The Frank Paul Gambino & John A. Gotti Connections

The Frank Paul Gambino & John A. Gotti Connections


With John A. Gotti will not being tried again and planning to pursue a witting career about true crime stories.  I know from experience a lot of people are not ready for the truth until this day.  I realized that sometimes you have to protect the innocent and the guilty and even with name changes people involved in the storyline can picked up on what is being said about them causing new charges and putting people in danger.


There is not statute of limitations on murder what true Mafia crime stories are going to get the attention of readers without violence?   John A Gotti has to ride the careful road to protect his friends.  I think what I do is a good approach which is to create personalities based on people I know and create a situation that causes the writer to bring out the personality traits to deal with the situations and come to a conclusion to close the screenplay or book.


There is writing software on the market to make writing books and screenplays simple.  There are programs such as Movie Magic Screenwriter, Final Draft and Dramatica Pro that will make writing as easy as your ability to recall the storyline.


I hope John A. Gotti moves to the Sunshine State Florida I need him.  We have big plans in Avon Park and Highlands County and I will need charitable support from my friends, big and small business for my non profit organization The National Community Network & Coalition of Highlands of Highlands, INC


I am expecting something from you John!


Frank Paul Gambino



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