Gambino charges of DUI to Reckless Driving a Setup

Gambino charges of DUI to Reckless Driving a Setup


I know a lawyer needs a lawyer, like a doctor needs a doctor.  And as a paralegal by education, I know I cannot properly defend myself, but I also know I am presumed innocent until proven guilty.  This country spends too much on the judicial system to allow these kangaroo justice systems like the one in Highlands County to function as it does. What is going on is unjustifiable and the culprit may well be President Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder.


The bottom line is we spend about $25G per year on the average to incarcerate people, because the system is vindictive and out for revenge against the poor. And what is the poor guilty of, for being uneducated to economics, for having a bad break and not rebounding or simply from being a product of oppression.  We have to fight oppression and we need to address the unethical judicial system starting right here in Highlands County Florida.


First I am told; I was intoxicated based on Florida Statues, and it turned out to be untrue.  The level limit is 0.08%.  There is not statue that states anything to the contrary when dealing with adults over the age of 21 years old.  There is no statue as I was told by a paralegal from the Public Defenders Office at the court house who was supposed to be on my team, which states a presumption of intoxication for an adult starts at 0.04 to0.08 percent.  She had no right to tell me that!  I was within the legal limit at 0.063%.


I am poor today, I might not be poor tomorrow, but I am poor today and it is my right to a legal defense.  I realize that the system is overwhelmed with cases and the Public Defender’s office as too many cases and not enough personnel.  However is this reason to put people into the system and on probation?  Of course not!  So why is there a rush to justice?


How a routine traffic stop goes from DUI to now a suggested reckless driving violation, I do not understand.  How are these people so in touch with what was going on in my mind to even assume that I wonton or willfully disregarded for the safely of property or people.  To say I do not care about others or that I intentionally tried to hit a cop car is absurd.  There was no car accident!


Now they want me to plead guilty for almost hitting a cop car because I did not care about him and had something against cops, but I feel it is the other way around.  How could I ever plead guilty to such a thing?  So next they can pull me aside and mug me and say he hates cops and it is documented.  This is a setup!  And to top it off, there is no record of my traffic violation at the County Clerks Office until this day.  A Setup!


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