will go to there graves as a last stop. Without resurrection, because the resurrection is the awakening of the dead to the light of the world. I could lie to them, but in me is reality.


Until the African American Slaves recognizes me as their King and Lord of Lords, they will remain in bondage in America. The greatest bandage of the Black Man in America, is mental slavery and the lack of self knowledge. If you only would attempt to see the bible characters for who they truly are, it would all make sense to you.


The Pharisees are the Prince Hall Freemasons, whom are ignorant. Because they received their lessons for the same people as you, whom we refer to as the Illuminati based on the teachings of the synagogue of Satan, who you refer to as Jews. They are supposed to know the Lord, but the bible clear tells you that they too were ignorant of the Lord and rejected him. They rejected him just as they and you are doing today. Because that was what you was made into and designed to do. The Black Man in America has no soul, because he rejects the Lord who is their King or Leader.


African American Slaves call themselves Christians, as an excuse to follow European culture and mistreat the Black Woman, telling her some of you’ll must go without a man.  Whereby it is a fact that there are 1.8 Million more black women in America then black men. You do the math on monogamy.  And they think the Devil is supposed to have their place in my Kingdom.  How can you save a warrior with weapons of war that are pointed at you and who sees you as their enemy and has the authority of their slave master to kill you?


I realize our war will only be won, when they take out the many figureheads who claim they represent God but are representatives of the Synagogue of Satan. Trust me it will happen and we are living in the last days.


Now I am going to let you in on something.  I knew Pope Benedict XVI, would resign and he repented, because all he wanted was to go to his grave with testicles, which he had to surrender to Satan hold that position of figurative power of Satan.  His request was to be granted.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones in the name of the Aka Apostle Paul Castellano


My Failure No Option for America or the African American People

Paul in limo

My Failure No Option for America or the African American People

I believe in reality (In Christ is Reality) and in being real and I realize there is a possibility I can fail.  There are no guarantees in warfare.  It is possible that my enemy might prove me wrong, in that either I am not a God or God is not the most powerful entity of the universe as known to mankind. Understand that Satan too thinks he is the most powerful being on earth and is undisputable in his creation of the laws of the status quo, which is the controlling factor of mankind today.


The creation theory as taught be me, exposes Satan or the Illuminati for who he is.  And how he deceived the world into the submission of his will.   When I came into this world it was already established and corrupt for about 2,000 years, putting me at a huge disadvantage.  And I realize that many Gods have failed before me.  Some may say even that the Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible failed in his death for mankind and his coming back is all fallacy.  People today have less faith than when I was a child, because the challenges in life have escalated.  It is harder to do right and believe in righteousness today in these times of evil.


It is harder today to have faith in something not fully understood by man than it was in the 1960’s and even before than.  Because we are living in the last days and Satan is raising havoc like never before, only because he knows his time is up and he wants to destroy as many people as he can and take them down with him.  Satan’s rein and his empire is at the verge of destruction, his 2,000 plus years is up.


America is a special place.  I teach that America is the promise land and not that desolate place on the map so-called Israel.  America is the land of milk and honey, rich in all sorts of natural resources, from oil to food. It is America that must be conquered.  But Satan’s mission is the fall of America.  That is why there are so many things going on in this great nation today to cause it to stumble and be destroyed.  And my promise to America and the world is that I will not let these fools give this country away.  And trust me they are trying very hard to give America away and destroy it, through corruption and racial discriminatory evils. They are trying to rape America of its wealth as they did Africa and I cannot allow this to happen. For this reason I say, “my failure is no option for America or the African American people.”  Because if I fail than comes the fall of America.  Which is what they want you to believe is the prophesy of the bible, but it is not.


I am here to tell you that the Bible is a written code and it talks about places and events in code.  It is not a history book listing events and places in simplistic terms, but it is a codified master plan to control and oppress the masses, so that the plotters can rule over the world.  And the master planners, wrote this codified manuscript  into it rules and laws that govern all the lands of the world.  Why do you think the so-called Jews are so hated around the globe?  Because they are God’s chosen people?  Of course not!  They are hated by those who know the truth or are being oppressed, because they know they have a master plan in effect that rules over and oppresses people worldwide.  They are hated because the people who realized their plot were not able to overcome their dastardly plans and plots.  Because you cannot destroy Satan’s ruler ship through hatred  as the third Reich supposedly attempted to do, only to strengthen them.


They say Adolf Hitler was a half Jew himself. And all he did was killed a bunch innocent so-called Jews who were sacrificial lambs, to establish a Jewish state known as Israel today.  Now as a result of Hitler’s rein they are more powerful than ever.  As many of them left Europe to come to the promise land America, while they have a military presence in the middle east to control the oil, which is relevant to the world’s economy. Understand Jews are not the only people who died during WWII, over 60 to 80 million people died as a result of WWII which was over 2.5 % of the world’s population and of that about 6 million Jews were said to be killed.  But all you hear about concerning WWII is the Jewish holocaust, because as false rulers they are not supposed to die.   But we are not taught about the 100 million who died in the transatlantic slave trade right here in America and the 1,000,000,000, that is 1 billion people who got killed due to colonialism. Which is genocide, which is a holocaust?  Please tell me?


