Promoting Views through the Arts of Music and Film

paul-and-janet5Promoting Views through the Arts of Music and Film


Right now the focus is on intellectual property accumulation, I want to stockpile my work and encourage Janet Jackson of Black Doll, Raymond Jones of Durty Ground ENT., Dahoud Smith’s Underground Movement  and myself Frank Paul Jones AKA Gambino of Gambino Productions to stockpile intellectual property, establish and trademark these institutions.  My goal is to serve Janet first and put her back on the map and use her as a springboard to get the other production and Record Companies off the ground.  I think between the four by the end of the summer we can get her the material she needs to go into to record studio with excellent material with confidence and complete support.


My new motto is to sing for social change instead of money, and the money will follow.  With all the changes taken place in this world I feel we have to be the pioneers of the Changing World in its maturity stage as the old ways will pass away.  My Nephew Raymond has a crew that can and have proven themselves talented and Dahoud is an excellent writer and organizer and can put into my access a crew of men that will be able help me, I realize I will have to move around the City use the Internet and phone to coordinate my efforts.


I will need for Janet, Alicia and Beyonce if they choose to take the mission to find me a director they can work with in the type of movie I wrote, personally I like Denzel Washington his movies can touch you and integrate tasteful violence and intellectual debate and that is what that movie may well be intended to do, it is touching, has controversial ideas and it has violence at a reasonable level and the movie is not a joke, so Tyler Perry who is great might not be the best choice, because he is mostly a director of comedies.


I think the best way to reach people is through the arts; however I think many churches have also become mere entertainment.  Man they have to produce, “Everybody has Demons,” it has so much to offer and I think it deserve a strong budget out of Paramount Pictures, it is registered with the Writers Guild its number is #1349299 Title: Everybody Has Demons filename: Everybody Has Demons.MMSW I want this one picked up!


Some of your views and opinions may seem rather extreme but it might surprise you to learn how many other people share your general dissatisfaction with the state of the world. Seek out those people this year. Together you can make yourself heard.


You will need some time and space to yourself today and the only way you will get it is if you are bold enough to take it. The world around you is just too noisy and chaotic for your tastes, so go some place where you can be at peace with your thoughts.


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