The Nation of Islam Lil Wayne’s only way out

The Nation of Islam Lil Wayne’s only way out


The Nation of Islam well known for the reformation of man, especially those who need reforming the most, being black, convicted and oppressed.  My father knew Malcolm X, when he went by the name Detroit Red in Harlem, during his days of pimping whores.  From what I heard the true story about him would have to be more graphic than the movie I saw starring Denzel Washington.  Still it was a great movie.


From my research in the case of Lil Wayne the guy is a fall-guy and not a wise-way.  Things like them travelling by bus everywhere, not only that but they had three identical buses in order to leave scenes.  Then look at the way he went down and you have to wonder what was the motives and the intent for the ability to deceive those who wanted to follow them.


I think Lil Wayne life is in jeopardy as I write this article, because people behind this kid know people are aware of the scheme and plot and might think Lil Wayne might just talk.  But he did the crime took the contract which is RICO Act written all over it.  My concern is the kid was taken through the ringer and he is still a young black man in need of guidance for a way out and I think that is Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.


If someone like Minister Farrakhan does not take an interest in Lil Wayne, he will probably spend the most of his life in and out of jail or die young as a result of getting whacked.  He is nothing but the fall-guy of a drug operation laundering money in entertainment.  I wonder if he loaned or sold his soul to the devil.  But for certain he and Birdman are satanic and it is written on their faces and heads.


Brother Minister Farrakhan trust me this is bigger than the eyes can see at this point and will probably blow up soon in the face of the world.  I honesty believe Lil Wayne is in trouble with drug dealers and not so much the law.  The real question is can he do his time and walk a free man and the answer is I do not think so, unless the Nation of Islam steps in.


As the Nation of Islam can offer him spiritual growth, protection in and out of prison and basically a new start in life and Lil Wayne could be the help the Minister sought in Reverend Jesse Jackson.  Someone on the front line of the drug war, and a young money fall-guy lost soul that has influence over the masses of young children. Putting out stuff as to why it is alright to be a lesbian, sexually active children and simply wrong for the price of monetary gain.  He is in the position to save lives if he chooses to do the right thing and turn away from his wicked ways and accept the God in his life.  And my position is he has no choice because as is he is the scum of the earth, but so was I says Paul.


Oh, is Lil Wayne really a junior as in the second or was father named Reginald Carter (“Rabbit”, stepfather)?


The Gambino’s Find’s Favor in Lil Wayne

The Gambino’s Find’s Favor in Lil Wayne


The Attorney General Eric Holder


I have not heard from Bro. Dwayne Carter, I gave some good advice to the brother and there is more where that came from, but not for Internet posting.  I see Bro. Farrakhan, Bro. Jackson and Bro. Sharpton wants to reach out to the young brother.  I see other people care about the young man.


John Jr. is showing an interest but what can we do for the brother realistically.  We can lobby at the White House, and the Mayor and Governor of New York Offices.  All these three leaders are honorable men of men and the Governor of New York Paterson may well be a lame duck.  I want two clemencies for my Nephew Dahoud Smith and a consideration of Dwayne running concurrent sentences with the Federal Court.


I see the severity of his crimes and understand that we do not snitch, but we do have fall guys, as John Gotti took the fall for us, we live large and went to prison.  But did he really die?  Or did he go through the back door?  Back to the point! We cannot ignore these guns and drugs I mean it was ridiculous. 


He can do 5 years at Butner North Carolina and get 15% time off and run the sentences concurrent and get out in about 4 years, with state good time also.  I might be able to figure out a better solution in the future, however this is what is now@!

Lil Wayne will reach the Stratosphere in Rap Industry

Lil Wayne will reach the Stratosphere in Rap Industry 


The support deserved by Lil Wayne is starting to surface, as black leaders such as Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson. Rev. Al Sharpton are made aware of the injustices.  The situation as addressed by me.  We also wrote the President and other members of the administration such as Sec. Clinton and had a few responses.  We heard from Bill.


 Lil Wayne’s real hurdle will be the Federal Case, being a Paralegal by education I am aware of UPL or unauthorized practice of law and keeps a demand for lawyers, they get paid to advise, there are things about the law I just need to know.  However being I am a Reverend by law and even more to those who have faith.  So I am free to speak!