Understand that colonialism is what the creation theory is all about and the so-called Jews leadership wrote these oppressive codes into law for mankind to follow.  Colonialism is the way of the New World Order and the head of the New World Order are the Jews and the Reich, they are partners in crime.  Their headquarters is in Bavaria and Israel is nothing but another place to slaughter so-called Jews.   These are the facts that is in disguise.  Satan tempted Jesus on the Bavarian mountains, I know because I was there.  The Jewish people are the European house niggers and the Jewish leadership who had many innocent Jews killed during WWII to develop a state called Israel to control the middle east are at the head of the Illuminati and have them hated worldwide today.   It is not the Jewish people who are the enemy, but it is their leadership whom they passively follow in the name of God, yet Israel is atheist, they do not even believe in their own theology that they use to rule the masses of the world.


But we are taught to believe that God is going to come down and save them from the evil world, no, God has to save you all from them. And through this all, America must survive, because America if you understand the Bible is the promise land of the African American, because we have nowhere left to go.  Here we must be treated fairly and here we must grow and develop as a strong nation of people.  So-called Israel could be destroyed as collateral damages, but the real target is Bavaria.  “My Failure is no an option for America or the African America people.”  America must survive through all of this.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


American Racism Against the Black Race and People of Color

 Paul in limo

American Racism Against the Black Race and People of Color

American racism is about status and preferences and that is the bottom line.  Racism is as old as the Bible’s old testament.  The so-called Jews, who allegedly introduced the universally accepted belief code of God today of being one God over the whole Universe, was based on racism.  They were and still are God’s favorite people, so we are taught.  We are taught that God has favoritism.  Therefore to be Godlike, we too can practice favoritism.  But when we practice this we are considered racist.  And the mockery of this is God’s favorite people are a disobedient people, so again, this tells us that it is alright to be disobedient against God, because even if we are disobedient to God’s Word, it will not change his preference.  Because God’s favoritism is written in stone.

So based on the So-called Holy Bible racism is not against the teachings and Word of God.  But it is against the law of Mankind in America, who claims on their money, “In God We Trust.”  And understand that so-called Jewish theology are secret written codes within the laws discretion.  How can this be?  Because either you for are for or against God and what has become accepted teachings of God comes from the Bible, which was delivered by the so-called Jews.    Some people believe that the so-called Jews are the synagogue of Satan and the true Jews are the black race of people, who are being punished on earth today, because of our disobedience against the Word of God. But regardless, this means that God practiced racism and stereotyping, because he punished a whole race a people because of the disobedience of a wicked leadership.

However, if the black race are God’s chosen people, it puts everything into it proper perspective.  Because the black race is catching hell on earth, all but a selected few to misguide the masses, like Hollywood stars, corrupt politicians and liars in the pulpit.  Meanwhile the So-Called Jews are some of the riches, powerful and most educated people on the face of the earth and are not being punished by God, but is being blessed in the name of Satan or God, depending on how you look at it.  Because to some what is good is bad and what is bad is good.

Racism in America goes back to into the beginnings of scripture and before the transatlantic slave trade, but these were (the slave trade) the new beginnings of the New World Order, America.  This goes back the 16th century.  Even before then Africa was infiltrated for its wealth.  So based on the inheritance God given the black race are the most wealthy people on the face of the earth, had God had his way, but the wealth was stolen by the Europeans (which was Satan’s way), who now are the wealthiest. So if any people are being punished on earth it is the black race and not the so-called Jews, who appear to me to be  Europeans.

Black people may not be a superior race of people, but we were place on a superior piece of real estate on earth and because of this we are hated out of jealousy, envy and the  greed of outsiders.  Now the same pattern is taking place in the middle east, Arabs are victims of hatred from around the world and in America, because of the relevance of their oil in the world’s economy.

So what is the root of racism?  I believe the root to racism is the love of money.  And the love of money is about power and control of the masses around the world.  Money is a symbol of power and therefore money itself is actually meaningless.  If black people gained too much money in the white controlled world and society, they will determine power by another means of currency and/or exchange. And the truth of the matter about racism is that it is not about God’s favorite people as much it is about Satan’s chosen people.  Satan created racism for the chosen few.  And because of Satan’s racist mentality, God will choose to help those who are victimized on earth due to racism, because a true God is about justice for all people.  And it just so happens to be that black people are the greatest victims on earth, because we come from the wealthiest part of the world and are the most deprived from our natural wealth of the world.

So-called Holy Scripture has been tampered with, by the Europeans leadership as a means of control over the masses.  So-called Holy Scripture was devised to create the current outcome, which are black’s in oppression.  What people fail to understand, which is in the Bible, which is that first there was darkness and then there became enlightenment.  Satan ruled earth first and the so-called Holy Scripture which we call God’s Word, is actually a code for Satan to rule through racism, because racism is embedded into the Bible from its beginnings and the significance of Jesus Christ as he is called in the Bible, is about overcoming this racist world of ruler ship, but we are taught that he too is a so-called Jew and will come out of Israel, which is the promise land.  Because the goal is to keep black people confused, oppressed or simply dead to enlightenment, to continue to be victims of racism.  Until black people discover our true significance, we will continue to be doormats for white people to trample on.

For the Full Understanding this is a must read:

The Apostle Paul