Avon Park under RICO Watch


The Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) used in big mafia cases is being considered in Avon Park, FL.  I spoke to an old acquaintance in the Secret Service last night in confidence and he told me about a case ongoing investigation and my possible dealings with it.  I guess I will always be a marked man, because of my past behaviors, however I was of no help. However he just called to let me know, they wish me the best Thursday in court.  I was involved in covert operations while in the military and had to see the President on some important business and so I threatened him to get passed the security by being arrested but the media was there so it hit the papers.  That said!  Don’t believe the tabloids!


All you little paeans should steer clear of this.  I am no cop, in fact I am very anti-establishment, but because of what I know they cannot mess with me.  The Federal Government is watching Avon Park from the highest levels down to the streets.  Why?  Because some serious unethical stuff is hitting the fan; I had no idea about what I was stumbling on to.  They say someone is real dirty here in town and is about to go down in a power play to buy the town dirt cheep and make millions over might in a conflict of interest ploy.  I am confused, I mean I know there are a lot of drugs in the area but I had no idea we had calculative elaborate type criminals here.


Then I remember talking to this dude, who told me about someone here in town.  I was surprised by what I heard and the picture came to me loud and clear.  Someone is convincing the community to do the things that will cause them to lose their properties knowing damn well big money is coming this way.


People let me not beat around the bush.  In the Southside you can sell your property cheap now, but whoever instructs you to do so is the adversary.  Money is allocated for this rural area and in a year or two you will not even recognize the black section of Avon Park.  Someone is trying to hoodwink you into selling your property cheap to redevelop it at government expenses and become a millionaire overnight and that person is under investigation as I speak.  Because it is a conspiracy. 


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