Brother Dwayne Carter has to examine his image at the moment.  OK kids today where tattoos, it is wrong as is many things but it is visible mark and I fear for my children that they be discriminated against in the next order of things may they find love and peace.


Lil Wayne is still selling albums and getting a lot of airplay, he just went Gold, but I think there is too much focus on his career at the moment and not the person.  I think personally the brother should be in a hospital for about a month to withdraw from substances.


The name Lil Wayne is bigger now than ever, Drake is cool but can never replace Lil Wayne.  However the real future of Lil Wayne’s enterprises will depend in his ability to maintain a discipline chess board, which might mean departing from the company of some current associates such as Birdman and Drake.  People such as those mentioned early in this article Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson. Rev. Al Sharpton and of course myself are on of things.  My friend John A. Gotti is in New York City he also seemed to see the importance of a smooth transition inn these calamities.   He has my contact info.

Influencers Hidden Secrets


The circle of influencers and their success by manipulation is getting old.  Reality is not even real anymore.  You have reality TV hoes and camcorder freaks, by staying in front of a camera for publicity.  There is not too much a person will not do in Hollywood, but it gets deeper.


People think real gangsters are a bunch of fly dressing showboats; nothing is further from the truth.  Companies like All-Good Entertainment, Clear Channel Communications and Live Nation, as well as Microsoft and Goggle are influencers.


Entertainment especially the record industry tends to get young kids to mold into stars.  They make them into antisocial figures and screw people up.  I mean take Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne both were normal looking people, and then they went crazy as one turned white and the other turned into a walking billboard to include facial paintings.  They made mega star status in return for self destruction.  And will be good for nothing once there careers ended, because a fast food restaurant would mess with them.  So knowing there limited abilities they keep people out of the game?  No it is not them but the freak creators Dr. Frankenstein. 


Then as a result they create demands for services.  People are buying tattoos like madness, because Hollywood condoned it and promoted it.  Meanwhile these kids think they are cool because they are getting paid, tattoos and all to include pants falling off their behinds, something symbolic of the prison institutionalized mentality.


The bottom line is this it does not always require talents to be successful in the corrupt Gay Mobbed up Hollywood; you just have to welling to fuck yourself up and by a pig and whore.  Hollywood is a bunch of slaves working for publicity and attention meaning fame.  Sure they are millionaires but the costs of living is outrageous for them to include stratospherically high security costs and if you do not pay for the protection the system does you like Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson and those people who you did not hire uses their influence to put you in jail or destroy your reputation or even put you to sleep.


Bottom line:  In Hollywood you pay to play, and have to surrender the wealth or it is taken from you.  It is the ones behind the scenes getting paid, these people we see often are victims of the system that recruited them before they were mature enough to make wise business decisions and they seem to always be trying to keep up and make the next hit record.  The case of Childhood stars!

FindCure-CureAIDS Anthem & Health Reform

FindCure-CureAIDS Anthem & Health Reform


It is a simple song with very powerful messages performed by an Icon in her own rite.  FindCure-CureAIDS performed by NaQuila L. Hardy a song that demands the strength of hope to remain in the hearts of the world people concerning the AIDS virus HIV.  FindCure-CureAIDS-Hyperlink


We are calling on the non profit sector to end the defeatist mentality and stop the extortion and just make it happen.  We call on artists like P. Diddy, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, R Kelly and the list continues to take up this cause.


The song is a giveaway as a donation to the world for open use to promote the release of the cure of AIDS that many people think has been cured years ago (1989) as we are being held hostage by the corrupt pharmaceutical companies whose only concern is to control the lifespan of mankind at a profit and not to save lives.


Let us face it the last diseased cured in a major way was polio in the 1950’s which was over a half of a century ago.  The strategy which is unethical is to treat diseases rather than cure them.  Not one disease discovered since before 1960 has been cured.


Then there is healthcare reform which is a hot topic, which really poses the question is the Government really who they say they are or do the pharmaceutical companies rule the world?  I mean are the pharmaceutical companies run by Illuminati Headquarters?  Is it there goal to kill us off as a means of population control?


