Rev. Jones apologizes to whites and Puerto Ricans

Rev. Jones apologizes to whites and Puerto Ricans


The Honorable Rev. Frank Paul Jones apologizes to a Puerto Rican friend, for his inflammatory attacks’ on Puerto Ricans and whites.  In a statement made by him he mentioned how white people are more political than blacks and Puerto Ricans, deal with their oppressive state in a more diligent manner than blacks.  However the statement was too confrontational as he said;


“Meanwhile the white man argues over territory and who will run for office and control the taxes.  Even the Puerto Ricans have an agenda here in Avon Park and Florida and America, they argue over how many project apartments they will control.  But we argue about the name of God.” 


His friend named Ray an owner of a laundry mate and property owner, who is a self made millionaire and Christian lectured Rev. Jones, arguing as to how he could make such a statement.  He warned him that his problem would not be with the Hispanic community but with people like Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton.  Rev. Jones replied, but you are the one who told me “Puerto Rican is lazy thieves, out to beat the system.”  Ray said, “But you are a Reverend so you say, sometimes I wonder, because you have to watch what you say.”


Though the words seemed mean spirited and racist, Rev. Jones thinks they were taken out of context.  Unlike his Puerto Rican counterpart on political and spiritual matters, Rev. Jones states, I am not a hater but a congratulator.   Because the bottom line is as we complain and I included, other races and ethnic groups are doing something about their situations.


We complain about homelessness while we are losing out on subsidized housing by the herds.  Are we now too good for subsidized housing?  I say certainly not if homelessness is problematic in our community.  We complain about how we are disproportionately incarcerated, but like cowards we commit the most crimes against our own people.  Sure we can argue others bring it in the country, but we sell the poison to our own, making only the residual crumbs, because by nature we are suckers. 


Perhaps Ray has a point, we the black communities are the most envied people on the face of the earth.  I say without good reason but I may be wrong.  But for certain, we cannot point the fingers perpetually at others we have to take up our own difficulties. 



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