The Synagogue of Satan

Jewish Symbol

The Synagogue of Satan


First of all, I tell you, read this scripture below and secondly look up what synagogue means:


Read: Revelation 3:9

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.


Synagogue: A building for Jewish worship and religious study. a building used by Jewish people for worship and religious study.


Any person with an eighth grade education can understand who this is being written about. I shouldn’t have to convince you that the So-Called Jews are not the true Jews as described in the Bible who are the Zulu’s given the name Zews in a secret text. This you should be able to see if you just read what is being said. My job is to open your eyes to the fact that the Bible is talking about you (The African American Slaves) emancipation from the grips of all these lies and deception that have been told to you for hundreds if not thousands of years. You think you was procreated in the likeness of your God , but  is Satan you serve and in his image you have become and don’t even know it. While you boast in the Lord, they are laughing at you and me, but not for much longer. His days are coming soon.


These lies certainly go back  further than just about every African Americans documented Family Tree or Family history.  Therefore you assume the Bible cannot be about you, because of its gynecological accounts going back to this diabolical creation by Satan in the name of God, to created the order of the first Adam or darkness.


We as African slaves lost all ties to Africa, our languages were taken away even if it meant cutting our tongues and our culture was taken. These are the realities of slavery that we can testify to. But is seem as if while we were in slavery, we prayed for God to save the Jews, which was the right thing to request. But they seem to still be praying for the salvation of the Devil in an act of self hatred due to the lack of knowledge of self. Yet these so-called Jews were their slave masters as well, using us for free labor in America. But they claim they were slave also, all while maintaining their language, culture, history and family, if you let them tell it.  But I know history is told by those who win the wars. It is they who are among this evil ruler ship. If they were slaves it was only practice because to condition of the African American in America, is actually result of being put in to bondage for hundreds of years. The slave game isn’t about you walking away with your God and your Culture, but is about a process to make people controllable and sub-servant for as long as necessary to support an economy and allow them to maintain their status and position in society. If the white man really wanted us to be anything but what we have become, the laws would have been written to be enforced to accomplish this.



Two Historical fact:


American mainland colonial Jews imported slaves from Africa at a rate proportionate to the general population, Jews accounted for 1.25% of all Southern slave owners, and were not significantly different from other slave owners in their treatment of slaves.

From Wikapedia:


It hurts me and I am in so much pain, because I did just about everything required by the bible so that you would receive me.  But it seems that you have become so ignorant that it will be required that I force Satan to reveal himself in order to release you to me. You will never leave him on your own, because you have become loyal servants to the Devil, claiming you have the spirit of someone you refuse to even listen to or consider.  I know you are all full of it and so do you!  Playing the Christian role is only for social acceptance and to hide your true colors. You do this to gain favor from Satan and not God.


You be crying Paul persecuted me based on bible scripture, when he had all the reason to take them out with a disease or something, because you are evil.  White Christians were never mistreated in mass numbers, but the so-called black Christian did catch hell. Because through the Mafia I controlled a lot of things that caused you harm. But now I am saying it is time for change, because with that money we made so much more money, that we actually broke the bank and became the bank. So now you know why! But until we understand who we are as a union and nation of people, I cannot use you because you are still in darkness and will not release this to you, because you will only give it back to those who stole it form me in the first place


But you think you are safe under the current arrangement.


How can a people so screwed up, believe in a God that doesn’t even address them. Where is the black man in the Bible.  He is the Gentiles like his slave master?  Get real!  You say you are Gentiles, when you are Jews. Meaning not only are you non believers, but you are the prize. Therefore this war cannot be won on the battlefields, because you all have become Satan’s most loyal frontline servants who are  willing to die for his world that has no place for you in it but perpetual sub servitude. He say the only way you can be free ever is for the whole world to be destroyed.  But just like I never gave you the power over my life, I never gave Satan the power of the ending of this world. He just got all of you punks scared.


How can you believe in a prophesy that nobody can ever fulfill? No matter what, you have been designed to reject your King. It is that simple! Nobody but some lie the Jews might try to tell you, will ever qualify as the Son of Man. You need confirmation from CNN?  But I guarantee you that if ever the so-called Jews bring forth someone claiming he is me in this last days or even another Dr. King.  Claiming they are whom I loved most, I promise you he will be assassinated without me saying anything and I promise I will never be assassinated, because I AM.


I realize many of our elderly are at no point of return. As they claim white Jesus and say they are of spirit and for this reason most of them will not make it to the other side of the mountain. But will go to there graves as a last stop. Without resurrection, because the resurrection is the awakening of the dead to the light of the world. I could lie to them, but in me is reality.


Until the African American Slaves recognizes me as their King and Lord of Lords, they will remain in bondage in America. The greatest bandage of the Black Man in America, is mental slavery and the lack of self knowledge. If you only would attempt to see the bible characters for who they truly are, it would all make sense to you.


The Pharisees are the Prince Hall Freemasons, whom are ignorant. Because they received their lessons for the same people as you, whom we refer to as the Illuminati based on the teachings of the synagogue of Satan, who you refer to as Jews. They are supposed to know the Lord, but the bible clear tells you that they too were ignorant of the Lord and rejected him. They rejected him just as they and you are doing today. Because that was what you was made into and designed to do. The Black Man in America has no soul, because he rejects the Lord who is their King or Leader.


African American Slaves call themselves Christians, as an excuse to follow European culture and mistreat the Black Woman, telling her some of you’ll must go without a man.  Whereby it is a fact that there are 1.8 Million more black women in America then black men. You do the math on monogamy.  And they think the Devil is supposed to have their place in my Kingdom.  How can you save a warrior with weapons of war that are pointed at you and who sees you as their enemy and has the authority of their slave master to kill you?


I realize our war will only be won, when they take out the many figureheads who claim they represent God but are representatives of the Synagogue of Satan. Trust me it will happen and we are living in the last days.


