Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Frank Paul Jones aka Paul Castellano to be Declared Insane?


I did a lot of writing over the last few years. A lot of what I wrote was put on Internet, under several aliases as well as in my officially documented and recorded name Frank Paul Jones.


When I had the revelation that I was Paul Castellano due to hypnosis sessions back in July of 1989 with John J. Gotti as well as other made men and associates of the Gambino Family out of New York City who participated and witnessed these activities that transpired and I woke up in the month of May 1990, I was mesmerized by the seemingly good news, because it gave my life new meaning and gave me a purpose and an agenda.  My first response was to contact the government and for several years I did this, I wrote the White House via fax regularly as I reported to them what I knew on so many subjects, which I felt was my duty to this country.  This begun under the President George H. W. Bush Administration and continued for many years until even this day.


Back then I became so fascinated and excited by the attention I got in secret  that I could not keep this good news to myself and felt compelled to share it with the world and not just friends, family and the government. And I did so with some successes, because I shared my blogs with over one million readers since about 2009.


My findings were somewhat surprising to some degree though they shouldn’t have been, because my family seemed to think I was delusional without question and many friends seemed to also think I was delusional, other than those who were there and yet though the government seemed to know what was going on with me, but decided it was best for the security of our nation to deny me and this gave me a profound understanding of a popular scripture in the bible.


Mark: 6:4 Jesus said to them, “Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor.”


The reason I can say this is not to convince you that I am Jesus Christ, but because many of my readers who knew nothing about me, seemed to accept my writings as somewhat the truth because they did not judge the messenger but only read the message and I know the government knows the truth about my journey throughout life and my works for (them) government, but my own people (my close friends and family) seemed to think I am crazy and they were the people who I tried to save (wakeup) first from what is to come due to the covert activities that took place in my lifetime. And to this effect there is a comparison with how many people did not receive our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and labeled him insane also.


My journey to spread the word about the truth on subjects such as AIDS (a biological weapon) and the Economic War (WWIII) was for over 20 years, which everything basically falls under today, because even AIDS like the drug epidemic are merely weapons being used in this economic war to create the One World Government, for the New World Order who have been in existence here since the inception of this Great Nation, whereby a few controls the masses.  They (The Government) and I agreed to a set of rules, the agreement was that I could say anything I want to say as long as I do not act on what I say.  I went as far as to threaten then President of the United States George H. W. Bush (the illuminati himself), because I knew I could get away with it but knew I could  not act on it and didn’t want to, yet still people close to me, did not see the significance of my actions as to my authority, they only saw an obsessed fool over Janet Jackson in action.  Whereby throughout my journey Janet symbolized the Jews and my love for the Jews, who are the African Americans, if you truly understand scripture and its symbolism or at least my teachings.


Today I now realize that people are never going to believe me until the people in power tell them who I am and work I have done. Only when they have been overcome will my people see the light, because of their slave mentality.  For this reason there is no longer any reason for me to starve for the sake of blind fools. Because nobody supports me or my causes and because of  my works I have been blackballed from society and the government, whereby I could not even get a decent job for about 25 years, this is the price I paid for the stunt I pulled at the White House in May of 1991.


Now I have a chance to at least be compensated from the government but not directly for my works.  The VA will have to make a determination that I was insane, when I was discharged from the Army in 1987, for them to compensate me. This will give the government the authority to not only deny me, but it will be documented as facts that it was evaluated and agreed upon by judges that what I have been sharing with the world is a mere figment of my imagination and that there is not truth or at least no consistency of facts being shared by me.  This is plausible denial for the government!  And I have to agree to these findings to be compensated in order to have a decent quality of life in my last years here on earth.  And I sincerely believe that Frank Paul Jones suffered long enough. Because though Paul Castellano  resides in the body of Frank Paul Jones, he is not Jones and Jones should not forever carry the burdens of Castellano’s work and continue to suffer in his name, especially when nobody believes to him anyway.


So the question as to “What Would Jesus Do” (WWJD) comes into play, while I guess he would die for a bunch of blind fools called sinners, but I am not he, so living and dying in absolute poverty and not being able to make bills each month while driving a lemon for a car about to collapse any day, only because Jones could not have a career in the workforce and therefore a retirement check would be continued folly in my part.  Because if people did not listen to me for over 50 years, my continued life of poverty will not change a thing.  And I realize that once this happens, I will be a documented insane man who should not to be taken seriously. So be it!



The irony behind this development is that because of this and how it will come to be, I am more convinced than ever that I am Paul Castellano.  I realize that the works of my last 20 years plus of sharing my life’s history with the world, was never expected to be accepted by those close to me.  And until those close to me accept my words as truth those from a distant will not be changed by it. They may believe me somewhat but not conceive the truth in their daily lives or act on my words.   And therefore it will be just information without the power change anything.  Nothing but rhetoric in the winds.


