NaQuila the Zulu Nation Prophetess Released

NaQuila the Zulu Nation Prophetess Released


The highly awaited “I am me,” album is in presales status, sold directly on ReverbNation her distributer as of today her ‘b’ day.  In 6 to 8 weeks it will be available on about 32 retailers to include iTunes.


You can audition some of her songs on the Capstone Zulu official website.


There is a lot happening now at the Capstone Zulu camp and one of the major moves is the release of NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti.  The album is a Gambino Production and will be distributed by ReverbNation on Gambino Records.


The famous names in blogs Frank Paul Gambino may well close down and redirect to the new Capstone Zulu official website, to increase viewership.  One the official website he will go by the name Capstone Zulu as Gambino displays musical ingenious. 


The reason for the change of hosts is about money.  On this new website we can sell adds space and post stores.  NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti is currently on the website as a storefront and so is Capstone Zulu as a band.


All the music on NaQuila Hardy aka Stackz Gotti “I am me ©” album was written by Frank Paul Jones and NaQuila L. Hardy registered on ASAP.  The official release will be in time for Christmas 2010.


Legalize Weed!


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