People have all but surrendered to the idea that AIDS is a genuine disease when I know for a fact it was and is a biological weapon sponsored by then NATO Forces and was produced in Germany in a laboratory in the 1970’s and the first known case was in 1981.


We live in a world of hopelessness and despair, the economy of failing Americas and the world as hard times are everywhere as millions of people are dying senselessly and being treated for simple diseases perpetually with no end in sight.


In a world where the good guys are really bad and the so called bad guys are for the good of mankind, the Gambino Family says “wakeup everybody.”  We call on a movement to force the hand of the pharmaceutical industry and force the government to be honest and address the fact that we have not cure one disease since polio, but have treatments for everything made unaffordable to too many Americans.


The Conspiracy in a nutshell a historical fact:


Old Money = Illuminati = the New World Order New Money = Mafia and Associates


1: AIDS a biological weapon developed in 1976. 2: Banking Deregulation Act of 1980 created the S&L Scandal Passed by Reagan 3: Saving and Loans Crisis from about 1986-1991 – Money leaves the system old money loses, new money gains. 4: The Savings and Loans Bailout 1989 passed by Bush Sr. – Tax payers bail out the old money. 5: The Technology Bubble 1995-99-2000 –New money makes a killing. 6: The Technology Bubble Burst 2000-03 – Old money gets into the game late and new money pulls money out of the system. 7: Enormous Government Debt grows to present – self explanatory. 8: Rescue Bill 2008-09 – New money comes back into the system and is taxed, by the government and buys old money bad investments. 9: Economy recovers as new money pumps money back into the system and old money is stabilized. 10: Inventor to the cure to AIDS becomes one of the riches men in the world. The Son of Man settles with the new money and leaves them.


Lil Wayne’s Federal and State convictions could Run Concurrent

Lil Wayne’s Federal and State convictions could Run Concurrent


I think Lil Wayne really needs to get an OJ Simpson type legal team, because he is really fighting for his life.  Another day of freedom is not guaranteed to Lil Wayne.  They can forever come up with new charges.


He is said to have had a lawyer attempt to postpone the Federal case in Arizona.  Is that really a wise legal maneuver?  There is a term called concurrent sentencing and what happened in New York City can be rectified in sentencing him to serve his sentences concurrently. 


A concurrent sentence is a cumulative sentence when two convictions are served in prison at one time, basically in one place.  A Federal and State Conviction can be served together even if the convictions took place in different times.


It would seem that if Lil Wayne is to be the fall guy for the Cash Money and Young Money entourage he should go after the best deal and accommodations.  The case in Arizona was a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) bust and therefore Federal.  Federal prison terms are usually longer than state conviction sentencing, but the accommodations are more advantageous for a man in the entertainment business at celebrity status.


If Lil Wayne gets convicted by the FEDS and goes to court ASAP or immediately, the state of New York has the responsibility to see to it that he makes his appointments required by law and a Federal case requires his attendance. 


Meanwhile the FEDS want to increase the bail to the $150G area, when he is being held and is incarcerated in the state of New York.  I have to watch this one, because a blessing in disguise would be for the FEDS to remove him from Rikers Island and send him to MCC-Detention Center in Manhattan a Federal holding facility.  Then a wise move would be to have his case moved from Arizona to New York City because it is now his domicile.  Then he just might get a concurrent sentence, with excellent legal representation.


What is the sentencing guidelines for a two time loser in the Federal System for the crime he allegedly committed is at question, however regardless the Federal Court System is not limited to Arizona can the case can be moved and should be moved to New York City.


Steve Harvey the comedian, author, actor and radio personality is said to be a adviser of Lil Wayne.  Well this is advise to be considered seriously with a legal team and can be the basis of his choice for legal representation. 


Gambino Reaches out to Lil Wayne

Gambino Reaches out to Lil Wayne


Frank Paul Gambino sends a letter of support to Lil Wayne who is in Rikers Island and writes President Obama in support of Lil Wayne.  Gambino feels Lil Wayne has been misrepresented in the courts and was railroaded by the system.


Lil Wayne was convicted for gun possession and other charges in New York City and has another case opened in the state Arizona.  Lil Wayne is being tried in two courts basically for the same behavior and business arrangement.


