South Delaney Avenue Renamed Martin Luther King BLVD


South Delaney Avenue Renamed Martin Luther King BLVD

An important meeting is going to take place on Wednesday January 8th, 2014, at the City Council Chambers located next to City Hall in Avon Park, FL, facilitated by the Avon Park Community Redevelopment Agency (The CRA) Southside District.  Be there if you care!  It was voted on today 12/11/2013 by the Southside CRA to continue this discussion in a public forum to decide on what street will be renamed Martin   Luther King BLVD, in Avon Park, FL. Because we are one of the only city’s that do not have one.  The time has come for us to catch up with mainstream America and honor the work of Dr. King and brand our community with some pride.

There is no street in the Southside Redevelopment Area more significant for the renaming to Martin   Luther King BLVD than South Delaney Avenue, because it represents the core of the black community and black businesses here in AvonPark, which is not without its problems that must be addressed.  And with the high crime rate that now exist on this street, I will explain why it is imperative that it becomes the new Martin Luther King BLVD in AvonPark.

Also understand that there is a lot of money about to be spent in the development of the Southside redevelopment Area. And I think that the renaming of South Delaney   Avenue should be conditional to this grant money also being spent to revitalize the now South Delaney Avenue. I am not sure, but I believe the grant is to the tune of  $700,000 to $900,000. To be used to fix the streets, sidewalks, perhaps build a park, add lighting and other scenery.  I think this investment will bring forth added police presence to our area and like a CRA advisory board member Arnold Davis said, when you turn on the lights, the roaches will scatter. These may not have been his exact words, but it was to this effect.

I think this should be planned with due diligence and security measures should be on the top of the list in these community upgrades. I think by the city making this capital investment in our community and the renaming of this street to Martin Luther King BLVD, it will create not only a safer area for all of us, but will create pride in our community, something that is now gone. Like a person said at the meeting, Martin Luther King BLVD should be a place whereby the community keeps it up and not just the city.

Things I would like to see on the new Martin Luther King BLVD is security cameras on our light poles and streets, I think this will add more beauty to our community than any palm trees could ever provide.  On Hal   McRae BLVD they added palm trees to beautify it and no sooner than they did, someone crashed into one of them and died. Whereby security cameras will reduce street crimes and gun violence which would bring the opposite effect, it would save lives and make our community a safer place.  I think a community park for people to play checkers and hangout is fine or even a building whereby children and adults alike could use it, but more helpful to our community would be a police substation.  There is a law enforcement blackout on our streets and this must addressed and the renaming and capital investment of Delaney Avenue would change our whole community.

Delaney Avenue encompasses businesses, homes, churches and a football field and extends to Main Street.  It is a main road  crossing through the black community.  South   Delaney Avenue is more significant than Hal McRae BLVD, because it connects to our Main   Street prior to connecting to Highway 27 and Highway 64 on one end and Memorial   Drive on the other. But it is not without its problems, it has been taken over by young thugs who are destroying the community with petty crimes and senseless violence.  South   Delaney Avenue is in the midst of a redlining district and businesses are being forced to go out of business and the renaming and capital investment to this street would certainly turn this around, making all of the Southside Redevelopment Area a better place to live.

If you agree with what I am saying, when asked to sign the petition, requesting the CRA to endorse the renaming of South Delaney Avenue to Martin Luther King BLVD and the capital investment of this street to include security measures to reduce crime in this area, please sign it. This would be a huge step towards the City Council signing it into law

Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC

“Building a better community”


Paul Reflects on the Year 2013

Paul in limo

Paul Reflects on the Year 2013

I moved down here to Avon Park, Florida in November 2009. It is a small town or city, depending on who describes it. It is considered a rural area. Avon Park is a part of Highlands County with about 100,000 people and it has a population of under 10,000 people, with about 59% white and 29% black people as residents. I am from New York City born and raised in the borough of Queens, in the Long Island City area. I am from a project complex called The Queensbridge Projects. Back in New York City is where most of my friends are located, here I have plenty of family but few friends if any, with the understanding that a true friend is rare anyway. And due to trust issues, I am slow to make friends now. And instead of a project apartment, I have small house to live in.

Now I am 54 years old going on 65 on 4 March 2014, I really feel like I aged over the past 4 years, quicker than I should have. Avon Park has a weak real estate market now due to the real estate crash in Florida and it will be weak for a few years to come before it recovers. So if I was in the market to buy a bigger home and I might be in a year or so, I could purchase something nice for a little money. Also, we have an office building, which is owned by a non profit organization which I am the President and Chairman of and as the agent of the NCNCHINC, I have a lot of say as to this real estate and it uses.

Our organization was designed by me and we are into artistic programs, such as a recording studio, live performances (giving and sponsoring shows), a non profit newspaper, a magazine, workshops for creative writing, music production and job search. So the organization by design supports what I want to do with the rest of my life, which is to make music and write stuff and share what I know with the younger generation. So I should be energetic and enthusiastic about our prospects, but I miss my friends and I miss New York City. I am not really happy down here to be honest.

I might be going into the hospital real soon for inpatient therapy dealing with an old issue that has gone untreated and unresolved for many years. And while at the VA Medical Center, I have to make major decisions about how I want to live the rest of my life. And because I feel my days are limited, as I said I have aged a lot in spirit the last few years, I have little room for error. Whatever I decide to do, I have to go at it with both feet in, knowing there is no turning back this time. If I buy a house, I know I will have to live in it for a while, if not the rest of my life. And for this reason I think I need to visit New York City next year (2014), because I remember something I did in the past that I have to also consider. When I was 18 years old and was in the Army in Germany, I got out of the Army to go back home (homesick), only to realize there was nothing there for me, which was why I left, only to reenlist and lose 4 years in my career in the process.