Now I am going to let you in on something.  I knew Pope Benedict XVI, would resign and he repented, because all he wanted was to go to his grave with testicles, which he had to surrender to Satan hold that position of figurative power of Satan.  His request was to be granted.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones in the name of the Aka Apostle Paul Castellano

Man’s Greatest Enemy is Desire

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Man’s Greatest Enemy is Desire


By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano


Hate has no place in a man’s heart, it will only lead to self destruction, which is the agenda of our enemy the evil one.  However, mankind through a process of brainwashing for many centuries, have developed hatred among ourselves. The key behind the development of the consistent conflict among mankind, which got us to the point we are in now, whereby the world is full of hatred, division and wars is our misguided desires. And the Bible, which has the greatest influenced over the world’s current structure, beyond any literature known to mankind today, is clearly based on desire and how to manipulate our desires to serve their purpose, if misunderstood as is by most.  Most people and especially Christians, joined the Church based on a desire.  “Eternal life with God in heaven.”


There are one great desire innate within all of mankind which is self preservation and it is based on one instinctive aspect of all humankind, the need for procreation, which the process becomes a natural pleasure in humankind (sex) that we often learn to use as a weapon against people we see as weak.  We all have needs that must be satisfied. We are all born dependent, yet to survive as a baby we require food, clothing and shelter, provided to us by someone else usually a parent, who has been through this brainwashing process themselves and can only teach us what they know or think.


Then as we grow older we are educated as well by an education system, which is the ultimate brainwashing process, because we are not taught the truth but think we are, while in reality the truth of the matter is that truth is not absolute, but relative to whose side you are on. Often God’s truth and Satan’s truth are opposing.  Because the Bible is adversarial.  And our society is structured based on the Biblical principles of Satan.  We are taught in school to support our economy and to maintain the status quo of the world’s current rulers.  From the beginning of the Bible’s first introduction in Genesis 1.1 through 2.1, it has always been about economic ruler ship and the control of the masses, through manipulation and confusion.  Please understand the Creation Theory Defined.


Even God’s flock is economically based. Think about it, while Christians are taught, to not be of the world, they uphold their discipline towards God based on their belief’s as to what God’s wishes or desires are for them. And the promise is materialistically describe, in such ideas as a of Heaven being paved streets of Gold.  This is clear materialism.  Therefore justifying their oppressive state of being on earth, for an escrow account in heaven, based on a faith, they themselves often know is not true in many cases.  Because they are not moving any mountains. Hell all too often, they cannot even congregate beyond doctrine, which has little to do with God’s plan.


Read: Matthew 17:20


He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”


This makes them in reality no different than those they claim are evil or of the world. They rationalize having nothing now, so that those who have it all on earth can keep it and continue to oppress them, in return of an escrow account, only promised to those who are obedient to scripture in faith. This rationalization has many ties and controls on one’s behavior based on morals principles of overcoming the physical desires we developed over the years as a result of information we are forced to receive on a daily basis, to manipulate our innate need which is the desire to procreate like beings, both mentally and physically.  Yet morals apply only to this world, with the understanding we are our worst enemy. So from the beginning we are programmed to develop an internal conflict within self.  Because if one desires something the Bible prohibits that man created. Good cop bad cop crap. They handed us a book, created a society they could rule an cursed us, with internal conflict.


Somehow we are programmed to rationalize, being spiritual based on our physical characteristics, that have been designed by those who molded us into society.  As a result of misguided desires, we learn things like hatred toward those, we do not agree with, because we are taught that one must agree with the “Word of God” and follow the laws of mankind. And being we are in the image of God, we too have this innate characteristic and want people to see things in our light.  Yet who can honestly say they received the Word of God or actually understand the laws of land?  When the Bible clearly teaches us, Jesus Christ is the Word of God.


The Bible is not the word of God, but is a discovery at best in legal terms, whereby both sides (God& Satan)  had the opportunity to explain their positions.  And please understand the Bible is not a ticket to salvation but is a law book, delivered by So-called Jews, who do not even believe in it themselves.  While Christians claim the Bible is only God inspired, so does the flock of Satan manifest this book as Satan inspired and a tool of oppression.  They just do not advertise and promote it the way Christians do, thereby avoiding the minefields they designed for Mankind to stumble on.


For example, we often have you heard people say things like the Freemasons serves Satan and is an evil secret order?   Now I will reveal something I told few people. While I was in Germany in 1976-77, we edited the NIV bible and a Masonic Bible. When I came home, from Germany after my second tour ended in 1984, it was published and I gave my uncle Worshipful Master Eston Roberts a copy of that edition and his response was, “this is not the bible?”  But after he read through it, he realized what he had in his possession and since used it to open his meetings at the Prince Hall Freemasonic Lodge.  He past on and today this same Bible is in the hands of a Shriner. 


Now understand I was blackballed from entry into of Prince Hall Freemasonry before ever attempting to join them. Because they are clandestine Freemasons, which is a good thing.  Why?  Because I would have had to kill too many of them off had I did joined with them and they are an too important a part of what is happening and why. While they are some of God’s most loyal servants, even they must be re-taught.   Because they describe the Lord as a person possessed by evil spirits and yet they still serve him and he is clearly their Master. When you understand the original Freemasons are the hands of the Illuminati, Prince Hall is based on the mythology of the true Jesus. A person born of a father slave master and a  mother who was a enslaved by him. And that is the significance of Carlo Gambino and Blond Eva Jones. A black woman working for the Mafia, who gave birth to his child who was the promise  that would free the African Americans from bondage.


Read: Mathew: 12-24


24 But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “It is only by Beelzebub, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out Demons.”


Read: John 8:12


When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


Understand the destruction of Satan is his kingdom is divided: We are talking about the economic-civil war of wars. And like the North who was infiltrated by the South, with a much weaker Army, eliminated the leading figurehead, making him loyal to the South’s agenda of State Rights!


Read: <st2:bcv_smarttag_15 w:st=”on”>Mark 3:24-25<st2:bcv_smarttag_15 w:st=”on”>


24If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.25 If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. 26 And if Satan opposes himself and is divided, he cannot stand; his end has come.


Read: 1 John 1: 1- 5

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning. 3Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.



Understand Prince Hall Freemason’s  basis of doing what they do. They believe their Master who Jesus is driven by evil spirits and therefore they have authority of the “The World.”  While many so-called Christians believe Jesus Christ is a do goody-goody, who will somehow overcome Satan through peace and love, Freemasons think he is a do baddy-baddy, who is possessed by evil spirits. Prince Hall simply adopted this doctrine. This where they have been confused. There is only but one Spirit, which is the Spirit of God. Therefore Good is not evil and evil is not Good, as Freemasonry teaches.  But because Jesus was put on earth to fight fire with fire, in the process he entered into  darkness and the light shined. Therefore every Prince Hall Freemason and every Freemason, who wants to be a part of God’s true Kingdom will have to repent, because they are blasphemous teachings.  But understand this is in the aftermath. And as warriors they are designed to believe what they need to think, to carryout their ultimate purpose which is the destruction of Satan. I am talking about Prince Hall Freemasons, who was given the craft of the Illuminati, based on a lie they are free men. Whereby slavery in America as I demonstrated never ended.  And for the records, the African American is the true Jew, who was placed in bondage in America.  This is where the prophesy of the bible will take place. This is the promise land.