Was it a waste of time? I hope not, because the truth is everlasting even if it is overwritten, the facts remain, because the development of the future is determined by the facts of the past, even if the facts have been overwritten by fabrications.  Those who are in the sphere of controlling the world are in their positions of power or will be the power over the world because they know the facts from fiction.  So even if my service was not recognized by the those who I setout to wakeup first, still it was a calling for many.  I know that the rulers of tomorrow will have known what I said to be true and believable and will manifest it in their ruler ship. And I know that my history was already written and is available to the world on the Internet, even if I die tomorrow. And it is not my duty to continue to repeat myself over and over, at the price of poverty, hunger and despair.  I have to move on to another stage in my life. But because I did not die at their hands (The African Americans or Jews in symbolism), so they may survive also, even if it is in darkness.  For this reason it was said.


Mathew: 22-14: “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”


As I said what I had to say, now I must do what I must do. It is my plan to do community work with the remaining healthy years of my life I have on this planet. Only if it is God’s will, will the work I do make any real impact on lifting poverty for others. Because I have an idea of what is to come, perhaps I will be prepared for it and be able to help others prepare as well.  I realize I must design a new strategy and a new approachto my services to mankind and perhaps even change my way of life that I may become more believable.

James   2: 17: In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.



Eric Snowden NSA Insider or Outsider Demise Predictions

Eric Snowden

Eric Snowden NSA Insider or Outsider Demise Predictions


Eric Snowden did something (leaked NSA spying secrets) and it took a lot of heart or he was plan stupid or maybe it is all now a cover up by Russia, to pull one of their own spies back out after a job well done. There is no way of knowing why he did what he did or who he really worked or is working for, even from the beginning, because  nobody is telling us these things.  We do not know if he was a plant and no one is telling us all of the information as far as how his application for employment to gain this secret information concerning the security of our nation was even vetted or the connections of the person(s) who approved him for employment to get him inside.  It is not like he was a rocket scientist, but was said to be just an average dude placed into a position of power and/or information.


There is a lot of information concerning Eric Snowden that does not meet the eye.  We do not even know how much more information he has or how much information is now under Russian control. I am sure the CIA knows the spy game very well and there is no way the Russians did not obtain everything known by Eric Snowden by now, for him to have remained in their country in exile this long. But the question not being asked by the media is, is he really in exile or just being debriefed by his employers (the Russians)?


Anyone who looks a television knows that if he is an average Joe, basic truth serum will give them (the Russians) all the information they need to know. And they have access to high tech information gathering technology and drugs.  This is not science fiction, it is real!  I will take it even further, through my own experience with a New York City Mafia Family, I know from experience when you become a Made Man, they use truth serum and the power of hypnosis to interrogate you, so that they know everything about you, all the way down to your past sexual activities.  And when this is done you might remember the hypnotic sessions but you might not, it all depends on if you pass the test or not. As a result of these meetings you just might die, if they find out you was disloyal in the past or even intent to be disloyal in the future.


So even if Eric Snowden is an average Joe who stumbled upon information detrimental to our national security, the Russians know everything about him now, even if he does not know they know it already.  Because part of the power of hypnosis is that you do not remember the conversations you had and while under the influence of hypnosis and truth serum and during these sessions you cannot lie. Unless of course Eric Snowden is one of our best spies, hoodwinking the Russians with false information, which I doubt, because too much damaging information was already revealed and leaked to the American public.


Therefore our intelligence agencies know for a fact that everything known by Eric Snowden, his entire life from childhood through adulthood is known by the Russians. Now the question is what more will be leaked to the American people?  America is not trying to prevent the Russians from knowing what Eric Snowden knows, because this damage is done already, it is the American people who must remain in the dark.


And it is for this reason I predict Eric Snowden will probably die and unexpected death. I do not think America wants to put him on trial unless it is done in a very secured manner.  What American security is now concerned with, is how much does he really know and how much of this information will reach the America public. Placing Eric Snowden in prison even for life may not suffice and it will not necessarily benefit the Russians to show their whole hand and expose everything they gathered through their Eric Snowden interrogation.  Therefore it is in America’s interest now to seal this case and silence Eric Snowden forever, while negotiating with the Russians in a Quid Pro Quo deal to not reveal their dirty laundry if they do not expose ours.  Eric Snowden would therefore become a pawn in these espionage games and expendable.


Frank Paul Jones


Why marijuana should be legalized

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Why marijuana should be legalized


I think anything you like too much can be or is psychologically addictive to include, food, video games, sex and so forth.  And who said eating too much, playing violent video games or promiscuous sex are good things, because they are not. But these are other issues that should also be addressed.


