Avon Park’s Deputy Mayor under Investigation


Avon Park’s Deputy Mayor under Investigation


To: The Florida Tribune

From Writer: Frank Paul Gambino


A letter sent to the department of Justice and the Avon Park Police Department as well as a host of distinguished members of society both profit and no profit, surfaced on the Internet.


The letter was from me to my sister, I referred to as Rev. Ella, in this note.


What we request is done:

#1: Do the paper trail of the transfer of the said $7,000+.

#2: Determine the legitimacy of said transfer and the Committee being they have no gravesite records.

#3: Audit the committee’s financial if the money is not returned in full to me under my organization the NCNCHINC.  We are the carriers of the torch of Eston E.L. Roberts.


To: Rev. Ella

From: Rev. Paul

Hyperlink to Cemetery Information:


RE: RICO, Extortion, Fraud & Grand Larceny 

Read this page on the website carefully and name the cemetery after Uncle Billy. 

The Eston E.L. Roberts Cemetery:

The original ledger will be used to make a copy to make public record as a donation from the Jones Family to the County for public record.  And they will be returned to the Jones Family as it is an inheritance.  Ella Williams and Shawanda Adams will assist in this record keeping task for the security for authenticity.

The County will pay for a maintenance fee to maintain the cemetery.  Dale Williams and John Adams will receive a small fee from this money to keep the area clean.  And we will offer services, such as putting flowers on gravesites for people out of town and special cleanings every six months and so forth.  This will make it a fair wage job.

This is contingent to an investigation on the matter of a transfer of a sum of money, between David Hicks and Eston Roberts for $7,000.  Understand that Eston Roberts had General and Durable power attorney over me affairs until the day that he died.  I did not concur to this transfer of money and did not authorize it.

Furthermore I understand as you said that Uncle Billy bought those lawnmowers with his own money.  Well one of them was moved off of my property without my authorization verbal or in writing.

I plan see to law enforcement about this matter after I get all of the facts.  I strongly believe this was an act of extortion by David Hicks, Willie Joe Sigler, and probably planned by Ms. Grey and others.  This is RICO.  This is Federal.  We have friends there. 

She is a public figure being the Deputy Mayor of the City of Avon Park, Florida.  She is black and is known for taking positions against black people.  Rob Hilton was an example of her non community concerned political career and her agenda that is not for the non profit sector, but we are.

I want a criminal investigation on the Federal level performed on this one.  However we will first cooperate with the County to remedy the problem.


Rev. Paul


Gambino Moving in New Direction

Gambino Moving in New Direction


I might be under the RADAR for a few weeks, however do not be alarmed.  First of all, I want to thank Zimbio.com and the many celebrities and other public figures for carrying my posts.  As you know I use WordPress to present my blogs to the World Wide Web.  It is all good and fine, but by using WordPress it is almost impossible to profit from my work.  As I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts I also have to eat as well, so I find it imperative to move into another direction.  So it will be possible to attract advertisement dollars, I may well have to purchase a web site.


I will probably close down most of my WordPress accounts, other than Frank Paul Gambino @ WordPress, but give it a .com extension.  Then of course I have to design the new web site after setting it up with a few articles out of my WordPress accounts.   I will probably write an article or two per week on WordPress, but my focus will be on my new web site.


If my new projects get half of the support I have received on WordPress it promises to be a huge success.


Other things on the plate, in this new direction taking place are that, we did a feasibility evaluation on our business plan.  We zeroed in on what we think will be doable and profitable in our pursuit to be helpful in the black community.  There are promising things that will come out of the NCNCHINC.  It is too soon to promote the ideas as our board has to come to a consensus.


So with the soon to be release of NaQuila album, the new Capstone Zulu project going into full swing, the organization structuring of NCNCHINC and business planning and the new web site and design, I have to slow down on the blogs, which I think is a wise decision because my future at WordPress may be limited to an article once or twice a week anyway.






Is Cyberspace Private or an open Domain?

Is Cyberspace Private or an open Domain?


You walk into a store, for the sake of continuity we will call the store Radio Shack and you make a purchase.  The sales representative asks you some basic questions, such as name, address and telephone number.  However than they ask you a question that may not be ethical but so business savvy, they ask you, “What is your email address?”


Now the question becomes is this question confidential or public information.  You are told they will not give this information to third parties and it is just for them. Again is this question principled?  Where is the e-email address directory?  You have a phone book and unless you have an unlisted number it is for the public to see.  But there is no e-mail directory open to the public free of expenses.  So is Cyberspace private of open domain?


Now what exactly is done with this information?  There is a thing called e-marketing and it is a big time industry.  E-mail addresses go for as much as $0.20 each to lease, a good bargain and I say bargain is $0.10 each.  Now how many e-mail addresses do you think a store like Radio Shack accumulates over a period of time?  Probably millions!  So in reality this is a big scam. 


Think about how many big corporations for profit and not for profit lease this information monthly and think about where the information comes from.  This is something to think about right?  Think about how much money is being made by asking these simple questions.


I think the FCC should step in, because if the question is about receiving private information it should be stated to you by the sales representative.  If the question is not private or confidential then this information should be available to the public at no cost to the person seeking the information unless the person’s e-mail addresses being sought is made private by that person.  And in that case open to nobody but the government.


My positions are not that e-mail addresses should be made public or remain private, but that consumer awareness should be a priority.   There is something wrong with these casual questions at the mall becoming multi-million dollar money making schemes.  I mean why it can be purchased by the rich, but not open to the poor, when the information is basically about the consumer who is the working class.


This may sound like a minor argument.  However, e-marketing is a multi-billion dollar business and a part of a multi-trillion dollar industry.  Cyberspace rules and this is a case of the rich gaining access and the poor being lockout once again.