I now have an opportunity here in Avon Park, Florida to fulfill many of my dreams, but it seems like I am homesick again. And if things fall my way, economically I would be better off here in Avon Park and I have the setup to help others in the process of helping myself, while living comfortably. I do not know what I want to do, but I know I have to make a clear and concise decision soon.

The year 2013 for me is a year of finality. I have been working hard on the NCNCHINC for about 4 years now. When I got here, we had a skeleton with a leaky roof and we had no money to fix it. My sister Egeria RIP, left us money that we were able to use some of it to replace the roof and while we are still pending our 501 c 3 statuses, we have a fiscal sponsor, which now allows us to accept tax deductible charitable donations in the interim, something we could not do for years. So it looks like things are looking up and in my favor finally with the Veterans Affairs Department. I now have lawyer working my service connected disability case, who is doing a fine job I must add. So things might happen for me and our organization in 2014. And to walk away from this could turn out to be very foolish of me. Like when I got out of the Army the first time, to go back to nothing.

I think the right answers will come to me, when I go into therapy, which will last a few weeks, whereby the whole time will be for me to focus on me and what I want to do with the rest of my life. And now all I really want out of life, is to make sense of my existence. I plan to start my autobiography soon and all I want is for my life to have meaning and I understand the reason I was put on earth to begin with. And I just want to do something good before the end of the final chapter.

Frank Paul Jones
President of the NCNCHINC

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder May Soon Be Solved

Dwayne Council

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder May Soon Be Solved

The word is on the streets is that a search has been implement, to find the person believed to be the murderer of Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. I cannot reveal his name yet, because it is a rumor that he did it, but it is a fact that the police are looking for him to question him and he is nowhere to be found, which makes him seem guilty even if he is not. Because he normally hangs out on the streets everyday and now he disappeared.

When the arrest is made or an All Points Bulletin (APB) is made public and his name is publicly released by law enforcement as a suspect, I will immediately report on it, but I think it would be reckless and premature of me to release his name prior to this.

And from what I heard about this, it was a senseless murder. And I think it might have been a crime of passion to some degree and this is sad. If what I am told is true and I believe it is, he now regrets what he did and throw his young life away, because he will probably get life for this crime and he is a young man himself. It is sad! There are no winners in this. Avon Park lost two young men as a result of this murder.

Avon Park is a small town and in all of Highlands County there are only about 10,000 black residents, because we represent about 10% of the population of 100,000 people. Yet New York City could fit in Highlands County, it is that large. And when something like this happens, it seems like everyone is effected to some degree. There is a lot – too much violence in Avon Park, Florida and it is partially due to the culture that is ignorance based. To be straight forward, people down here like to stay out on the streets all late hours into the night and go to parties and clubs and drink hard and use drugs and I mean hard drugs like ecstasy. And this is coupled with the “have a hand gun mentality”. This is a cocktail of jails, institutions and death. The streets here are more dangerous than many urban areas. Because people here on top of all of this cannot find a job, even if they want one. Job growth here is in negative figures.

My problem with Avon Park law enforcement is that they let this go on unattended. In Sebring which is also in Highlands County, they have night clubs and the police be in these clubs during their hours of operation and they are required to close at 2:00 AM. When there is a problem, there is an arrest. They have good crowd control. But these clubs are white owned and therefore there is a different set of rules concerning them. So instead of allowing the Beachfront Club to operate in Avon Park outside the county lines with law enforcement oversight, they just shut it down to never open again. And because of this, all the night action is now in a residential area within the city limits and it goes unattended. They can stay opened all night if they want to or until a act of violence takes place and then the police might show up. Again I say – might show up.

Things like the Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. murder and there were others in recent history that happened here, happened because the night life here is not being controlled or regulated. It is allowed to happen unattended. It is like they are actually saying let those blacks kill each other, as long as they keep it in their section, which is a redlining district. They are creating a slam area here, which is controlled by no money earning thugs and petty criminals. Which is causing businesses to be forced to shut down and properties to be demolished. Why? Because we cannot attract good cliental into our area due to the dangerous environment full of drugs and drug addicts.

And as fast as they put this murderer away, it will be forgotten by next week and soon there will be another violent crime and another violent crime. Because this area is a cocktail for chaos and corruption, murder and mayhem. And the good people of our community are tired of this, so something must be done other than the arrest of this heartless murderer. There must be rules and parameters designed and enforced to bring forth safer living conditions and a better business environment. And if this doesn’t happen, we need federal oversight to determine why this is allowed to continue.

Frank Paul Jones

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder Suspect released

Football Field where Dwayne Terrence  Council Jr. was killed

Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. Murder Suspect released

A man was taken into custody by the Highlands County Sheriff Department and after a thorough investigation he was released. I will not mention his name, because he deserves his privacy, but because he got into a fight that night and lost, he became a suspect. He was the only person they figured would have a motive to harm Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. that night, who is not a know criminal.


I guess this brings the investigation back to square one, because at the time nobody is in custody, so therefore I have to assume they do not know who did it. This can brings forth a lot of theories, which could create leads or more confusion.


Around Monday the 4th of November the headquarters building of the National Community Network and Coalition in AvonPark was shot twice by an unknown shooter for no apparent reason.  One of the slugs was only about 2 or 3 feet from the window where my desk is at.  They say Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. was shot by a 45 caliber and the investigating police officer of the building shooting said it was probably a 45 caliber that caused the damages on our building.  The slugs did not penetrate through the walls and is probably still in the block.  If it was the same gun, this could be a lead.  I am sure somebody knows who shot our building.