Marijuana which is the issue at hand now and it has too many problems associated with it being illegal and that is my point. Such as the U.S. prison population, people with criminal records without just cause, our workforce is seriously effected because many young people especially cannot even get a job who use it due to a dirty urine and so forth.


Yes it has many medical uses, but so does the cocoa plant and poppy plant, yet they can also cause problems when abused, but it is something we need as medicine. And as a recreational drug I think it is much safer in many ways than alcohol which is legal or decriminalized in the United States. So why allow people to drink and wreck cars and have violent outrages and not smoke and be tranquil and/or artistic?


I just think it is a fallacy to say is not addictive in any way or form and people will not abuse it, because many already do, for one I did, though my original intentions was to use it as a  sleep aid. The fact that people destroy their ability to earn a livelihood for a get  high and this goes on everyday, is proof it is addictive or at least a problem causing drug, if only because it makes you feel good.  Many people cannot get a job because they rather smoke weed to feel good and you know this to be true. And I do not think there is anything wrong with wanting to feel good, but self preservation is the first law of nature. And “if you don’t work you don’t eat” unless you are getting help from somewhere else.


It is for all of these reasons that I think it should be legalized and not because it is drug sent down from heaven by God to solve all of our problems. There are simply too many cons to the continuation of prohibition.  I think prohibition is destroying our youth today and therefore the future of our nation and it must end. But not because marijuana is without any problems, because that is a lie.  But because the war on marijuana was lost and people are not going to stop using it. So now we need to learn how to distribute it legally, regulate it intelligently and create a system to help those who will and do already abuse it. And tax revenues is the only solution to this and it must first be legalized to be taxed. It would generate a profit for our nation of about $10 Billion instead of a $20 billion deficit each year.

Man Arrested for Tampering with Evidence in Dwayne Council Murder Case

Javon Moses

Man Arrested for Tampering with Evidence in Dwayne Council Murder Case

Javon Moses aka Mojo was arrested Friday 12/13/2013 for tampering with evidence in the Dwayne Terrence Council Jr. murder investigation according to the Highlands Today local newspaper. The charges was based on reports that he burned some clothing soon after the murder was committed and was seen with Dwayne Council Jr. going into the direction where he was later found killed. Also according to reports Dwayne Council Jr. was seen giving a pistol to Javon Moses “Mojo” only minutes before some shots were heard being fired by witnesses. It is not clear if Javon Moses or Dwayne Council Jr. had a permit to carry a concealed firearm, but it is doubtful.


The Sheriff Department have not charged Javon Moses for murder or released information as to the possibility of him being charged for murder, so it is not clear if he is a murder suspect or simply is believed by law enforcement to know something about what happened to Dwayne Council Jr. And they still have not come up with the motive behind why Dwayne Council Jr. was murdered in cold blood execution style.


When Dwayne Council was first killed a lot of reports spoke highly of him, to include me. He was a High School celebrity football player here in Avon Park, FL., and was working for the Avon Park Youth Academy with intentions of becoming a law enforcement officer, prior to being killed. Everyone spoke highly of him and though I personally didn’t know him from what people said (reports) about him, I also assumed he was an upright kid.


Now I do not know what to think anymore, if these allegations are proved to be factual. Because the illegal possession of a firearm could be a felony in Florida, if you are a convicted felon, under 16 years old, have mental problems, or committed domestic abuse related crimes and what gets most people is you cannot conceal a firearm regardless without a permit to carry it and for doing this you can get up to 5 years in prison for a third degree felony.  And not only that but firearms is the leading cause of death for our youth.


As we all know there is a lot of gun violence in the United States. There is about 300 million guns in the U.S. today and about 30,000 people are killed by gun violence each year or about 30 people a day. Homicide is the second leading killer for people between the ages of 15 to 24 and ranks first among African Americans at this age group.  So I take gun possession serious, even more serious than the possession of crack cocaine


For this reason I think when Avon Park gets this grant to beautify the Southside Redevelopment Area for about $900,000, which includes where this murder body was found as well as other murders happened here recently.  We should not invest in more palm tree which is only cosmetic, but should consider added electronic surveillance devices on our light poles and streets to detect guns being fired (a new technology being used in urban areas) and watch our community with cameras to reduce this a high rate of crime. And this development should be added to South Delaney Avenue where most of the chaos originates and perpetuates. Meanwhile at the City Council of Avon Park, it is being considered and discussed to rename South Delaney Avenue to Martin Luther King BLVD, which I think would bring back community pride in the African American Community of Avon Park, whereby Delaney Avenue is the core area of black businesses, our churches and residential community, which is becoming a slum area being overrun by young thugs committing petty crimes, because there are simply no jobs here in Highlands County for most of them. Which makes me wonder about Dwayne Terrence Council Jr., because he had a job and a promising future here in Avon Park, yet he probably illegally possessed and transferred a firearm.


