Lil Wayne will reach the Stratosphere in Rap Industry

Lil Wayne will reach the Stratosphere in Rap Industry 


The support deserved by Lil Wayne is starting to surface, as black leaders such as Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson. Rev. Al Sharpton are made aware of the injustices.  The situation as addressed by me.  We also wrote the President and other members of the administration such as Sec. Clinton and had a few responses.  We heard from Bill.


 Lil Wayne’s real hurdle will be the Federal Case, being a Paralegal by education I am aware of UPL or unauthorized practice of law and keeps a demand for lawyers, they get paid to advise, there are things about the law I just need to know.  However being I am a Reverend by law and even more to those who have faith.  So I am free to speak!


Brother Dwayne Carter has to examine his image at the moment.  OK kids today where tattoos, it is wrong as is many things but it is visible mark and I fear for my children that they be discriminated against in the next order of things may they find love and peace.


Lil Wayne is still selling albums and getting a lot of airplay, he just went Gold, but I think there is too much focus on his career at the moment and not the person.  I think personally the brother should be in a hospital for about a month to withdraw from substances.


The name Lil Wayne is bigger now than ever, Drake is cool but can never replace Lil Wayne.  However the real future of Lil Wayne’s enterprises will depend in his ability to maintain a discipline chess board, which might mean departing from the company of some current associates such as Birdman and Drake.  People such as those mentioned early in this article Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson. Rev. Al Sharpton and of course myself are on of things.  My friend John A. Gotti is in New York City he also seemed to see the importance of a smooth transition inn these calamities.   He has my contact info.


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  1. I am glad that this topic was discussed on this blog, totally agree with all the above, but there are some problems in the legal regulation in the light of recent changes in legislation. I would not wish to write here in great detail, much is written on the site … But thanks anyway!

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