Then there is always the race card or random violence. Being it was very late at night or very early in the morning when he was killed at an empty football field, it is possible it was a random killing or by a hate group. Then there is the possibility that it was a killing of opportunity, which would be the worst case scenario. There is the possibility that someone killed him, because the opportunity presented itself.  This could be the result of an interloper or just a cold hearted killer, who is still on the loose. This case scenario puts our community in danger, because it can happen again and again.


Whatever the case, whoever did it is not in custody and the word on the streets is nobody seems to know who did it, publicly speaking anyway. So there is a real possibility that this crime may go unresolved for long time, but there is no statute of limitations on murder and especially premeditated murder. So if more than one person was involved and if other people know what happened and are simply keeping it to themselves now, the chances are the truth will come to the light, because even real gangsters seem to not be able to keep murders a secret for very long.  People always snitch when they need leverage to cover their own butts, when they get busted.


As a former gangster out of New York City, I understand that sometimes business decisions leads to murders or killing to those in the circle, but usually these people are a part of something, which they made a vow of secrecy to be a part of it.  And the possibility of being killed goes with the territory of the association of organized crime, which was understood from the beginning.  But I do not condone or understand murders due to emotional based revenge – such as street fights or random murders out of opportunity. I do not condone senseless killings in the community in which I live. When people like this is on the streets, it is unsafe for us all, because it is a sign of an undisciplined person with a handgun, willing to use it without just cause or out of emotions.


I think this is bad for the business of illegal enterprises. I mean  things happen on the Delaney Avenue Strip and it is obvious that law enforcement allows it to go on uninterrupted. I do not think a lot of money is being made there, but the area is clearly chaotic and that might be a problem.  There is really little organizational structure in AvonPark as far as criminal enterprises are concerned and therefore nobody has the power to control the criminals, but law enforcement. I do not know of a Dom over the Delaney Avenue Strip. It is just a bunch of freelancers committing petty crimes, who are pissing up the streets.


If I was in New   York City, I could resolve a crime like this for the good of our business enterprises.  Because when senseless crimes like this take place in our territory, either someone goes to jail for it or has to leave town forever, for the good of the community. But here there is no Dom, so it is up to law enforcement to put their foot down. How business continues as usual in the aftermath of a seemingly senseless murder like this, I just do not understand.


Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC

Coward Thugs Place Two Bullet Holes in Blue Building

Blue Building

Coward Thugs Place Two Bullet Holes in Blue Building

It was very early in the morning about 4:00 AM on Monday November 4th, 2013. I heard about 4 or 5 gun shots fired from a large gun and then I went back to sleep.  It was my poor judgment to not call the police, because I felt this is the way of Delaney Avenue, in the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park. You get used to this where I live.  Then two day later, I discovered two large bullet holes in our headquarters building and one of them was about 2 or 3 feet from the window where my desk is at. I then informed the sheriff department, but it was too late to investigate the shooting.  This hampered my morale.  I asked myself, why do I bother to even stay here, because these people really do not care about anything?


I left New York City my hometown where I was loved and had some real friends and an opportunity with Services for the Underserved (SUS) an 85 Million dollar annual non profit organization, whereby I worked in the central office with my own cubicle in a job program, to come here to Avon Park to do community work.


This year we started Project Creativity, which is an artistic program that reaches out to disadvantaged young adults, basically between the ages of 18 to 35. I think it is a wonderful idea and program that could help many of the people we are targeting. But I feel betrayed by them, because of this senseless shooting that was very dangerous. I could have been killed, because sometimes I am in the office funny hours, to do recording studio work during quiet hours like very early in the morning.


However, I feel the problem is really bigger than these kids.  The City of Avon Park and County of Highlands, placed them into this vicinity by design to cause mayhem and destruction.  See we had a place for the late party goers called the Beachfront. It is now owned by Royal Empire Invest Corp Trustee.  It is worth over 250G, yet they cannot even open the establishment due to politics, even after investing over 100G in renovations.  I think there is something unethical going on here.  The word is out that they cannot get water on their property and therefore cannot open the club and the City and County is stopping them because of the crime rate that was once there.


However, the Beachfront is isolated with one way in and one way out, while the Southside Redevelopment Area is a residential area. So all of the late hanging out now takes place in a residential area as a means to reduce crime? To be honest I smell a fish and someone needs to look in to this.  Because the Beachfront is closed and cannot open, now the Southside Redevelopment Area inherited the crime and confusion that was once isolated across county lines, where law enforcement could easily control criminal behavior and enterprising if the chose to do so.


There are a lot of scenarios that could have taken place that Monday morning. The bullet could have went 3 feet higher and went  through the window hitting something in  the window frame and changing directions to exit the other side into a home on two lots over, killing a kid in bed. Or I could have been in there and got shot. But they call themselves preventing crime by closing down the Beachfront?


Now as a result of this, Delaney Avenue is infested with drugs and crime all hours of the day and night and it goes unattended by law enforcement. And I cannot remain silent any longer, because I cannot see how I can coexist, with what is going on here.  I live three lots from  our headquarters location. Therefore, I live in this cesspool of crime, drugs and late hour gun shooting. And this is not right and it is not fair to place this chaos where I and other people live, to prevent crime in a non residential area outside the county limits.  Now what happens on New Years eve?  The police will be nowhere to be found on that night because they never are.