Read: Ephesians 4:4-6


There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.


Now who do you think will carryout God’s wrath?  So-called Christians?  Who are Jews, who have become lost. Who are truly Jews, who have become lost and passive.  How can that be when they are designed to be submissive, with all these preconceived notions and expectations based on the Bible being an all good book of God.  The war is being fought and will be fought, by Orders such as Prince Hall Freemasons, The Crips and Organized Crime families, and the many sinners, who joined in this fight, who are the true Christians and Jews so to speak. When the Jews received the spirit of God, he will then be with us.


Read: Romans 12:19

19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.


Read: Colossians: 2:13

When you were dead in your sins and in the un-circumcision of your flesh, God made you alive with Christ. He forgave us all our sins,


But when does this take place?  That is the repentance!   Is it the duty of all of mankind to become so-called born again in preparation of the coming of the Lord?  Only to become even more submissive to the order of Satan’s ruler ship?  Or is this the duty of mankind in the aftermath of God’s victories day?  So I tell you this, anyone can serve God in a time of war, provided he is a loyal warrior. In the aftermath of warfare a soldier has to be re-taught, because are warriors code conduct is not the same as a civilian.



Read: 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10


Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.


As you can see the problem often with so-called Christians is that their repentance is prior to our victory over the evil ruler and is based on their being defeated by Satan and someone on a white horse will come out of the clouds a free them for this tyrant. . Often their repentance is solely based on the immoral activities and the acts against mankind they engaged in, in the process of harming only themselves.  Such as black on black crime, drug addition  and so on.  Whereby orders like the Prince Hall Freemasons, Crips, Mafia and even Homosexuals and the many other sinners as we understand sinners, will be the warriors of God in the last days.  Evil is under infiltration, but God have the power to heal.  And then come this day.


Read: Romans 14:11


It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.


What we all must understand in faith is that, once the Spirit of God enters the equation and is received by man. Man will still have a choice between the greater And lesser right, but not the choice between right and wrong, this is the rule of engagement of Satan and not God.


Rev. Frank Paul Jones – Aka Paul Castellano

NFL 8th Round Pick Overshadows Draft

Michael Sam and Boyfriend Kiss

NFL 8th Round Pick Overshadows Draft

Michael Sam was draft pick number 249 by the St. Louis Ram on Saturday May 10th 2014, becoming the first openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL. He was personally congratulated by the President of the United States, President Obama.

I think by Michael Sam admitting to his sexual orientation publicly prior to the NFL draft, brought on to himself a great opportunity, because of all the media attention he attracted to himself. Everything he does from here on will be watched by the media and transmitted to the world by the media.

I watched him speak on CNN at a press conference. He was well spoken as if this was already written in screenplay. It was like if this was well planned by him and his associates and he is playing his cards very well so far.

I noticed nothing feminine about him, but it is obvious at first sight that his boyfriend is probably gay. His boyfriend has the character of the type of person promoted by the LBG community as being born with a predisposition for homosexuality. Not so for Michael Sam! His character is that of being without love or family support, decisions made to survive and eat and basically a preferred lifestyle, but hardly a predisposition. And he simply decided to cash in on it. It seems he feels he should get paid for doing what he enjoys. So things will happen in his favor unless he slips on a banana peel or something vengeful happens on the football field, because his game plan is well mapped out and he now has the right people supporting whatever he does from now on as a role model of 21st century America. Which he seems to feel is secondary as he said, he couldn’t do anything about the many homosexual discrimination practices. It is not his current agenda.

I think Michael Sam has a great opportunity to do something good for himself, from advertisement endorsements to his own reality television show, which is already happening to him without pay by the news media like CNN. Because now people want to know about him and his personal life because he opened the doors for the world to observe and judge him as a homosexual person and not an necessarily as an athlete. However his success on the field would help him a lot.

While he claims he only wants to be judged by his performance on the football field, he kissed his lover in front of the camera for all the world to see, which had nothing to do with his athletic performances. But to change the way we view sexuality in American media. It worked! It seems the only thing being offered by him to judge is his sexuality and well mannered character. Therefore he has to get paid. Well planned! This is what the LBG community needs to advance their causes and agendas.

My concern isn’t so much Michael Sam and his sexual orientation, but the way it is being played out on the media and the agenda behind those promoting this reality programming being tuned into before all of America ad the world. My concern is how it effects the many people who still find themselves to be intolerant to what is going on and must happen and is losing their faith in God, not because they do not believe in God, but because they are full of anger and hatred, which no place for God to enter. Thereby the person actually being injured is not the person who they see as living in sin and supposedly condemned, but themselves because hatred is like a drunk and it will destroy you and you are God’s temple and if you destroy it, he will destroy you.

As for Michael Sam, who I believe wrote this script, will have to now play it out. To do such a thing he had to be an opportunist. Most opportunist are not influenced by external causes such as LBG Rights, but only takes advantage of them for their own personal agenda. All I can say is to those you say they are of God, learn to love all people and has no anger or hatred against anyone. We must have faith in God. We do not know who is behind him or his purpose, but time will tell.

What do we know?

A man with a troubled past from large and poor family, whereby 3 of his siblings are in prison and 3 of them got killed, was disowned by his father and found a family outside of his bloodline. He completes college a first in his family and makes it to the NFL draft.

He is in a homosexual relationship at 6′ 2″ and 256 LBS at age 24, with a feminine type mate as he plays the male rule so it seems. He exposed his sexual orientation to the world prior to the 2014 NFL draft and captured the attention of all of America with direct recognition by our President Barack Obama. How many young black men did this in prison at age 24, due to long prison sentences? This hardly made them spokesman for the LBG community. But he will get $20 Million or more and all they got was felony conviction.