Frank Paul Jones


South Delaney Avenue Renamed Martin Luther King BLVD


South Delaney Avenue Renamed Martin Luther King BLVD

An important meeting is going to take place on Wednesday January 8th, 2014, at the City Council Chambers located next to City Hall in Avon Park, FL, facilitated by the Avon Park Community Redevelopment Agency (The CRA) Southside District.  Be there if you care!  It was voted on today 12/11/2013 by the Southside CRA to continue this discussion in a public forum to decide on what street will be renamed Martin   Luther King BLVD, in Avon Park, FL. Because we are one of the only city’s that do not have one.  The time has come for us to catch up with mainstream America and honor the work of Dr. King and brand our community with some pride.

There is no street in the Southside Redevelopment Area more significant for the renaming to Martin   Luther King BLVD than South Delaney Avenue, because it represents the core of the black community and black businesses here in AvonPark, which is not without its problems that must be addressed.  And with the high crime rate that now exist on this street, I will explain why it is imperative that it becomes the new Martin Luther King BLVD in AvonPark.

Also understand that there is a lot of money about to be spent in the development of the Southside redevelopment Area. And I think that the renaming of South Delaney   Avenue should be conditional to this grant money also being spent to revitalize the now South Delaney Avenue. I am not sure, but I believe the grant is to the tune of  $700,000 to $900,000. To be used to fix the streets, sidewalks, perhaps build a park, add lighting and other scenery.  I think this investment will bring forth added police presence to our area and like a CRA advisory board member Arnold Davis said, when you turn on the lights, the roaches will scatter. These may not have been his exact words, but it was to this effect.

I think this should be planned with due diligence and security measures should be on the top of the list in these community upgrades. I think by the city making this capital investment in our community and the renaming of this street to Martin Luther King BLVD, it will create not only a safer area for all of us, but will create pride in our community, something that is now gone. Like a person said at the meeting, Martin Luther King BLVD should be a place whereby the community keeps it up and not just the city.

Things I would like to see on the new Martin Luther King BLVD is security cameras on our light poles and streets, I think this will add more beauty to our community than any palm trees could ever provide.  On Hal   McRae BLVD they added palm trees to beautify it and no sooner than they did, someone crashed into one of them and died. Whereby security cameras will reduce street crimes and gun violence which would bring the opposite effect, it would save lives and make our community a safer place.  I think a community park for people to play checkers and hangout is fine or even a building whereby children and adults alike could use it, but more helpful to our community would be a police substation.  There is a law enforcement blackout on our streets and this must addressed and the renaming and capital investment of Delaney Avenue would change our whole community.

Delaney Avenue encompasses businesses, homes, churches and a football field and extends to Main Street.  It is a main road  crossing through the black community.  South   Delaney Avenue is more significant than Hal McRae BLVD, because it connects to our Main   Street prior to connecting to Highway 27 and Highway 64 on one end and Memorial   Drive on the other. But it is not without its problems, it has been taken over by young thugs who are destroying the community with petty crimes and senseless violence.  South   Delaney Avenue is in the midst of a redlining district and businesses are being forced to go out of business and the renaming and capital investment to this street would certainly turn this around, making all of the Southside Redevelopment Area a better place to live.

If you agree with what I am saying, when asked to sign the petition, requesting the CRA to endorse the renaming of South Delaney Avenue to Martin Luther King BLVD and the capital investment of this street to include security measures to reduce crime in this area, please sign it. This would be a huge step towards the City Council signing it into law

Frank Paul Jones

President of the NCNCHINC

“Building a better community”

Shamelessness Brings Forth Chaos

Paul in Avon Park, FL

Shamelessness Brings Forth Chaos

When a person becomes shameless and no longer have moral rudders, you do not no what to expect from them. A shameless person will do anything and everything, without the consideration of others. The ability to have shame is a deterrent from mortal sin. Often people say, “I do not care what people think about me.” And based on the behavior of many people today, often this may be true, whereby when I was child it was just talk. But often what matters is what other think about you, because we live in an interdependent society, it matters what people think for our soul of our coexistence.

To tell you the truth, we now live in a shameless society today. And for this reason we have so much chaos and corruption in America and around the world. People simply have no shame in too many cases and do things without the concern of others, too many people simply do not care, what others think about them or even care less about themselves for that matter, which is even worst. And therefore justify things that they do, which other stems from sinful nature.

A lot of things that are done openly in America are not new, but because of our new mindset, they are now openly done. What I am saying is not an issue of right and wrong, as far as the actions itself, but is matter of the shamelessness in how they are carried out. Because having shame doesn’t make a wrong a right thing to do, but it often prevents wrong actions from ever occurring. Today kids will murder their associates and so-called friends out of shamelessness. But a person who has shame, will be ashamed of even considering or entertaining murder. I saw a kid playing a violent video game and when he was asked what would he do in such a fight in real life, his response was I will not have fight like this, “I will shoot him.” I did not take the lightly, because murder among our youth is reality today. Kids will kill other kids simply because they lost a fight, without considering the consequences for themselves and the child they murdered.

