Why do successful Blacks Resist Blacks in the Struggle?

Why do successful Blacks Resist Blacks in the Struggle?


The reason many blacks who are successful, do not invest in the community they are from, is due to the lack of respect.  Black people are some of the most disrespectful people on the face of the earth when it comes to their own peers.  They will kiss up to the white man and in the same sentence cast you into hell.  So a black man has the problem of doing business with his peers, because they will not want to pay for anything.  A business cannot operate without a profit.  So often a black millionaire will stray away from his own community, to maintain his status, because his peers will try to pull him down.


People here ask why the millionaires out of Avon Park, who made it in sports do not make a few phone calls and bring money into this town.  They could make a few phone calls and bring $50 Million here overnight because they know people with money. But if they did that, they would be putting their good names on the line and they obviously do not think the people here are ready for this type of investment capital.  I seen the same thing happen in Queensbridge Projects, where we had many success stories but they did not help the community.  This is the trend in America.  Successful blacks do not comeback home with any money to raise the community out of oppression, all due to disrespect.


Once we address this problem we have to address another situation, which is management.  If these types of funds were to enter into our communities how would we manage it?  Do we have a comprehensive community business plan and agenda?  Will we support our own black businesses or travel 10 miles to save a dollar, knowing we are victims of redlining.


All to say, before we talk about what Thomas Gordon and Hal McRae doesn’t do for us, we must first ask ourselves; do we deserve it?  Will we support it?  Are we ready for it?  When we can say yes to all three of these questions, I think they will be there for us.

The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area Dilemma

The Avon Park Southside Community Redevelopment Area Dilemma


I realize people need to have recreation and be allowed to let off steam.  When I was younger I partied and it was fun to me, however became my greatest misery.  It was a privilege extended to me from the generations before me and shouldn’t be extended to this generation by all. 


I was sent here on a mission and by a promise made to Worshipful Master Eston Roberts to do community work and to help revive the economy first in the black community than in all communities and then the nation.  This is my promise to the Nation and the White House and President Obama.


People here wonder who I am and what I am about.  I’m a servant of the Lord, far from stupid or am I crazy.  I walked the road of the oppressed by choice and understand the hardships of the underserved, for I am one of them. The bottom line is I have been through the ringer, because the direction of my life was preordained.


I travelled for 33 years, since I was 17 years old.  And the Lord and the nation sent me here.  What is about to happen here will be a template for the Nation to follow?  Avon Park does not realized it has been blessed, by my presence and the attention it will receive around the nation and the world as a result of my being here on a mission from God and by the Nation of Made Men.


Important people are watching us.  As I may have a vision I was taught that a prophet’s vision can only be realized by the actions of the people.  The people of the times make’s the vision of the prophet happen and not the other way around contrary to popular belief.  I may well be the Grand Architect or Chief Engineer, but my ability to manufacture a final product depends on the staff and technicians.


All to say, millions of dollars is trying to ride thru here and important people want these good things to happen in this area. Operations from the White House to the Gambino Family, from Oprah to  Eric Holder to past Presidents such as George W, Bush and Bill Clinton to the support of the Crips are unified in this mission, because the success of this mission holds a key to a better America.  That said who am I?  I am the real Paul Castellano, now do your homework.  I am Gambino!


I call on the scattered Dolphins and those who love the Lord to come together not in fear knowing the Lord is with you and the highest authorities of Mankind also.  Support the operation to revive our community and put an end of self oppression.  Understand that oppression is privilege however reparation is our right to succeed.   Please help us help us and you too.

Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy

Non Profit Community Can Stimulate Black’s Economy


We all know that working in the non profit sector is no get rich scheme. Often you work longer hours and earn less pay in the non profit sector.  Just like a for profit organization a non profit organization has to turn a buck to be economically feasible and sustainable.  The reward in the non profit sector is that often you can do something you enjoy doing that is fulfilling in your life.  It is a great opportunity to help people.


A lot of non profit organizations however are losing their 503 c 3 status, because they are not properly filling out their tax returns.  This is sad that it is happening at a time when more people than ever need the help of the non profit sector.


What is the real difference between the non profit organization and a for profit corporation?  The real difference between for profit and non profit is how the money earned from the corporations is paid out to the people. This is beyond the scope of this article.


Understanding that we live in a consumer driven economy and the black community is the underserved and underdogs of America.  An interdependent black community can be an essential part of the rebuilding of America’s economy.  We at the National Community Network and Coalition of Highlands, INC (NCNCHINC) believe that a dead economy is economics not in motion.  People are not working because consumer spending is down, because people are not working.  It is a catch 22!  If we as a community put people back in motion, people will be able to spend more and it would put people back to work. What is work?  It is the inclusion into the labor force for compensation.


The only way the black community is going to rebound from the economic crisis, which is a depression among blacks is to recycle.  When I say recycle I am talking about moving money within the community and keeping it in the community as long as necessary to produce more revenue.  How can this be done?


We have to have a community business plan incentive.  Everyone cannot be a beer jug joint or drug dealer.  We need essential business institutions to sustain our economic stability.  We need a grocery store with food in it. We need our own laundry mate.  We need within the community a hair solon and barbershop that also sells hair supplies.  We need entrepreneurs to step up and sell vegetables on stands daily in some of our vacant lots and compensate the land owners for the use of his property; they too have to pay taxes.  We need black media to define our black people.  We need restaurants so we can stop handing our money to McDonald’s and the Illuminati.  We need affordable housing and daycare. I can go on but the article will never end.  The Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones says we need us to take back our community and stop the oppression of our own people for crumbs. 


We need eat the meat, through non profit leadership!




SBDC Representative David Noel to Visit Black Community in Avon Park

SBDC Representative David Noel to Visit Black Community in Avon Park


Business Incubators – Local Economic Development & the SBDC


Business incubators are a way to help both the non profit sector and entrepreneurs, develop a stronger business community here in Avon Park.  I will not pretend to know all the ins and outs of this business arrangement as it was made aware to me in a brainstorm session with the SBDC with David Noel.  However it is a serious thing to consider, both for the non profit and for profit business ventures.


In Highlands County the Local Economic Development Organization is the Highlands County Economic Commission. The Highlands County Economic Commission and the Small Business Development Center here in Highlands County has partnered together to create a one stop shopping situation.  Anyway this is my understanding of the arrangement. 


David Noel of the SBDC offered to visit the black community to assist in helping push forward “Operation Revive Black Businesses.”  An agenda initiated by Rev. Frank Paul Jones and the NCNCHINC.  Black business owners, entrepreneurs with a dream to have their own business, property owners in the business district and concerned citizens are being called to this meeting to take place on Delaney Avenue.   The actual, venue, date and time is now tentative at the moment, as the NCNCHINC is on David Noel’s calendar for a another meeting.  However the place of the meeting is not written in stone.


As it stands the next meeting will be at the office of David Noel, however he wants to visit the district ASAP to better understand the needs of the community, so the NCNCHINC is in the process of arranging for him to come to our side of town on this date to be announced in the near future.