Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was never in Captivity

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl 2

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was never in Captivity


By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones


There is speculation that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was never in captivity, but was in co huts with the Taliban from the beginning of his engagement. By being within the inner circles of the Taliban he was able to assist them in the planning and coordination of all Taliban’s activities.


If the CIA knew this from the beginning, this would qualify him as a CIA operative, which  would bring about a lot of questions as the validity of the war on Terror and our role in it.  This is something the government has to be able to deny and therefore he will probably never be a hero, even if he is.  And this brings into question the FBI knowledge of such type operations. Because the FBI is our anti terrorism agency and not the CIA, who is often the culprit of investigation.


I know that the government knows everything by now, as to what happened the last 5 years in Afghanistan and what was Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl role in whatever living arrangement he had. If they didn’t know all along, they know now. They had to put him under hypnosis and feed him  truth serum regardless of his capacity prior to leaving, for security reasons.


This bring us to damage control. Anyone with common sense knows that President Barack Obama, did not just break the law just to release 5 top leaders of the Taliban, knowing if they kill a bunch of Americans or anyone, President Obama could be charged in the court of international opinion as an accomplice to mass murder.   And it doesn’t have to take place here, but in Europe or Israel, with proof of direct ties to one of them? Only a fool would do such a thing and President Obama is no fool, he has future plans for the international stage, sort of how Pres. Clinton is doing it but even bigger.


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl may have to become a fall guy. And with the accusations being made by his fellow soldiers who serve with him?  Over 3,500 men and women of the arms forces was silenced because of this.  Therefore he could never be a hero or safe in America, unless the truth is revealed. They will be forced to send him away for life and/or give him a new identify. I am sure he knew this prior to accepting this mission?


Rev. Paul


Terrorism Gains Dignity Under Obama Administration

Obama Miltary

Terrorism Gains Dignity Under Obama Administration


By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for 5 Taliban Commanders?  This is what is being sold to the American people.  This is why I admire President Barack Hussein Obama. He seems to be comfortable with putting the proper priorities first.  While the world is looking at the military history of someone whose military accomplishments at best will result in a honorable discharge and  PTSD 100% check for the rest of his life.  We all know he can never again be trusted.


Meanwhile, President Obama plays the “they hate me” card as an excuse and takes the heat for his lame excuse for releasing these terrorist by saying, “Nobody left behind.”  He plays the role, “Well everyone knows I am a stupid negro.” Meanwhile Intelligence and the obvious trade of major intelligence taking place and is being overlooked right before all of the world.


The only way President Obama can justify what just took place is a matter intelligence. People must understand we sent back to the Taliban is what they sent back to us, but 10 times worst and 5 times as many, in terms of brainwashing processes.  What was sent off was a creation of our intelligence agencies, to include reprogramming the psyche, hypnosis sessions with truth serum and every other means necessary to break them down, in order to reprogram them to support our agenda and causes worldwide.  Therefore their influence will most likely be pro American, unless they are forced to kill themselves in a suicide bombing of sorts. But as leaders and planners, we must have control of their rationalization and therefore their decisions.


Americans must understand that our greatest weapons in the war against terror is electronics and technology and theirs is human sacrifice.  The only way to infiltrate an enemy whose greatest weapon is the fact that his fighters honor death in sacrifice as an act of warfare, is to infiltrate the psyche of its leadership. If we can change the way they think, we can change the way they react or how they determine who are their enemies and thereby control them thru the CIA to support our international agenda.  Even if this means their destruction and our operatives reintegrated back to America upon the completion of their destruction.


This is not about a deserter because such a person does not deserve this much attention.  It is not about “leave no man behind.” I love President Obama, Clinton and Bush, but none of them really served in the military.  There is a deeper meaning to this than the politically accepted idea promoted by non warriors.  The other part of this phrase is “Death before Dishonor.”  This is the warriors creed on the frontline, to insure he is not left behind or a detriment to his fellow soldier. A true warrior will not intentionally be taken alive. Under these conditions, should no man be left behind.  This does not include men walking to the enemy intentionally or even unintentionally, he should have had his weapon at all times and tried to not be captured.


Therefore with a clear understanding of what is meant by “leave no man behind,” we are  talking about a fighting man’s creed and not about the political negotiations.  This are words used by fighting men who really are willing to die for our country. I did not say just join the Army, but join it and accept the creed of “death before dishonor.”  Someone like the 6991USA Names that died in Afghanistan, these are the names we should memorialize and not Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  Let us keep it real and focus on the real issues. The new meaning of terrorism as defined the anti terror organization The FBI, is to come because of this!


Rev. Paul