I was once against homosexuality as an open community. But also I was against drug use as a legal enterprise, legalized gambling and prostitution. I now accept homosexuality as a way of life for the many people who engage in it. And I think at a minimum marijuana should be decriminalized like alcohol, for recreational use and not just as medicine, prostitution should be legalized and regulated for disease control, as well as casino type gambling and not just for the big establishments in big cities that are big corporate owned, but also in our local communities as well. Why? Because we live in a shameless society and people are going to do these things openly anyway, so why make criminals out of them, when they can be made tax payers and support the economy? And in a democratic society, we shouldn’t put people in jail for doing what they want to do, simply because it is against God‘s will, when it is not hurting people who choose not to engage in it with them. “Vengeance is the Lord’s” My decision on these issues have different reasons, but they all stem my awareness of the shameless mindset in America today.

On the other hand, due to the enormous level of shamelessness, I think we need new gun control legislation. Because too many guns are in the hands of too many shameless people and they are using them to kill on the streets, in our schools, in our businesses and just about everywhere. Today people use guns as toys to shoot in residential areas, blasting bullets as target practice, because they are shameless. But people should be ashamed of playing with guns like this, but instead they will even boast about it as a popular thing to do. But because we live in a shameless society, also our government and law makers are shameless, without moral rudders and therefore create laws based on how to be reelected instead of what is right for the people they are supposed to be serving. The truth of the matter is they often serve big corporations and the wealthy whose interest is in making more money and holding on to what they already have, while 2% of the population controls half of the all the assets in America. So there is not incentive to do right by a mass of dependent people, needing food stamps to eat and other assistances to make their rent.

And now an insightful fact:

The mindset of America is by design and our thoughts are merely a fabrication of big corporate mass media. Things like the music being distributed, the news being telecasted meant not to inform but to persuade to think a certain way, the TV shows and movies being produced and televised promoting sex, violence and perversion, the video games being manufactured, which are often very violent which desensitizes our children’s souls into not caring about human life. This is all our kids see today. And this coupled with hopelessness, due to a poor performing economy, poor performing schools, the lack of investment in education from preschool to continuing education, recidivism of our youth for petty crimes and everything they do is illegal, from gambling, to smoking weed, to soliciting girls for something in return. So by design we are producing a shameless generation of people, without parameters or boundaries.

In such a society is there hope? Things can change and laws can change. The products on the market can change if they cease to produce profits. But shameless people love chaos and confusion. America may be so far gone that it might take divine intervention or a national or worldwide catastrophe, to turn things around. But in the absence of this, it comes down to the individual. It comes down to self preservation which is the first law of nature. Because in the midst of all of this chaos, one must go into their individual survival mode. And it may take our disassociation from dysfunctional people that surround us. This does not necessarily require isolation but our choice of friends and associates based on due diligence, based on our interest and what we want out of life. It calls for using common sense in deciding on how to entertain oneself and how you choose your surroundings, to minimize the risk associated with folly. The bottom-line is sometimes we have to look out for our own well being, when found in a dangerous environment or situation, to prevent a negative outcome.

The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano

I am Black – I am Cursed

 Paul in Avon Park, FL

I am Black – I am Cursed

I guess it all begun when I was born, because I was born a potential threat to white society. My people have a history in America that was never forgotten and my people are never forgiving for the mistreatment we endured in America for centuries. The African American came here as slaves. From the beginning white society had no plans of giving us an equal opportunity for life liberty and pursuit of happiness. For most of us, all that is offered is perpetual oppression.

I have grown to become more bitter with age. I was told I do not like Jews, because I do not believe those people in the middle east are actually true Jews. But the fact of the matter is I do not dislike them at all, because many of them are well educated and are doing good for themselves here on earth. If anything I want to be like them. I want to be among a nation of people who are doctors, lawyers and bankers. I want to have a cousin that is a corporate executive, but instead I am among a community of people who are thugs, high school dropouts and petty criminals poisoning each other with drugs, with a crab mentality. Instead I live within a community of people who commit black on black crimes for no other reason than ignorance.

If I do not like so-called Jews it is out of jealousy. See I believe the black man in America is the true Jew and because of our disobedience to God, we are catching all types of hell here on earth. I still remember hearing followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, tell me that the black man was God and we are God’s chosen people. This was the beginning of my travels in search of the truth. While they say those people in the middle east are Jews, the bible describe Jesus as a black man. So I cannot understand how the King of the Jews was black, but his flock turned out to be white. I just does not resonate with me. Then I am told they were disobedient to God, yet they rule the world? Yet the bible teaches you not to spare the rod. Is this to say God himself is a hypocrite? Since when does God reward disobedience? I do not believe they got what they have for being God’s disobedient chosen flock. But perhaps for selling us a bible they themselves do not believe in. They may be the architects of this world to rule over it.

