American Racism Against the Black Race and People of Color

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American Racism Against the Black Race and People of Color

American racism is about status and preferences and that is the bottom line.  Racism is as old as the Bible’s old testament.  The so-called Jews, who allegedly introduced the universally accepted belief code of God today of being one God over the whole Universe, was based on racism.  They were and still are God’s favorite people, so we are taught.  We are taught that God has favoritism.  Therefore to be Godlike, we too can practice favoritism.  But when we practice this we are considered racist.  And the mockery of this is God’s favorite people are a disobedient people, so again, this tells us that it is alright to be disobedient against God, because even if we are disobedient to God’s Word, it will not change his preference.  Because God’s favoritism is written in stone.

So based on the So-called Holy Bible racism is not against the teachings and Word of God.  But it is against the law of Mankind in America, who claims on their money, “In God We Trust.”  And understand that so-called Jewish theology are secret written codes within the laws discretion.  How can this be?  Because either you for are for or against God and what has become accepted teachings of God comes from the Bible, which was delivered by the so-called Jews.    Some people believe that the so-called Jews are the synagogue of Satan and the true Jews are the black race of people, who are being punished on earth today, because of our disobedience against the Word of God. But regardless, this means that God practiced racism and stereotyping, because he punished a whole race a people because of the disobedience of a wicked leadership.

However, if the black race are God’s chosen people, it puts everything into it proper perspective.  Because the black race is catching hell on earth, all but a selected few to misguide the masses, like Hollywood stars, corrupt politicians and liars in the pulpit.  Meanwhile the So-Called Jews are some of the riches, powerful and most educated people on the face of the earth and are not being punished by God, but is being blessed in the name of Satan or God, depending on how you look at it.  Because to some what is good is bad and what is bad is good.

Racism in America goes back to into the beginnings of scripture and before the transatlantic slave trade, but these were (the slave trade) the new beginnings of the New World Order, America.  This goes back the 16th century.  Even before then Africa was infiltrated for its wealth.  So based on the inheritance God given the black race are the most wealthy people on the face of the earth, had God had his way, but the wealth was stolen by the Europeans (which was Satan’s way), who now are the wealthiest. So if any people are being punished on earth it is the black race and not the so-called Jews, who appear to me to be  Europeans.

Black people may not be a superior race of people, but we were place on a superior piece of real estate on earth and because of this we are hated out of jealousy, envy and the  greed of outsiders.  Now the same pattern is taking place in the middle east, Arabs are victims of hatred from around the world and in America, because of the relevance of their oil in the world’s economy.

So what is the root of racism?  I believe the root to racism is the love of money.  And the love of money is about power and control of the masses around the world.  Money is a symbol of power and therefore money itself is actually meaningless.  If black people gained too much money in the white controlled world and society, they will determine power by another means of currency and/or exchange. And the truth of the matter about racism is that it is not about God’s favorite people as much it is about Satan’s chosen people.  Satan created racism for the chosen few.  And because of Satan’s racist mentality, God will choose to help those who are victimized on earth due to racism, because a true God is about justice for all people.  And it just so happens to be that black people are the greatest victims on earth, because we come from the wealthiest part of the world and are the most deprived from our natural wealth of the world.

So-called Holy Scripture has been tampered with, by the Europeans leadership as a means of control over the masses.  So-called Holy Scripture was devised to create the current outcome, which are black’s in oppression.  What people fail to understand, which is in the Bible, which is that first there was darkness and then there became enlightenment.  Satan ruled earth first and the so-called Holy Scripture which we call God’s Word, is actually a code for Satan to rule through racism, because racism is embedded into the Bible from its beginnings and the significance of Jesus Christ as he is called in the Bible, is about overcoming this racist world of ruler ship, but we are taught that he too is a so-called Jew and will come out of Israel, which is the promise land.  Because the goal is to keep black people confused, oppressed or simply dead to enlightenment, to continue to be victims of racism.  Until black people discover our true significance, we will continue to be doormats for white people to trample on.

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