Why the guns were automatically considered Lil Wayne’s because the bus was in his name is beyond me.  He is victim of terrible management, because for the protection of that multi-million entourage there should have been at least two licensed protection specialist, preferably with military and/or law enforcement experience.


In any case they acted street but not street smart and got caught up in the system.  I think he should be in Federal Court even if he pleads to the fact that the crimes did not originate in the states accusing him of the crimes.  This is a case of Federal Weapons violations being they crossed state lines.  He should have done one sentence in one prison for what took place.  Also NaQuila sends her regards to an old friend Lil Wayne and plans to go up to the Big Apple to visit him this summer, as she and Gambino attempt to promote the current music studio project in the City.


To be honest the whole thing is senseless, it cost $25G per year to maintain an inmate in an American prison on average and New York City has to be above the average.  Lil Wayne should be doing community service to bounce back the economy and the failing music industry.  In any case they cannot just railroad this young man.  Birdman should be ashamed of himself!

The Gambino’s Extortion CD & V-Concert

The Gambino’s Extortion CD & V-Concert


There is a war going on in the music industry, because a lot of dirty selfish people are falling from stardom.  They say the people you pass going up the ladder you will pass going down. 


The extortion CD is a marketing strategy that is aggressive with the motto sales by force “lol.”  The PTS Crew and Durty Ground Entertainment along with Gambino Productions are doing a grass root sales campaign that is a compilation of original music, song and rap.


Meanwhile Frank Paul Gambino Productions is doing a work of art in designing the concerts of these days with Lil Wayne, P. Diddy and Jay Z in a 2011 Virtual Concert.    The Rockafella, Big Boy and Cash Money musical extravaganza is being marketed is the most power show ever, so powerful that no alcohol but energy drinks will be sold at the movie  theaters which Live Nation in conjunction with AAFES (Army, Air Force Exchange Service) is lining up thousands on venues.


Lil Wayne said he is in and P. Diddy said “let’s do it,” we are waiting on Jay Z.  Gambino Productions protégé NaQuila L. Hardy will open the show and do the AIDS International Anthem and she wants another song so that is a done deal.



Jay Z, P. Diddy & Lil Wayne 2011 V-Concert

Jay Z, P. Diddy & Lil Wayne 2011 V-Concert

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Rockafella Records, Bad Boy & Cash Money Records are said to be in a negotiations process to do in Hip Hop Rap only what Michael Jackson could do for Pop Music.  As a result of the huge success of MJJ’s “This is it,” showcase that made over $101M in less than five days, the hottest Rappers in the business plan’s are to do a huge Virtual Concert to be seen worldwide at Movie theaters near you.


I mean this is huge as Monster Energy Drink and Red Bull are being called in to sponsor this musical extravaganza featuring the hottest acts in Rap music all on one stage.  The show is planned to be very high energy and a promotional for the Energy Drinks companies. 


The show is planned to go on for about 3 hours in a mix of acts from Cash Money, Rockafella and Bad Boy.   There are a lot of logistics that has to be settled as far as media venue to pricing.


In an unusual arrangement by Live Nation the mega tour production company with venues throughout the United States, this promotional strategy is selfless as Live Nation will use a different type of venue to present these shows, being Movie Theaters rather than Concert Venues.


There is conversations out there that it will be a limit engagement with first come first served as tickets will be sold in advance with a system of Rhythm and Reason, meaning a setup by design to serve the fan base of these three mega record companies and entourages.


The estimated gross from ticket sales alone is predicted to be over $300M in less than a week, by being carried by thousands of theaters at once all over the world.  Lil Wayne can be released in as little as 8 months.   Part of the proceeds will go to AIDS Research and NaQuila Hardy is the BUZZ, she is being considered to open the show with the International AIDS Anthem, FindCure-CureAIDS. 

NaQuila Hardy persevere

NaQuila Hardy persevere


These been a very interesting three months 9 months of constant challenges.  Like I said the BUZZ is that we have a 100 songs project, with an advanced marketing strategy.


To be honest our first phase is and test sector, by trial and error we plan to perfect these strategic master templates for the future of the industry and as trend setters try to stay a step ahead of the game always.


I realize that I have a bad reputation at this stage and time, but we all know people tend to forget fast, under certain conditions especially financial incentives like a hit record or film which is included in the repertoire.