So I close with this:

A man who was said to be condemned due to his homosexual practices came to the rescue of a stranger, he did not know. While a man who claimed he was born again in Christ lied on this same name man causing the need for him to be rescued. This stranger was the Son of Man. For this reason I tell you no man is condemned as long as he still has the breath of life and certainly no man is saved just because he proclaims to be of God in the name of Jesus Christ. This give to an understanding of these teachings out of the bible.

Read Ephesians 2: 1-10 We were all made alive thru Christ.

3All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our flesh a and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature deserving of wrath
4But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, 5made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.

10For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

It is our duty to God to love all of mankind, not allowing foolish anger and hatred to influence our lives in any way and thereby truly having faith in God that he will prevail.

Rev. Frank Paul Jones – aka Apostle Paul Castellano

Evil Can Blind One’s Sight

Black Cat

Evil Can Blind One’s Sight

There are people who do evil things and are very arrogant. They think they can harm people and screw with people without any repercussions and/or consequences. They think they can do wrong and it will never catch up to them. And often they find loyalty based on fear, meaning they do wrong for the wrong people, thinking the people they do wrong for has their backs and will hurt them only if they disobey their leader.  But Satan’s kingdom is a divided kingdom. The Devil is a liar! He is out to do you harm from the beginning of your relationship with him.

For example, a person takes kickbacks and gets paid from people doing wrong to turn their heads from the wrong being done. But what they fail to realize is the same person who gave them the money (kickbacks) is the one’s who is going to eventually turn them in.  Why?  Because Satan’s kingdom is divided and there is no real loyalty among evil doers. They are all for self. Look at the Mayor of New Orleans who got convicted of 20 counts, he was educated and well connected or better yet look at the Mayor of Detroit who already got sentenced to 28 years. Corrupt people days are limited.  Their folly eventually catches up to them.

You have people who you think are fearless and not afraid of anything and so they do evil, thinking nothing is going to happen to them ever and they really do not care if they die, because they are lost causes and only know how to do wrong. They live to do wrong.  But even they have a weakness, just because they do not care about themselves does not mean they do not care about someone else or something. And the man knows this.  Because they are not Job in the bible, they can be destroyed by the loss of someone close to them, a loved one, a child or grandchild or things they own can be taken. So going after such a person directly is not always the best move because they really do not care about themselves. As they think they cannot be hurt by anything, they actually can be hurt, because everyone has a weakness. Even Samson had a weakness, but sometimes it is hard to figure out.

Often they fail to understand that when they pick fights, they do not always get to make the rules of warfare they entered themselves in or how one will strike back at them, because all is fair in war.  I see people down here to have become very comfortable with doing wrong towards people to include doing wrong against me, which is due to the education level of the community somewhat. But I am not just talking about the illiteracy level which is very high here, but the religious upbringing of the community as well. Many people here believe in God in a different light than many people up North do, where there is much more religious freedom and acceptance we all can think differently.

Down here you have people who smoke crack regularly, prostitute their body for a hit of crack, sell drugs on the streets everyday, rob and  steal  and even kill people senselessly in the night, yet they fear God to the point as to even question the truth about God to understand the relevance in life as to what they have been taught. To even discuss God is taboo by many evil doers, not to mention people who have faith but have no understanding and just repeat what they hear.  And some leaders with bad intent and false teachers of this community often takes advantage of this everyday, by repressing the people who are in darkness instead of lifting them up.

Many people still have a slave mentality about God and are easily mislead by liars, who say they believe in some of the most ignorant foolishness and teach these lies to the people, but really do not believe it themselves. Just as the Jews do not believe in Christ, but wrote the book on him, many people her profess in Christ but have no God in them.  As a result what you have is a land filled with sacrificial lambs, being used and abused and misled to be slaughtered.  And I wonder if because they believe I know better and know many leaders in America are liars and thieves, they see me as a threat and blackballed me thru calculated lies. Yet I do not have a problem with their falsehoods at this time. I am only trying to live and let live, because what is going on here is too far gone and vengeance is the Lord’s anyway and on his day, they will find out their fate.

There is simply too many lost souls and the stakes are much too high for me to not invest some of my time in changing the mentally or mindset of these lost people. But my adversaries say let them believe what they want to believe and follow who they want to follow, because they are not your flock unless they answer your call.  But I claim them anyway and will try help all who seek for my assistance.  Yet they think I am a joke and a crazy man, so who am I to kiss up to them to save them from these liars and foolish builders?  I myself is catching hell also and a lot of my energy is to just stay above water until my day   Though I will serve my local community to the best of my ability, my mission  is much bigger than where I rest my head and I cannot afford to forget this.

But I am here in Avon Park, FL now and when the people here finally lift the veils from their own eyes and they eventually will, because truth is greater than any lie ever told and they see the truth, that they are being mislead, used and abused by the people they put their trust in, I will be there for them. But if it takes too long, I might be gone, because one day I must move on. Because this town is filled with evil and corrupt to its core, and nobody is trying to wakeup the sleepers.  But understand I am not their enemy, but have suffered with them, nor am I a joke to be played with. But I am lonely to some degree, only because I have not many people I can talk to. It is hard on a man who had a glimpse of the truth here on earth, during a times when evil is good and good is evil.  Evil can blind one’s sight.  And have you ever wanting things outside your reach that you cannot have.  Desire is the sin of all sins.

The Apostle Paul

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I am Black – I am Cursed

 Paul in Avon Park, FL

I am Black – I am Cursed

I guess it all begun when I was born, because I was born a potential threat to white society. My people have a history in America that was never forgotten and my people are never forgiving for the mistreatment we endured in America for centuries. The African American came here as slaves. From the beginning white society had no plans of giving us an equal opportunity for life liberty and pursuit of happiness. For most of us, all that is offered is perpetual oppression.

I have grown to become more bitter with age. I was told I do not like Jews, because I do not believe those people in the middle east are actually true Jews. But the fact of the matter is I do not dislike them at all, because many of them are well educated and are doing good for themselves here on earth. If anything I want to be like them. I want to be among a nation of people who are doctors, lawyers and bankers. I want to have a cousin that is a corporate executive, but instead I am among a community of people who are thugs, high school dropouts and petty criminals poisoning each other with drugs, with a crab mentality. Instead I live within a community of people who commit black on black crimes for no other reason than ignorance.

