Frank Paul Gambino wants to be completely exonerated

Frank Paul Gambino wants to be completely exonerated


My name has been tarnished as I was made out of a spectacle unjustly.  My face was printed on a blotter magazine even as I was forgiven for all my past crimes in the state of Florida.  I the Rev. Frank Paul Jones who is a recipient of clemency in the state of Florida, because I do not bother anyone; I am a do goody-goody, but one night while I celebrated with NaQuila the new Universal Record sensation I was pulled aside by a hater, by a black police officer trying to make a point to his white counterparts.   


Without probably cause he charged me with a DUI, to tarnish my name.  Now everyone thinks I am a hypocrite.  They think I drive drunk and stuff, all because of a jealous hating police officer, wanting to take the rest of the night off to eat donuts, meanwhile ignoring the real criminals on the streets.


I paid my ticket to find out as I was not required to do so.  Just like I had as a responsibility to pay it, he had a responsibility to report it.  He did not do his job, as you can see the requirements of law enforcement.

316.650 Traffic citations.

(3)(a)  Except for a traffic citation issued pursuant to s. 316.1001, each traffic enforcement officer, upon issuing a traffic citation to an alleged violator of any provision of the motor vehicle laws of this state or of any traffic ordinance of any city or town, shall deposit the original and one copy of such traffic citation or, in the case of a traffic enforcement agency which has an automated citation issuance system, shall provide an electronic facsimile with a court having jurisdiction over the alleged offense or with its traffic violations bureau within 5 days after issuance to the violator.

Furthermore, he had unenforceable probable cause. His probable cause was the ticket citation, whereby it was supposed to be the failure of the breathalyzer or sobriety test both of which I passed.  So now there is not even a ticket to apply as probable cause.

In all fairness shouldn’t my good name be cleared of all charges and my picture taken down off of the Highlands County Web Site?


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