Why do successful Blacks Resist Blacks in the Struggle?

Why do successful Blacks Resist Blacks in the Struggle?


The reason many blacks who are successful, do not invest in the community they are from, is due to the lack of respect.  Black people are some of the most disrespectful people on the face of the earth when it comes to their own peers.  They will kiss up to the white man and in the same sentence cast you into hell.  So a black man has the problem of doing business with his peers, because they will not want to pay for anything.  A business cannot operate without a profit.  So often a black millionaire will stray away from his own community, to maintain his status, because his peers will try to pull him down.


People here ask why the millionaires out of Avon Park, who made it in sports do not make a few phone calls and bring money into this town.  They could make a few phone calls and bring $50 Million here overnight because they know people with money. But if they did that, they would be putting their good names on the line and they obviously do not think the people here are ready for this type of investment capital.  I seen the same thing happen in Queensbridge Projects, where we had many success stories but they did not help the community.  This is the trend in America.  Successful blacks do not comeback home with any money to raise the community out of oppression, all due to disrespect.


Once we address this problem we have to address another situation, which is management.  If these types of funds were to enter into our communities how would we manage it?  Do we have a comprehensive community business plan and agenda?  Will we support our own black businesses or travel 10 miles to save a dollar, knowing we are victims of redlining.


All to say, before we talk about what Thomas Gordon and Hal McRae doesn’t do for us, we must first ask ourselves; do we deserve it?  Will we support it?  Are we ready for it?  When we can say yes to all three of these questions, I think they will be there for us.