And like I said the things that go on  here in Avon Park and Highlands County, simply because there is no federal oversight. They do as the please here and get away with it, because they can. And it is sad, because they turned the Southside Redevelopment Area of Avon Park, Delaney Avenue strip into a slum area. All the real businesses are going out of business.  And nothing is right about this area and everything is wrong and it was done to us by design. For the sake of reducing crime in an isolated area, while shutting down the best property in the area, which could bring in tax revenue. I smell a fish and someone should look in to this, before an innocent child gets killed over here where people live. I think they are trying to steal that property from its owners and it has nothing to do with crime, because there is nothing but crime on the Delaney   Avenue strip.


Frank Paul Jones

Highlands County Criminal, & Educational for Agriculture Conspiracy

Superintendent Cox

Highlands County Criminal,  & Educational for Agriculture Conspiracy

Based on 2012 statistics   Highlands County, Florida with a population of under 99,000 people, maintained a jail population of about 400 inmates. We have an incarceration rate above 4%, which is above the average statewide.  About 58.5% of the inmates are pretrial with about 210 of them felony pretrial and 24 misdemeanor pretrial, while about only 41.5% of the inmates are actually already convicted and sentenced  for a crime committed.  So over half the inmates in our jail system in Highlands County, were not yet convicted of a crime, but still they the main portion of the population the detention facility.


This says a lot about our judicial system here in Florida and perhaps our country and most certainly Highlands County.  Most of the people in jail were never convicted of a crime and because they are already incarcerated their chances of being vindicated are much lower.  Because the detention center in Highlands County is filled with poor people, who cannot afford bail or a bond or a lawyer, so they are often convicted of crimes because they are forced into plea bargain agreements, simply because they have no other options and probably already served most of their sentence.


I am from New York City originally and I can testify that there are few real gangsters here in Highlands County.  Put it this way the jail population are not the real gangsters, but instead most of them are simply uneducated with a sense of hopelessness.   Many of them simply cannot get a job in an already weak job market coupled with bad habits they must support, such as smoking cigarettes and using drugs.


The real problem in Highlands County is the poor education system, which is failing our community drastically. According to the Florida Department of Education, only six Florida school districts are performing worst than Highlands County, with a graduation rate of only about 61.1% in 2011-12. And the true culprit to this disorder is corruption in our local governance.  And because of our internal corruption, these things seem to continue to go on unaddressed.  It seems as if Superintendent Cox is AWOL. He should be held accountable for our failing schools, there is no excuse for the performance of our school system.


Most of the crimes for profit committed here in Highlands County are smalltime and done by disorganized constituents. There is little organization in the criminal behaviors of the incarcerated.  And most violent crimes are crimes of passion. In both cases they are often cries for help, due to being in a hopeless situation. And until our education system is addressed and corrected, people here will continue to suffer needlessly and go to jail for senseless offenses, only to gain a criminal records, which will place them into an unemployable status for the remainder of their lives.


In my opinion, the real criminals are the legislators, who are selling out our youth.  We live in a reactionary criminal justice system here in Highlands County, Florida. And instead of being proactive in  correcting our educational system, which is the true culprit, they are being reactive by incarcerating our youth, who basically know no other way to survive but to commit petty crimes, only to destroy their future. And this is not an excuse for their disobedience, it is the fact behind it. Because by design our schools do not teach our kids a good education and the culture in our community supports this disorder. While the biggest events here is the next party, leaving the kids to televisions as babysitters.


The local government supports petty chaos and corruption, to support the economy here in Highlands County and the nation.   And what is going on is bigger than our County, but has reach all over the nation and it is agriculture.  We are one of the biggest agriculture industries in the whole country. Companies like Tropicana depends on us to distribute orange juice nationwide.  And the citizens of Highlands County are collateral damages.  Agriculture which was once the main source of employment for the citizens of Highlands County, Florida, is no longer the case. Most of the agriculture workers have been replaced by migrant workers out of Mexico, because they are willing to work longer hours for less pay, because they themselves are involved in slave labor.


But this is a temporary fix, because with immigration reform comes about there will be more freedom for even the migrant worker. For this reason I believe it is so hard to pass immigration reform through the Congress. It could have a devastating effect on how fruit is picked. Because the reality behind agriculture is slave labor and they know this but turn the other way for cheap fruit prices.


Meanwhile the African American as well as poor whites have been left behind here in Highlands County. Understand our education system here was never designed to equipped our citizens to excel into higher education. Our job market never supported it and our corrupt City Council legislators has always blocked even light industry from coming here into Avon Park, in support of our agricultural moguls.


What is going on here in Highlands County is a conspiracy, to oppress a population of people, in support of the fruit and vegetable industry.  Because an uneducated population  will always be submissive to hard labor for low pay. It is no coincidence that where there are orange trees in abundance, there are also failing schools. Whereby such an environment should by design produce harder work from the students in our schools for hope in a better opportunity, our kids are being discouraged from obtaining a good education. It is all by design, but because our population is only 100,000, with about 10,000 black people, we have no real representation and is flying under the radar.


The solution is simple:


I think companies like Tropicana, Florida Finest Citrus, Delicious Florida Oranges, Hyatt Fruit Company and the list goes on, should be forced to pay into our education system here in Highlands County or do it on their own accord if I am wrong and it is not a conspiracy.  They should invest in our educational system due to the damages they have inflicted upon us to enable their agricultural market to strive at the cost of innocent lives and our people not being allowed a good education or liberty. They know they have no more use for us anymore and should free us from the grips of their unethical business practices.


Frank Paul Jones

Opening the Recording Studio & Introducing Project Creativity

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Opening the Recording Studio & Introducing Project Creativity

It has been about a month and a half, since our announcement concerning opening our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Home Type Recording Studio to the public. Believe me when I say we are working diligently towards this goal.  And in the process we found some new light to help us do this. We are in the process of obtaining a fiscal sponsorship with an artistic non profit organization out of New York City. But nothing is written in stone as of yet.  But we feel confident things will work out and for this reason we are sharing this with you.


With a fiscal sponsor we will be able to solicit tax deductible donations and contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and even the government to some degree, until we get our own 501 c 3.  We know we need the support of our community as well as philanthropists from other cities to fund the program we are introducing.  And we know we must also earn revenue as well, if we are to succeed.  For this reason and because we are a non profit organization, when we do charge people for some of our services it will be below the market price.


I am writing this article to open a discussion forum with the public about what will be required to carryout Project Creativity, the problem being addressed, our solution and the benefits we offer to our community. Please feel free to leave us a comment or some suggestions after reading this article.  We want to know how you feel about this program.


Project Creativity

Name and Contact Information of our Organization:

The National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC

923 South A Avenue

Avon Park, FL33825

(863) 657-2407




The NCNCHINC Agenda beginning on October 20th – Fiscal Year 2013-14:



1: Sound Recordings Studio


2: Creative Writing Studio (Fictional and Non Fictional)


3: DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Recording and Instruction Workshops


4: Shows (Live Performances)


5: Sound and Video Presentations


6: Non profit newspaper and magazine


7: Job Search and Job Placement


Helping the Disadvantage Young Adults


We think the main problem in the United States today is the jobless rate that is causing us to create a generation of hopelessness among our youth and this is amplified in the black community.  When America in general faces a recession the black communities in America already experienced a depression.  Our young blacks, sees Hollywood as an outlet that creates dreams about success, but Hollywood is often an illusion and is not reachable by most of them due to the lack of education and this degrades their moral fiber.  Because they want something that they cannot have.  Too often due to joblessness, they stay home all day and play violent video games, listen to rap music often filled with filthy language and watch fantasy television shows, only to end up turning to the  streets with nothing to do (“an idle mind is the workshop of Satan”), to poison their neighbors and themselves with drugs.  And too often this ends in violence, the loss of young lives and the incarceration of too many.  And we want to curb this!


They need to see a way out, today many of them would not and could accept an invitation to a better way of life, because it requires education, something many of them fear to take on the endeavor or simply do not understand the incentive in a tangible way.  Many of these young adults are even afraid to take on the simple task of obtaining a GED, to many of them this is not simple at all, but is a very complex measure.  Many of them are simply afraid to fail!  We have a problem called hopelessness in America today.


The NCNCHINC has an answer that can be of help and it is Project Creativity.  A project to assist young adults at a disadvantage by channeling their artistic abilities in a productive manner, which will give them the incentive to learn needed skills like grammar and computer operations, in order to be competitive in their artistry and in life.  Thereby applying academics to their dreams of being a star and even if they fall short of stardom, they will gain something valuable from this program.


The NCNCHINC Project Creativity is  non commercial artistic program for people 18 years old and above, operated by the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., which is an established non profit organization in the State of Florida since 2009, located in the city of Avon Park in the county of Highlands. Though we are still pending our 501 c 3 statuses, we decided to team up with a fiscal sponsor called Fractured Atlas out of New York City who specializes in Artistic programs, to acquire charitable contributions from donors who require these statuses to give freely, in order to move this project along in a timely manner.


We own our headquarters location which is two stories tall, without any mortgages and we would like to utilize it in the development of artistic creations by our future clients and by doing so, give people in the community something to do that is constructive, dream realizing and hopefully reduce crime and prevent recidivism in the process, by giving young adults an opportunity and hope by channeling their artistic energy in a productive manner.  Though our focus is on young adults ages 18 to 35, we are open to all who people who desire to channel their creative energies in productive manner.


The group we are targeting are 18 to 35 years old and we have an emphasis on assisting  young adults who are chronically unemployed.  We want to give these young adults other options other than joining into a life of crime, by giving them hope and a vision for their future.  As we also attempt to help them develop an interest in the many ways to become a part on the entertainment sector and a part of mainstream society or simply develop productive hobbies they can enjoy while learning to express themselves to others.


We want to assist them in becoming gainfully employed.  By helping them in their search for employment, while helping them develop important skills that are imperative to the workforce.  While we conduct creative arts workshops, we want to also help them by offering them ways to apply these skills in a competitive and profitable manner, which will allow them to become self-sufficient.


We understand that we will be dealing with many clients accustomed to street knowledge and the ways of the streets, which means they will want to know how these things apply to real life scenarios.  They will want to see how their participation in our program, will help them be able to survive in their daily lives.  So we want to develop our program, like an assembly line or production process, whereby one thing leads to another, which brings them closer to obtaining independence.  Therefore, we feel it is imperative that our program not only develop skills for our clients, but offers them an opportunity to display and put into practice the learning processes and acquired knowledge.


So by design, we have workstations that develop skills and talents and creates tangible and intangible assets by our clients.  We teach them about DAW recording studio technology, so that they can record their ideas.  We do this not to put their dreams on the shelf, but so that they can also do live performance to share their works. With the hope that they might be discovered by someone who can take their hopes and dreams to another level. And not only for this reason do we  promote live shows, but it is also an avenue to creating community togetherness and recreational activities for all who participate in and enjoy.  Good recreation is good for community!


So by design, we have workstations that develop skills and talents and creates tangible and intangible assets by our clients.  We want to teach them how to write in our creative writing workshop, so that they can write about the things that means something to them. Not just to put their ideas on the shelf, but we want to put out a non profit newspaper as an outlet for them to share how they feel to the community and abroad.  Because we feel our young adults today are among the most misunderstood.  We want to produce articles that can be put into magazine format as well, so that they can share their ideas to the general public and learn how to profit from these skills.


And ultimately, we would love to produce movies and documentaries that will allow them to express themselves in motion picture.  What I am describing here is a production process, whereby one developed skill transcends into another opportunity.  Because what is lacking in our community is opportunity.  And all we are asking is to receive community support to give these disadvantaged young adults a chance at life.


Though Project Creativity is open to serve the entire  adult population in Highlands County, our targeted audience is the disadvantaged young adults between the ages of 18 to 35.  When we say disadvantaged young adults, we are describing the young adult population who are chronically unemployed often due to several factors such as the lack of education, criminal records, the lack of networks and connections, residing in redlining districts, hopelessness as well as other personal issues, to include their psyche (mindset) in some cases.


What Project Creativity offers to them is hope, by allowing them an opportunity to express themselves through artistry and it also supply’s them with communications, such as multimedia.   The idea behind Project Creativity is not only to allow them to communicate to the world they often feel and are truly misunderstood by, but to give them tools to accomplish this.  Though it is an artistic program, it is also educational, because it is our goal to give them instruction on how to properly get their points across to the world outside of the “Blue Building,” in a constructive manner, which will hopefully develop into an understanding between them and the people they are attempting to reach.  By developing their computer skills, writing skills and the management skills, this can be accomplished.


It is our goal to make this misunderstood population, understood and accepted by those whose doors are shut or closed to them.  We want to be a pathway and a conduit to close  the chasms that prevents these disadvantage young adults from gaining opportunities in furthering their education, employment and even intercommunity social engagements with the rest of the world.  We want to help them become a part of mainstream America and put an end to the repressive behaviorisms that does not allow them to move beyond their neighborhood’s invisible gates.  We believe a lot of the problems they face are self induced and a lot of the problems they face are due to not knowing any other way, but also a lot of their problems they face is also due to discrimination be it racial, cultural and otherwise and is often due to a misunderstanding in many cases.


We believe our program can reduce crime and prevent recidivism, because we plan to attract the leaders of tomorrow in our community. We understand the posse (gang) mentality of our youth today.  We know that there a very few leaders and a host of followers.  And one of the main problems in poor communities in our country and in Highlands County, where you find a high rate of disenfranchised individuals, is that often the hand full of leaders that attract posses (gangs) do not know any other way, but to join into a life of crime to survive and often have bad habits to support. Project Creativity is billed as a program to show them another way.


Once Project Creativity is fully functional, we will act as a product production chain or assembly line of sorts.  By accepting young disadvantage adults into our program, with just an idea of how to express themselves artistically, we will be able to help them develop a plan using our workshops.  And the goal is for these plans to develop into complete sound recording productions, video productions, news articles in our non profit newspaper & magazines as well as live performance, so that their abilities are shared and a sense of achievement is felt by them.  Because achievements are so important in building up someone’s self esteem.  And self worth is the beginning of self sustaining independence.  We want to restore hope in our community, which is something many of our potential clients never knew in these tough economic times.


If you think this project is worth your while and support, please continue to watch our website and the NCNCHINC blogs for continued updates on our progress and agenda. We will in the future need your support in money contributions, volunteer work and your advise, because we know we do not have all the answers.  So we humble ourselves to the Community of Highlands County.  And we know without the support of the community, this will not work, because we are introducing a community effort, which requires a coalition to come together for this common cause.  Because we must not leave anyone behind if we as a community is to grow.


Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC


The NCNCHINC “Building a Better Community”

Paul in Avon Park, FL

The NCNCHINC “Building a Better Community

We were founded on October 20th, 2009.  We had a dream of building a better community. And since our inception it has been an uphill crawl, for us to simply find an agenda we could carryout.  Since our inception we have been self supporting through our own contributions towards a cause of community betterment. While we knew what we wanted to do, which is to prevent recidivism and reduce crime, while building a better community, sometimes one individual at a time, we were somewhat crippled due to insufficient funds.  Hopefully this will change with your renewed community support.


We were full of ideas.  Though it may have seemed unfocused or like we were jumping from one thing to another, still they were good ideas that were simply unfunded, due to bad judgment.  Hopefully many of them are still things to happen in the future.  Because some of these services are necessary for our health and well being of our community and you can make this happen.


The one big idea that still sticks to my mind until this day is the idea of having “World’s AIDS Day” activities to bring about awareness in Highlands County, Florida, about this serious issue.  Did you know that this area has one of the highest HIV/AIDS populations in proportion to inhabitants in the whole country?  It is higher than Washington D.C. where intravenous heroin use is very high!  Disproportionately high intravenous drug use is not the case here in Highlands County, but still HIV/AIDS infections are suspiciously high and it is probably due to ignorance of this disease. We feel that such an event could ultimately save many lives, because awareness is so important.  But the funding wasn’t there.  Yet at City Hall the Avon Park CRA or Avon Park Community Redevelopment Agency blows $18,000 on Parades every year.  I think this money would be better spent saving lives, but AIDS is taboo here and is not so popular a conversation and Dr. King’s dream still lives, while people are dying from AIDS unnecessarily.


We are pending our 501 c 3 statuses and it might be a year before we get ours, because our application still needs work.  But we are not allowing this SNAFU or our error to completely stop us.  We are working diligently on something big, so that we can get some of our programs going.  We are in the process of attempting to find us a fiscal sponsorship out of New York City, so that we can raise tax deductible donations until we get our papers from the IRS.  With a fiscal sponsorship we want to reach out to the community and gain some community involvement for our agenda which we feel will make a difference in our community. By reducing crime, preventing recidivism, building a better community and in the process saving lives.  And if we stand together all of this will happen with your help.


As we know and understand the Churches of Highlands County is doing good work and  is in the business of saving souls through our Lord Jesus Christ.  There are many Churches here.  But we are trying to reach out to those they (The Church) has been unsuccessful at saving.  Many young adults are lost in the streets and we know first hand what it is like, because many of us have been there and done that.  Sometimes finding the Lord takes stepping stones and first simply finding another way other than the streets is a huge step but not the final step in the process of being born again.  I know this from experience.  And knowing that someone within your understanding and grasp cares and to have a place to go other than the streets is good to know.  We are that transitioning phase.


What we are about to offer to Highlands County is a program called “Project Creativity”.  It is an artistic program, whereby we want to offer many disadvantaged young adults another option and a way out through artistic expression. But not only them, but any young adult 18 to 35 and older, who wants to channel their creativity in a positive manner.


Through creative writing workshops and computer electronic music production workshops, we will not only give them a channel of expression, but we will help build their self esteem by developing their writing and computer skills, which are essentials in today’s society. But we will not stop there, we want to give them a way to actually express themselves to the world at large, by putting them in print in our  non profit newspaper and in magazines, so that their voices can be heard, because many of them are simply misunderstood, while giving them a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment by doing this.


We want to bring family oriented shows to Highlands County, by seeking sponsors and also by giving our clients a chance to perform on stage. By promoting local as well as out of town talent, we will also help create community activities we all can be proud of being affiliated with.  We also plan to open our non profit recording studio to the public as a part of this production process.  Our focus will be on several genres such as R&B, Hip Hop and Inspirational/Gospel and more.  Not just to audition talent, but to share this experience with young disadvantaged adults. And again with your support this will all happen.


And all we really ask of our clients is to help us in building a better community, by doing little things, like assisting us with the Southside Redevelopment Initiative, by keeping our community clean of debris and litter, showing respect for our elders, being kind in their daily lives and being helpful to others in need.


Like I said, we are in the process of this undertaking. And with your help this will happen soon, so keep a watchful eye, be patient with us, because a Kingdom isn’t built in one day.  And prepare yourselves to invite the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., into your hearts, minds and souls and support this agenda when the time comes for you to contribute.


Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC


The Making of a True Mafia Dom

Paul in limo

The Making of a True Mafia Dom

I tell you the truth when I say this, the Dom is the Son of Man and therefore he is the Word of God, the true Dom that is.  On his day all accounts will be settled and all debts will be paid in full.  And there can be no preconceived notions concerning him. For the true mission of the Mafia since the 1960’s was the fulfillment of Bible prophesy and what people see happening today before them in these last days is our works.

The family is his true companion.  They are faithful to him and understand without confusion that being faithful in a spiritual sense of the word, means to be loyal.  People think if a woman is monogamist, this means she is faithful and this is not true.  Hell if push comes to shove, she might have to sell herself, so how is faithful being monogamist?   Sometimes you have to sleep with the enemy to gain their trust.  A woman is faithful only if she is loyal to her companion or her man.  And a real mafia Dom knows that sex is overrated, because it is not about honey it is about currency and with currency comes control and sex if needed and not the other way around.

A Mafia Dom does not love with his emotions, because he knows this is usually infatuation.  He loves through his actions, because love is an action word.  Because what you feel becomes felt and that can change, but what you did becomes what was you have done and that cannot change and love is everlasting and not in the moment.  Understand that infatuation can cloud one’s good judgment and make a fool out of you, because it is a feeling and true love is not a feeling, it not an emotion it is an action.

A Mafia Dom has to learn to love his flock, because they depend on him.  Therefore he must be dependable and do what is right for the whole body.  He cannot allow relationships and especially sexual relationships to get between him and his made men, because this can be a fatal error and cause the him his demise due to jealousy.  Always his family must come first and any woman who becomes his companion must accept this subservient position of  existence, time and space. Her duty is the serve the King and not the other way around and for that she will be rewarded.  Because a Mafia Dom is an institution even greater than the President of the United States of America.  He rules the world and is over every prestigious institution on earth and beyond, to include the Illuminati.  He is the Son of God!  His men knows this in their hearts, minds and as one spirit they are united and he is at the head of them.

When it comes to a Mafia Dom their can be no God before him, their can be no mediator other than him.  A true made man does not pray to another God, but has faith in the Dom, whom he lives for to serve his family in Christ.  The Mafia is not into fantasy dreams and false religions, because we are above the law and not below it, for in Christ is reality.  We are the enlightened and not those who dwindle into darkness having faith in something we do not understand and always searching and never finding light.  We are of understanding and true love is in our community works and acts of brotherly love.