If I do not like so-called Jews it is out of jealousy. See I believe the black man in America is the true Jew and because of our disobedience to God, we are catching all types of hell here on earth. I still remember hearing followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, tell me that the black man was God and we are God’s chosen people. This was the beginning of my travels in search of the truth. While they say those people in the middle east are Jews, the bible describe Jesus as a black man. So I cannot understand how the King of the Jews was black, but his flock turned out to be white. I just does not resonate with me. Then I am told they were disobedient to God, yet they rule the world? Yet the bible teaches you not to spare the rod. Is this to say God himself is a hypocrite? Since when does God reward disobedience? I do not believe they got what they have for being God’s disobedient chosen flock. But perhaps for selling us a bible they themselves do not believe in. They may be the architects of this world to rule over it.

So if I do not like so-called Jews because I do not believe they are the true Jews, in the eyes of Christians, then it is proper to say they (Christians) do not like me, because they think I am no more than a nigger without biblical significance. Yes I am jealous that I get nothing as far as respect as a people for who I am or monetary gain for who I am not, but the so-called Jews get to be God’s chosen people and rule over the world that is supposed to be ruled by Satan. I do not think it is far that they get to have their cake and eat it to and I cannot even get a decent school in my community. I cannot even feel safe in my home at night, because of the random gunfire. I cannot walk the streets during the day without seeing someone looking for drugs to buy and use. I do not hate so-called Jews, I hate black people for being so damn ignorant.

To be honest I use to hate white people when Io was younger, but no more do I feel this way. I hated white people for paving the streets we walk on. The streets consist of jails institutions and death. But I realized though they paved these streets, we as a people chose to walk on it, instead of paving our on interstate highway. I guess we are just too damn lazy to get up and build our own walk of life. It is sad that we cannot do for self, but was able to do for the white man for centuries. I guess just because you made a good servant of man, doesn’t mean you can be a good independent individual for God, especially if as a people who have been brainwashed, to not even know our biblical significance. And not even understanding why we are catch so much hell, while praising the next man, who is in our place.

I tell you the truth self hatred is a curse. I know I am cursed because of not only who I am, but how I feel about who I am. Sometimes I think black pride is an oxymoron. I mean what is there about blackness to be proud about in the contemporary world? I guess I am just lost in the ghetto and have been blind by constant oppression, I guess I am simply tired of being black. Because being black in America was and is a constant uphill battle and a never ending struggle. I guess for this reason many black people often choose to be Christians, settling for the pie in the sky in exchange for a little serenity while on earth. Because we all know a promise for a better tomorrow will give you the strength to endure through today. And after years of trying to make it on earth and never gaining anything, many people simply surrender to materialism and give up on this life for the afterlife.

But harboring the truth, will only make a person even more bitter. Once a wise man said “everything is meaningless.” He was talking about material things? I tell you the truth, the truth is meaningless unless you enjoy being lonely. In a society of lost souls, there simply isn’t enough people to share the truth with. The truth is I am black – I am cursed. And my only option is to try to build a better community, because I have nowhere go and nobody outside my community really wants me, unless I sellout my own people. Because they know we are an ignorant nation of people, meant to feed off of like cattle.

The Apostle Paul

Charities Help’s Save God’s Flock By Attraction

Paul in limo

Charities Help’s Save God’s Flock By Attraction


“Building a better community.”

We always hear about missionaries talking about going out to save the world and we also hear about preachers saving their congregation, but nothing is further from the truth.  No man can save another man’s soul.  Only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has such authority.  See disciples, missionaries, evangelist, preachers, charities and whatever name a person of God comes in, can only attract someone to the Lord.  It is the duty of the God fearing to attract others to God, by doing God’s work.  And God’s work is the serve and glorify the Lord.


When people serve God in righteousness, they shine and they become a guiding light to the true enlightener who is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whom all power is vested in.  All a person can do is shine and glorify the Lord, this is the duty of a man of God, it is to glorify the Lord and be a helper to others.  It is not our duty to save anyone, because through our faith in the Lord we may be saved.  I say again “may be saved,” because there is no sure ticket to the home of our heavenly Father, but through faith.  You may be saved if you truly have faith in the Lord and in the name of faith you will glorify the Lord and do community work as much as you humanly possibly can. Because in this body we do have limitations and that is why we must be born again in Christ, to elevate above the temporal world.


I tell you the truth, no man can con his way into the kingdom of God.  Sure you can do your song and dance routine in front of a congregation, claiming you are praising the Lord, but your actions speaks louder than your words.  Any man who claims he is saved and do not love his neighbor is a liar and a liar is the Son of Satan.  Any man who claims he is a Jew and is not truly a Jew is a part the synagogue of Satan.  For a liar is the Son of Satan.


Believe this, many people will say by faith they are saved and use this as a excuse not to do God’s work and do not glorify God in their everyday living, by not loving their neighbors and not loving the true and living Lord, but how can this be?  How can you have trust in someone as the most powerful entity in existence and do not glorify and serve him? How can you be of God and fear the evil one (Satan)?  Anyone who is truly one in God, will attempt to be Godlike as in Son’s of God.  One must ask in their everyday decisions, what would Jesus do (WWJD)?  Sure, we all have limitations, but we are within the boundaries of loving our neighbors are we not?


You know what bothers me sometimes, it bothers me how so many truly God fearing people are taken advantage of, they pay their tithes to there congregational leader, but none of their money goes to God.  Understand that God is love and love is charity.  A man can only love another man through his charitable acts of human kindness, because all talk and no action comes cheap and the Lord is an abundance of love.  To love your neighbor is to do community work or to be in support of it at the least.  I believe and correct me if I am wrong, but tithes are meant to support the church and it clergy, but understand the true church is the body of Christ.  And we are but one body though many parts and an important portion of that body is those who are on the front line loving their neighbors through true acts of love, which is charity.  A community with weak support for its charities, is not a community that shines before God.  And a black community that does not support its own black charities is a community that is veiled by the blinds of darkness and will not elevate to glorify God.  Because God is among those who love their neighbors and love is not an emotion as much as it is an action word.  For God loves us through his actions.  Love is demonstrated through acts of kindness, do not confuse love with Hollywood lust!  Where there are an abundance of churches, there should be an abundance of charitable work being supported or the churches of that community are in fact a fraud.