So if I do not like so-called Jews because I do not believe they are the true Jews, in the eyes of Christians, then it is proper to say they (Christians) do not like me, because they think I am no more than a nigger without biblical significance. Yes I am jealous that I get nothing as far as respect as a people for who I am or monetary gain for who I am not, but the so-called Jews get to be God’s chosen people and rule over the world that is supposed to be ruled by Satan. I do not think it is far that they get to have their cake and eat it to and I cannot even get a decent school in my community. I cannot even feel safe in my home at night, because of the random gunfire. I cannot walk the streets during the day without seeing someone looking for drugs to buy and use. I do not hate so-called Jews, I hate black people for being so damn ignorant.

To be honest I use to hate white people when Io was younger, but no more do I feel this way. I hated white people for paving the streets we walk on. The streets consist of jails institutions and death. But I realized though they paved these streets, we as a people chose to walk on it, instead of paving our on interstate highway. I guess we are just too damn lazy to get up and build our own walk of life. It is sad that we cannot do for self, but was able to do for the white man for centuries. I guess just because you made a good servant of man, doesn’t mean you can be a good independent individual for God, especially if as a people who have been brainwashed, to not even know our biblical significance. And not even understanding why we are catch so much hell, while praising the next man, who is in our place.

I tell you the truth self hatred is a curse. I know I am cursed because of not only who I am, but how I feel about who I am. Sometimes I think black pride is an oxymoron. I mean what is there about blackness to be proud about in the contemporary world? I guess I am just lost in the ghetto and have been blind by constant oppression, I guess I am simply tired of being black. Because being black in America was and is a constant uphill battle and a never ending struggle. I guess for this reason many black people often choose to be Christians, settling for the pie in the sky in exchange for a little serenity while on earth. Because we all know a promise for a better tomorrow will give you the strength to endure through today. And after years of trying to make it on earth and never gaining anything, many people simply surrender to materialism and give up on this life for the afterlife.

But harboring the truth, will only make a person even more bitter. Once a wise man said “everything is meaningless.” He was talking about material things? I tell you the truth, the truth is meaningless unless you enjoy being lonely. In a society of lost souls, there simply isn’t enough people to share the truth with. The truth is I am black – I am cursed. And my only option is to try to build a better community, because I have nowhere go and nobody outside my community really wants me, unless I sellout my own people. Because they know we are an ignorant nation of people, meant to feed off of like cattle.

The Apostle Paul

Drug Ring Destroyed is Hype in Highlands County

Drug Bust

Drug Ring Destroyed is Hype in Highlands County

On November 21st, 2013, it was reported by the local newspapers that a major drug ring was busted. During the arrest two U.S. Marshals were shot, but not fatally. They say they sold thousands of Kilos on powder cocaine and ounces of crack and was in control of the Central Florida market, during their time in the drug business, which lasted years . And due to this bust it will “put a dent in cocaine trade” in Central Florida. There names are Robin Jean Guillaume – 29, Alex Guerrier – 29, Alphonsia Joycelyn Maxime – 23, Cleophas A. Brown – 43, Gibson LaPointe – 27, Nikki Sharday Bennett – 27.

It was said by law enforcement that they were also involved in other violent crimes, here in Highlands County and abroad and Capt. Randy LaBelle of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office said he would not elaborate on it. But there are rumors on the streets that a kid is facing the death sentence for a murder and might be doing some life saving speeches in the Highlands County Holding Facility and as a result new murder charges might be announced soon as a result of this bust. And because if everyone on the streets seem to know, most certainly the Sheriff Department also knows, who is claimed to have done it.

According the local news, there guys are facing life in prison, but I do not know if it going to change how things are done in Highlands County too much, because if these guys were as big as they say, they did a good job maintaining a low profile. But you cannot take it from me as a source of who is who in the drug game, because I really do not know much about what is going on with the drugs here in Highlands County. It seems like people were right under my nose slinging big drugs and all I knew was that they were good neighbors. For the past few years though I have lived within an open drug market, but actually I am far removed from the streets. But I hear things and many people on the streets were also surprised by this breaking news. So from my street knowledge about organized crime, I am not sure if we can believe all of the hype.

As we know often when there are drug bust, the authorities exaggerate to make a stronger case and to convince the public that they are really doing something about the crimes on the streets. But for this outfit to have operated for several years, they would have had to have been babies when they were introduced to the game, being most of them are in their 20’s. And to keep such a low profile while committing violent crime in the process, they would have had to have a strong bond of silence and that is not indicative of guys this young. It is not usual for guys that young to make that kind of money and not flash hard. Unless they had an exit plan, which it does not seem they had.

