The Mexican Underworld Ruthless Slave Traders


The sad and true story starts with the Mexican and American governments.  The product is agriculture.  As we have the fruit and vegetables; they have the labor.  Farmers know what is going on; the American government knows what is going on and certainly the people of Mexico know what is going on.


The Mexican underworld is no joking matter.  They are into drugs, but everybody knows about the drug cartels.  They get all the negative media because of the drug wars around the world.  But the Mexican Underworld consist of people we see everyday in America.  They are sanctioned by the Mexican and American governments.  They are into things we in America overlook because we are greedy people.


I am talking about slave labor.  Sure the gangsters are into money laundering, loan sharking and drugs.  But the true culprit to all this chaos is the need for cheep labor.  We in America look the other way as these things go on right before us.  The slave trade is alive and booming in America today.


How it works:  The poor Mexican is offered an opportunity to come to America for $3,000.  He has no money, no job or income or place to stay in Mexico.  So of course he jumps on the opportunity to come to America on a shipment deal.  But these people are no joke and if they do not pay up they will be killed by their slave masters(the underworld). 


So they come to America owing $3,000 on an unwritten contract, an oral contract made among the government of Mexico, the contractor (code for Underworld) and the farmer and US government.  The deal is that the farmer gets his fruit picked and the US government looks the other way while slave labor takes place and the Underworld operates a dictatorship and runs the slave trade in America.


The Mexican immigrant has a contract to spend all of his money with the Mexican contractor, for housing to the many services necessary like food and other things.  They have to pay rent to their contractor for housing, everything rides through the contractor, then the leftover money goes towards the debt to get here in the first place. 


They have nowhere to hide.  If they are deported they are still in debt to pay and may well have to pay for another trip back to the US.  Deportation is no way out of this debt to the Ruthless Underworld.  If they run to another state they still need assistance from the contractor’s (code for Underworld) for labor assistance. 


America does not see this as a problem, because they operate among themselves.  However the bottom line is slavery still exist and thrives in the Good Ole  United States of America.  And a major problem is that our main competition in the agricultural labor market here in Highlands County, Florida, they are the Mexican slaves. Which is source of very inexpensive labor.


Apostle Paul aka Paul Castellano



The Water Ways Act


To: President George W. Bush c/o Senator Hillary Clinton

From: Frank Paul Jones

RE: The Interstate Water Pipe Act & Congress Passed It = Water Ways Act = Water Resources Development Act (HR 1495)

Date: 11 July 2006

Date: 27 January 2007


To: President Elect Barak Obama

Date: 1 December 2008


This has to be carried out


Design Concept:


I think we should design these waterways based on physics.  It should include pressure valves, different pipe sizes, the horizontal and vertical axis manipulation, manmade rivers and reservoirs and the entrance of water at the coastal areas.  The idea is to force water to go into the easiest direction from the coastal areas and be distributed nationwide.


The Proposal:


I think the time has come for this country to consider an interstate water pipe system.  We are living in a time of unpredictable weather.  While one state is faced with a drought another state is faced with flooding.  The costs to the American people for these natural disasters are astronomical.  And the fact is that most of these natural disasters can be prevented.


We need to consider a plan to create water pipe lines that expand from states to states, similar to the way we connect roads.  In fact I think it would be good engineering to consider laying this pipeline parallel to the interstate roads at a distance that will prevent flooding if one of the pipes was to bust.


This water pipeline will be our greatest defense against droughts and floods due to too much rain or the lack of rain and can be very helpful in the management of flooding tides due to hurricanes. 


I think this should be a Federal Program and should be paid for through Federal, State and Local taxes, because every government entity will benefit from this plan.  I think it will reduce the cost for home insurance and make it possible to design homes that can actually survive hurricanes, because our main and perhaps only concern will be that the homes can stand against the wind, because the water will be distributed throughout our nation turning a flood in one area into needed water in another.


I do not think I have explain this plan any further than I have already, I am sure you have smart people who can figure out how to do this and I think just in the savings in insurance not to mention the lives that will no longer be destroyed like in New Orleans, Louisiana and now on the East Coast. 


Mr. President this is not a luxury bill, this is a national necessity and may mean the difference between our nation’s world power status and the possibility of our nation being destroyed by nature.  In this unpredictable world we have to implement man made devices that will protect us in a world of global warming.


For Specific Information click here:  Too much to read but worth a glance.  They had to override President George Bush veto.  A first! 


Frank Paul Gambino