I want to tell you something.  Love in the absence of respect by man is null and void.  It is unacceptable and empty.  To say you love someone that you cannot and will not respect as man is pure foolishness and folly.  How can you love someone you do not value enough to deserve your love?  See we cannot look down to our fellow man, who is shooting bad and say we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, unless we exclude certain people from being our fellow citizens based on economics and character, whereby its our own character that is now at question here.  And if you feel this way, why pay your taxes?  If you feel this way, why do you pay your tithes?  Is it our of fear that you give to Obama what is Obama’s, is it fear that compels you to put money in the money tray at Church, so that you do not stand out among your peers?  Or is it a true act of kindness?  Or on the other hand, is it because you know that none of it will go to help those in need anyway?  But the Church is the body of Christ, which is supposed to be inclusive to the poor and needy, to include “the least of me.”


I do not suggest that congregations simply redirect their funds in a way to ignore their own agenda.  What I do suggest is congregations insure that their agenda is in oneness with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savor.  To go to church is not about separatism. It is about inclusion.  When a man in need walks into your church in need of support, the congregation should not belittle him, because he is small and humble and think they are bigger than him.  I say this because you know it goes on in the black churches.  A man fresh off of drugs comes to you and humbles himself, only to be belittled by the congregation and in whose name is this being done in?  Certainly not our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


All I can say is you do not want him among you, help those who are willing to help him, so when he comes to you he is better prepared to fit into your flock.  I say again, you cannot love anyone who you refuse to respect as a man.  Too often people mistake love for possession.   We mistake our diabolical conception of ownership with love.  We say we love someone, when in reality we only want to rule over him, to tell him what to do and how to live.  But even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives you a choice. He doesn’t tell you how you must act and be a certain way, he just tells us this is what you must do, if you want to be with me.  You do not get love and possession twisted.


Love your neighbor as yourself and treat your neighbors how you would like for them to treat you.  Understand that love for your neighbor is only an extension of your love for self and your brother.  Because if you do not love your own family, how can you possibly love your neighbor also?   And love is charity, it is an action word, so be kind in your everyday life and love and respect your fellow man and God will love you.  But first you must love yourself.  Be a shining light and do community work or support it and give selflessly to help your neighbor.


Support your community charities and support the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC., simply referred to as the NCNCHINC. Our mission is, “building a better community.”


Frank Paul Jones

President and Chairman


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The Secret is Why the World Must be Saved

Attacks World Trade Center

The Secret is Why the World Must be Saved

Mt 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.
Mt 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.
Jn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Jn 1:2 He was with God in the beginning.

A man asked me, if you was the Son of Man and was told the secret about the world and was sent to save it, would people believe you? I said no. He was talking about the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ and so was I, but from a different prospective and understanding of the truth. What he was actually saying through a question was that people did not believe Jesus Christ during the biblical era and what I was saying is that they still don’t in the biblical era.

To truly understand what I am about to reveal to you, it is necessary that you understand that the creation theory is not about apples and oranges, but about the scheme of the ruling class (The Illuminati) as they are called today, to control the masses through scriptural manipulation.

Please read the New World Order Defined by the Creation Theory, before continuing with this letter if you have not already, with the understanding that God is a just God, but his adversary Satan is also very powerful ruler on earth today.

I am here to tell you that in the Bible is the truth. However, we are now in the 21st century and still it is in the discovery stage among those who are being manipulated most be it. Sure the truth is known among made men, the truth is known among those who pledged to an allegiance to use it against the weak, blind and ignorant to control them. But the truth is not being exposed to the populace. And when it is exposed, like I am doing right now, they fear it and call he who exposes it the anti-Christ, a man who is against God.

They do not believe me, just as they did not believe Jesus Christ in the past according to scripture. Why? Because it goes against the grain of what they were trained to believe all of their natural lives. Because they do not understand the true significance of being born again, from the temporal world to spiritual enlightenment. They think they catch the holy spirit and do a song and dance and as a result will go to heaven. They are not responsive to the truth, even as it smacks them in the face. Yet the adversaries of Christ will see this and know it is true, but will not see the revealer as a threat, because they know the world is filled with lost souls, who cannot comprehend the truth.

This is the secret behind the Bible, which I intentionally often omit the word Holy, because the Bible is not truly sacred. Who was King James? Who gave him the authority over what is the truth in scripture? What books to include and which to omit! So do you all believe in God or King James?

The secret behind the Bible, Jesus Christ warned the World, by telling you all that many would come in his name and many will be deceived, yet people do not understand how the Bible was used to deceive many. Sure the truth is in the Bible, but the ruling class mixed lies within it to confuse fools into a belief code that would not allow them to become productive under the ruling classes watch. The reason why the truth is in the Bible is because it must be known by he who rules over the masses for generations after generations, to continue to rule over them. But the truth is hidden from those who are being ruled by it. Their understanding of it is a fairly tale, a book of righteous mysteries and miracles and not what it truly is, a codified document of the ruling class. If it was so liberating why did they hand it down to the slaves in the transatlantic slave trade? Why? Because they knew they would spend generations after generations trying to figure it out and become lost souls!

What many people fail to understand is that Jesus Christ must save the world from Satan and Satan most powerful weapon is deception. And if you understand the term many, we are talking about a considerable number, we are talking about the masses, we are talking about those who have been deceived by deception and the greatest tool known to mankind to create a following to deceive is the Bible. But I say it is alright to believe in the Bible only if you truly understand it. But most people believe in the Bible verbatim, yet it is a codified document that will confuse those who are not truly spiritual and think they possess a historical document.

When I opened this letter, I told you when it comes to the Bible, mankind in terms of the populous or ordinary people are still in the discovery stage of the Bible. Among these people there is no consensus as to what is the truth is according to the Bible. One preacher says one thing and another preacher tells a totally different story. And they leave it to faith as they call it, concerning things they do not understand. Yet they do not put their faith in Christ , but put their faith in the Bible, which they admittedly do not understand.

In law the discovery stage is just the beginning to a case. In the discovery stage both sides are simply given the arguments from their adversaries. The discovery stage is before the case is argued in court and a decision is made. Yet in the discovery stage of mankind in pursuit of the absolute truth of God, the masses have already made their decisions as to what is the truth. Their decisions are based on the discovery and not the presentation of the facts being put before them. They have made the ultimate decision about God, with only a discovery in their possession.

