Why marijuana should be legalized

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Why marijuana should be legalized


I think anything you like too much can be or is psychologically addictive to include, food, video games, sex and so forth.  And who said eating too much, playing violent video games or promiscuous sex are good things, because they are not. But these are other issues that should also be addressed.


Marijuana which is the issue at hand now and it has too many problems associated with it being illegal and that is my point. Such as the U.S. prison population, people with criminal records without just cause, our workforce is seriously effected because many young people especially cannot even get a job who use it due to a dirty urine and so forth.


Yes it has many medical uses, but so does the cocoa plant and poppy plant, yet they can also cause problems when abused, but it is something we need as medicine. And as a recreational drug I think it is much safer in many ways than alcohol which is legal or decriminalized in the United States. So why allow people to drink and wreck cars and have violent outrages and not smoke and be tranquil and/or artistic?


I just think it is a fallacy to say is not addictive in any way or form and people will not abuse it, because many already do, for one I did, though my original intentions was to use it as a  sleep aid. The fact that people destroy their ability to earn a livelihood for a get  high and this goes on everyday, is proof it is addictive or at least a problem causing drug, if only because it makes you feel good.  Many people cannot get a job because they rather smoke weed to feel good and you know this to be true. And I do not think there is anything wrong with wanting to feel good, but self preservation is the first law of nature. And “if you don’t work you don’t eat” unless you are getting help from somewhere else.


It is for all of these reasons that I think it should be legalized and not because it is drug sent down from heaven by God to solve all of our problems. There are simply too many cons to the continuation of prohibition.  I think prohibition is destroying our youth today and therefore the future of our nation and it must end. But not because marijuana is without any problems, because that is a lie.  But because the war on marijuana was lost and people are not going to stop using it. So now we need to learn how to distribute it legally, regulate it intelligently and create a system to help those who will and do already abuse it. And tax revenues is the only solution to this and it must first be legalized to be taxed. It would generate a profit for our nation of about $10 Billion instead of a $20 billion deficit each year.