The way I see it when people make careers in selling drugs, either they are not making the bulk of the money and have to stay in the game or they have huge ambitions to make big moves in the drug trade or are connected in a way they cannot get our even if their lives depends on it. And people who want to be really big in drugs either have an exit plan or choose to live the fast life and splurge. But very few people knew about this crew, so I have my suspicions. I mean sure they might have been violent and had enforcers to maintain a status, but that too is not good for business. Because when a click becomes too violent, it brings too much attention to them.

What I think is they got busted because of their violent behaviorisms and not because of 1,000’s of kilos of power cocaine being sold. Because I did not hear about lots of cocaine being recovered during this bust, but I did hear about U.S. Marshals being shot. Hell one of them even got busted for petty theft not too long ago and things like failure to pay child support. These are things that big time drug dealers steer away from to stay under the radar. I will be following their trial, because I do not believe the hype.

Frank Paul Jones

Highlands County Criminal, & Educational for Agriculture Conspiracy

Superintendent Cox

Highlands County Criminal,  & Educational for Agriculture Conspiracy

Based on 2012 statistics   Highlands County, Florida with a population of under 99,000 people, maintained a jail population of about 400 inmates. We have an incarceration rate above 4%, which is above the average statewide.  About 58.5% of the inmates are pretrial with about 210 of them felony pretrial and 24 misdemeanor pretrial, while about only 41.5% of the inmates are actually already convicted and sentenced  for a crime committed.  So over half the inmates in our jail system in Highlands County, were not yet convicted of a crime, but still they the main portion of the population the detention facility.


This says a lot about our judicial system here in Florida and perhaps our country and most certainly Highlands County.  Most of the people in jail were never convicted of a crime and because they are already incarcerated their chances of being vindicated are much lower.  Because the detention center in Highlands County is filled with poor people, who cannot afford bail or a bond or a lawyer, so they are often convicted of crimes because they are forced into plea bargain agreements, simply because they have no other options and probably already served most of their sentence.


I am from New York City originally and I can testify that there are few real gangsters here in Highlands County.  Put it this way the jail population are not the real gangsters, but instead most of them are simply uneducated with a sense of hopelessness.   Many of them simply cannot get a job in an already weak job market coupled with bad habits they must support, such as smoking cigarettes and using drugs.


The real problem in Highlands County is the poor education system, which is failing our community drastically. According to the Florida Department of Education, only six Florida school districts are performing worst than Highlands County, with a graduation rate of only about 61.1% in 2011-12. And the true culprit to this disorder is corruption in our local governance.  And because of our internal corruption, these things seem to continue to go on unaddressed.  It seems as if Superintendent Cox is AWOL. He should be held accountable for our failing schools, there is no excuse for the performance of our school system.


Most of the crimes for profit committed here in Highlands County are smalltime and done by disorganized constituents. There is little organization in the criminal behaviors of the incarcerated.  And most violent crimes are crimes of passion. In both cases they are often cries for help, due to being in a hopeless situation. And until our education system is addressed and corrected, people here will continue to suffer needlessly and go to jail for senseless offenses, only to gain a criminal records, which will place them into an unemployable status for the remainder of their lives.


In my opinion, the real criminals are the legislators, who are selling out our youth.  We live in a reactionary criminal justice system here in Highlands County, Florida. And instead of being proactive in  correcting our educational system, which is the true culprit, they are being reactive by incarcerating our youth, who basically know no other way to survive but to commit petty crimes, only to destroy their future. And this is not an excuse for their disobedience, it is the fact behind it. Because by design our schools do not teach our kids a good education and the culture in our community supports this disorder. While the biggest events here is the next party, leaving the kids to televisions as babysitters.


The local government supports petty chaos and corruption, to support the economy here in Highlands County and the nation.   And what is going on is bigger than our County, but has reach all over the nation and it is agriculture.  We are one of the biggest agriculture industries in the whole country. Companies like Tropicana depends on us to distribute orange juice nationwide.  And the citizens of Highlands County are collateral damages.  Agriculture which was once the main source of employment for the citizens of Highlands County, Florida, is no longer the case. Most of the agriculture workers have been replaced by migrant workers out of Mexico, because they are willing to work longer hours for less pay, because they themselves are involved in slave labor.


But this is a temporary fix, because with immigration reform comes about there will be more freedom for even the migrant worker. For this reason I believe it is so hard to pass immigration reform through the Congress. It could have a devastating effect on how fruit is picked. Because the reality behind agriculture is slave labor and they know this but turn the other way for cheap fruit prices.


Meanwhile the African American as well as poor whites have been left behind here in Highlands County. Understand our education system here was never designed to equipped our citizens to excel into higher education. Our job market never supported it and our corrupt City Council legislators has always blocked even light industry from coming here into Avon Park, in support of our agricultural moguls.