This is the disadvantage of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What Satan had generations after generations to implant into the psyche of the populous of mankind to rule over them and control them, he has to correct in one lifetime. As the Bible teaches God’s promise is only 70 years. Jesus Christ has just 70 years to undo what took centuries to implant into the world. And as Jesus said, he came to fulfill the prophesy and not change it, so that you would believe he is the one and all the things told to you in the Bible is now happening before your eyes.

I warn you all, we are living in the last days. Satan rein is coming to an end and he wants to take as many down with him as he can. His creation to deceive the masses has been revealed. And the Bible tells you that not many will make it to the kingdom of God, because there are too many lost souls in this world, who are blind by Satan’s deceptions. But I am here to tell you that you do not have to be among the lost anymore. I will close with, Eph: 5:14 This is why it is said: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

My Failure No Option for America or the African American People

Paul in limo

My Failure No Option for America or the African American People

I believe in reality (In Christ is Reality) and in being real and I realize there is a possibility I can fail.  There are no guarantees in warfare.  It is possible that my enemy might prove me wrong, in that either I am not a God or God is not the most powerful entity of the universe as known to mankind. Understand that Satan too thinks he is the most powerful being on earth and is undisputable in his creation of the laws of the status quo, which is the controlling factor of mankind today.


The creation theory as taught be me, exposes Satan or the Illuminati for who he is.  And how he deceived the world into the submission of his will.   When I came into this world it was already established and corrupt for about 2,000 years, putting me at a huge disadvantage.  And I realize that many Gods have failed before me.  Some may say even that the Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible failed in his death for mankind and his coming back is all fallacy.  People today have less faith than when I was a child, because the challenges in life have escalated.  It is harder to do right and believe in righteousness today in these times of evil.


It is harder today to have faith in something not fully understood by man than it was in the 1960’s and even before than.  Because we are living in the last days and Satan is raising havoc like never before, only because he knows his time is up and he wants to destroy as many people as he can and take them down with him.  Satan’s rein and his empire is at the verge of destruction, his 2,000 plus years is up.


America is a special place.  I teach that America is the promise land and not that desolate place on the map so-called Israel.  America is the land of milk and honey, rich in all sorts of natural resources, from oil to food. It is America that must be conquered.  But Satan’s mission is the fall of America.  That is why there are so many things going on in this great nation today to cause it to stumble and be destroyed.  And my promise to America and the world is that I will not let these fools give this country away.  And trust me they are trying very hard to give America away and destroy it, through corruption and racial discriminatory evils. They are trying to rape America of its wealth as they did Africa and I cannot allow this to happen. For this reason I say, “my failure is no option for America or the African American people.”  Because if I fail than comes the fall of America.  Which is what they want you to believe is the prophesy of the bible, but it is not.


I am here to tell you that the Bible is a written code and it talks about places and events in code.  It is not a history book listing events and places in simplistic terms, but it is a codified master plan to control and oppress the masses, so that the plotters can rule over the world.  And the master planners, wrote this codified manuscript  into it rules and laws that govern all the lands of the world.  Why do you think the so-called Jews are so hated around the globe?  Because they are God’s chosen people?  Of course not!  They are hated by those who know the truth or are being oppressed, because they know they have a master plan in effect that rules over and oppresses people worldwide.  They are hated because the people who realized their plot were not able to overcome their dastardly plans and plots.  Because you cannot destroy Satan’s ruler ship through hatred  as the third Reich supposedly attempted to do, only to strengthen them.


They say Adolf Hitler was a half Jew himself. And all he did was killed a bunch innocent so-called Jews who were sacrificial lambs, to establish a Jewish state known as Israel today.  Now as a result of Hitler’s rein they are more powerful than ever.  As many of them left Europe to come to the promise land America, while they have a military presence in the middle east to control the oil, which is relevant to the world’s economy. Understand Jews are not the only people who died during WWII, over 60 to 80 million people died as a result of WWII which was over 2.5 % of the world’s population and of that about 6 million Jews were said to be killed.  But all you hear about concerning WWII is the Jewish holocaust, because as false rulers they are not supposed to die.   But we are not taught about the 100 million who died in the transatlantic slave trade right here in America and the 1,000,000,000, that is 1 billion people who got killed due to colonialism. Which is genocide, which is a holocaust?  Please tell me?


Understand that colonialism is what the creation theory is all about and the so-called Jews leadership wrote these oppressive codes into law for mankind to follow.  Colonialism is the way of the New World Order and the head of the New World Order are the Jews and the Reich, they are partners in crime.  Their headquarters is in Bavaria and Israel is nothing but another place to slaughter so-called Jews.   These are the facts that is in disguise.  Satan tempted Jesus on the Bavarian mountains, I know because I was there.  The Jewish people are the European house niggers and the Jewish leadership who had many innocent Jews killed during WWII to develop a state called Israel to control the middle east are at the head of the Illuminati and have them hated worldwide today.   It is not the Jewish people who are the enemy, but it is their leadership whom they passively follow in the name of God, yet Israel is atheist, they do not even believe in their own theology that they use to rule the masses of the world.


But we are taught to believe that God is going to come down and save them from the evil world, no, God has to save you all from them. And through this all, America must survive, because America if you understand the Bible is the promise land of the African American, because we have nowhere left to go.  Here we must be treated fairly and here we must grow and develop as a strong nation of people.  So-called Israel could be destroyed as collateral damages, but the real target is Bavaria.  “My Failure is no an option for America or the African America people.”  America must survive through all of this.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano


American Racism Against the Black Race and People of Color

 Paul in limo

American Racism Against the Black Race and People of Color

American racism is about status and preferences and that is the bottom line.  Racism is as old as the Bible’s old testament.  The so-called Jews, who allegedly introduced the universally accepted belief code of God today of being one God over the whole Universe, was based on racism.  They were and still are God’s favorite people, so we are taught.  We are taught that God has favoritism.  Therefore to be Godlike, we too can practice favoritism.  But when we practice this we are considered racist.  And the mockery of this is God’s favorite people are a disobedient people, so again, this tells us that it is alright to be disobedient against God, because even if we are disobedient to God’s Word, it will not change his preference.  Because God’s favoritism is written in stone.

So based on the So-called Holy Bible racism is not against the teachings and Word of God.  But it is against the law of Mankind in America, who claims on their money, “In God We Trust.”  And understand that so-called Jewish theology are secret written codes within the laws discretion.  How can this be?  Because either you for are for or against God and what has become accepted teachings of God comes from the Bible, which was delivered by the so-called Jews.    Some people believe that the so-called Jews are the synagogue of Satan and the true Jews are the black race of people, who are being punished on earth today, because of our disobedience against the Word of God. But regardless, this means that God practiced racism and stereotyping, because he punished a whole race a people because of the disobedience of a wicked leadership.

