Osama Bin Laden Mission Impossible

Osama Bin Laden Mission Impossible


Like Michael J. Jackson and John J. Gotti and a few others, the story on Osama Bin Laden just does not fit.  First of all, we all know at a minimum the mission to capture or kill Bin Laden was a covert operation.  Which required the planning of operations from some of our best minds?   So I will play devil’s advocate and pretend I was to plan this operation.


First of all, we have to assume that Bin Laden was the head of the terror organization Al-Qaeda, which we have to assume, it was a CIA operation. I say this because it is clear that the attacks on 9/11 were the Illuminati and Israel.  Why I say this is because on 9/11 no Jews went to work at the World Trade Center.  Why we must enquire?


He is accused of being anti-Semitic; however this cannot be unless he hated himself, being Arabs are Semitic people?   If anything those so-called Jews in Israel are really Europeans.  Assuming this was a CIA operation, to create a new enemy called terrorist, being the communist enemies are now our allies like Russia and China, What I am about to say makes way more sense than what we are being told on the News.


Osama Bin Laden needed a kidney in order to live and it was time to debrief him and pull him out, because his mission was a success.  He was a fall guy for 9/11, for a much greater picture, the fulfilling of prophesy Bible.  So he gave himself up and fakes his death.  Think about it if they wanted him dead they could have bombed his position.  It was an intelligence mission.


Like something out of Mission Impossible (the movie) he was taken alive, but they made it seem like the information they are about to get was received by the confiscation of the intelligence located at that position.  However in reality the information will come from Bin Laden about Al-Qaeda himself.  He sold them out for a new life with a new kidney and there where no survivors to dispute this.  He is under the protection of his rich family.


The CIA came to rescue Bin Laden as his successful covert operation was completed.  He gave them the location and they killed everything and destroyed all the evidence.  Now he is said to be dead and will receive a new identity in a protection program.  As for Al-Qaeda, they have been exposed and destroyed for the most part.  All of their locations and personnel are known by now.


Osama Bin Laden’s body buried at sea yea!  I just told you all more than you need to know at this point.  Because the question is who is behind all of this!   Osama Bin Laden dies at the perfect retirement age of 54 years of age.