What is going on here in Highlands County is a conspiracy, to oppress a population of people, in support of the fruit and vegetable industry.  Because an uneducated population  will always be submissive to hard labor for low pay. It is no coincidence that where there are orange trees in abundance, there are also failing schools. Whereby such an environment should by design produce harder work from the students in our schools for hope in a better opportunity, our kids are being discouraged from obtaining a good education. It is all by design, but because our population is only 100,000, with about 10,000 black people, we have no real representation and is flying under the radar.


The solution is simple:


I think companies like Tropicana, Florida Finest Citrus, Delicious Florida Oranges, Hyatt Fruit Company and the list goes on, should be forced to pay into our education system here in Highlands County or do it on their own accord if I am wrong and it is not a conspiracy.  They should invest in our educational system due to the damages they have inflicted upon us to enable their agricultural market to strive at the cost of innocent lives and our people not being allowed a good education or liberty. They know they have no more use for us anymore and should free us from the grips of their unethical business practices.


Frank Paul Jones

Hip Hop Culture – A Setup and Ghetto Flamboyance


Hip Hop Culture – A Setup and Ghetto Flamboyance

One of the most important rules of the underworld of criminals is do not be flamboyant.  Many gangsters have been killed  or put away in prison for long lengths of time for breaking this one basic rule. The reason for this is that flamboyancy brings too much attention to a person and his associates who is attempting to maintain a low profile. The most successful criminals in the history of mankind who experienced longevity in the life of crime did so by maintaining a low profile.  Maintaining a low profile is imperative to a successful gangster or criminal.  Most successful gangsters became known to the public as celebrities in their aftermath.


Sure many will say, “everyone knows who is involved in organized crime as well as criminal behavior on the street corners.” But this is not always true, even though it is said.  And even if you are known as a criminal it doesn’t help at all to be arrogant and smug it into the faces of law enforcement. Because by doing so you make yourself a target on the most wanted list by becoming a public enemy.  Any rational minded person knows crime exist and there are dirty cops that allow these enterprises to prosper. But bringing too much attention to yourself, your operation and associates is a poison pill to any business maneuver, legal or illegal enterprises.  The less people know about you true intentions the better.  And if your intend to make a living breaking the law, you should not boost about it by showing off.  And you must have an exit plan


Just like a silk suit worn by a real gangster, hanging jeans by a street hood is symbol that rings off alarms.  The first thing the police or even an ordinary citizen thinks when they see a Hip Hopper wearing pants well below his waistline is anti-social behavior.   It is the sign of criminal behaviorisms as well as ignorance. And the first person on the most wanted list of street criminals are stupid crooks, because a stupid person breaking the law is considered dangerous.  Law Enforcement has a duty to protect the public from stupid criminals, because they are the type of people who harm innocent people in the process of their criminal behaviors.


What most people are concerned with as far as street crime, is the violence associated with these activities. Understand that over 30,000 people are killed by gun violence every year in this country, with over 100,000 shot by guns.  These are startling statistics and because of this a street hood shouldn’t do anything to associate himself with this fact.


Many psychologist have weighed in on the Hip Hop culture and hanging jeans and have determined that these kids are angry.  No rational criminal wants people and especially law enforcement to think for a moment that he is angry. It is one thing to be a businessman breaking the law and another to be an angry person committing crimes. A criminal shouldn’t want people to fear him when they can like him.  Because it is one thing to be ruthless  and another to be feared. And the difference is a feared man is a target to be killed or snitched out due to fear, because a person will setout to destroy he who he fears and a liked person is never suspected of killing until he is caught.


Now this is not a lesson on how to be a good crook, because good or bad being a crook is wrong.  But it is a lesson on ghetto survival techniques. Because often people who play into these ghetto flamboyant fashion statements are really actually harmless, yet they are perceived as stupid crooks that need to be removed from the streets for public safety.  And it is sad because often they take the heat off of the real criminals who hide behind these foolish actors and shields, not being paid by Hollywood or anyone else for that matter.


Why do you think crime seems to never stop, even as many people constantly get busted everyday?  We all know people who are in jail or recently got busted and is on their way to prison. Yet crime continues to constantly move forward and is getting worst. Why? The answer is because the real crooks are not to be seen. They are not flamboyant on the streets. When they dress up they dress up to go to church or to work, to show off their new rags. They go by the names Doctor, Mister, Misses and reverend and not “Stone Dog” or some other nick name. They are church goers and politicians and do not hangout on the streets getting drunk and high everyday.  But they do their dirt in the privacy of their own homes in private or among their clandestine circle.  And after they are finished using the street thug, they are the ones who call 911, because they are the 411. They know everything, because they fabricate the rules of the streets.


The Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano