SBDC Representative David Noel to Visit Black Community in Avon Park

SBDC Representative David Noel to Visit Black Community in Avon Park


Business Incubators – Local Economic Development & the SBDC


Business incubators are a way to help both the non profit sector and entrepreneurs, develop a stronger business community here in Avon Park.  I will not pretend to know all the ins and outs of this business arrangement as it was made aware to me in a brainstorm session with the SBDC with David Noel.  However it is a serious thing to consider, both for the non profit and for profit business ventures.


In Highlands County the Local Economic Development Organization is the Highlands County Economic Commission. The Highlands County Economic Commission and the Small Business Development Center here in Highlands County has partnered together to create a one stop shopping situation.  Anyway this is my understanding of the arrangement. 


David Noel of the SBDC offered to visit the black community to assist in helping push forward “Operation Revive Black Businesses.”  An agenda initiated by Rev. Frank Paul Jones and the NCNCHINC.  Black business owners, entrepreneurs with a dream to have their own business, property owners in the business district and concerned citizens are being called to this meeting to take place on Delaney Avenue.   The actual, venue, date and time is now tentative at the moment, as the NCNCHINC is on David Noel’s calendar for a another meeting.  However the place of the meeting is not written in stone.


As it stands the next meeting will be at the office of David Noel, however he wants to visit the district ASAP to better understand the needs of the community, so the NCNCHINC is in the process of arranging for him to come to our side of town on this date to be announced in the near future. 


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