However, if the black race are God’s chosen people, it puts everything into it proper perspective.  Because the black race is catching hell on earth, all but a selected few to misguide the masses, like Hollywood stars, corrupt politicians and liars in the pulpit.  Meanwhile the So-Called Jews are some of the riches, powerful and most educated people on the face of the earth and are not being punished by God, but is being blessed in the name of Satan or God, depending on how you look at it.  Because to some what is good is bad and what is bad is good.

Racism in America goes back to into the beginnings of scripture and before the transatlantic slave trade, but these were (the slave trade) the new beginnings of the New World Order, America.  This goes back the 16th century.  Even before then Africa was infiltrated for its wealth.  So based on the inheritance God given the black race are the most wealthy people on the face of the earth, had God had his way, but the wealth was stolen by the Europeans (which was Satan’s way), who now are the wealthiest. So if any people are being punished on earth it is the black race and not the so-called Jews, who appear to me to be  Europeans.

Black people may not be a superior race of people, but we were place on a superior piece of real estate on earth and because of this we are hated out of jealousy, envy and the  greed of outsiders.  Now the same pattern is taking place in the middle east, Arabs are victims of hatred from around the world and in America, because of the relevance of their oil in the world’s economy.

So what is the root of racism?  I believe the root to racism is the love of money.  And the love of money is about power and control of the masses around the world.  Money is a symbol of power and therefore money itself is actually meaningless.  If black people gained too much money in the white controlled world and society, they will determine power by another means of currency and/or exchange. And the truth of the matter about racism is that it is not about God’s favorite people as much it is about Satan’s chosen people.  Satan created racism for the chosen few.  And because of Satan’s racist mentality, God will choose to help those who are victimized on earth due to racism, because a true God is about justice for all people.  And it just so happens to be that black people are the greatest victims on earth, because we come from the wealthiest part of the world and are the most deprived from our natural wealth of the world.

So-called Holy Scripture has been tampered with, by the Europeans leadership as a means of control over the masses.  So-called Holy Scripture was devised to create the current outcome, which are black’s in oppression.  What people fail to understand, which is in the Bible, which is that first there was darkness and then there became enlightenment.  Satan ruled earth first and the so-called Holy Scripture which we call God’s Word, is actually a code for Satan to rule through racism, because racism is embedded into the Bible from its beginnings and the significance of Jesus Christ as he is called in the Bible, is about overcoming this racist world of ruler ship, but we are taught that he too is a so-called Jew and will come out of Israel, which is the promise land.  Because the goal is to keep black people confused, oppressed or simply dead to enlightenment, to continue to be victims of racism.  Until black people discover our true significance, we will continue to be doormats for white people to trample on.

For the Full Understanding this is a must read:

The Apostle Paul

Is Man’s True God The Government

New world order 2

Is Man’s True God The Government


I am a man and I do not think I am unique, though I once did.  For example, I always wanted to be rich in the absence of my own financial capital.  Meaning I wanted a lot of money when I had very little of it.  I thought wanting to be rich was unique, but it is not, most people without money wants a lot of it for some reason.  We tend to think abundant finances will solve our problems in our dysfunctional reality.  But now I realize wanting a lot of money is not unique, it is having it that makes you unique.

So I pondered!  I thought about the ability to forgive.  Again I realize I am not unique and I hold grudges for a long time.  When someone does me wrong, even if I find it in my heart to tolerate their co-existence, meaning I do not attempt to kill them, but accept they have the right to live, even as they wronged me, I do not seem to ever forgive a person, until they die.  But people say they do forgive people, but being I realize I am not unique, I find it hard to believe them.  Because when someone wrong me they create a wound in my psyche and if I forgave them as people claim they can do so, then the wound would be completely healed.   Sure I find it in my heart to tolerate them, but if they do me wrong again, if is not like the first time they did it, in my mind they are repeat offenders, so how can I say I forgave them and not forget?

So I pondered!  I thought about my ability to trust.  And again I realize I am not unique and is full of distrust for others.  It is said that one should put their trust in God and never trust another man.  It is said, only a fool will trust another man.  So my distrust in humans is validated.  But I ask, do I trust God.  So I asked myself, to trust God, one must acknowledge his existence.  So I became puzzled, because how can you trust something you do not fully believe existence.   And I believe I am not unique as a man on earth in America.  I am like most people to some degree.  It is said, that a wise man will put his trust in God and only a fool does not believe in his existence.

So I pondered!  I asked myself am I a fool?  Because a man answers to who he believes in.  And I am convinced that I am not unique as a man on earth and in America.  So I asked myself, who do I answer to.  I joined the United States Army three times and I answered to the government.  I rationalized my wrongdoings  against whole nations by saying I was young and followed orders.  But God did not tell me to poison man with diseases or to kill my so-called enemies, who were not my enemies in reality, but were enemies of the state I served.  But I made them my enemies and justified my killing them, because I was of service to country.

Then I came to a conclusion. I do not believe in God, but I believe in country, because I served and continue to serve country and not God and I realized without hesitation I am not unique.  See I understand the fact that people serve the government in America and only the unique few actually serve God.  We do what the law of the land decides we should do.  We follow the law of the land and not the law of God.  And therefore, we fear man and not God.  When we do wrong we fear being caught by man and the law of the land and not God, for God knows when we do wrong if we believe he exist and therefore we would not do wrong intentionally if we feared God, but we sin against God every day on purpose.  And even those who claim to be saved by God are not, but are the biggest liars on earth in America.  For they committed blasphemy for telling such a lie.  Because I am not unique I know the hearts of man, who may have been created in the image of God, but was made in the image of the evil one (Satan) and mankind cannot help himself in the flesh.

So now I ask you, how can you serve both God and country?  For is not who you serve your God.  How can you claim citizenship in America and pledge to its allegiance, but serve a heavenly God?  So I realize I am guilty for serving America over the heavenly God. But I realize I am not unique, but the only difference between me and the other fools, is that I know I am a fool, who made a conscious choice.  But a fool is a fool, be if he is blind or aware of his transgressions.  But awareness again gives us a choice to change!

The Apostle Paul