NaQuila the Monster Cliché Originator

NaQuila the Monster Cliché Originator

 The Song People Crying (Colors)

NaQuila aka Stackz Gotti performed the song People Crying, using the term Monster by doing so associating the monster energy drink with Hip Hop culture.  In the song it mentions the Bloods and Crips and the colors red and blue as favorite (symbolic) colors of these two street gangs. 


The song was meant to crossover as a commercial for Monster Energy Drink, as many of her songs really go into detail about its themes this one plays with (touches on) many ideas about what people in general are going through today due to the economic downturn. 


Now Lady Gaga and Kanye West are using the term and many other Hollywood acts are lining up to cash in on the new slogan.  However the real intention of the use of the term was not gangster as it associated itself with street gangs in People Crying. 


It was meant to start a new revelry in a friendly nature, without people killing each other.  The stage was being setup for a Red Bull verse Monster Energy Drink commercial campaign,  Similar to coke verse Pepsi, the idea was that there are really only two choices for real energy drinkers which is Red Bull or the many colors of Monster Energy Drinks.


The term Monster was meant to be all in fun to create a market for the Hip Hoppers to market themselves in commercial jingles.  Hopefully Jay Z , Rick Ross, Nicki Manaj and Bon Iver, might read this article and like Lady Gaga and NaQuila aka Stackz Gotti, bring back the fun in the term.  Because kids need something to laugh about and energy drinks for teens is legal unlike alcohol.


The energy drink market is estimated to be about 6 billion dollars annually.  Therefore there is much rum for a powerful marketing campaign for market share.  It is only a matter of time before the real players in the market battle it out for market share.  My bet is it will be Monster and Red Bull.


If Hollywood can sell Nicki Minaj’s image why I am broke?

If Hollywood can sell Nicki Minaj’s image why I am broke?


First of all, before you read this article you have to watch this video.  Remember this is all in fun, we need a break.  So do not e-mail me with death threats, because you get off on her.


NICKI MINAJ WHEN SHE WAS GAY, DYKING! DISSIN REMY MA!! Nicki Minaj before she got signed


One of Hollywood’s “Sexiest Woman,” the one and only Nicki Minaj is not only a lesbian playing it like a man, cross dressed and all, but she is what the streets call a “Dyke.”  I am talking about the type of female that actually carries her like a man and looks like a little boy?  It is like if any man who wants her has to really want a man?  No true but damn!  Yet people compare her to Halle and Beyonce, when she is more man than “Tom Boy” himself.


The funny thing about this video is the lasting effect it has on a man.  I could never match a face to her voice until I saw this video.  After seeing this video you realize that she is not sexy at all.  She is just a man in a woman’s body craving for a buck from another man, without really putting out.


If Hollywood can sell this why am I broke?


The sex appeal of Nicki is gone; once the word gets out about this, a lot of men will be ashamed to even admit they ever wanted this.  Will Hollywood turn to the next page, because this one is worn out.


Now let us get back to business!

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