I tell you the truth, the making of a Dom can be a lonely path until the day of the Lord.  But he knows that all of his lonely days will seem like one day in heaven and his time on top of the world will seem like eternity.  Because the Dom lives for his day and everyday alone is a day of rehearsal. He practices his crafts and learns from his each and every experience that he may be a just leader and wise teacher of righteousness.  And he knows the masses have been brainwashed to think he is evil, in a world whereby good is evil and evil is good.  He know the masses have been brainwashed to believe in the Bible and not in the Son of Man.  As the foolish masses say “I believe every word in the Bible.”  Whereby even the Bible teaches you not to believe everything you read. He knows he will lead a land of lost souls and not everyone will make it in his kingdom.  Because it can be lonely on top and lonely in the light among darkness  He knows we did what we had to do to overcome the evil ones, for the means will justify the end.  For it was by his instructions that led us and he is without sin.  Do you understand what I just said?

This is a letter to my true brothers in Christ, I am talking about the loyal few that are still waiting for the big day to come.  Know that the time is soon and know he will return to New York City to begin our final preparations in these last day.  I love you all as one in myself, the time is close and getting closer with acceleration each and every day.

Keep the faith.

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

Why I did what I have done & the Judgment

Paul @ 11

Why I did what I have done & the Judgment

Power given to a child, can be dangerous. I was born with a gift.  As a kid I could read a person’s mind literally (telepathy).  I had a photographic memory and could even could move object using my mind.  Because of this I believed I was God and was told this by my elders.  As a child, I made the Mafia a lot of money, they called me Paul Castellano after Big Paul.  I am said to be Carlo Gambino‘s son.  I do not know if it is biological or what but I excepted the role and it is undisputable within the Gambino Family.


As a kid I made money legally as well as illegally.  They use to tell me to invent things  and the next week or two they would make commercials on television selling my inventions at stores like Genovese and Walworth.  This was my recreation.  We made a killing on these ideas on how to do things easy using one of my gismos.  Back then I was smart in school, I could have been anything I wanted to be, a doctor, a lawyer a baseball player, anything I wanted to be.  But I choose to be a God, to rule over the world.


Not too many things that happened on this planet on my watch, did not come by me.  I think I was about ten years old when we sent a man to the moon.  Because in the beginning all I did was good things so it seemed.  The world could be a beautiful today, had I been groomed to do good.  But people would not have given me my due credit and that was a problem.


Take Dr, King, we was behind his movement.  He cried out I want this and I want that and I made it happen.  But he was before his time and so he had to go, not because of his work being bad, but because he wanted to make people believe it was him, when it was me behind him.  Had Dr. King lived he would have become the first black president and things would have be nicer than they are today, but he would have gotten all of the credit for my works and talents.  I was raise to believe that God is a jealous God. I was jealous of Dr. King, because he would have made me out to be an evil person and not a God and the black community would have love him and hated me.


My mother was poisoned when  I was 11 years old.  I was child, when the kids behind it asked me how to do it and I told them.  I lead two personalities that of  Paul Castellano and Frank Paul Jones.  Under that powerful mindset I became Paul Castellano, but I am Frank Paul Jones under normal circumstances.  This happened when I was hypnotized as a child.  Paul Castellano allowed my mother Blond Eva to be poisoned and he fixed her and sent her away faking her death.  Frank Paul Jones endured the death of his mother and lost the closest person to him when I was 16 years old.  So in reality, I poisoned my mother using hands and kill her so she could led a better life.  Because technology wasn’t as it is now and if she would have recovered they would have known what I could do before it was time for that medical technology.


Like I said so many times, the bible is a self fulfilling prophesy, if you believe it than it will happen.  The world is catching hell today because they being African Americans by majority believed in the bible.  Had I simply said, I am here I am the Son of God and have come to save you all and things got better, they would have called me the devil.  Because they believed the bible bullshit, I gave them what they asked for.  Like they say, be careful about what you ask for.  I hate the life I led and I made a huge sacrifice, to make this all happen.  But I did what I have done, because I chose to be a God, which is the highest achievement of mankind.


I could have been a Bill Gates, hell he is an employee.  Do you really think all that money is his alone, when something like the Mafia exist?  I could have been a Michael Jackson, do you really believe he sold all those records because he was so talented?  But instead I suffered, in oppression among you all, an insignificant everyday black man.  So that on my day you would know I loved you all.


But people will blame me for AIDS on my day and not its cure, the wars fought and not the end of wars, their sufferings and not the end of their sufferings, but I know you all brought it on yourselves.  When I was a kid I told you all that the bible is bullshit and that I am God.  But people shunned me and laugh at me, while they went to church.  They called me a fool and ungodly for speaking up against their oppressors codes.   Now it is all coming true and they will blame me for this as well. But doesn’t that same bible teach you that God is a jealous God?  But now they will say but you are not God, you are a man.  But this is exactly what I told them as a child, Jesus Christ is a man and not God.


So now even after all of this, they are looking for a so-called Jew to come out of the clouds from Israel and save them.  Hell I gave you all cyber space and I am coming to you out of the clouds.  But the same Israel that attempted to nuke their asses in New York City, you give praise to.  But they will blame me not for saving New York City, but for selling the Illuminati duds and 9/11.


But that same bible that they will be judged by says, “either you are for me or against me.”  And only a chosen few will make it to the kingdom of God. And I hate to say this, but I see it happening.  I did what I have done, because you believed what you was brainwashed to believe.


At the moment I regret all the sufferings I brought on myself.  I did not have to suffer so long, but I chose to. But I was told when it is all over it will all seem like a day and I will suffer no more.  But remember, “you are either for me or against me.”  And for those against me, the sufferings have only just begun and what is to come will feel like eternity.  I know on my day I have to forgive you all, but the secret is you have to forgive me as well.  Because an army is coming to carryout the judgment, once I do find it in my heart to forgive, an army I will have no control over as the Son will carryout the judgment like angels from heaven.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano